President Mutharika lied on economy – Malawi economist body

Normally it is not a criminal offence for a politician to lie on a political rally but President Peter Mutharika told “many lies” in his state of the nation address in parliament on the state of the country’s economy, the Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) has said.

President Peter Mutharika: Lies, damn lies!

President Peter Mutharika: Lies, damn lies!

Henry Kachaje: Mutharika's projections not true reflection on the ground

Henry Kachaje: Mutharika’s projections not true reflection on the ground

In his state of the nation address during the opening of budget session of parliament, Mutharika said the Malawi economy grew by 5.5 percent and it is expected to rebound to higher levels averaging 7 percent or higher from next year.

Mutharika’s adventurous relationship with the truth has been exposed by Ecama president Henry Kachaje, who said the President’s claim of economic boom was lies, damn lies!

Kachaje pointed out that the projections on the ground raises questions on how can the Malawi economy “continues to enjoy positive growth of 5.5 percent” when two major economic sectors- the private and agriculture-experienced a decline in their productivity and output.

“How can we be sure that ‘the economy is expected to rebound to higher levels averaging 7 percent’ when we have just experienced the worst floods in recent history and agricultural output is expected to drop by 30 percent,” queried Kachaje observations when he presented a paper this week in Salima at an event that was organised by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation in partnership with Freedom House to reflect on Mutharika’s performance in the last 12 months.

According to Kachake, Mutharika’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has also not lived up to its set goals within the year.

The Ecama president said there is no way Malawi should expect the inflation to drop further from 18.3 percent to 16.5 percent as Mutharika projected when Malawi is facing hunger and prices of food are likely to go up.

“How will the interest rates go down when inflation is unlikely to drop significantly? How will people’s disposable incomes increase when they will be buying food at higher prices?” he queried.

Kachaje said the projections that Mutharika raised are unrealistic.

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39 thoughts on “President Mutharika lied on economy – Malawi economist body”

  1. yooo says:

    I do remember well,mr president asked nation that now ndalowa pa pando ndipaseni miyezi itatu ndi sinthe zinthu itatu yatha akuti ikhalae six month yathanso akuti muone chakachino chikamatha chaka chatha akuti five years ino ikamatha miyoyo ya malawi izasitha tioneretu panopa kwinako ndikoti tizizapereka ma good ngati mwakanika pano ndiye mukapangira kuti sopano tasukusula palibe kutinyegerera ndi nsalu za chipani sitimadya ife nsalu

  2. Phwado says:

    If you are not an economist and you don’t know anything about economy then why are you commenting?It is better just to shut up and let those who have the expertise comment.I is like a sick person going to a hospital and arguing with a doctor.Shame!That is why it is high time we vote for technical president;say Electrical,Civil,Mechanical or any Engineer.Economists just guess and dream and their dreams never come to reality but Engineers design,test and make tangible productions we can all see with our own naked fucking eyes.They produce reality!Forget about APM and his DPP delivering.We need a president who will sacrifice his greed for the benefit of all Malawian populace.A pioneer!

  3. Chikopa says:

    Kodi CHRR has now been registered as Economics NGoO? CHRR was supposed to be discussing of whether it was the right of the Salima Villagers to burn the thieves who were caught stealing goats and not figures as Mtambo is blank in Economics.

    Kachaje, Kachaje, Kachaje! What a poor fela? Your voice and your thoughts all rot. You have never said something outside the box. As ECAMA man, you should have thought of giving government some advice on how to move forward and not just talking rubbish.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      You must be ignorant of what human rights entails. Don’t you know that human rights include economic rights? We have right to social security which covers right to affordable housing, medicine, education, childcare, enough money to live on and medical help when old; workers’ rights which include right to do a job, right to a fair wage, right to join a trade union. All these human rights cannot be enjoyed without economic prosperity.

  4. Lillongwe says:

    Lets all pray for our President from this lying spirit as it is getting worse and we aRe the ones who are going to suffer.

  5. Okay? says:

    If the president made a prediction, it’s like a prophet saying this will happen. It may happen or not. So a prediction has an probability error which can either be small or big. So if the president made unrealistic prediction, what is wrong with Kachaje and his cohorts to make a plausible prediction? Something is not adding up here. A very baseless argument and accusation. Or else Nyasatimes is poor at presenting issues to do with economics. The more people argue, the more foolish they look. In short, a prediction can’t be faulted and be made into a big issue. A Kachaje, tabwerani ndi yanu prediction yoonayo apa tikuombereni mmanja!


    Kachaje statement is empty. he could give us the true figures against the one he is disagreeing

  7. Patriot says:

    He is not an economist but an american lawyer.
    Remember he mistaken $ sign with 8
    Malawi is on auto pilot mode

  8. captain says:

    Politics aside me though not an economist could hear the president speech that it was full of lies , someone reading something which he even didn’t understand himself

  9. wanyau says:

    Agree with fairness,even within ecama,they might disagree,economists always disagree no wonder Kachajes argument!

