PP’s Msonda get more sticks : CEDEP, CCJP denounce ‘kill gays’ hate speech

Executive Director for Centre for the Development of the People (CEDEP) Gift Trapence has described as potentially divisive and criminal in nature remarks made by Peoples Party (PP) Publicity and Administrative Secretary Ken Msonda in which he called for killing of gays.

Msonda: Accused of hate speech for demanding the killing of homosexuals as the best way to deal with the issue in Malawi

Msonda: Accused of hate speech for demanding the killing of homosexuals as the best way to deal with the issue in Malawi

Reacting to the remarks which have attracted widespread criticism from many quarters, Trapence said rights and laws which govern the country protect everybody in equal measure regardless of their sexual orientation adding for someone to be calling for the killing of a certain section of the society was a serious criminal act.

“There are elements of a grave criminal offence all over his utterances and we are asking the Police to arrest him. It is very unfortunate that such words are coming from a political leader who claims to represent the interests of Malawians.

“And it has come as a big surprise to us because his stance is in stark contradiction to what he said on gay people in 2012 that they should not be discriminated against. It is important to remind him that democratic values respect the right to life and the rule of law and not of the jungle,” said Trapence in an interview with Mana.

Msonda is said to have posted on his Facebook over the weekend remarks  demanding the killing of homosexuals as the best way to deal with the issue, describing them as “worse than dogs”.

“Arresting them will not address the problem because sooner or later they are being released on bail. The best way is to kill them,” wrote Msonda.

On his part acting National Secretary for the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) Martin Chiphwanya said according to the teachings of the Catholic Church nobody is allowed to violate the life of another person irrespective of their sexual orientation.

“Human life has a value and should therefore be protected at all costs. Guided by the teachings of the church, as CCJP we understand that homosexuals require empathy, conversion and repentance so they are brought into the path of uprightness,” said Chiphwanya.

The CEDEP Executive Director said he had all the hope that the Malawi Human Rights Commission, the Attorney General and the Police will take up the issue as no one is above the law.

“Malawi is a country for all Malawians collectively regardless of sexual orientation, religious and tribal backgrounds. No individual and religious grouping can claim to own the country more.

“People can choose to disagree, to belong to different religions but can co-exist without harming each other and that is the spirit and principles of human rights,” he said.

The Malawi Law society has also condemned the sentiments by Msonda and called on the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) and police to investigate the statement and take appropriate action.

MLS further said it had observed with concern the increasingly homophobic statements being published by some quarters of the citizenry on the social media.

“This irresponsibility takes an unacceptably different turn when political leaders and opinion makers take the lead in inciting actual violence against fellow citizens.

“While the society affirms the constitutional right of all Malawians to pronounce themselves on the question of homosexuality, it would like to remind all Malawians that hate speech is not covered by the constitutional guarantee of free speech,” said MLS in the statement.

“Calling on members of the LGBTI [Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex] community to be killed is hate speech and is not protected by the Constitution. It is, in fact, criminal.”

The statement adds that MLS unequivocally affirms that rights of LGBTIs in Malawi are human rights protected under Chapter IV of the Malawi Constitution.

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89 thoughts on “PP’s Msonda get more sticks : CEDEP, CCJP denounce ‘kill gays’ hate speech”

  1. Patrick lusiyano says:

    Apapa zangoonekeratu kut ndichifukwa chake mvula mpaka pano ciikugwabe,Mulungu penapake osamamuyamba dala.enanu ngat Ali maluzi,ndibwino kungopempha kumabungwe,osati kumalimbikixa mkhalidwe wamanyi ngat umenewu

  2. Damaseke says:

    Amenewa ndi amgulu la satanic. aTrapence akudya ndalama zmbiri mdzina la ma Gay.

  3. Damaseke says:

    Ngati Tonde amadziwa mkota kuli bwanji munthu wa mzimu? A Trapence ationetse akazi awo,akudya ndalama zambiri mdzina la ma Gay.

  4. Gwalawala says:

    Ma gay nonse tawerenga ma komenti anu apa. Musatenge uchitsiru kuti ukulamulireni.

