PP releases shadow cabinet

Malawi former governing Peoples Party (PP) has formed a shadow Cabinet in Parliament.

The PP shadow Cabinet comprises 18 members and four deputies with leader of the party in National Assembly, Uladi Mussa named as spokesman for  Home Affairs and Internal Security.

Wakuda:  Information and Communication

Wakuda: Information and Communication

The party’s vice president (north),  Harry Mkandawire, has been named as spokesman of Local Government and Rural Development.


Kamlepo: Natural Resources spokesman for PP in parliament

Former Economic Planning Minister,  Ralph Jooma, heads Finance and Economic Planning while lawyer Ralph Mhone has been appointed shadow minister of Justice.

Former foreign affairs minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume heads Labour and Human Resource Development, Dr. Patrick Makina is shadow minister of Health and Elderly Welfare while Kamlepo Kalua has been tasked with Natural Resources and Energy and his Dr. James Munthali, will head  Agriculture and Irrigation .

Former president’s son and Zomba-Malosa MP, Roy Kachale Banda, has been given spokesman of Trade and Tourism.

Other shadow minister are Ilyas Karim for Transport and Public Works, Maquenda Chunga for  Youth and Sports ,  Wallace Chawawa for Foreign Affairs, Wakuda Kamanga for Information, John Chikalimba for  Defence, Munkhondia minister of Culture

The PP shadow Cabinet has three women, among them, Rachel Zulu for Minister of Gender, Agnes Nyalonje for  Education  and Beatrice Mwale for Lands and Housing.

The shadow cabinet has four deputy ministers, Malani Mtonga for National Unity, Noah Chimpeni for  Infrastructure Development, Cassim Liguluwe, for Water and Patricia Nangozo Kainga for Energy and Mining.


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56 thoughts on “PP releases shadow cabinet”

  1. Guga says:

    A chigubu mulije nzelu. Your comments cleary shows how ilitelate u r. Mukunjenjemela na vichi kasi? We wer advised to go to scu so that we can b in a position to b a standalone country. Wheather in thiz 5 years to cm or nt, bt somday we wil govern ourselves.

  2. alie snakie says:

    Balanced shadowcabinet compared to mcp and dpp keep it up pp 2019 boma

  3. Mc Chigubu says:

    Most people from the north are idiots, I just don’t know what their parents tell them when they are young up there in the northern region

  4. chekambewa says:

    Munya imwe uli mwana wakuthengere u dont know what yu say atumbuka amakuuzani kuti limbikani sukulu murute kutown meaning BT city so what are you talking about?

  5. Mwana wa Mfumu M'vonye says:

    Well balanced team, my foot! PP showed their true colors when they were in power, by governing like a cabal. All the important positions were given to northerners, like Kasambara and Kachale; no doubt at the advice of Joisi Banda’s husband. People will never forgive JB for that; this so-called shadow cabinet has no consequence whatsoever. JB cannot erase the grave tribalism she showed when she was president.
    People in Zomba, where JB’s mom came from, and also in Phalombe, where her dad came from were just flabbergasted: she just treated them like twentieth century lepers.
    As far as they are concerned, PP is history basi.

  6. Leonard nthala says:

    Walomwe mwatisuzga

  7. Munya a Malawi says:

    Sometimes I wonder what special is Malawi known for. You just know to castigate people of the north who are well educated than the so called Southerners who are mare idiots , matelala, and what they know better is stealing votes. What is Blantyre City and you can not even compare it with Lusaka and you claim you live in town which town is this. Shame on you.

  8. Vavlov says:

    The person who wrote comment number 36 should be semi illiterate, and a salvage. Comment objectively, without exposing your stupidity.

  9. Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma says:

    But this CBO known as PP is very funny. PP is simply showing Malawians the ‘Kicks’ of a dead snake (Malunga). Kamulepo Kaluwa vimwembe (Zindevu) ngeti ni prisoner. Shame! If this lady known as Joyce Nyabanda still has got dreams of ruling Malawi, she must wait for Prof Peter to finish his 10 years, and then Rght Hon Chilima also to finish his 10 years and the Rght Hon Atupele Muluzi will also have to finish his 10 years. So Joyce must wait for the next 30 years. Zikumveka kodi inu a Mr Wakuba Kamanga?

