President must know we are angry – Malawi protesting pupils

Hundreds of angry school pupils who took to the streets in the Malawi commercial capital, Blantyre, protesting delays by government in paying their teachers’ salaries said they want  President Peter Mutharika to know that they are angry with the situation.

Malawi school Kids riot in Support of Delayed Teacher Salaries

Malawi school Kids riot in Support of Delayed Teacher Salaries

The pupils, aged between six and 12, organised themselves into an impromptu strike, pelting their classrooms and passing vehicles. Police say several classes had their window panes broken while at least 40 vehicles were smashed.

Police used fired rounds of teargas Wednesday to disperse the pupils.

Some teachers in public schools have not received their salaries since May and have since resorted to boycotting classes until they are paid.

The unusual strike action started from the Catholic Institute Primary School and, by word of mouth, moved to Dharap Primary School which incidentally is situated along the Presidential Drive towards President Peter Mutharika’s official Sanjika Palace barely a kilometre away.

Chanting ‘We’re not learning! We’re not learning!’ in Malawi lingua franca Chichewa, the pupils closed the road with tree branches, huge rocks and boulders.

“We want the president to know we are angry,” said Thoko, a 12-year-old student, who would not give her last name for fear of retribution. “He must pay our teachers so that we can go back to class.

President Mutharika, who was ironically away to the eastern city of Zomba conferring certificates, diplomas and degrees on graduating students from various constituent colleges of the University of Malawi, was scheduled to return to the palace Wednesday afternoon.

“Please tell Peter on our behalf to do his best to pay our teachers so that they resume teaching us,” said 11-year-old Vera, who also refused to give her last name. “We also want to be leaders in future. They should not kill our future.”

Standard (Grade) 8 pupils are about to sit for their Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, at least 6, 600 teachers have not seen the pay cheque since May. The ministry’s spokesman Manfred Ndovi confirmed the development.

“Of the 10,000 teachers recruited by our ministry in May, we managed to put about 2, 800 on the pay-roll by September,” he said.

Ndovi said 9, 400 teachers reported for duty by September and they were supposed to get their salaries as soon as they were recruited, but the process of putting them on pay-roll was ‘very cumbersome’.

“We have been let down by the process as it involves district offices, the Treasury, the Department of Human Resource and our ministry,” he explained.

But even some long-serving teachers have been affected by the salary delays which observers put down to government being broke as a result of ‘cashgate’, the systematic plunder of government money where businessmen and politician skimmed millions of dollars in the government payment system in payments for ‘ghost’ goods and services rendered to government.

According to an audit by the British audit firm, Baker Tilly, at least US $30m was lost in the scandal which led to Western donor nations and agencies, who bank-roll 40 percent of the impoverished southern African country’s national budget, freezing budgetary support.

At least 70 people are currently in court answer corruption, fraud and money laundering charges.

Several government departments are running at barely a quarter of their monthly budgets, according to published media reports.

“We are demanding salaries failing which we won’t go back to class,” said a teacher in Blantyre.

Some teachers that have received their salaries have joined the strike in solidarity.–Associated Press

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54 thoughts on “President must know we are angry – Malawi protesting pupils”

  1. Please Malawians osaligawa dziko doesn’t give sense

  2. Chinyophilo says:

    skzapezeka wabwno kumalawi. kuba 2 much!

  3. yungsai says:

    sorry malawi.God is thea for u.thee wil neva forget our btful nyasa,ngat tinapulumuka pamavuto abingu kapitala mkachan aka jst wait n see.but lets not judge anew a government we end up loosing our beloved brothers.jst pray hard cz noting s impossbo wth Allah.mashallah.

  4. ndakuona kaneni says:

    I smell a rat on school children demonstrations; pp was behind it. I saw pp publicity secretary ken musonda at catholic institute talking to some teachers 2 or 3. soon after musonda left driving towards stella maris I saw c.I. school children taking to the streets. minutes later I learned that musonda was at zingwangwa driving towards kamba and we heard zingwangwa, chilobwe and st pius pupils joined the demonstrations. an hour later my friend saw musonda at nyambadwe puma filling station later hi and bt girls primary school pupils joined the demonstrations. someone also saw musonda coming from mbayani driving to town and we head mbayani pupils joined the demonstrations!
    what a coincidence!
    police should question ken musonda the man is deadly when it comes to organization of street riots and demos. musonda, dr nandin patel, hophmary makande and rafik hajat were during July 20 southern region demos organized by sco during late bingu

  5. eric mpota says:

    ana asukulu ku malawi mungoyambs kuba zinthu zaboma basi ndipamene boma liambe kuzindikila kuti lukupanga zopusa!

