PP governor says Joyce Banda to come back, vie for Malawi presidency

Peoples Party official has hited party founder Joyce Banda, who has been in self imposed exile since she lost the presidential election in 2014, will be coming soon to prepare for the 2019 general election.

President Banda addressing the rally at Makheta in Blantyre

 Banda may seek a comeback

Newly appointed Peoples Party northern region governor Makwenda Chunga has become the latest party official to comment of Banda’s return to Malawi in months.

“She will be coming, though I cannot say when but for sure she will vie for the presidency in the 2019 elections and she will win,” he said.

Banda lost the 2014 presidential election to Peter Mutharika and came a distant third after Malawi Congress Party leader Lazarus Chakwera.

She left Malawi just days after the polls in what people say she was running away from prosecution in connection with the infamous K30 billion cashgate, allegations she denies.

Chunga said the Peoples Party is as strong as before and has chances of coming back to power.

The party has suffered massive defections to other parties since losing the election as well as in fighting for positions since Banda decided to be in self imposed exile, reportedly in South Africa.

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23 thoughts on “PP governor says Joyce Banda to come back, vie for Malawi presidency”

  1. Dowa says:

    James Brown just come .From the plane yo mails prison to answer casjvate case. Jb has a large support from Mozambique refuges only.
    Come madam you will be welcomed by your fellow refuges.Malawiand to welcome you are those with mental problems because of smoking big cigarette

  2. Joel says:

    This time JB will win!

  3. be humane says:

    So paul, you are giving Joyce Banda chances to win against Chakwera? hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a MCP mwamumva Paul zimene akunenazi?

  4. Kakakakakaka what a joke

  5. Paul says:

    JB can win as Escom is making the DPP unpopular through blackouts under her leadership blackouts were not this bad. Apm take this issue seriously as DPP popularity is very low due to blackouts which go for 16 hours a day

  6. be humane says:

    if she lost ali president ndiye contesting from opposition angaphulepo chani?

  7. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

    Mumuuze asavutike. No one will vote for her this time.

  8. Gule says:

    Sorry Comrade Madslitso. Are you a malawian or a Syrian refuge who doesn’t know why she run away. I think you should go to Zumba mental Hospital

  9. Alex kaliba says:

    Kaya azabwela kaya sazabwela ,we don’t care if sitimufuna tinamuuza kale 2014

  10. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    Joyce’s return is like the second coming of Christ. It will never happen kkkkkkkkk

  11. Nambewe says:

    You dare come here you thief! you have put this country on its knees! how can you have the audacity of even thinking of setting foot here? Do you thnk Malawians are that daft? Malawi is better off withtout you? stay where you are and the only way you can come here is to go to Jail idiot!

  12. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    Amayi takusowani. kuma mudzasiye kuyenda mwachibwana.

  13. Madalitso says:

    Home is best Mum, welcome back to the Warm Heart of Africa

  14. Who stole money from our coffers? DPP OR Joyce Banda? Joyce Banda anangodutsamo DPP STARTED STEALING IN 2008 AND CONTINUED. MUSANAMEPO APA A GULE. Inunso o swili kaya swiswili Yesu adzabwera mufune musafune,

    1. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

      Fantasies kkkkkkkk

  15. Gule says:

    Sorry Banda. Don’t come because Peter is coming back home soon. Stay where you are. If you come we will demand our tax money.
    You stole a lot .Ken Msonda is ready to finish you. Don’t put yourself to shame. This man Msonda has a lot to reveal about you. Hey my advice don’t come

  16. Oswiri says:

    Joyce Banda ali ngati Yesu. Anthu amangoti azabweranso koma sizizachitika kkkkkkkkkk

  17. Douglas Ndindi says:

    You mean when one comes back home that is news? Really? If that is the case then millions of Malawians are making news on daily basis. Malawian wisdom!

  18. be humane says:

    Musatinyase apa palibe wanena kuti akumufuna kapena sakumufuna. Malawi is her home if she wants let her come. Whom are you briefing kuti Joyce Banda akubwera? Popita anatsanzika ndani kuti akupita kunja?

  19. Achimphamba Oyera says:

    Does madam not have other things to do. She was well tried. She had all the resources at her disposal in the previous election. She could have earned a sympathy vote as a woman presidential candidate and as the incumbent. But what happened? She had disappointed the electorate. She never listened to the advice given her. She danced only to her tune. The former president, Dr. Bakili already said it, “Amalawi kuyiwala nsanga.” It is not a virtue. It is something negative. We lose the institutional memory and become victims to re-cycled politicians because of short memory.
    Where is Amama? She ran away from persecution? She does not know how Malawians are suffering now. She is far away. Anatithawira kuti “musovenge”.. And here is someone making noise for her! Give us better choices for the future. We tried you… God gave you(PP) the mantle. And… you watched it snatched. Just forget it.

    1. mudzalila says:

      Welcome back madam and take over the reigns of this countryfrom these incompetent leaders! You will win!

      1. Mtaumbo says:

        She can’t win!

        1. Marry Me says:

          dont worst time and resources. she cant win

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