  5. Nde akamwalira adzidzati amuna anga mwandisiyira katundu osati mwana?

  6. Bwanji mulungu sadayike Yohane ndi Symon mu munda muja kuti adziyang’anira nyama? Moti mvura sikugwayi simungadabwe kuti china chake chikulakwika?

  7. Nathan says:

    Msonda is not the government of Malawi, he is just one of the citizens of Malawi. He has the right to freedom of expression. He can not be arrested for expressing himself. Instead of criticising Msonda, you must just give your views on the matter. But one thing which is very clear is that gays and lesbians are mad people and they are supposed to be taken to a Mental Hospital.

  8. mlaamu baaba mankhaulee says:

    why shud we be thirsty for the blood of Gays? never ever thnk of killing them. msonda’s calls for the execution of gays is barbaric,unchristian,pathetic and oldfashioned.

  9. chimphonongo says:

    kid awa mukuti Trapence adawabalandani mesaakuchoka kwankazi ndimamuna

  10. Bristone Mabichi says:

    We know that Trapence and others are answering to their paymasters and they have to do all they can to earn their living. Kungosiya nkhani’yi, abale’wa asauka ndipo mabanja awo abvutika.

  11. wika says:

    DO YOU THINK god WAS stupt to creat man and woman? kwatilanani tiwone ngati mungabeleke ana agalu inu.

  12. Satana iwe gift says:

    a msonda mulibe mulandu konse. like i said from dzulo, am following u and all malawians are with u on this matter……Msonda you will never walk alone.

  13. ‘ NO ‘ to SATANIC in Malawi. We christians demand and we say no to Gayism. This Gay thing is an imported western culture to desturbalise christianity, dont hide on human rights. Let us vote see who will win. The majority can not bow to minority. It looks like those who are supporting Gays are competing with GOD!! And they want to say God made a mistake to create a man and a woman. These people they dont have power to change what God created.

  14. Ameneyo says:

    Yelekezani kumumanga Msonda on this matter and see how Malawians are going to respond. Although I do not usually like what Msonda says, what he said this time around is exactly what both the bible and Qur’an teaches. So Msonda is just saying what millions of believers in the Bible and Qu’ran know.

  15. SONG says:

    Iwe Gift Trapence tikango kuona ukuyenda penapake uyamba ndiweyo kupangidwa sadaka. We don’t want Mathanyula in our Mother land Malawi. God destroyed Sodom and Gomora with fire because biggest sin was Mathanyula and ziwerewere, zigololo ndi kulezera. Usatipange if tichimwe, usapangitse ana athu kuti achimwe. Pita uzikanena zimenezo Ku Saudi Arabia ngati ukabwere ndimoyo kupusa eti. Msonda is very right and don’t intimidate him. If you don’t believe inform Mathanyula ayitanise referundum za Mathanyanyura akewo ndipo tikakana lamulo tiyikero ndiloti aliyense wapezeka akuchita za Matahanyura aphedwe basi.

  16. ALLAN says:

    what does our law say on this issue of gays please is it legal or not if its legal then Mr Msonda is wright but if not then that’s the truth. let us be honest Malawia’s lets just follow our laws and not what the so called donors are telling us to do

  17. Mzozo kununkha says:

    First these dogs must be docked then interrogate Nsonda…… by the way freedom of speech is guaranteed to everyone in a democratic country and Nsonda has just done that. so what is your problem bastards.

    Id-amin once said he guarantees freedom of speech but freedom after speech that he can not. may be Cedep and the so called CCJP you want to become one this dude. But mind you we know that you are part of the new world order and jesuits. Lions in a sheep skin……. Which one do you serve? I dont think its the almighty one. siblings of hell.

  18. Careful Banda says:

    Maybe the politicians should be killed, then we will have very few problems in malawi

  19. Aningo says:

    This issue is not a straight forward one. It is complicated, this is why it has proved so difficult to resolve. We need a healthy and sober national dialogue on this. Calling for the murder of homosexuals is unchristian, homophobic and criminal and should not be given any place in democratic Malawi. I also feel that religious leaders should do more to protect homosexuals because if anything happens to them, you will not escape blame because most of the people who call for the murder of such people argue using the biblical Adam/Eve creation story. Educate your followers that Government has no business punishing sinners but criminals. You can also educate Msonda that the Decalogue prohibits killing and not homosexuality. Let us remember that modern civilization is based on being able to live together despite the many differences amongst us. Tell those who argue that homosexuality may lead to the extinction of human kind are narrow minded.

