President Mutharika meeting ‘mysterious’ people ‘one-by-one’ in US, says Malawi govt spokesman

Malawi government spokesman Malison Ndau has told BBC that President Peter Mutharika remained in United States after attending the UN General Assembly in New York to meet “a number of people one by one” dismissing rumours about Mutharika’s health.

Mutharika:   Has no problem

Mutharika: Malawi President disappearing  story now trending in international media

Mutharika has not been heard from since the UN General Assembly, which ended on September 26th and activities which Ndau claims he is conducting have not been publicised on state media.

Asked on BBC what is the exact location of the Malawi leader, Ndau said:“Yeah, the President is in America, after the [UN]General Assembly, he had some assignments to do, there were some people he was intending to meet but he couldn’t do so during the general ‘allemby’ [sick] period, so they had arranged that after the assembly he could meet them one by one.”

When asked how many people is President Mutharika meeting, Ndau said: “Exact number I don’t know but its a number of them.”

BBC asked Ndau to explain how long are these “meetings” supposed to take.

He answered : “They were arranging a number of days.”

Pressed to name the people Mutharika was meeting, he said: “Of course  I am not aware who exactly they are.”

Put to him if he asked who the President was meeting, he said: “yes, but I was told he is meeting  number of people and upon his arrival in Malawi its when he will tell the nation who he has been meeting with.”

Quizzed on the President’s health if he is fit and well, Ndau said there has been rumours of illness which he said were not true.

“Of course there have been those rumours but there is not time the president had been taken ill,” said Ndau.

Ndau is also minister of information and communication.

He was asked if he is aware what is costing the Malawian tax-payer everyday of President Mutharika’s stay in United States, but he feigned ignorance.

“No I don’t  know the exact how much is his cost there,” he said.

Ndau said he speaks to the President “everyday” and when asked if he had spoken to him on Wednesday, the government spokesman said: “Not today, because most of the times we speak in the evening.”

He said Mutharika spoke to the minister on Tuesday and disclosed that he would return home on Sunday.

Brain Tumour claims

Local political activist Gerald Kampanikiza who recently challenged government  to provide video evidence to disprove the rumours of Mutharika’s illness, has maintained his claims that the Head of state is unwell.

Kampanikiza claims Mutharika is in New Jersey at medical facility  called Robertwood Johnson University Hospital.

He also alleges the President has  “brain tumour.”

Kampanikiza challenged government to release video or photos of Mutharika activities after UN General Assembly.

But government spokesman stressed that spreading such “baseless, malicious and sickening” rumours was criminal.

Ndau maintained that Mutharika was in “very good and robust health” and still carrying out his duties while in America.

‘Missing in inaction’

Mutharika’s ‘absence without leave” issue has now been trending in the international media of high repute.

Apart from the BBC, The Economist  also carried the story and Washington Post  published it with Associated Press (AP)copy by Gregory Gondwe.

The Economist reported that whether Mutharika was in fact ill or merely spending time with his three adult children, who live in America, the government’s refusal to be transparent about the president’s whereabouts displays arrogance, quoting  Boniface Dulani, a political scientist at the University of Malawi.

“The Big Man is not only the sole holder of wisdom in the country, but he’s also supposed to be this infallible character,” Economist quoted Dulani. “To say that I am ill might actually weaken the image of the Big Man.”

It also quoted unnamed Western official, who said the lack of transparency can have real consequences,and that the government should be “focused and on their game” with the impending hunger crisis.

The report said, no one knows whether Mutharika is concentrating on the plight of his people while silently spending their money.

Washington Post story of  AP  quoted the executive director of Malawi’s influential body of religious groupings, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC), Robert Phiri,  who said “the principles of transparency and accountability”  compel President Mutharika “to explain why he abruptly decided to stay in the States longer than earlier communicated.”

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35 thoughts on “President Mutharika meeting ‘mysterious’ people ‘one-by-one’ in US, says Malawi govt spokesman”

  1. Gogodasi says:

    People should expect drama on Sunday. If indeed he returns home he will not hold a press conference because Ndau will tell the media that the man is tired after travelling a long way and needed some rest. This will mean following Malawians more. Just wait and see.