  10. Mwanawamama says:

    Its high time malawi……we need to look back and take an action before sunsets…….

  11. Sapitwa says:

    The word “Lie” is incorrect on the subject of this story because we haven’t arrived at the reality to compare the actual results with what the President predicted. It should read the Economists body disagrees with Mutharika’s prediction on the economy or economic growth. If this body presented their predictions,not everyone could have agreed with it based on their factors used to base on.
    This story however is also coming late to be taken seriously for it is many weeks ago since the President’s speech.

  12. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

    Henry Kachaje, anyamata anyakula a MCP, masquerading as ECAMA. It is obvious that anyamata a card la umembala cannot see anything positive in this country just because they are not on the driving seat. They can’t even accept that floods were a blessing in disguise. You can’t say the president lied while you don’t have figures in your hands substantiating how much Malawi lost due to floods and how much inflows she got due to the same calamity. Who is a liar here? Your friend has figures to compare and see the difference and you are thwarting those figures with your mere MCP membership. What a shame. It is better sometimes to just resign the ecama thing and be your party’s economic spokesperson rather than taking those platforms in the name of ECAMA and fail to hide your political affiliations. Why are you disgracing ECAMA? Ideally this body is supposed to embrace professionalism and indeed provide professional guidance. But alas! It is infested with political party loyalists. You and your ECAMA lost credibility in this country.And this explains more why we Malawi @50 is still poor. Nobody wants to be a professional but a politician.

  13. Mwanena kuti a President athu ndi Pumbwa? Koma ndaseka bwanji!!!!! Kkkkkkkkk

  14. LWD says:

    I cannot see the lie, cant see the truth either

  15. Ganda says:

    I am not a DPP fan and don’t care how good the DPP thinks they are because they are no better than Bingu’s admin was….but Kachaje and MCP listen: the SONA address is a projection just as you rightly called it. The targets presented by a head of state are goals that the country is aiming at. Even in a year that all factors are predictable and there is no drought or floods, it is also impossible to attain targeted goals because of other factors beyond any country’s control such as volatility of the international economy. So, to tell the people that the president lied…is misleading and a huge lie in itself. If MCP is bitter about their loss during the last elections… on doing better next time rather than derailing national progress out of malice. The truth of the matter is that it will take MCP an earth shaking miracle to get back into power after its cruel history in Malawi. Kachaje don’t be used by politicians…people like you are the only hope Malawi has to fix the country so give us sober analysis and not partisan agenda….

  16. mbuzi iwe says:

    The presient’s predictions are based on information given to him by Government machinery i.e. Reserve Bank and Ministry of Finance. The figures are not his own.
    For Mr Kachaje, you need to bring forward your projections and people should compare with Govt projections. You cannot label HE a liar when you have no figures to back up your claim.

    People know you support MCP but sometimes you need to rise above partisan politics.
    Just bring out the real growth rates in your opinion and we will compare with that presented by HE. Simple!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gander says:

    Can you help me guys with this one; between Mutharika and Kachaje who has reliable data on the state of the nation. I want evidence not mere speculations and accusations.

  18. NYONYO says:

    Mr Kachanje I have been watching you and listening to your nosense now am fed up ..hear me and hear me right. iweyo unayamba wapangapo bizimisi? you are too much of theory but remember life is full of practicals…sizoti you read books and start making unnecessary comments. iweyo ndi muthu opanda nzeru koma umafuna to pose big…the fact that APM presebted are in line with the real issue on the ground..kodi walowa mmutu mwa APM may a li ndi nzeru kuposa zakozo za ma theory..basopo!!!!1

  19. Angel of Doom says:

    Its taken you this long to come up with rubbish?

    I do not know who’s worse, you or Muthalika, my money is on you.

    You do not criticize something that happened ages ago and bring evidence?

    What an idiot, and these are the young economists the Malawi keeps talking about.

    Goodall Gondwe would wipe the floor with you.

  20. ankhoma says:

    good one mr kachaje.

  21. viyazi tembo says:


  22. dandire wa dandire says:

    He can twist his handwriting and make a fortune of 830 million by a hand writing error and not apologise to Malawians.How would you trust such a person from what comes out of his mouth?He is just playing games with Malawians.Inu a Mbendera munatibweletsera mavuto Mmalawi.Why were you crying like chicken during night time?Selling us to the crooked Dpp.Koma tilimmoto pamalawi apa.Koma Malawi ndi Gehena.

  23. I think the Muthalikas are good liar. Even his late bro cheated us on the state of the economy now its the turn of his bro to cheat us. Let the devil bless u liars.