  6. chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa says:

    issues of receiving salaries late have been their f long let s know who is a culprit? The minister? or the President? Fire he minster of Education or Minister or minister of finance or who ever a culprit. even if it means overhauling the whole ministry. Mukufun ana athu asaphunzire. Ndani angagwire ntchito osalandira? Akamakupatsani mpando ndiyekuti akudalirani osati kunyozetsa president. Anaunso samalani asiyireni makolo zimenezi zaka zanu sizinafike zopanga chiganizo panokha mungbvulare

  7. Ochewa says:

    Amalawi izi ndi zomwe mudasankha ndiye simudati mulira zenizeni 4 yrs yatsalayi.

  8. Munthu Wosaziwa says:

    If Malawi Government can not afford to pay primary school teachers because there is no money, then how can it afford to pay Ministers, MPs, Board Directors e.t.c.? Komatu abale ngati zinthu zili chonchi after 50 years of independence, its better to close the whole country and start all over again!

  9. chimwemwe chimtengo says:

    zomwe achita anawa sanalakwe chifukwa boma silikuchita bwino anthu afa ndi njala.Aganize bwino .

  10. Redeemed says:

    Using the school kids to settle your differences is not only a complete counter productive, but absurd. These kids are at a very vulnerable age where they are so naive and are therefore easely influenced. We are striving to build a strong nation from both economic and moral perspective. AND THIS DREAM LIES IN THE HANDS OF THESE FUTURE LEADERS, now if we continue to promote this unruly behaviuor, then how do we anticipate the achievement of our long term dream.
    I do not condomn the government’s ill tendency of seemingly marginalisation of teachers, but two wrongs can never make right. I would really appreciate if the parties involved were to find a level groung to settle their differences without having to compromise the future of these poor school kids, because they are the ones to receive the end part of the rode, while the few elite responsible for this dismay will continue to progress in life as they can afford their kids a high quality education with which upon completion, better job opportunities will be secured for them. Just a food of thought.

  11. john says:

    it is shameful, hearing this issue of pupils aging not more than 13years protesting. first and foremost a word to you teachers: please apologize to the parents of those pupils whom you took to the streets, for they are innocent and you have abused them. that is an abuse you have done and it is a great seed of hate that you have sown in them for this country.
    suprisingly, why did you not carry the placards yourselves into the streets? why abusing the innocent children who don’t even know how the country is run. things are worse i n our country, yes and i say yes. but Kids into the streets because of teachers salaries? teachers to be specific, of the school where pupils broke into the streets, you have to know that “”your educated savages”” idiots who don’t know the objectives of education. you think by sending pupils into the streets your problem will be reduced? i don’t think so. you have just proved your un-worthness to be teachers.

  12. zodabwitsa says:

    It always muses me to hear that the government is failing to pay a primary school teacher who earns a meagre of 30 thousand when the government itself is:
    -able to pay a MPs half a million plus allowances each month without skipping
    -able to fund the president’s travelling costs plus accommodation in foreign countries
    – able to fund tribalism cutural functions like mlakho wa alomwe
    -able to fund useless functions by the first lady in the name of zokonda amayi and the impossible thing like make blantyre clean and green.
    etc, etc.
    should cashgate be a scapegoat? It is only those with a rotten tongue who can be deceived with your sugar coated lies that cashgate was started by the JB administration, but those who are wise know that cashgate started way back when your brother, Bingu was in charge of this country. You administration, mr president is a disgrace and a failure. you are not fit to rule this country, mr tribalist.

  13. muonosile says:

    Zomwe achita anazi ndizoona komanso zanzeru koma pempho langa lipite kwa makolo kuti alangize ana awowa angaphedwe ndi Apolisi A CHIMALAWI POPEZATU PAJA sachedwa kuombera live bullets amenewa.

  14. dadaboma says:

    Teachers, and especially people from the south are not expected to bore us with this nonsense. You are the ones who either voted for DPP or aided it to rig elections. You must keep quiet and enjoy the fruits of your hands. You are the most stupid people, and Malawi is now in total economic mess because of you murderers. Why did you reject JB when things were smooth despite DPP having bred cashgate earlier? We would never have these problems if people were smart enough to realize that JB was given to Malawi by God to make Malawians’ life better. Zoona mungovotere DPP ndi kuyithandizira kubera zisankho? Izotu! Idyani, Imwani thukuta lanu. DPP woyeeeee!


