‘Pro-DPP’ activists muzzle PAC ahead of conference, blame Malawi donors

Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue (CSP–CD), which brings together over 30 civil society organisations (CSOs) and activists  “deemed pro-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government” as reported by Daily Times newspaper,  have  started  using gagging tactics against the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) ahead of  the 5th All-inclusive Stakeholders’ Conference  set for Wednesday to Thursday this week at Sunbird Mount Soche in Blantyre.

Cross section of delegates at the previous  PAC conference

Cross section of delegates at the previous PAC conference

The Daily Times reported  that the group has gone on to attack the donor community for contributing towards the political and economic mess Malawi is going through.

In public statement titled “Call for sober and constructive approach in discussions, debate and advocacy around Malawi’s economic, political and food security challenges” which was made available to the media, the pro-DPP government grouping urged PAC to show responsibility and leadership as they exercise their rightful mandate at

Chairperson for the CSP-CD and Deputy Country Director for Centre for Children Affairs, Olive Nakoma, told a news conference held on Monday at Hotel Victoria said PAC  should put a stone wall to  any “divisive elements”  at the indaba.

“We pray that PAC will not allow partisan and narrow interests to hijack the process or indeed allow any divisive elements to overshadow the noble pursuit for solutions to our common challenges. It is time to build Mother Malawi as together we are all members of one family. It is time to give dialogue a chance,” reads part of the statement.

Some group members who attended the news  briefing included Maxwell Matewere of Eye of the Child, Billy Banda of Malawi Watch, Roselyn Mankhwala of Women in Partnership against HIV and Aids in Malawi (Wipam), National Elections Systems Trust (Nest) executive director Unandi Banda, Faustace Chirwa of National Women’s Lobby Group and labour activist Luther Mambala.

Matewere, urged the donor community to stop subjecting Malawians to torture by giving new benchmarks for their resumption of budgetary support to Malawi.

“In the first place the donors said government should deal with the roots of Cashgate and prosecute perpetrators. We are of the view that government has done better considering the number of suspects that have been convicted and the money and properties that have been recovered,” said Matewere.

He said the donors are now taking a different position forcing government to pass the Access to Information Bill if they are to resume their financial support towards Malawi.

On that note, Matewere urged Pac, to take a leading role in influencing the donors to resume their financial support to Malawi.

PAC chairman Father Peter Mulomole said the religious pressure group has remained  “ morally credible” since establishment in 1992.

United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) is funding the forthcoming conference, according to Mulomole.

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27 thoughts on “‘Pro-DPP’ activists muzzle PAC ahead of conference, blame Malawi donors”

  1. tain kutala says:

    Its just a matter of time. A hungry man is an angry man. Shortly this leadership will collapse.

  2. Ndiwe Nyani says:

    Koma ndiye zathina ee. Siposachedwa apa omwewa amati akhoza kuyendetsa boma wopanda ma dona. Nkhana ya cashgate anayiyambisa ndi a PP. A DPP anangopitiriza. Aliyense akudziwa kuti cashgate inayambira ku DPP. Ma dona omwewa anapereka ndarama kuti a DPP ayambe kufufuza ka 577 kaja Nde DPP sakupanga zimene akufuna ma dona. Nde ma dona sakuwakhulupirira a DPP kuti angasamale ndarama pano chifukwa amene anali much DPP kalero ndamene a limo lera panoramic. It’s either you investigate all past thefts or you quit, or you will never get donors back. All of you from the president down to smallest man in government are tainted with theft, graft, etc.

  3. Gogo Ntela says:

    These were CSO leaders way back. Billy Banda, Maxwell Matewere, Unandi Banda, Mambala, Fauctance, you have let Malawians down due to love for money. This is a govt that must go now now and you want to defend it kuti amalawi shud perish

  4. billy,is dis how stupid u r??

  5. Eugene says:

    Nyani ndi Nyani basi Mxiiii

  6. Man of God says:

    There is no PAC today. PAC inali kale. Muone zomwe akanene. Azibusa ongokonda ndalama basi, amalawi anzao alibe nawo ntchito.

  7. Lets take our country back says:

    Anybody ready to revolt, please let me know, I have the resources and I’m well connected I just need some structures on the ground so we can network. It should be pretty easy to do it.

