President Mutharika ask Malawi to pray:  Govt set Feb 8 day of national prayers

Malawi President  Peter Mutharika has declared a National Day of Prayer and Worship following the torrential rains that culminated into floods, killing at least 200 people displacing over 200 000 and destroying property in 15 district.

UDF MP and music kingpin Lucius Banda with  President Mutharika in Balaka when he recently visited floods victims

UDF MP and music kingpin Lucius Banda with President Mutharika in Balaka when he recently visited floods victims

Minister of information and Civic Education Kondwani Nankhumwa in a statement released on Thursday that the Interdenominational Prayers will be held on Sunday, 8th February 2015 at Robbins Park in Blantyre.

“This will be an opportunity to pray for survivors and victims of the worst floods in the nation’s history,” says Nankhumwa.

“ Once more, the President and Government extend their deepest condolences to the families of the victims of these floods.Government will with the support of its development partners continue providing assistance to the survivors and those in need of assistance.”

Nankhumwa says Government is thankful and appeals to all well-wishers to continue providing assistance to the affected families and communities.

The  deadly floods has forced government to consider revising downwards this year’s projected 5.8 percent economic growth rate.

Malawi’s economy was this year expected to expand by about 5.8 percent, according to government and International Monetary Fund (IMF) projections, propelled by the expected good agriculture season and a buoyant manufacturing and mining sector.

In his address to the nation on Tuesday, President Peter Mutharika said floods have caused a lot of damage and will bring many negative socio-economic effects to the economy.

He said preliminary assessment shows that the damage caused by flood disaster to the economy is estimated at K23.9 billion, which excludes the cost of the relief programmes currently underway.

“The growth for the country is largely driven by agriculture, manufacturing, electricity, water and mining sectors, among others. These have also been adversely affected by the floods, to the extent that the country is likely to achieve economic growth lower than 5.8 percent projected earlier for 2015,” he said.

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37 thoughts on “President Mutharika ask Malawi to pray:  Govt set Feb 8 day of national prayers”

  1. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Koma bwana pulezidenti ine ndikusowa nazo Mtendere nkhana yoyitanitsa mapepheroyi.
    Let’s take it that God is going to speak one of you, bigies in the government. And ‘He says, you asked for rains because you cannot live without water, true. However, you have built your houses too close to rivers where there should be water. Are you asking me, as God to build your own houses up lands for you or you asking me to withhold the rains?’

    Mr APM may be you are talking about ‘ thanks giving prayers’?
    Please,tell your minister to clarify and he should stop telling us lies all the time.

    To him information equals lies.

  2. Rambos says:

    Peter u stole the votes ad ths disaster is the rewards of ur cheatng. Go pray wth ur lomwes we dont want hypocrite like u in our prayers to the living Jah

    1. Malindima says:

      So you imply that other tribes are satanic and only Lhomwes are God fearing such that their prayers were answer when one of their own won the elections?

  3. Pemphero Lenileni says:

    Tizawonele fashion show. Nkhope zili phyuuu. Manja biii. Milomo ili red kuposa ya Marylyn Monroe. Mzimayi wa chiMalawi opemphela zeni zeni azakhala yomwe uja – Mai Anastazia Msosa. Ngati anaDzimbiri atazapiteko, ayi, azakhala mmayi wachiMalawi wachiwiri kumapempheloko. Ena onse zidole zachizungu

  4. Bambo Atadala says:

    mwakhoza/khalani pansi.

  5. Kika Kanawe says:

    We should seek God’s guidance and intervation in times.God’s intervation should not only sought disasters and calamities befall us,even in our daily undertakings God should be the first and last resort.Malawi needs God in all aspect of life.

  6. Think Tank says:

    God loves people who love each other wholeheartdly. Our Lord Jesus left us instrunctions to love one another (John 15:17). This is too lacking in Malawi and He is not happy up there. This why He says we worship Him with our lips but our hearts are far from Him (Isaiah 29:13). There is alot of hatred,tribalism,regionalism,nepotism etc. Our Lord says if you remember you are not in good terms with your brother,leave your gift in front of the alter. First go and make peace with your brother. Then come back and offer your gift.(Matthew5:23) We need to cleanup our hearts before going to His alter for mercy.