  16. Truth Pains says:

    A few teachers joined the strike in solidarity. School pupils on strike because there is no learning. Malawians, are we serious? Who should be pained most between pupils and parents when there is no learning as the current case? Do we read the constitution? Would you after reading this comment check Section 30 of the Constitution? And we happily say let the children fight for themselves. Are our brains working normally kumulekerera mwana adzimenyere ufulu? Shame to the nation as a whole! A Malawi, should one take you to RSA to understand the expression, ‘acting in solidarity’? Look, when the few brave ones achieve something, cowards are the first to celebrate. Let us change our mindset and fight for our rights. It is high time we stopped relying on NGOs to fight for us, these need just to support our actions. NGOs had done their part. The NGOs have tried their level best to empower us (community) but up to now kumenya mkonono, what a shame? I rest my case.

  17. Kachilombo ka ku Dowa says:

    Aziphunzitsi musalire ndi inu nomwe amene munathandiza PUMBWAYU kubela mavoti a DR L CHAKWERA kuti iyeyu alonso Mboma kuti abise ma document a audit ija inawonetsa kuti Boma la DPP linaba 93 Billion Kwacha. Iwe Mbendera unkalira chiyani pomwe umalengeza za yemwe wawina Upresident? Umadziwa kuti unagulitsa udindo wako ndi ndalama. Komatu izi dziwani kuti dzaka Five sizitha wina awona mbwadza alithawa boma.

  18. Tea says:

    Anatumidwa amenewa komanso popezera pothawira mkalasi. How can primary students organise themselves to do such a thing, who are they? Aphunzitsiwanso ndi ponyenyela, ena akupanga ma business awo osaganizila ana. We need an iron president like kamuzu sizinakatheka zoterezi. Now ndakhulupilila kuti multi party ndi nkhondo.


  20. kabwinja says:

    vuto lotenga dziko mwakuba ndilimenero. usova

  21. jumujum says:

    Mr APM mabvuto aziphunzitsiwa mukuwamva ngati mukuwamva mwachitapo chiani zachisoni mwana wasukulu kumayenda panseu akudandaulira aphunzitsi awo. a president muchitepo kanthu.

  22. The Patriot says:

    “I have been shown that “a certain Southern African President in his 8th decade of life will die in Office!” Prophet Mulhako

  23. PEFECO says:

    That Is Lomwe And Ngoni Belt. For Better For Worse

  24. only isolated BT urban teachers salaries but noise the whole country,much as we appreciate the importance and how life supporting a salary is,lets not shut each others mouth.Chingolopiyo is only expressing his or her constitutional right,just as the boycotting teachers and demonstrating pupils.Fellow civil servants,compare your academic and professional qualifications with that of court support staff,arent they arleady paid unreasonably?Should the civil service reform commission recommended narrawing wage desparities,are they going to gnash their teeth?LET THE SLEEPING DOGS LIE.

  25. Amajta says:

    Koma nde zakuvutatu Peter mpaka ndimwana yemwe wa zaka 6 kukuyendera pa Msewu kuti ukumuphera tsogolo, zamanyazi, ndikukamwa kobwafukako.

  26. Hazrat Pillane says:

    Dzanja linalemba pakhoma, for teenagers this is not politics, its administration, again academic freedom showing its ugly face, koma mukwanisa?

  27. Chikopa says:

    Kambangamwala woyi!

  28. Zenizeni says:

    Plz lets kip our children out of this,as amater of fact aprimaly school student can never go on tha street,thy were coxed

    1. MWANA says:


    2. nyekhulira says:

      Palibe kanthu kaya anawachita coax anawa still more they deserve what belongs to them. Palibenso zoikirana kumbuyo apa ma guy mwapala mwamsanga inuyo. Boma limafunika serious pa china chili chonse. Ngati ndalama ya mphunzitsi ikusowa za ena zikumachokera kuti? Kodi mphunzitsi kumuona kupusa eti? Panotu nde muisova chifukwa aliyense nde akuzifuna ndalamazi.

  29. big boy says:

    Chingolopiyo, know that no one sent these pupils to the streets. They know their rights. Teachers just told them the reason why they are not teaching. Bvuto lobera mavoti ndi ili.

  30. SAME LIPENGA says:

    Chingolopiyo, do you have evidence that these kids were sent by their teachers? Don’t they have senses to know what is happening? Couldn’t they see that they were not learning? Does it require only you to know that learning is not taking place?
    If health personel go on strike, who complains? Am sure is only he who is sick. And for ur information, teachers and pupils/students are one. Pupils know teachers are their second parents and they can never be happy seeing them exposed to unspeakable atrocities.