  2. Alfonso Namaona says:

    Let us swear in Dr. S.C. Chilima on Monday period. If at all the President is meeting people in the US, then it is not on behalf of Malawians who voted for him. He and his Government lacks transparency and if he is sensible enough, he cannot stay that long away accumulating huge expenses for the poor Malawians. When he lands on Sunday, then he must apologize to the nation. This poor decision making shows his mental strength is weak and therefore INCAPACITATED to continue as president.

    A nationwide demonstration is coming if he does not explain himself very well.

  3. Kyala says:

    We Malawians will always remain stupid.

  4. Mulomwe says:

    If he is indeed meeting people one by one. I believe he is borrowing lots of money on OUR behalf that our children and their children will have to pay for the rest of their lives. Putting the cutter in more and more debt.

    If he is sick there’s nothing for me to say but get well soon.

  5. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    Why mysterious? What sort of mystery, because we know that the only mysterious beings are Spiritual not living ones, so mystery has to be solved.

  6. Awuzen kuti afana apa Salima says:

    akugulitsa mafupa alubino aja amagulawa, akamaliza pitalayo abwela mumuwona

  7. akuka says:

    pajatu ena aja mumkati sanamwalire munthu atayamba kusasa ku sozibele uko!!!! mukubisa chani?

  8. Thinktank says:

    What idiotic govt… ashamed of this administration. ..pathological liars. ….are these public servants or mafias?So crooked in their ways. …cry my beloved country!!!

  9. Kkkkkkkk says:

    It’s true. He was meeting the grim reaper. Now he’s meeting the guard at the river Styx. Next its Satan, then the torturing demons.

  10. Wilson says:

    What the hell is going on in Malawi. Ndithu this whole country of educated people is being brought down to its knees like this? This idiot of a president you have is the most useless president on the planet. Starting with his Minister of Info, just listen to the interview he is giving to BBC. This reflects badly on your nation. If a whole fuckin minister can give a fuckin low level interview like that where does that leave all Malawians in the eyes of the world? Which schools did these idiots attend? These are thieves with nothing on their minds but to plunder savagely.

    MALAWI this is pathetic. I have no words.

    1. Pulezidenti Opuma says:

      And i have always said it… bro! This guy is the worst president in the History of humankind. Someone who doesn’t have the ability and skills of running a country. A clueless and good for nothing Leader.THis guy sucks.

    2. mpoloni says:

      I agree with you Wilson. I am so ashamed as a learned Malawian.

  11. Big Lie Small Country says:

    Goliati movies (GollyWood) present
    Showing this Sunday 16 October at Kamuzu international Airport (KIA)
    Time : 13 hrs
    PRODUCED BY : Malison Ndau
    DIRECTOR : Mgeme Kalirani
    Also starring George Chaponda
    Don’t miss out the Action !!
    Find out if the father came alive or not !!!

  12. Big Lie Small Country says:

    Suppose this was JB, tman and his team of cadets would have been all over the internet rebuking. And not only that some would have pretended to be CSOs, mobilising people for a mass funeral event (street wailing) in protest of all this unexplained overseas extended trip.

    But because it is Mutharika from the lhomwe triangle – the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

  13. Abeat Minthu says:

    Black people are liars, thieves. Its in The blood. Why keeping secret. Hej is.a public figure. Hej owe the tax payers an explanation. Last year he insulted Malawians that he was not spending their taxe money he is rich. What is he going to say this time. Why dont u inpeach this sick thief man Who came back to use ypur weakness. Are u brain dead all u Malawians?

  14. Our president is gone :'( … Please just tell us the truth, if it’s true what my instinct are telling me then me your soul rest for sometime (although I believe he doesn’t believe in God – he is an atheist) RIP your excellency :'(

  15. Critical says:

    Zachamba! Who the hell is he meeting one by one? Why are not being told the people and the purpose of the meeting. This is idiotic of the spokesperson to say trying to make the president seem like some next mysterious top shot! He is ill where he is. Meeting people one by one for what? Honesty let’s not be wise fools.

    Everyone is commenting about wishing him good health, what does that have to do with him meeting these mysterious people? Ala, zachamba eti!

  16. Zayakunkhongo says:

    Malawians are very patient, foolish and stupid. For every action there’s reaction but they can’t react.

  17. OMEX70 says:

    Observer, you are not realistic in your in argument. It wasn’t Bakili Muluzi who told us to vote for APM. It completely for to say we are in trouble because of Muluzi bla bla bla!

