President Mutharika shielding Makondi  on corruption: Escom’s MK4 bn fraud is the latest

The Malawi Liberation Movement, an underground political pressure group whose leaders have asked not to be disclosed now, has accused President Peter Muthatrika of harbouring corrupt persons in  ruling Democrtaic Progressive Party( DPP) top brass.

Makondi:  Said to be shielded by ACB boss Lucas Kondowe

Makondi: Said to be shielded by ACB boss Lucas Kondowe

The Movement told Nyasa Times that DPP national organising secretary Richard Makondi was shielded from arrest over this  suspected roles in Cashgate—the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill exposed in September 2013 alongside businessperson Mohammad Kassam .

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) developed cold feet to arrest Makondi despite an arrest warrant being issed by e Blantyre Magistrate’s Court, in a Criminal Case file number 351 of 2016.

ACB investigated Kossam, Makondi—a former Toyota Malawi national sales manager—alongside former MDF Commander General Henry Odillo (retired), Lieutenant General Clement Kafuwa (retired) and former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo on their involvement in a deal where MDF bought about 35 vehicles from Toyota Malawi worth K895 million which the bureau claims were overvalued and did not have specifications agreed in the contract.

And now Makondi has  become a serior corruption offender . He has since been named as one of the people  who exerted pressure on the Electricity and Supply Commission of Malawi (Escom)’s former Director of Finance Betty Mahuka for her to authorize MK4 billion payment towards fraudulent procurement.

According to Malawi News, Mahuka prior to her resignation, received calls from Escom’s board and Makondi ordering her to pay.

But Mahuka refused the order and instead tendered her resignation which prompted Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to authorize the investigation on September 28, this year.

Ironically, last month, Escom blocked the bureau’s officer from conducting an investigation into the procurement in question.

Without shame to the blockage, Escom defended its act arguing that ACB’s officer assigned for the task had no mandate and incompetency to carry on the investigations.

Sources at the utility provider disclosed that when Mahuka received the requisition to process the payment for the procurements, she noticed that there was not authorized on Escom’s Procurement Plan.

The source added that the former utility body’s finance director after realizing that its Internal Procurement Committee did not meet to discuss or review the procurement in question coupled with irregularities that Acting Procurement Director unilaterally sanctioned such transactions, Mahuka refused to effect the payment.

“The next thing, Mrs. Mahuka received a phone call from Board Chairperson of Escom, Mrs. Jean Mathanga and several calls from ruling DPP’s National Organizing Secretary, Richard Makondi ordering her to pay. But she refused and instead tendered her resignation.

“Unfortunately, Escom has a legacy of corrupt business tendencies and that senior managers at the institution are working in a difficult environment due to political pressure. Escom’s management and board need a clean-up and that the public shouldn’t trust anything coming from them”, said the source as quoted in the local press.

Both Mathanga and Makondi have denied of any wrong doing in the fraud while urging the corruption bursting body to probe more on the matter than smearing their images with mad for nothing.

But Mahuka is quoted as saying her resignation at the Escom on personal grounds while denying that the quitting was due to government officials’ pressure.

Nonethelses the Liberation Movement argues that Makondi is corrupt and should be probed.

The Movement accused the President himself, of only simulating to be corruption-free, noting that the country’s leader should make himself available in parliament for question and answer, if indeed he was very sure of not harbouring corrupt people as Makondi and  seven ministers.

“It is our assertion that the financial contributions of these corrupt barons  account for why President Mutharika continues to harbour them,” the Movement says.

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6 thoughts on “President Mutharika shielding Makondi  on corruption: Escom’s MK4 bn fraud is the latest”

  1. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Here is an organization that can hardly provide as little as 50% of electricity demanded but is at the centre of a myriad corrupt activities. Here is an organization that is quick to provide its resources meant for generating electricity to politicians for political favours. Wherever the president is, it is very strange not to find an Escom vehicle ferrying DPP diehards instead of channeling its resources to improving electricity. Here is an organization, together with Macra that have abdicated their noble responsibilities and have become financiers of DPP.
    Malawians do understand we have a problem electricity generation and therefore the load shedding should be effected fairly. How do you explain some areas having 28 hours of blackout? Are we really serious? From Friday to Saturday we had over 26 hours of blackout. Then we had electricity for about 8 hours then blackout from around 5.30 am to Monday around the same time. Another 24 hours of blackout. Do we as a country expect to progress this way?
    What happened to the load shedding schedules published in our dailies? We demand them back to keep check of any departures from the planned load shedding. For any departure from the programme, residents of the affected area should march to Escom for convincing reasons why in their wisdom they felt the people of the affected area didn’t need electricity at that time.

  2. wakwiya says:

    ESCOM I hate these ESCOM gurus. The men and women working at ESCOM have created mafia organisation to steal from Malawians. Their end will be when a man who is in love of Malawi take over Màlawi. And want to work for Malawi and Malawians. These people are like murders. The first time a person commit murder he is afraid, second time he is not afraid of killing but being caught. Then it becomes like everyday thing and enjoyment. Exact the same with these people. But in Malawi with stupid politics which allow false and thieves to move from one party to another party gives them a chance to continue stealing and running from justice. Because Malawi politics is build on who is in government is protected from conviction. How can CORRUPTION end? It is the same people who has been there since Independence tid. They have just changed party after party. There is no limit of age. Dirty Africa and Africans. That’s why Trump says he will report Africans. Because they have failled to run their nations. IT IS TRUE. Truth hurts.

  3. Zisiyeni says:

    So where is the presidential shield in this story. inu nomwe mumati wafa, but he is alive. Kenaka mwati nkono koma uli bwino bwino. Ndi chani mukufuna sopana?

  4. OMEX70 says:

    Every time I see this name Jean Mathanga, I know that there is corrupt act involved. This evil lady will curse the day she was born when this corrupt government is out of power because she will be probed, prosecuted and jailed for corruption. She seems to be too corrupt.

  5. Chikadza Kuwani part 2 says:

    I worked with him for many years. Makondi was also corrupt at Toyota in many ways. Most cars were sold to institutions overvalued and he shared the difference with the procurers agent and his management at Toyota – Mary Mkandwire, with whom he is said to be related. He’s since bought himself massive land on Chikwawa road and many other places and he guises his accumulation worth by involvement in farming. He has buses, companies, daughter studying in Australia and globe trots the world, the national organizer he is of DPP. He is untouchable. Am calling everyone who values our country to considers a citizens arrest on sight of this man pictured, if he resists use reasonable force.

  6. Chikadza Kuwani says:

    I’m beginning to get worried about Jean Mathanga’s increasing corrupt tendencies. Will someone close to her please tell her to slow down? The DPP Government will not be there forever and her 40th day will surely come.

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