  24. econo says:

    its time malawians needs to know some simple macroeconomical terms….there are so many things interlinked for economy to be predicted like that…..national income, international and local trade,unemployment rate, foreign and domestic investment, exchange rate, price index etc ….all those factors and their behaviour help govts to predict long or shot term economical activities…..its clearly impossible for that predictions when majority of consumers they dont hav loss of confidence in buying commodities and are still struggling to use basic services, interest rates remains high, scarce forex and very important missing of important data like unemployment rate……….

  25. dambudzo mwasax says:

    Has he ever spoken the truth since he came back to Malawi?How would you trust somebody that his brother Daniel Phiri was not dead while the dead body was booked an air ticket to S Africa?

  26. Mr Kachaje, I am not an economist because I am not educated to be thus. But consider this: nsima could still be nsima regardless cooked from mgaiwa, mtandaza or white flour and similarly ndiwo is ndiwo regardless being chambo, thelere or bonya. In all senses are you sure regardless of the floods, the country cannot post any achievement that can come from other sources aside the ones you are alluding to? I am not an economist! Which lies are talking about here? Inu amene munapita kusukulu, chonde takhalani penapake ndi mzimu wachidziwitso pokhala nawo maganizo abwino ofuna kutukula dziko la Malawi. Can tourism, mining contribute to the gdp? How about fiscal discipline, can in do anything?

  27. baby says:

    Anyamata a MCP awa. Economics is normally based on assumptions. These projections may or may not be achieved depending on the prevailing conditions. My understanding floods also contributed to our increased economy because we received a lot of financial aid (forex). Of course, both Kachaje and the president are liars. Kachaje amakamba zokomera MCP, naye pumbwa amakamba zokomera DPP.

  28. VIZAULI IVI says:

    adyeretu! pitala!

  29. Chipalamandule says:

    Akanakhala mutumbuka ikanakhala nkhani.

  30. yosefe gambatula says:

    He knows how dunderheads heads Malawians are.We have economists just by papers who cannot look at these fibs of an oldman who can lie at any time.So for how long are you going to keep on crying.Malawians you made a Dpp bed,and you must be ready to lay on it.Apa timvale zilimbe.Mulinkutengeka ndi ma title awu professor.

  31. Charombanthu says:

    Bulls eye! The SONA is a “copy and paste” document the way I see it. The President’s SONA was written by someone in the comfort of his/her office without reflecting, or indeed, checking on the realities on the ground as the opposition has been singing all along in the Chamber. I entirely agree with Henry Kachaje that it is wrong to insinuate that our economy is on the right track considering the following four major factors:
    1. We are reeling from the effects of the worst floods the country has ever experienced,
    2. Agricultural and industrial production is on the decline due to poor harvests from the just ended season,
    3. There will be no donor aid flowing in and worst of all,
    4. We are also reeling from the worst looting of government coffers in the history of this country dubbed “Cashgate”.

    How do we expect to achieve economic growth and development in such an environment??? One wonders. Where is it going to come from?? Please school us….

    1. Peter says:

      These projections may be performed by our some unreliable public officers who
      (a) fabricated lies that MRA was collecting enough money while the truth was the government borrowed money from banks during Ken Lipenga as finance minister
      (b) helped and together with politicians stole money through payment of services/goods not delivered
      (c) collude with contractors to overprice contracts and get kickbacks from the proceeds of corruption
      (d) receive allowances for trips and functions that they do not undertake
      (e) share public property by selling it at a very cheap price among themselves- the case of farm machinery in the ministry of agriculture.
      In this age, who could trust such a people? Either they reform and be useful to the current and next generations or they perish in their selfishness!!!

  32. Fairness says:

    Granted the economy did not perform as APM indicated, what was the performance then Mr Kachanje. You don’t have figure to the contrary do you? When criticising like this , you shld be able to tell the real growth so that pple shld make comparisons. It means even you don’t know but as a coward can’t venture with an estimate for fear of being castigated. You could have said the figures were exagerated but not outright lies. Thats sensationalization of issues at its worst.

  33. gilbert says:

    Kachaje tinazoni, bola musadye sikono.

  34. Maonekedwe says:

    Umbuli wamusogoleli ndiwopasa manyazi,zowona kunamiza amalawi kuti chuma chikwela while anthu akufa ndinjala? shame on you mwina akunena zachuma chake cha kunyumba kwawo.check this out.

  35. MASO A GULU says:

    You can fool people sometimes but not always

    Nthawii zongoyimbira nthungululu mbwerera zinatha kale kale

    People need actions and developments

  36. Mhesha says:

    Kachaje….another vuvuzela.

  37. mulopwana says:

    we know pitala,he is failing to run the country an has instead started lies thinking all Malawians are mbuli while iyeyo nde mbuli.

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