  7. Phsyatangu says:

    Mwina pano gogo pitala wadziwa kuti mapemphelo ndi ofunikanso,Chaka chatha gogo emweyu anakana kubwela kumapemphelo nkupita ku zionetselo mxiiiiii

  8. Ezekiel says:

    Vuto la atsogoleri ena anzanu akakhala pa mpando wo simuwatenga ngati atsogoleri Chifukwa akati Tiyeni tipange izi inu sizikukhuzani Koma apaso nzofunika Inde Koma nzanu so aka panda kupita chonde khalani Chete Chifukwa nawoso nchisankho cha wo Chifukwa munayamba ndinu. Koma sikhalidwe kumazichepetsa munthu Mulungu amatha kuku kweza Koma akamazitukumula mugwa ndithu.

  9. ABWANA PRESIDENT NDI AMALAWI TONSE, mapemphero ndi ofunika nditu ndipo tithokoze a President kamba koganiza kuti tikhale ndi tsiku la maphempero. BUT ARE THESE GOING TO BE POLITICAL PRAYERS? Who should call for for National Prayers? The president ( polititians) or the Clergy? Akasogolera mapemphero ndi andale kapena amipingo? Something is not adding up.

    1. Think Tank says:

      These are political prayers. Watch the uniform which will be used by our ladies.

  10. Bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    R.I.P to all who died due to floods. God bless & restore all the victims/survivors. God bless MW from Chitipa to Nsanje,N/kota to Mchinji. ONE MW,ONE GOD. in JESUS’NAME amen!

  11. INU Lalirani says:

    People of different beliefs coming together for prayers? It may sound good and uniting, but its unity in error! Our differences in the core suggest that we have different gods! The God of Catholics tell them to uphold the divinity of Mary, that of The Jehovas witnesses asks them to disapprove Christ as God! For moslems there’s no God but allah and Jesus was just a mere prophet. SDAs’ God tells them the dead know not anything, and that we must keep Saturday as the Sabbath, pentecostals hold the belief dat there’s a burning hell now and saints go to heaven at death, too many differences! Now we say lets come together for a word of prayer! Somebody says in Jesus name, somebody else says in the name of Allah, some in the blood and power of Christ etc! This ecumenism is Satan’s lie! Its spiritual fornication! Mixing the holy with the unholy! God says, He is One. Ephesians 4:5, tells, “One Lord, One faith” which in the opposite sense may imply, ‘many lords, many faiths’ and we are in the latter! Which is unfortunate. I cancel inter-denominational prayers! Thats a mock.

    1. RESEARCHER says:

      You have talked the right.

  12. Mulungu mwamufuna chifukwa cha mavuto. He only hears and answers prayer of an honest heart. Sizomati mukatipemphelere ife ochimwa ayi if you are doing a campaign to win Gods heart nde walemba mmadzi

  13. ganimunthu says:

    Thanks for listening to Chakwera
    He did ask you few days ago to call for this. You are now listening……keep it up

  14. Mapemphero achitike. Tiunikiranenso zina monga kubzala mitengo, kukhala malo okwera, kalimidwe koyenera, kumanga malo oyenera osati mtsinde mwa phiri. Zinazi zikusowekera nzeru.

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    No way! Mr President, you’re not a spiritual leader and none of cabinet is demonstrates any slight relationship with God. When and who told you that there should be national prayers. Unless you say people should repent first, stop hating each other, be honest …….,.

    Why do you want to mislead the us. Let the right people seek God and He will lead us accordingly.

    You think God is your servant, who is only needed at your convenience.

  16. fkr says:

    The last time we prayed for rain we got foods. Now we are asked to pray again to change gods will. Don’t you figure it out yet? Just let god do what he wants. He is the bwana. Stop asking him for stuff all day and everyday. He will get pissed off

  17. chakwanuleka says:

    So the floods have done equal done as cash gate. The national prayers are in order, let’s just hope Pitala will be able to give brotherly handshakes to opposition gurus otherwise our God does listen to prayers from haters and arrogant people

  18. Uhuru says:

    Our father who art in heaven
    …thy will be done
    on Earth, as it is in Heaven.
    …deliver us from the Evil one.
    …forever and ever.

  19. Munthuwazeru says:

    2 Mbiri 7 vs 14,15 akuteroso choyambirira abale anga amalawi amene ndinu olapadi tiyeni tilape kulapira dziko lathu machimo onse one by one God more able to forgive and heal our land aswell failing doing this mkwiyo wa Mulungu suchoka pa dziko lathu says the Lord.

