President Mutharika says Malawi losing millions through tax evasion

President Peter Mutharika has said Malawi is losing a lot of money through tax evasion and his government will put up mechanisms to halt such malpractice which he said is crippling the economy and development of the country.

President Peter Mutharika shakes hands with Inkosi Mabulabo after public rally at Luwelezi CDSS ground in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President Peter Mutharika shakes hands with Inkosi Mabulabo after public rally at Luwelezi CDSS ground in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President Peter Mutharika gives his statement at the rally at Luwelezi CDSS ground in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni

President Peter Mutharika gives his statement at the rally at Luwelezi CDSS ground in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni

Mzimba Luwelezi DPP cadets welcome President Peter Mutharika at Luwelezi CDSS ground`s public  Rally in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Mzimba Luwelezi DPP cadets welcome President Peter Mutharika at Luwelezi CDSS ground`s public Rally in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Madame First Lady, Dr. Gertrude Mutharika dances with DPP women at the rally in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Madame First Lady, Dr. Gertrude Mutharika dances with DPP women at the rally in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

The gathering at DPP rally at Luwelezi CDSS ground in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

The gathering at DPP rally at Luwelezi CDSS ground in Mzimba-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Mutharika made the remarks on Thursday at Luwerezi during a development rally in Traditional Authority Khosolo in the district.

He said government is aware of other foreign investors who evade to pay taxes to the country and also externalize forex,  a thing which is bad for the country’s economy.

The President said Malawi has the potential to do better economically if people and other investors in the country can abide to pay their taxes effectively.

“I am aware that some people evade tax and they also take forex outside the country which is very bad for our country’s development.

“Malawi would have been rich if people and other investors would honour their taxes. My government will make sure that this malpractice is dealt with accordingly.”

The President hinted on the importance to have a new law which will check against mineral exploitation in the country saying Malawi has a lot of Minerals but the country do not benefit.

He said in the next sitting of parliament he will make sure that such law is passed to ensure that the minerals are positively contributing to the economy and development of the country.

Speaking of Chikangawa Forest the President highlighted the depletion of Chikangawa forest which he said is in bad condition.

Mutharika said his government is aware that licenses were being dubiously awarded mostly to foreign nationals and has not benefited the local citizenry.

He said even Traditional Authority M’mbelwa do not have control over the forest, hence the need to put the forest under local control to ensure it is protected and benefit the  people.

On hunger, Mutharika assured people of Malawi saying his government is leaving no stone un-turned to make sure that no one dies of Hunger.

He said he his government has bought over 1 million tonnes of maize from outside and through Admarc to make sure the hunger situation is put at ease.

Apart from maize, Mutharika said the government has intensified irrigation farming as well as green-belt initiatives in Karonga, Salima, Nsanje among others to achieve food sufficiency.

On development the president said government is committed to uplift the lives of rural Malawians and that is why there has been construction of rural growth centres such as Nthalire, Jenda among others in the country.

He said about 95 percent of Malawians live in rural areas and that is why his government is bringing development to such areas, citing rural community colleges, and even good roads.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Information, Communication, Technology and Civic Education, Patricia Kaliati said the DPP-led government is committed to develop the northern region through a number of developments such as a new TTC in Rumphi, Stadium in Karonga, an airfield in Likoma among other notable developments in the region.

Kaliati further urged those who failed to be as Member of Parliament in 2014 not to bring confusion in the party but work with the President.

Traditional Authority Mabilabo thanked president Mutharika for considering to cheer up people of Luwerezi.

Inkosi Mabilabo asked the president to consider providing people of Luwerezi with a rural hospital to cut the distance of 97 kilometres that people travel to access medical attention in Mzimba Boma.

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29 thoughts on “President Mutharika says Malawi losing millions through tax evasion”

  1. thumbwe man says:

    If you read nyasa times mr president, hear this. Your minister of trade, Joseph Mwananveka is evading tax on top of bulldozing his way getting orders at Escom. Last friday his son supplied six seperate orders amounting to 5.0M mk each adding 16.5% vat without any vat receipt attached. All the six invoices were brought by the son and belong to Mwananveka. Mr president how can a minister entrusted to look after trade in the country be on front getting 6 orders at once when so many suppliers cant access business at one utility co.? Further to this how can he issue 6 invoices all vat inclusive but WITHOUT any MRA receipt? How did he get the 6 orders. This is total robbery. And this has just happened last week. DPP, a bunch of thieves led by a crooked head.