  20. Del horno says:

    the bible says only God is the judge so I wonder how many judges do we have and how come we are being selective when it comes to judgement… we are all sinners here and it’s God’s duty to judge not ours

  21. kate Lock says:

    we have life sentence when people commit certain crimes and death penalty where necessary. We are not gays in Malawi and do not impose anything against our conscious. These Gays should be withdrwan from society silently and be fed to crocodiles in the shire river. we do not have to waste time on this issue. why do we procecute thieves and murderes? it is because they have done something against public interest, consequently the same with gays and Lesbians. Alibe Ufulu , wakuba alibe ufulu ……anthu omakolowola manyi ku matako kwa anzawo ndikumathanyula nyasi ayi in our society. not among malawians. let all gays and lesbians go into exile like under sharia laws. why are we wasting time on this.

  22. Boyd Kilembey says:

    If two people consent to mathanyula, why do others get worked up. Let them enjoy their bodies. As long as they are enjoying their bodies, I see no issue here.Yes gayism maybe a sin, but it is Gods way to punish such. The state has no business punishing sinners. The state should protect all its citiozens whether alcoholics, gays, sex maniacs, albinos, left handed people, dwarfs etc. Calling for the murder of those different from “us” is evil and must be condemned.
    Suppose indeed all gays are murdered then what? Wouldn t they just go underground?

  23. Wadyera says:

    We will kill all the gays once we sight them. We will rape all the wives of the people who are supporting homosexuality. And so too all their children will be raped or killed. Stupid MLS and the NGOs that are supporting this!

  24. Man of God says:

    MLS, your last statement shouldn’t be twisted. You had to be straight. Msonda hasn’t killed any person. What he has done is just expressing his opinion as the constitution provides. It’s up to the readers to take it up or not. So, don’t incite police to arrest him. Otherwise you are looking to be contravening his right to express himself. Him being a political leader shouldn’t rise your eyeblows. He is another free person, deserving you protection. Don’t blind your one eye.

  25. Tengupenya says:

    why has he not been charged of action (speech) likely to cause breach of the peace. tolerating a call for murder of socially divergent minorities is not acceptable; cannot be legally acceptable behaviour/action.

  26. Kabononkhola says:

    Is the pro gay noise coming from the Malawi Law Society or John Suzi Banda as a person? May I remind the MLS and those noisy NGOs that they are not official representatives of Malawi because nobody votes for them. As for Suzi Banda, we know that the gay project is a well funded project and no doubt he has been nicely oiled

  27. Janta Manta says:

    Msonda God is with u,dont be threatened with a mere mortals law,why didnt God create Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve(male&female and not male&male),Would those devilishly promoting evil gay ‘rights’ would have existed today if their father(male) didnt marry their mother(female)??What they are promoting is extinicition of the human race-male to male sex,female to female sex(marriage)this can only come from Satan.The Holy Books laws are supreme and should be appliead as per the Almighty Gods instructions.

  28. chatonda says:

    Msonda should be arrested indeed for inciting violence. We are already struggling with another minority group thus Albinos who are killed like chickens within our society and Msonda wants to add the killing to be extended to Homosexualities? I thought Msonda is a CCAP dedicated member at Machinjiri church? Does his church preach killing?
    Why does he think his life must be protected and not of others? This is very strange and he indeed deserve an immediate arrest by the police. Where is DPP Kachale on this one? Osafuna kutchuka ku media pochita zomwe sukuzidziwa. Does Msonda know law?

  29. torgo nodo says:


  30. I G says:

    There’s no crime in killing gays you fools Trapence and chiphwanya, kodi agalu inu bwanji kulimbikitsa unve ndi uchimo? inu asatana eet! musamale zithu zikuvutani mwanva zauchitsiru ife timakana

  31. mazibuko says:

    Let he whose without sin cast the first stone.