  20. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Good idea

  21. Chamba says:

    What expect from mutharika is to give malawians tangible assurances as tomhowthe country is going to move forward in the aftermath of the floods. He is playing with people’s emotions and has no plan that’s why he is talking about prayer because he knows malawins are suckers once you mention God. WE NEED A PLAN NOT GOD.

  22. Sub T/A says:

    Tsiku limeneri lofunika tisanapemphere tikalape ndi kuwulula machimo athu pamaso pa Mulungu chifukwatu mapempherowo sangalandiridwe ngati opempherayo Ali ndi machimo ndipo okayamba kulapa akakhale mtsogoleri akaulule machimo ake pamaso pa Mulungu kuti Ambuye ine ndinaba mabvoti mundikhululukire keneko amene anapha Chasowa kenako a cashgate ndithudi kupanda kutero tionanso muliri wina ikatha mvulayi

  23. Chamba says:

    The problem with malawians is that you are always expecting god to do things for you instead of your hands. What is God going to do now? Is God going to clean up? Is god going to revise growth prospects? No country in the world has ever developed because of god intervention. It is people’s engenuity that moves the world. Just don’t emphasize this God intervention instead of coming up with a plan you can drive.

  24. Very soon timva ndalowa DPP mr Banda dyela too much amalawi mutteparty itha ngati makatani

  25. Fathi Alshdhaab says:


  26. Kadakwiza says:

    Yes Malawi need prayers, but at the same time Malawians need to stay together, as ONE. Love one another. But this is not happening in Malawi. The same leaders we trust are the one who are dividing the nation, for example by favoring one tribe. Other tribes are in their own country as foreigners, jobs and positions are given only to a certain tribe. I don’t think God is happy, about cashgate, nepotism,secrete killings. How many times Malawi had national prayers? Many times. Any outcome, zero. Why? Because our leaders since independent are selfish, corrupt, racist, not loving. Now God is angry. Malawi leaders must come clean and repent then you can call for National Prayers otherwise I describe this call by government as political gathering nothing else.

  27. Mr.Mpukutu says:

    Nkuthekatu kuti Mulungu watisiya DPP ilape m’mene inalowera m’boma APM achotse nduna ndi onse amene anakhudzidwa ndi kuba ndalama zabomawo,munkati msintha zinthu nanga bwanji mwayambira pomwe bingu anasiyira? likeku user gvt vehicles, mopolising MBC,again abuse of gvt dept like MHC, roads authority,educationetc and again with the police & ACB no wonder donors ar not providing with direct support coz the rulling is full
    of political mudslinging surely, unless we change our minds the mighty God will stay away from us.God bless mother MALAWI.

  28. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    This is excellent for the president. May the Lord give you long life and wisdom to rule this country. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Amen……..Presidents who have not feared GOD during their leadership have all died within the shortest time and they did not complete their life. Examples are numerous ie Gadaf, Idi Amin, Bingu, Samora Machel, etc.

  29. Mapemphelo ndi ofunika at any position,m’gwilizanonso ndi ofunika atsogoleli onse,osati zimene m’dala pitala anachita pomwe tinali ndi mapemphelo pa Robbins park pomwepa iye ndi kusankha iye ndi kusankha kumakhala nawo Ku zochitika-chitika za MCTU Ku Lilongwe. Komanso osati azipani zina akapita kumapempheloko ndie chikhale chitozo dzikoli ndilatonse.

  30. Fathara says:

    Atate Mulungu wathu wamakamu zikomo chifukwa cha zina lanu lokoma. Zina lanu Yesu likwezeke. Ambuye yesu tikuziwa kuti mulinafe ndipo simungatisiye ife ana anu antundu wa Malawi. Sogolo lathu ndilowala ngakhale satana akuyesesa kupanga zake, koma sapita patali. Ambuye wathu Yesu dalisani Malawi Amen.

  31. sam says:

    We surely need God’s intervention

  32. Andy moses says:

    Abanda kikkk kufuna mpando ?

    1. New Govt says:

      Kodi handshake with the president ndimpando? Walakwa chani Lucias Banda? Munthu ndi constituency yake asalandile president? Umbulitu umenewu!

    2. LUNGUSA says:

      mpando wake wotani wasofa, wandalema kapena wathabwa?

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