  10. PUTEN says:

    The cabinet of the feudalism government in the North sopano

  11. Matata says:

    Anthu achigawo chapakati ali pheee koma alomweee mwano munakhala bwanji kodi? Mukulimbana ndi Big Brains

  12. Ngoni10 says:

    poti shadow cabinet by percet yachuluka a kumpoto its national koma anthu akumpoto kudzikonda mwana kulira ndi tulo take tomwe

    1. Objective no party affiliation says:

      They have taken all their MPs. Don’t you know that PP MPs are predominantly from the North? Akasankha outside Parlament nanga azikayankhira kuti parliamentary issues? Please let us not argue just for the same of it itherwise we are prine ro expose our ignorance. Just as MCP they have no choice but to choose their MPs who are predominantly from the centre. This is different from the State President who is not constitutionary bound to award people if one region

    2. yuona says:

      Kodi enanu mumangolankhula musakudziwa zinthu mmene ziliri? Umbuliwutu penanso siwabwino!

  13. This shows that most of you do n’t know the meaning of shadow cabinet each and every party have that structure whether they will come back or not. And pp is not north so those idiots who writes shit about people from north you better stop unless you were born from a dog.

  14. chonchobe says:

    what is the main function of shadow cabinet? sikungopakana mafuta mmilopo apa?

    1. yuona says:

      If you don’t know how democracy is supposed to be managed bwanji muzingokhala chete.

  15. Abiti Mtila says:

    PP will never rule this country. Come 2019, PP itha ngati makatani. Ngati munaluza muli mboma mungawine muli ku opposition????????? Muyisovenge. Shadows forever. DPP for life

    1. Kulinda Mtere says:

      Never say never. Conversely, ask yourself how did it happen that an opposition party defeated a ruling party and against all odds wormed itself into Government. Anything is possible in this Country.

  16. Kabwiro says:

    Atumbuka asangalala poti shadow cabinet ya PP yadzadza ndi wakwithu kkkkkkkkkk

  17. culture of Impunity. says:

    PP well balanced unlike DPP and MCP.I don’t know UDF how will it be,let us wait and see. I think UDF will have sensible and economically cabinet of with no deputies unlike three parties have now.

  18. Brian ziba says:

    This is a well balanced cabinet osati the govt of Lomwe people

  19. Gunz says:

    Nanga wanzeru ndani mu cabinet yoseyi? Osewa analephera ntchito zawo muulamuliro wa PP. Kugawa mbuzi basi.

  20. Wanakawaghe says:

    AWerani chilenga osati walace chawawa. Viva munthu wamkulu timakunyadira. Wasintha nthalire pa 100 days. Osati phokonyori uja anavaya akumva ululu wama posters amwamuna wake akutengana zithuzi ku chinthi. Iwe ndi 2029 basi pamene udzanditsiyire ine mpandowo

  21. Wanakawaghe says:

    Werani chilenga osati walace chawawa. Viva munthu wamkulu timakunyadira. Wasintha nthalire pa 100 days. Osati phokonyori uja anavaya akumva ululu wama posters amwamuna wake akutengana zithuzi ku chinthi. Iwe ndi 2029 basi pamene udzanditsiyire ine mpandowo

  22. Joel says:

    I am glad that “Kana-Kotichititsa-Manyazi” is nowhere on the PP Shadow Cabinet list.

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    What a cabinet well balanced. This is what we call a cabinet of national unity. Not this party called Don’t Please People only lomwes shaah!.

    1. The laughing one says:

      Balanced? 3 women versus how many men? At least 9 out of 22 ndi a kumpoto meaning South, Central and Eastern share 13 slots. Zoona, regardless of where they come from Kamlepo, Wakuda and Malani nkukhala cabinet material? Do we realistically expect these guys to steer the country to greater heights? Roy Kachale angatithandize? While PP is in the joking mood mwinanso atengeko Winiko akhalenso mu cabinet yawo. Our so called shadow cabinets are a farce. PP was in power for 2 years, bwanji ankaleka kukhala ndi lean cabinet. Mpira umaphweka ukakhala ku ma stand. M’mene munali m’bwalo munangotiwonetsa matope enieni

  24. Madalitso says:

    Nanga pp yatengapo shadow oti alikunja kwa parliament?

  25. Mwenecho says:

    By God’s grace this could be the next govt. It looks fairer in its selection across the nation. It also comprises of many new and derserving faces. With the God fearing leader as she has always been, this gives me hope.

  26. MWANA says:


  27. SALOME says:

    masanje ayambika!!!! ana akanda madonthi akuti aphika nsima.