  32. innocentphiri says:

    I want also start eat human meat in public becouse is the best do i have right to do so. Agalu inu chilichose human right ndi zau satanc zomwe majority of we malawians we say no to such. Was mugabe arested when he say such word.

  33. Maseko says:


  34. Jak says:

    Anybody who tries to Protect, Deffend or encourage Sinful act, Will regret One Morning, Standing before The Creator. I am Feeling pitty for My Malawi.

  35. Yusuf says:

    This is a serious criminal offence Mr Nsonda. I hope you are held responsible for your words

  36. Maya says:

    He might be right it was like that in old testament. Its disgusting act. Msonda no fear we are behind you we will slay these dogs if they ever come up in the open.

  37. Leopard Butchire says:

    Atha ma stylo awa

  38. ANTI-GAY says:

    tiphabe tikawapedza mu ndirande

  39. Godfrey Malembo says:

    Dont accuse Msonda he z right these guys can bring matsoka to the country as it was happening in the bible history, tomwefe tizayamba kuda president that he z not performing while tokha tuzipatsa matsoka

  40. zandikhudza says:

    It is true that some people are homosexual and it is not there will. some become homosexual just as a matter of coping from others. however, it has to be accepted that to be homosexual is not normal ( that is why we even say kuti they are not straight people) kusonyeza kuti penepake ndi pokhota. If I am born blind or if at one point I become blind, I can not say that blindness is a normal thing. And normally, those who proclaim themselves homosexual, they know that its not something normal. even ku maiko aazungu ma gay akamayenda limodzi everyone looks at them strangely meaning kuti even the Americans or the Europeans themselves know deep from there heart that sizinayenera kutero. Today if the Americans wake up and say “it is normal to marry between a brother and his sister” , the other countries will follow and say yes, everyone has the right to Marry. we respect the homosexuals but it has to be accepted that it is not a normal way of being.

  41. Masiku Otsiliza says:

    Satan in Trapence & Catholic I bind you in Jesus Christ’s name!

  42. Ndaipalero says:

    Yeah thumb up msonda mphotho ya uchimo ndi imfa ndipo yese oyesera kuchita zimenezi adzafa imfa yowawa

  43. zandikhudza says:

    Anyasa times nkhani za homosexuality ndiye mwazikokomezatu. akukukulipirani zambiri?

  44. PP Supporter says:

    At least when I sees Gift as a man getting married to another man like Peter. Or Obama marrying Mugabe then i will think otherwise. Gay in Malawi is joke of the year. Msonda is survivor, he will survive all threats.

  45. Oliver Twist says:

    People are insulting the President but you are not arresting them. So where is freedom of speech here? Msonda is just exercising his human right also and not hate speech. Tiye nazoni, mwayambapo kutokota kale, just to satisfy the colonial slave masters. I can see another CASHGATE looming in the future. Zikabwera ndalama za mathanyulazo ndiye muzinyambite bwino chifukwa chomanga anthu. Mulungu dalitsani Malawi, musunge mtendele, luzisani mitima yathu, kuti tisaope. Mdalitse mtsogoleri wathu, ndi MAYI MALAWI.

  46. Zimene munapanga boma lanu lija ndiye musiidwa izi za cash gate izi inuyo akenzo? Tanenani

  47. zachisoni says:

    CSOs and CCJP, have u heard about Sodom and Gomola, or you just do for the sake of donor dirty evil money

  48. Joku joku says:

    Lets wait and C

  49. manjolow says:

    kunyasa nkhope ngati gay – – – – galu iyeyu bwanji. Ife we know some gay guys and ladies who are decent citizens and in fact some of them made huge contributions in the PP government ya amayi. You will be suprized to learn today that your very own niece “Maupo” is a lesbian – – ndiye aphedwetu tikuoneni mmene mukalire maliro ake.

    Galu wa chabechabe iwe even the gay community does not want you in their midst

  50. wachinyamata says:

    Pali chani apa

  51. Njolinjo says:

    I would rather pray for them to change.