  8. daudi says:

    pac go on

  9. Mulupale says:

    All these so called pro dpp csos are on their death bed alibe kalikose akungofuna awagayireko ndalama za cashgate kapena timaudindo…amatewere , amankhwala a unandi, a Billy banda, …osayiwala mayi fostance can you tell the public if at all your NGOs have any funding…if not why did the donors run away from you? I guess the answer is very clear…kuba too much…you are really a disgrace to the cso community

  10. Fabby says:


  11. Kodi a Billy Banda a Malawi Watch ali mdziko mommuno? Koma ndiye ayiwalika, kapena naonso adatsekedwa pakamwa?

  12. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    There’s totally nothing wrong with PAC holding an all inclusive conference. The ideologies of PAC are to provide checks and balances to the “Status Quo” on behalf of the general public. This is not the first time for them to hold such a conference. The current social economic problems the country is going through can not go without credible organizations such as PAC without doing anything. It is only selfish and greedy organizations such as yours with corrupt minds such as the Mateweres, the Unandis, the Billy Banda’s that can stoop so low and accuse a religious organizations like PAC whose motive is to make Malawi a better place to leave. It is high time that you people stopped saving your own interests instead of saving Malawians who are voters. If you have been palm-oiled then to hell with your dirty money. God’s wrath will wipe you all with your corrupt minds. PAC go, gooooo! Long live PAC, Long live democracy. VIVA Father Mulomole, VIVA Bha Phiri! We are behind you. May God give you wisdom and many more during the two day all inclusive conference.

  13. Apao Kugola says:

    What kind of Civil Society takes sides with a failing government at the expense of the suffering masses in the country? Are these Government CSOs or Civilian Societies established to safeguard the interest of the masses as a watchdog against government malpractices? Our CSOs have stooped too low to be recognised by that noble acolade.

    Cry Beloved Country.

  14. Dr Kamoto, says:

    A Billy Banda kani ndinu a chitsiru chonchi

  15. jay says:

    Stupid Matewre with your IBU

  16. jay says:

    stupid Matewere

  17. Maliseni says:


  18. vetran says:

    mind you information bill have got advantages and disadvantage

  19. Crocodile eater says:

    Ms Mambala, Matewere, B. Banda, etc, the donors are withholding their own peoples taxes! How could you force them to release their aid money in a tin which has holes? They have eyes, ears and representatives in Malawi, who always follow what our leaders do and say. To say the truth, Malawians are sufferi-ng not because the donors are withholdi-ng budgetary support money, but because all our political leaders are crooks. Can you imagine the way gvt has raised the driving licence, frm K15,000.00 to K85,000.00, passport frm K8,000.00 to K48, 000.00 with few pages. All the money collected frm Road Traffic Directorate, MRA and Immigration are collected by the Office of the President this is why MOVESA has put the RTD Centre in RSA, so that those people in RSA reports to Peter Muthalika everyday, what RTD has collected. The Ministers are all stealing, its why the people of Mberwa was accusing and chased the kings advisors of stealing K2.8m whch was released by Treasury, which Nankhumwa brought in Mzimba, thereby relieving the DC’s officers. The question is, how come the money has come with a cabinet minister? And also the payment for fixing the X Ray machines at KCH which G. Gondwe says treasury has released already, go and ask Dr P. Kumpalume which the later is refusing. It seems the president has taken of the work of Treasury, by sharing the funds to gvt departments there by absconding his normal duties of over seing. Shame to my Malawi

  20. Zopusa says:

    Lero zabvuta and you are calling Malawians for unity of purpose koma kukakhala kugawa maudindo others don’t matter. Stupid Zanu all of you

  21. Chief Sobilika of Nathenje says:

    Now I remember that Dr Hetherwick Ntaba was right to decribes some Malawians as abongololo. Since 1992 where were these bongololoz called CSP-CD. Of course, western Donors, whom I comfortably call sons and daughters of thieves and war mongers, akuwonjeza but the DPP government has a role to play. I do not understand how could a sober and able government could allow its ministers, chief executive officers and parastatals board members to purchase expensive cars when the national economy is in shambles. It is also true that the core problem is the people working in the government. They are so corrupt to extent that my dog asked me whether Malawians will survive with this type of corruption.

  22. wa noma says:

    kkkkk so DPP is afraid of PAC meeting? i can feel it.we will be behind PAC resolutions am not for pro- DPP activist .

  23. 2016 welcome says:

    It may sound too xenocentric or quiting but truth be told Malawians are too dull to manage our own affairs either intentionally or otherwise. Without donors that’s what happens. Leave it or take it!

  24. Jilijo says:

    Time for the ultimatum that will surely come to pass in God’s name!

  25. Omex70 says:

    It is obvious that these CSOs are sponsored by DPP.

  26. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Akufungatitsani inu agalu a CSOs. PAC right to hold this conference. Ngati Boma likufuna kupanga hijack pangani monga m’mene zinachitika pa dzana paja pamene munapanganso zopusazo ndipo malo ndi ambiri okapangira. Kaya muzawathira machaka zioneka. PAC sibungwe loti mungaliseweletse mwamva inu a ma CSOs? Akawalala inu!!!!!

  27. Naphiri says:

    Is that accepting that we can’t do without donors? Which is which u pple.

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