  2. Benjones says:

    Me. President do you know that our country is lost track totally. For your information pepo are suffering because of your stupidity. You are also answerable for all what you are complaining or are you just informing the poor pepo of your poor country of your bad behaviour. How is watching and will ask on time.

  3. Udzamkoleka says:

    Tax evasion started or is a legend way back as long as culprits are not caught they still keep on evading tax.Take for example briefcase companies do it this way,they craft a fake numbered WHT(With Holding Tax) certificate and when they find or seal a deal say supplying of stationery or services to Government,Government pays Gross without knowing that the Certificate is fake.They can only know if only I repeat if only they cross check with MRA if indeed the certificate is a valid one.It has been happening even in Government offices in all circles.Take a sample survey for government projects through some Government offices believe me you will find some.

  4. The Patriot says:

    We already know this….surprising that you have just known it Mr President! And here is what we know too…there are 7 rotten ministers who are hiding in cabinet and have been implicated in Cashgate…..these guys stole billions Mr President and all from our hard earned tax.
    Mr President sniff these thieves out otherwise forget our tax…tatopa kubetsa makobidi kwa anthu andale….mwatienjeza!!

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    You Mzimba Malawians,proud of holding high Mathanyula’s PORTRAITS? This is the President and his late thief brother Bingu who have sidelined and hate Northerners more than any living President.You have not learnt from Banda’s instances,that you want to create another WAMUYAYA MONSTER? why stooping so low in front of the very same tribalist who makes your lives hard to sustain.I have never seen such unintelligent welcome accorded to this failed narcissistic in any other areas of the country.So you are happy the way he runs our nation especially the HINYLAND? Sleepy morons!!!

  6. zambiachabe says:

    malawi would have been rich if government would incorporate positive criticism

  7. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mathanyula,when did you know about this shameful revelation? You are not even ashamed Mr.Honorary Phd.Afterall,what are the taxes for? To hire private jets for your own interests while our patients are dying in the hospitals for lack of medicines? Malawians,remember what his late brother did with government funds,building his own mausoleum and Ndata (small White House) while people had nothing to eat and economic activities stopped functioning hitherto.In other countries run by progressive leadership,Ndata could have been sold to defray the government’s loss or turn it into children’s hospital.Wakeup Malawians sleeping until when? We are just too good to call one another names: ATumbuka,Achewa,ALomwe,this will never help anybody but,Mathanula and his retrogressive elements. He wants to use the taxes to replenish his fat accounts in the USA.

  8. Eagle Eyed says:

    People are still going to be full and filled with hunger. Who doesnt know the games these idiots play?

    This 1,000,000 tonnes of maize will be given out in defferent ways

    1) 250,000 tonnes will end up missing
    2) 700,000 tonnes will be bought by cronies and homies only to be bought ,sold and recycled 10 times at admarc
    3) Last but not least the mere remainning 50,000 tonnes will rot but still be bought , sold and recycled a 100 times at admarc.

    The country bares the loan for home boys and cronies to enjoy so that after they have recycled it ten times at admarc 1000 bags can be donated without even pinching the pocket. Well done you are doing a fantastic job a round of a applause please.

    As for tax evasion lets not even go there indirect jabs at people will only cause the rug to be pulled from right under your feet. The eye is sharper then a pin.

  9. concerned citizen says:

    Malawi losing billions through corrupt ministers Mr President. I rest my case

    1. And they want to introduce land bill in order to milk more from Malawians so that they can continue thieving shamelessly

  10. Ntchona says:

    Mr President, you really take Malawians for granted. Clean your house against ministers who are filthy rich and can’t explain how they have amassed their riches. Only then will your call for evaders of tax being taken to task,be taken serious. Otherwise it cheap talk from ivory towers.