  52. Mlomwe says:


  53. gama says:

    I support Nsonda

  54. No name brand says:

    Hypocrite. Is he not the guy fighting in the street yet church elder?

  55. Team B special says:

    I don’t see any issue here…. Msonda only expressed his opinion. Discuss and focuses real issues that will benefit Malawians not just a section of people. Hunger, volatility of Mk currency, shortage of medicine in hospitals, high inflation rate

  56. savimbi stevovo says:


  57. Goddiea says:

    If Mugabe told the UN that gays are worse than dogs and the UN kept quiet coz they knew Comrade was talking the truth, So who are u to blame Msonda! Start with Mugabe! Inu kaya mkuti a Trespass, mesa mumapita Ku Geneva for gayism! Pitani Kaye pa Zim pompa mukamuuze Namwanda za gay rights otherwise your friends akuzuzika coz they are failing to produce children

  58. Pamajiga says:

    Kill them! Asowatu mtendere zitsiru zanuzi. Ndipo tiyamba ndi iweyo Trapence ku office kwako ku 47 ko. Along a Nyasa musalembe comment yi koma satanayi tithana naye.

  59. Kaleza says:

    Homosexuality is a psychological disease. Chapter iv of our constitution does not apply to mentally depraved individuals.

  60. Homosexuality is criminal act in Malawi despite moratorium so is what Mr Msonda has written on his Facebook account…why should Police be selective…..is it because of unnecessary pressure from Mr Trapence Mathanyula

  61. torgo nodo says:

    koma guys, simungapezeko chithunzi chabwinoko ways?

  62. Wester says:

    Msonda is right

  63. Tina says:

    Ask Malawi people

  64. vavlov says:

    Msonda should be arrested as a lesson to others with similar murderous behaviour. This man is a politician? Malawi doesn’t need people with such barbaric murderous tendencies. PP should fire this idiot, Msonda

  65. Freedom Fighter says:

    All gays must be decimated, even if it means having no president, the chief if gays.

  66. nambewe says:

    No killing of Gays! debate and have a law and put down any policy you want about Gays but stop behaving like brutes! savages! uninformed! uneducated savages! Nobody gets killed in Malawi for being a homosexual!. Life is sacrisanct you shallow minds!

    I also don’t agree with homosexuality and no I don’t really want it in my country but this should be a debate to thrushed and agreed on a policy that safe guards every life. All will have to obey that law made by the p[eople of Malawi!

    Let me ask all you savages who want to kill homosexuals, how can you then say racism is wrong? how can you say seggeregation and unlwaful killing of blacks is wrong! You hyppocrites! Backward thinkers!

  67. Unbelievable! says:

    Msonda are you acting god? Which of all sins is worst before God? Why are you judging?

  68. nambewe says:

    Savages like these should not have anything to do with running Government.Its one thing to disagree about legalising homosexuality but who the hell is Msonda that he thinks he can order the killing of people who differ from him?

    This is like saying all very dark Malawians should be killed, or all those Malawians whose name is Msonda should be killed!

    I embrace debate about legalising homosexuality in our country and if we vote no after such a debate that is fine but NOBODY! I repeat NOBODY has any right to kill anybody because of their sexuality! NOBODY! I hope PP will never get back into power at any time in Malawi’s history! I am heterosexual by the way and in fact I dont approve of homosexuality! but I disapprove of the death penalty even more!

    Watch your stupid mouth Msonda

  69. Lydia Phiri says:

    a Police ndi Malawi Human Rights asachite kanthu apa, iye ndi maganizo ake koma amene atazaphe ma gay ndiye womangwidwa, iye analemba pa wall yake and he has rights to write that on his fb page. ndiye kuti anthu muzisatsa za pa fb. Bwanji a Policewo azikagwira mbava zikututa mmatawunimu.

  70. Gwarawara says:

    Gays will be granted what they asked for: “to be killed”. Why should Msonda be arrested?

  71. Kondwani says:

    PP inangolakwa poluza.Nsonda is right.Agalu amenewa chongowagwira athireni machaka basi. Zauchitsiru!

