Prison quarantines expired margarine: Unliver Malawi regrets

Malawi Prison services have quarantined the expired margarine which Unilever Malawi donated to inmates as Christmas gifts, saying this could be a health hazard.

Unilver Malawi boss Chikondi Ng'ombe (left) says product will be recycled into soap

Unilver Malawi boss Chikondi Ng’ombe (left) says product will be recycled into soap

Unilever offices

Unilever offices

Unilever country manager Chikondi Ng’ombe confirmed the incident, saying the company had followed up with prison officials and that the expired product “has been quarantined”.

Ng’ombe said the expired margarine will be used “for soap making” at the prison’s soap factory in Makande.

“We will continue to work with prison authorities who have assured us that no one has been put at risk, to ensure the margarine is used for the purpose it was donated,” said Ng’ombe.

Ng’ombe said the margarine was not meant for consumption but solely for soap making.

She stated that Unliver’s commitment “remains firmly rooted” in protecting their consumers and “providing quality products.”

Ng’ombe said her company’s representative met officials of Consumer Association of Malawi to address concerns of the expired margarine which was donated to prison.

She said any anxiety the expired margarine donation may have caused “is sincerely regretted.”

Recently there was an article on BBC titled: “Is it fair to punish prisoners with horrible food?”

David Fathi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union National Prison Project believes people should never be deprived of food as a punishment because food is a basic human necessity.

“Some things are clear – prisoners have to be given a diet that is nutritionally adequate – but it can’t be so disgusting that no reasonable person would eat it, lose weight and have health problems,” said Fathi.


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26 thoughts on “Prison quarantines expired margarine: Unliver Malawi regrets”

  1. Kamuzu Mbewe says:

    msiyeni mwana abale. wangophophonya kamodzi kokha

  2. Johny says:

    This Chikondi lady used to be such a snob and disrespectful while at polytechnic. SHE KNOWS WHAT I MEAN!!!! She (and other KA alumni) used to look down upon anyone else that had not gone to Kamuzu Academy! If you hadn’t gone to KA you were a second class citizen to her not worthy of being treated with respect! I’m not surprised she would do this to Malawi Prisoners. #ATTITUDE PROBLEM!

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Elitism yacheyo ikuonekanso pompopompo pa chithunzipa. KA yachani! Ya rubbish!

  3. Mdyomba says:

    Mwana ali mushe uyu kungoti nkhaniyi ndiyo isali ya bho. Ndiye tingomukhululukira sadzambiraso. Adzipanga zinthu zabwino zofanana ndi maonekedwe ake kuyambira lero.

  4. Sapitwa says:

    I like the issue of prisoners right for food. Nutritious food and right to eat three times a day with zotolatola mbalimu. Whilst gays and lesbians have sexual rights, it appears their rights outweigh those for prisoners for food. Prisoners do not even have rights to have sex with their spouses on visits. Little is done to fight for these rights as they are deemed part of the punishment to an extent of even supplying expired food.
    A prison rights group needs to be formed urgently to fight for the rights of these unfairly treated people.

  5. Ma says:

    Aaaah this girl continues to lie. If this expired product was for soap making answer me these Qs Chikondi:
    1- Why was it nit donated at the factory directly in makande and not at Zomba prison?

    2- Between Unilever and Prison who should manufacture soap better?

    3 – You you felt prisoners need soap? Why didn’t you donate soap to them as you have alot of soap you guys?

    4- So was this Christmas gift or ????

    You are just showing your stupidity even more Miss Chikondi wangoyera koma nzeru ulibirethu sure. Paja inu achina Ng’ombe misala ndiyanu eti?

  6. Nyamakumutu says:

    I want to respond to Redeem that zangokuvutani achimwene why talking about the dress code coz Amai anthu avala bwino apo. Ife eni ake timasangalala nazo zimenezo. Salitu pamalonda koma kuvala kwenikweni.

  7. kk says:

    Guyz tawonani mwendo wa chikondi mwamunawake amadya bwino

  8. tan'gatan'ga says:

    CAMA deals with consumables/services paid for margarine was not paid for.