  11. Central says:

    So you want them to people to pat tax for the 7 rotten Ministers to steal again and be shielded by your office!!

    To all concerned and good thinking Malawians, please don’t listen to this nonsnse! Pay up until this nonsense stops!! In case you don’t know, the president is fighting for his most loved 7 Ministers to get the more money (our tax) and be shielded by the presidency again!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  12. Zobue says:

    Stadium in Karonga? Wrong priorities DPP! Build university or a technical college, or another referral hospital. Education is what we need the most. After all it’s better educated youths that can play good football.

    1. Dreaming big but wrong dreams! Playful government will prioritize stadiums while people have no medical supplies and food in our hospitals!

  13. Zobue says:

    Amene asakupelekawo akuchita bho! In fact I am starting a pressure group to mobilise companies and individuals to stop paying taxes until the 7 cashgate ministers have been arrested. This is no time to smile at corruption in the face.

  14. Mika Kumbire says:

    It is true that with the way our Government manages the taxes; there is no moral obligation whatsoever for the citizens to pay tax. Taxes originated during the time tenancy where taxes were paid in exchange for the landlord’s provision of constant supply of food, Healthy services, housing, security and clothing.
    In our case where the Govt is failing to provide good roads, Healthy services, no water supply, no electricity, and even civil servants don’t provide the required services, security is crambling, WHY SHOULD ANYONE SPENT THEIR HARD EARNED INCOME ON TAXES??

  15. Chimunthu says:

    Why pay tax just to enrich politicians? Sort out the cashgate first and then perhaps people will begin to trust the government to manage the country’s finances honestly.

  16. Nganga says:

    Kikikikikikikiki. This President is a Cheat.Tax Evasion Vs Cashgate! He is complaining that there aren’t enough money to cashgate!!

    1. Second says:

      kkkkkkkkkkk i second

  17. Mbava Yaikulu says:

    Bwana President do not forget amwenye who are externalizing our Forex. You should also amend relevant Acts of Banking and Trading that all Amwenyes should open bank account and they should issue MRA generated receipts on each sell they make. Dzuka Malawi Dzuka!

  18. nseru says:

    Don’t you think its because people are stealing our taxes that’s why people do not see the need to pay tax?. When you guys are stealing people’s money through awarding of huge and obscenely priced contracts to yourselves and your cronies why should people pay tax?. Why should people pay tax when you Peter cant deal with thieving ministers and party sycophants?. You know the reason why people are evading taxes and if you were intelligent and wise you would deal with these problems first. Ndiye paja ndinu amatha ngati khungubwe ah basi let it be. Until such a time you grow balls then we can talk about dealing with the problem of tax evasion.

  19. Mulophwana Mulupale says:

    He, himself does not pay tax. so what the heck is he talking about?. Why should the president of Malawi not pay tax when a poor old woman in Hehe or Thekerani pay tax?. These are issues that you need to address. Koma paja inu simutha kupaja ziganizo. momo basi nanga kutani.

  20. Wokonda Malawi says:

    amen Cashgate 1. I totally agree with you.

  21. chinadoll says:

    Its the same asians that you guys are giving contracts to that are evading tax.

  22. Cashgate1 says:

    Tax evasion is small compared to ?? Billions through ministerial cash gate! Therefore if you are serious deal with the whole issue not just one or just shut up and stop the noise

    1. Tikondane says:

      You have already written great sense. Basi sindilembanso. Nkhani ndiimeneyi.

      1. kkilembe says:

        Externalising forex is not a new thing. Just tell us how much your ministers have externalised forex using stolen money. I dont even blame those who evade to pay tax. Pay tax for what? Tax evaders are right there around you, start with Noel.
        Get rid of the corruptuion. By the way who is issuing the FAKE licenses to deplete Chikangawa? I have never seen a clueless president like this one. You think it is Chakwera depleting the forex?

  23. smart says:


    1. DPP Supporter # 1 says:

      Just tell us the names of the tax evaders and we will deal with them like what we have done with Chaponda here in Mulanje. If you can’t give us the names you should as well shout up. I am giving you 24 hours ultimatum ngati yomwe udamupatsa Big Kamlepo the Malawi President.

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