  31. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Ochikhala Opresident Ochakwera bwenzi pana a phunzitsi atalandira kale za December 2014.
    Mbuzi maphunzitsi agalu inu. No strike after 5 months of no salary.
    Stupid asses.

  32. kukhala says:


  33. Muropwana says:

    Busy kumapanga ma phwando ndi atolonkhani when you are failing to pay teachers their hard – earned salaries . President ochititsa manyazi iwe . Even the most brainwashed DPP supporter must be secretly ashamed of this mbutuma of a president .

  34. toxic club house says:

    all diz wud not hav been dere f MCP under de leadership ov DR L. Chakwera en his colegue Honourable Speaker ov de house R.Msowoya had not been snatched deir clear victory by de DPP’s unconditional thieves…

  35. mitu says:

    iwe chingolopiyo its not the teachers akuti ana muziva anthuni osamayika ma kometi ofutsa ine ndawona panalibe teacher bwanji iwe wosane za strike aku court kuti ma judge ngati mumadya zachipani muzinsanza look kwacha where is heading

  36. nachos ale says:

    Blaming cash gate as a reason for delayed salaries is incorrect. Cash gate though very bad in the country was done in the 2013/14 financial year not the current 2014/15. Find a suitable excuse apa. Personal emoluments ya Education ya pitakuti?

  37. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Anawa its part of them iwe chingolopiyo akudyesa abomawa? Ukuganiza mzosangalatsa aphunzitsi salary yawo myochepa mkale aziwalambitsiranso why teachers only.

  38. Julius says:

    Aphuzitsi Muisovenge Paja Munkabera Mavoti Ndinu Kkkkkkkkkk

  39. kanthu says:

    Malawi government has now come to bore us.Pay teachers their salaries. Remember for you to be called Mr president is because of these teachers

  40. Eye of the Child says:

    At Chingolopiyo.

    Am totally agreeing with you, teachers themselves were supposed to match, however the pupils also are being effected, their right to education is being violated, therefore there is nothing wrong for them to match but they were supposed to do it peacefully since peaceful demostrations are legally accepted in the country.

  41. kanthu says:

    Malawi government has now come to bored

  42. wawaruh says:

    mpaka miyezi five eeeeh anzathu aboma makamaka akuunduna aganizileni aziphunzitsiwa nanga tinene kuti ku undunako nanunso simunalandire kwa miyezi yonseyi .chonde aganizileni anthu anuwa zisanafike posokoneza ophunzira

  43. M'doko says:

    Ndalama za mitsnnkho yathu zilikuti? Anawa mpaka utsi okhetsa misozi shame! Ufulu wa ana uli kuti? Nanunso mulandire aphuzitsiwa akalandira amazuzika ndi dzuwa awa inu m’ma airconditioner

  44. Patriot says:

    Nanga apa muzitinso ndi JB pamene mukulephera kuwapatsa zawo aja anakuthandizani kubera mavoti aja.
    Mazimphunzitsi ndi inu ZITSIRU kobasi.

  45. Masharubu says:

    If you were in Blantyre today, you would have been left with one conclusion only : Peter has lost the plot . Period . And it has only been 5 months .

  46. Ma battery a mlakho says:

    Chilikwamzako umati chigwire nyanga.When they did that against JB ,DPP asses were wide open with joy.Its now DPPs turn’ to FART!kkkkkkkkkkkk

  47. chingolopiyo says:

    Misuse of children. Let the teachers go on strike themselves without involving pour children. Min of Education, please discipline the teachers for using children to go on a march. I do understand that the teachers need their salaries but to ask pupils to go on strike or marching its not the right way. Tell the children to stay home and go on to march teachers only to present your petition. Not happy with this development, we are not advancing anywhere. It has to stop, form Teachers Union, than this.

    1. kanchenga says:

      The teachers are on strike. They are not teaching so tell your children to stay at home. If you allow them to go to school their friends will organize them to strike not teachers.

      1. MWANA says:


        1. kanchenga says:

          What do you expect from lomwes. Mismanagement, stealing fornicating and nepotism. Education is forced on them. That is why the lomwe government can’t pay teachers. They can’t see the importance of paying them.

    2. nyekhulira says:

      If you tell the teacher to strike what form of strike are you expecting other than this by the pupils? If your child stays at home will you be happy you idiot? Ukupembedza chiyani? Ukuona ngati akudandaulawa ndiopusa iwe wochenjera? Fisi iwe. Leronso anawa amatche mpaka awapatse ma sir awo zawo basi. Palibenso kumuikira wina kumbuya apa. Nkhani ya ndalama iwenso umayidziwa bwino ilibe chibale

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