  72. gule says:

    Palibe chomwe msonda walakwitsa. Ngati mukudyela mumathanyula dziwani kuti kuno ndi ku Malawi ndipo sitilola zauchitsiru. Who is Trapence to change our way of thinking and cultural values? Tell your so called donors to know that the people they are fighting for will face mob justice is found. We are tired

  73. bunaya says:

    Koma asamawonetsere ma gay awa chifukwa even ife okwata akazife we do it behind walls not publicly

  74. Achimidzimidzi says:

    But the LGBTI themselves, told government to kill or eliminate them, if not allowed to kiss each other in public. So they are deliberately testing peoples reaction.

    MLS, Gift Trapence and your LGBTI, please kiss each in your homes. Otherwise you offend us.

  75. Sapitwa says:

    We will agree and disagree; hate the Homosexuals and love them but when it comes to the laws of our country, we are all equal. Just try to kill them, you will see the wrath of the law acting seriously against you for murder. You will not be surprised if your verdict is death sentence.osamangobwebweta zinthu zoti simungachite ai !

  76. remnimbi says:

    Msonda you are not fit to be called aleader

  77. musisipala says:

    Msonda you were right, amathanyula awa ayenela ayenela kuphedwa. Trepence uyu anabadwa bwanji? . Aiwala. Ayambe iyeyu kukwatiwe ndi Mtambo. we know his wife and sister, we will take hold of them

  78. Rasta says:

    More than 99percent of us Malawians we are against homosexuality,so no-one should bully us into accepting this satanic way of life under the pretext of human rights nobody should impose this sickness as a norm on Malawian society.I do not like Mr Msonda but if anyone dares to lift a finger to arrest Msonda all Malawian Men we should act at once to make them(homosexual campainers) fully understand world wide.

  79. mabulala boyz says:

    Aphedwe basi amenewa. Kodi bwanji Gift ndi anzakewo sakwatirana okhaokha. Gift Ali ndi akazi awiri wina wa MRA wina wa police ngati ndikunama atsutse. Mukakwatirana nokhanokha that will be a good example koma tikuphani poti ife nyasi sitikufuna. Galimoto mafuta amayithira Ku ekizozi?

  80. peter zgambo says:

    Chimene boma silikuyitanisila referendum ndi chani kuti tithane nawo agalu amene akutumbwa kwambiri.koma apange ndomeko ya bwino kuti amathuyula awa akalusa tisa atani.kupha one by one or what altinative should be in place to deal with this dimagodges amenewa

  81. Mbusa Ku Muzi says:

    Choona Chasanduka Choipa Asonda Akudana Ndizonyasa

  82. Mtumbuka says:

    Nyasa times, analyse the peoples commments and see what Malawians this about the whole issue, and add to your Topic – BUT MSONDA BACKED BY MALAWIANS.
    Onse amabungwe they say that because they are paid to say that, but MSONDA has said what Malawians wants. VIVA MSONDA.

  83. BWANAMKUBWA says:


  84. The Analyst says:

    Nsonda, let them bark! Dont move even a single hair on your head or even an earlobe.
    Know that not all dogs that bark the loudest, bite.
    Know also that a thief who wants to come to rob you or your place, does not tell you in advance to register his coming. They will not arrest you!

    These Devil agents (APM, Tembenu, Mtambo, Trapence, Malawi Law Scociety e.t.c) know that the truth has been spoken. And the truth is that just as thieves, these idiotic devil-worshiping gay-pigs will be set alight, sooner than later.

    They want to use threats to silence the voice of reason which is equal to violence; forgetting that in Africa, violence is met with violence.

    The good thing is, these gay-pigs dont live with APM at the State House but with us in our localities. We shall deal with them proportionately and thoroughly. They shall watch!

  85. Mbusedye says:

    kkkkkkkkkk………maufuluu auchitsiru..mbuzi mulinako kuthekela komenyera ufulu dzitsiru koma ufulu wa achina njauju simmauziwa i suppose……bull shit

  86. The Professor says:

    Kill them

  87. Fao says:

    Msonda osaopa ndi mbuzi zimenezi basi poti pitala ndi guy basi dziko lonse tipange zomwezo ?more fire wina abweza basi

  88. Ichocho says:

    kill those gays,lol.

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