Praise God Almighty

According to scripture, Praise gives glory to God and opens up to a deeper union with Him. It is through praise that our focus and attention instantly shift from the problem on hand, or our surrounding, to God Himself as we reflect His Glory back to Him. “For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised” (1 Chron. 16:25)jesus bible

There are certain times when the enemy hits a believer so had, that a believer cannot even pray. This is probably a good time to just praise Him. The ancient walls of Jericho came crashing down, giving victory to God’s people as a result of shouts of praise (Joshua 6:1-21). I believe that we all have a reason to praise our heavenly father. By just being able to read this message is a good reason to praise God. It does not matter whether you have ailments in your body, or you are lacking certain things, because there are others who would have loved just to be where you are today but they did not have that opportunity.

The Bible tells us in Psalms 102 verse 18 that; “And the people who shall be created shall praise the Lord”. This means that our Heavenly father desires our praises as much us He desires our Worship and Prayers.

When Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God, we are told that suddenly there was a great earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken, and immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone’s bands were loosed. This was not an ordinary earthquake or force of nature but the shaking of the foundation of the prison presents the Lord as the instigator of this upheaval.

The opening of doors and loosening of bands symbolizes the power of God which was in that earthquake. The whole purpose was to open the prisoner’s doors, and loose the bands of the prisoners. Many of us are in the same situation even now. The enemy has put us in many types of prisons, and it’s better for those who know that they are in prison than the majority who do not even know what is wrong. You may be in a prison of sickness, poverty, limitations or you cannot fully reach the destiny that God has purposed for you.

Some people will say that we have prayed but we have not yet seen God move in our situations, may be its time to start praising God. Praise Him for your life, and everything else that you have. It does not matter how small a thing may look but God will see your heart and take you out of that prison. When God shows up, you take it by force and there is no negotiating with the enemy just like how it happened with the earthquake in that prison. “And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Mathew 11:12).


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Amen paster muli bwino tizimva zimenezi



Tamara mauwa


straight Talk

Amen. So touching and encouraging word. Ambuye Azilemekezeka. Apa ndiye Satana amuthyola khosi onse onyoza in comentry are just saying Amen

lord have mercy

It is indeed high time we value the praise and worship.we have asked God for along time.Let God be God.




The Lord is almighty and therefore deserves praise every moment of our lives. Amen

stephen nyirenda

so inspiring. may whoevere believes in the word be blessed.


like it

Godfrey Kanyanda

Great message amen!

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