Press Corp ‘war’: National Bank, TNM collide on mobile charges in Malawi

In a more like case of children of the same father fighting to get recognition, telecommunication giant TNM has withdrawn from National Bank of Malawi (NBM) mobile phone platform after disagreements on charges. Both companies are subsidiaries of conglomerate Press Corporation Limited (PCL).


Mijiga: TNM  no longer on NBM platform


Nsapato: No immediate comment

NBM has been flighting radio adverts that starting at noon Tuesday, June 9, 2015, its mobile phone transaction platform Mo626 will only be on Airtel for free and not TNM.

Insiders said the bone of contention is the charges that TNM wanted NBM to be charging its customers of up to K30 per session. Initially, customers were paying nothing to access the facility.

“I think TNM are being greedy, they cannot just wake up and start charging people K30 per session,” said an NBM official who did not want to be named.

NBM Head of Strategy, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Wilkins Mijiga confirmed that TNM is no longer on their platform as of noon on June 9, 2015 but declined to give more details.

“Please note that Mo626 will not be available on TNM from 12 noon of today, 9th June 2015. The service is still available on Airtel for free,” said Mijiga.

TNM Public Relations and Sponsorship Manager Limbani Nsapato could not be reached for comment.

Both companies belong to PCL and of late NBM has been contributing billions of kwachas to its shareholders than TNM.

PCL officials were also not available for comment.

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27 thoughts on “Press Corp ‘war’: National Bank, TNM collide on mobile charges in Malawi”

  1. justice chilungamo says:

    National Bank as a company has every right to terminate deals or not get into any if the same has potential for compromising their business

  2. Black and white says:

    I am a customer of a bank which is still using 18th century technology so have no idea on what this debate is all about kkkkk

  3. bad says:

    what is MO626? Never heard of it, never used it and I am not interested in ever using it.

  4. SAPITWA says:


  5. makwinjaishmael says:

    We are leaving in a world of business.With all this taxes/tariffs, let tnm be charging what it feel to necessary to be charged or else, Inunso a NBM mudziwatchaja a TNM ngat amagwilitsa ntchito ma service anu kapena mungowaletsa asamabanke kwanuko!, oh look at me,how am i thinking!.

  6. mphini za mutchafu says:

    National bank is careless and thoughtless for taking a private business deal to the public anakangokambirana with Tnm rathrr than making tnm as if they worse sinners thanks tnm for not vommenting to national bank and their mijiga’s trivia

  7. BigMan says:

    National bank shouldn’t dictate prices as if TNM dictates to them the interest that it pays when using its services. Both should just negotiate in good faith instead of going to the media with stories that aren’t worthy of the attention.

  8. citizen okwiya says:

    @ Ngwazi : maso a Mijiga ali ndi vuto kwambiri so that his glasses are so adapted. Mwina munene frame koma. LOL

  9. Tembusha says:

    Chikaonda should just resign now!

  10. Thomas Taimu says:

    This is total bullshit from TNM if what we are being told is the truth. What is the cost of an sms for them to demand K30? Why not charge just the cost of sms is they are too hungry for money but again that would be another bullshit. They are felling down trees and contributing to deforestation and environmental degradation just to print recharge vouchers. Why are they not charging a fee there and want instead to punish people who think green by transacting electronically. Does TNM has management that went to school?

  11. mulopwana says:

    amayi ine dziko lanji ili………..mulungu munaloreranji kuti ndibadwire dzikoli.This is all bcoz of the current Government by introducing tax on sms and data ,who do we think should be paying that tax? Parliament should not approve this Budget.

  12. mwana mulopwana says:

    That’s how big companies collapse because of poor decision making amongst the management, TNM could have benefited a lot even for using MO626 free, they gain a lot, TNM management does not understand the take and give type of scenario, you don’t gain and you don’t loose but now you will make a lot of customers to go to TNM just to get access to this M0626,
    That is my understanding, TNM needs to bring team which is creative and able to make decision based on strategy, I rest my case

  13. mphini za mutchafu says:

    I also ask airtel yo dump this bank akufuna zaulele atapanga ma billion in profits bank yausiru

  14. mphini za mutchafu says:

    If it is business on both sides then TNM has a point why should they provide a service at no cost? In this case it is sir mijiga’s bank which is greedy. These guys ve just made profits in billions and they want a free service from tnm nosense careless and thoughtless bank indeed

  15. Keyboard says:

    Kumamva zinthuzi. TNM gets something from its airtime when a customer wants to access the NB database. In this case they wanted customers to be charged K30 per session ontop of what the customer is deducted from his airtime.
    I think they can reach an agreement. Mayube K5 per session would make sense, not K30. TNM lack negotiating skills. It is as if they were instructing NB what to do.

  16. ZZ Junior says:

    Bravo NMB these telephone companies are too greedy.

  17. ungwelu says:

    Mr. Chikaonda should have intervened. Many people may be inconvenienced in the process as a result of such greedy decisions.

    That is why I shun some of these products.

  18. MATTHEWS says:

    there is no such thing as free lunch come on TNM we are beside uuuu let those peasants go to hell

  19. BigMan says:

    So National Bank with its billions wants TNM to offer its services to them for free? WHY?

  20. Wa Ku Malawi says:

    Nanga bwanji ine wa 08 MO626 ikutheka?

    However, we need to know this;
    1. MO626 equipment belongs to National Bank
    2. The equipment uses TNM & Airtel Network to function.
    3. NBM gives the service to it’s customers for free, does not pay any fees to Airtel/TNM
    4. If NBM wants to continue with MO626 then let it build it’s own towers and all transmission equipment.
    5. If that happens then we will believe that TNM is a greedy company

  21. Bhingu Mashaba says:

    Zabozaa izi, ine ndagula K200 to tnm number pompano apa at 1:47pm

  22. Naphiri wa A Phiti says:

    Number 1 comments herein are about Tnm and nbm and not an individual lets leArn to respect others and differentiate personal issues with work if you engage Mijiga you will understand as to why his glasses coming all the way from Germany are like that

  23. Humphrey Jalani says:

    both are in business, why should the other party enjoy free service? apite, ife tidalira mpamba

  24. Issa says:

    organised rubbish.

  25. shaaaa! says:

    ngakhale anchito aku TNM ndiosusuka akaona ndalama ya munthu wina.pali thakati uyu saiti,wasala pang’ono kukumana ndi kiyama

  26. muthu muonege says:

    Whats going on guys why so greedy?

  27. Mijiga iyayi takagula ma glass ena amwene.. magalasi khangati olandilisa ku queens a anthu osauka aja

Comments are closed.

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