  18. Thom says:

    Bwana Apm reporting to you major corruption at Central medical stores under buy Malawi campaign. The local manufacturers some who don’t even manufacture the products locally are awarded contracts on basis as local manufacturers are overcharging prices by 3 times then normal price.

  19. Thom says:

    The truth to our Apm our president let your advisors of ministers not cheat you. Dpp is the most unpopular at the moment it has ever been due to persistent blackouts sometimes mpakana 2 days. If you don’t fire Escom top officials they will destroy the dpp. action needed now as Dpp opposition now is not Mcp or PP it is Escom. Be sacred of Rscom as they are tarnishing and destroying DPP.

  20. Apapa zativuta basi from the look of things we are in big trouble boma ili limakonda kubisa zinthu zofunikira kuteloko mukukonzekera kuti mupangenso midnight six munya muona

  21. Chikondi says:

    Apm you need to come and sort out the mess at Escom it is complete shambles residential high density areas 22 hours in a day blackout and the 2 hours they give after midnight.there is a conspiracy by Escom officials to defame Dpp can you deal with these conspirators or else there will be massive demonstrations on the street like july20th and that can start the downfall for Dpp

  22. observer says:

    I wish the president well if indeed he is sick- i think the president has all the rights to do as he wishes- we interviewed him on general election day and he emerged a better candidate to the majority of the divided nation. Lets pay the price of our choices. The Job of State president demands a lot of energy physically and mentally. until such time that we follow organizational hierarchy in appointing people into positions- we will always be crying for nothing- All these problems we are facing are as a result of greed by one person- DR. Bakili Muluzi – is the one who has put us in this Position- Had Dr Bakili Muluzi made peace with his party at the time his second term was coming to an end we could be talking of other people as presidents not the Mutharika Family. May the current president recover quickly if indeed he is sick and finish up his term in office. If he is really sick- let his family and the Government take care of him while the Vice continue to sit in for him. God Bless Malawi- God is saying something

  23. Maunits says:

    We are eagerly waiting on Sunday to see fitness and robust health of our President.

    1. Big Lie Small Country says:

      Goliati movies (GollyWood) present
      Showing this Sunday 16 October at Kamuzu international Airport (KIA)
      Time : 13 hrs
      PRODUCED BY : Malison Ndau
      DIRECTOR : Mgeme Kalirani
      Also starring George Chaponda
      Don’t miss out the Action !!
      Find out if the father came alive or not !!!

  24. Donald Trump says:

    If he is incapacitated or dead, the VP takes over. Now will it be up to 2019 or 60 days for VP?
    The constitution says VP can finish term if the HE saved half his term. My calculations show that if we start counting from 20 may 2014, the half way is on 20 November 16. If we start counting from from sweating in date of 3june 14, half way will be 3 Dec 16.
    So if I was Saulos I would delay announcing the incapacity until these dates so that I stay up to 2019

    1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

      eeee koma ada inu ndikachenjede, changu pa malo1 adatero ozitsata fast

    2. Mndambala Boy says:

      Komadi eti?you have just nail on the head bro!!!!!!!

  25. Makwasa boy says:

    where are the Presidential Diaries on MBCTV which are repeated over and over again when the president goes abroad? Show us who the president is meeting, What Ndau should know is that ndi misonkho yathu imene akudya kumene aliko while we starving here, pano mukuti muzidulaso msonkho pa madzi omwe tikumwawa, anthu a DPP simungachite manyazi ……………….

    1. Let Ndau live in his folly state as all other ministers we have had in the past! Who cares to tell Malawians the truth?

  26. QueenB says:

    Why can’t the president say something himself? Can’t he speak?

  27. Just beam our president on MBC OR TVM as you used to do on those activiities he is doing in USA and the truth will be out shaming those who had been rumour mongering. Simple and straigh forward or QED

  28. Big Lie Small Country says:

    How many times has this political party got to be reminded that as tax payers we are entitled to knowing just exactly what the president is up to in USA and not to be lied to?

    Mr Maliseni still appears to blow the answer in the wind!

    1. ernest phiri says:

      Hon. minister, Rev. Malison Ndau. have you forgotten that you are a pastor? why do you compromise your faith in God with telling lies to the nation in order to buy favour from the President and dpp? You used to be a very strong christian, but now a very strong liar. it is true that “KUGWA MDZANJA LA YEHOVA NDI TSOKA” mwagwatu inu.

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