  28. Disappointed says:

    It is most disheartening that only 5 months or so after general elections people are so obsessed with the desire to be ruling that all they are doing is designing shadow cabinets which can only come 5 years from now! Why can’t you help government with constructive suggestions on strategies to develop this country, achieve zero corruptions through transparency and accountability systems which even those in government will be unable to still anymore….those in opposition will also fail to steal when they themselves come into government. Please force government to put in place such systems that favor no one.

    1. Tired says:

      The purpose of shadowing is exactly for what you are suggesting – to closely observe and straighten where things are bending. Listen carefully to the ongoing parliamentary scrutiny of the budget by opposition through their shadow ministers. Tune in to Zodiak.

  29. MACHENDE AKE says:


    1. Tired says:

      Chita manyazi. Sindiwe wa PP or MCP

    2. bola iwe wazitchula pa zokha pazokha koma ine ndikuti zonse zikumere pa thupi lakolo ndi zina zomwe sunazitchulezo,Mbuziiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  30. Youth wokwiya says:

    Kikiki maloto achumbu

  31. Aceton says:

    Maloto a chumba kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  32. mlomwe wa nzeru says:

    kodi abusa angwila bwanji simunawapase unduna wa chisokonezo mdziko (min of disunity and power sharing) sindikuwaona ali ndi udindo wanji?amalawi ndinu opusa ushado muuvale lero mpaka liti pakuti blanda mwapanga sabatha yathayi yawononga history yanu app simudza kwelanso benzi ya bulaki chifukwa mulibe mtaji muzingotakata basi

  33. Innocent says:

    Mudalephera u failed paja chimwana chopanda nzeru kuchipasa mayeso chikulemba zina mxiii mbuli@(pp) yanyamuka waku manda

  34. mlomwe wa nzeru says:

    Tks 4 cheating kamulepo with Natural Resouces he is good on reseaching chamba chaukali

  35. Think Tank. says:

    How i wish people asked certain terms mean before exposing themselves in public. It very obvious that the term “shadow cabinet” is in milk way system to some commentators here. Loosely put,”shadow cabinet” means those individuals appointed as shadow ministers of opposition parties are spokespersons on matters concerning those ministries. Example,if like Jessie Kabwila will be commenting on matters of Ministry of Gender and …. This happens in all countries where there is democracy or pretense of it like here. It is there in Britain,US,France,South Africa. In SouthAfrica where ANC has been in power since 1994,the opposition has always have always appointed shadow cabinet though chances of dislodging ANC as of now are very remote. But the opposition still appoint their “shadow cabinet”.

  36. DA says:

    What?? Kamlepo and Wakuda as shadow ministers? They have also sidelined senior officials like Mkandawire. This shadow cabinet is quite sad as it shows how desperate PP is.

  37. madzo says:


  38. Matrobwino says:

    Nyani Ndi Nyani Basi Olo Utamuchotsa Mutchire Kumusiya Pakhomo Nkumupatsa Madzi Mu Mbale Amawataya Nkumamwa Akuyenda Chifukwa Anadzolowera Kumwa Mu mtsinje Madzi Akuyenda. Musatiputsitse Apa Munali Momwemo Zakukanikani Apatseni Anzanu Mpata Nawonso Atole Chikwama. Odi Uko Amai Atuluke Muboma!!!

  39. Wawa says:

    This is the best team. It fairly represents all regions than current MCP and wose ruling DPP. Encouraging ndithu. Kwasala UDF kaya.

  40. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    This is the better one, no nepotism or regoinalism. Its national carbinet. Thumb up, kip dreaming

  41. binali gama says:

    Shadow shadow chani apa mungowononga nthawi yanu pachabe!

  42. Bon Kapinda says:

    Better,, it has a national face!

  43. pirahna says:

    Mtima suvala mnsaza..

  44. Esau Salamu says:

    Mwina tayesani, pakuti mpira amauona ndi wapa stand. We’ve lost interest in you. Simungathe inu!

  45. tchaka says:

    Hehede! Hope mzomera is very happy now- had it been that pp is in gov now idon’t think you would have been talking of feaudalism. Munya muona kkkkkkkkkkk zinamizanani

    1. Tired says:

      Iwe siumanya? Kuteleku kapena umanyera mu chimbuzi chokumba cha pa plot chopanda olo sanplat Asaa. Tatopa nazo zotukwanazi. tiyamba kubwezela sopano

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