  9. madiru mhango says:

    I think the lady is well dressed. It is the camera man who focused on her rather improperly. You will not all others are blurred but her.

  10. Concerned says:

    Would this same Unilever have dared to donate expired product to a prison in a developed country? How dare they even do it. God forbid one day they will land in the same prison and eat the rotten margarine. Their official who says it was donated for soap making must have himself mentally examined. Since when have the prison started manufacturing soap. After all this the last thing we need is to be treated as fools.

  11. ophiri says:

    living things are quarantined (humans/animals). was this margarine so badly expired that it’s now alive?

  12. Kapolo wa Mulungu says:

    very pathetic. Unilever is a big and reputable company which could prevented this not to happen. kungoti chifukwa ndi ku prison ndiye mupereke za expire. kkkkkk muli ndi chibwana.

  13. redeemed says:

    So in Malawi just like in the JHB streets, one can hardly recognize a noble or a corporate woman from a prostitute due to their similar dressing code.? If today Kamuzu was to resurrect, he would definitely opt to return into his grave. Yet we wonder why it’s hard for a modern woman to get a descent man with genuine love to propose marriage. Most women resort to settling for mistress position when their time to attract a marriage prospective man is depleted.
    Bite my head off or you want, but the truth needs to be told, even the most pervasive guru on planet earth, desire a descent wife. And your dressing code, speaks in volumes of your true character.

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Jelasi inu, a redeemed, baasi.
      Ms. Ng’ombe is dressed smart and respectably.

  14. ANTI-GAY says:

    CAMA should tell us what they discussed. I thought CAMA is there to deal with such matters and not just ask for apology. Unilever is supposed to be punished by authorities. This was done willingly by Unilever and they are just twisting issues because it came out. The government, human rights organisations, american ambassador, british ambassador, Gift Trapence, Undule Mwakasungula, should be disturbed when they hear such issues and come out to condemn it but nay akufuna mathanyula basi

  15. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Did you disclose the soap making idea in the first place? If not, you need to be disciplined!!

  16. Zachison says:


  17. Safari Wakumudzi says:

    You mean the whole of prison authorities weren’t aware of this earlier on?

  18. Tengupenya says:

    Why was the margarine donated to a Prison and not to the Makonde soap factory which makes soap for prisoners? The process was not well thought. Prisons lack adequate food commodities. The wardens may have been tempted to beef up food stocks for the prisoners, notwithstanding the expiry date having been past. It is commonly believed that commercial products are good past the published expiry date as some allowance is made for errors of using the “expired” commodity before it is destroyed.

  19. Mdyomba says:

    At least the legs of the young lady are attractive than her actions.

  20. ophiri says:

    this issue is just getting stupider and stupider. does unilever have a public relations office or not? zikufunika munthu wina kuti apange ma explainations because this lady is making a hash of it.

    just tell us in simple language. if the intended purpouse was for soap making, then why is there a problem now? somebody in this transaction gave those prisoners the margarine directly. i don’t want to hear about this again until you tell us who that person is.

  21. chilungamo says:

    Come on. There is a right to complain, but avoid excesses. Margarine that has expired by a couple of days is not really that bad, anyway. Unilever was too honest…some companies like Tutlas remove expiry date and replace new ones, and God knows worse foods and drink that “normal” people outside prison live on. Give Ng’ombe a break.

  22. advisory committee says:

    We need a statement from CAMA on this matter

  23. Alfred Chimenya says:

    Simunayambe mwa mangidwa and see how prisons life is God forgive prisoners give them hope

    1. Angel of Doom says:

      You believe kumangidwa is something to be proud of?

      The prisons have a soap factory, so Ng’ombe was right that the margarine was given for soap making, but Malawians as usual blaming here for a stupid excuse which turns out to be not stupid after all.

      She has said the same thing again the margarine will be used for making soap at the prisons own factory at Makande.

      You can’t put an honest person down, its your stupid prison officials who wanted to substitute the margarine and make it part of their stock so they can pocket the money.

      Malawians will always “wombela mfiti m’manja” because you think everyone is as corrupt as you.

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