PP replaces SG Maulidi with Matola:  Mpinganjira says rebuilding

The former governing Peoples Party (PP) has started reorganizing itself in readiness for 2019 with its acting secretary General Paul Maulidi replaced and deputy spokesman Ken Msonda finally confirmed as Publicity Secretary.

Matola:  PP secretary general

Matola: PP secretary general

Mpinganjira:  PP rebuilding

Mpinganjira: PP rebuilding

Maulidi:  Repalced

Maulidi: Repalced

The party’s politburo on Friday elected former parliamentarian Ibrahim Matola to replace Maulidi following a fall-out with the party’s leadership.

Speaking at a news conference on Saturday,  PP vice-president (administration), Brown Mpinganjira said the party has appointed several faces into some existing vacant positions as party starts preparations for 2019 elections.

Mpinganjira disclosed that the appointed names will await the endorsement by the party’s national executive council.

“We feel its right time to reorganise ourselves as we prepare for the next elections. We were late, we should have started this process soon after elections,” Mpinganjira said.

Mpinganjira said Matola who once served as minister energy during the PP’s two-year term started working as SG immediately his election on Friday.

Matola has since pledged to help reposition and strengthen the party in order to reclaim power from Democratic Progressive Party’s administration.

“I will soon reveal my plans for the party but as of now it’s time to familiarize myself with party structures,” said Matola, who joined PP after defecting from UDF where he was parliamentary leader.

Meanwhile, PP has confirmed spokesperson Msonda as full time publicity secretary.

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22 thoughts on “PP replaces SG Maulidi with Matola:  Mpinganjira says rebuilding”

  1. King bwai says:

    Dead and burried pp

  2. King bwai says:

    PP dead and buried 80 000 ft down the soil

  3. King bwai says:

    pp dead and buried 80 000 ft there are 20 years for it to resurect mbuzi za wanthu

  4. GANGAMFUNO says:


  5. Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma says:

    What PP is doing are simply ‘kicks’ of a dead horse! Joyce Banda and her PP are completely dead and buried 100 feet deep and will never ever resurrect !!

  6. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    It seems to me only PP take PP seriously. Nobody else does.
    The Party is currently addled by that most serious fiasco, “cashgate”; and many of it’s executives are spending sleepless nights wondering if they will end up in Maula or Zomba Maximum. The ones who will be spared add no gravitas to that party. So, that party hasn’t yet reached it nadir: it will simply die a slow death, before 2019. Just as many Malawians wish!

  7. Namaseko says:

    JB Boma basi 2019 petulo usova kkk congrats Mr Matola .DPP MUVA BEBE Matola ndi Wanzeru mutawone kkkkk

  8. chatonda says:

    All these people have expired in the eyes of all Malawians except for Joyce Banda and other thieves

  9. mayayalende says:

    Amaitu sanathawe, what you must know is slow motion of a tiger is not a failure but a calculated accuracy uzaziona

  10. upile kulekangana says:

    Well done PP its a timely move!

  11. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians miss you People’s Party guys and Joyce Banda. You must come back.realy, realy you must come back in government.

  12. Jando says:

    Pp should work hard to clear itself on the allegation of being at the center and architect of fraud in the 2012/13 cashgate scheme

  13. opportunist says:

    Nice move. All the best

  14. unfortunate says:

    Restructuring yourselves for proper jobs at the expense of the poor people, unfortunately it will never ever happen again in your lifetime, me and real malawians we are running out of patience, after being victimized, with political leadership. Right now we are busy looking for other alternatives to bring to an end of this failed system of leadership. Imagine, real workers they can’t manage to get proper salaries, because government doesn’t have money, while people who don’t even deserve to paid they getting double increments, no!!! man we can’t wait until 2019, the youth of this country they can’t stand aside and watch when the future of their own children is under seige.

  15. tonde says:

    Which party is this?

  16. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    Iyi ndiye misala yeniyeni, chipani choluza chikulamulira ndiye nkumati tikukozekera 2019. Zautsiru, osamangodya Cashgate yo bwanji . By the way, kodi mbava yayikulu ibwera liti? Inu ijayi, inu ndikuti ijayi

    1. chitipa wenya says:

      mbava ndi amene ukuwaonawa, Joyce Banda will rule again soon or later mpamene mungaonele mmene Mulungu amagwesela mafumu oziika okha pampando, we are serving the God of miracle who is alive, let’s watch and see time will tell

  17. khesha says:

    Goood idea we are there for u

  18. Wezi says:

    Mauled I is a fool

  19. Fwetseke says:

    Zamkutu ! mayi wanu anathawa apusi inu.

    1. mayayalende says:

      Amaitu sanathawe, slow motion of a tiger is not a failure but a calculated accuracy, uisovenge and uzaziona

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