Probe HTD Limited on cashgate affair without fear or favour -Mutharika

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has instructed Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Financial Intelligence Unit and tax collecting body MRA to thoroughly investigate HTD Limited on leads that they have been enjoying the favours of the government pay-out thought to have been made against dubious transactions – cashgate – where they were involve in illegal externalization of forex and money laundering, Nyasa Times understands.

HTD boss (right) with President Mutharika at the launch of Abdul Majid Motor City

HTD boss (right) with President Mutharika at the launch of Abdul Majid Motor City

Reports indicate HTD Limited were implicated with some cashgate cheques and that they externalised forex to UK where the company managers have the British citizenship.

The President has told the law enforcement agencies to do their job professionally and that he has nothing to do with the company.

“I have nothing to do with HTD. If they are found to be in the wrong, let the law take its course,” the President is said to have told investigators.

HTD Limited is alleged to have received payments from Malawi Defence Force without supplying items.

On 20th August 2013, HTD received two payments from MDF vote amounting to K 331,975,000 and K 300,000,000 through cheque numbers 210600 and 210601, respectively.

Closer examination of the cheques reveals that the two cheques were issued same day and on consecutive cheque leaves. This is one characteristic of cash gate cheques and an audit query.

HTD registered owners are: Anawar Mahomed Sidik and Abudul Haris Mahomed Sidik, both British Passport holders.

They hold bank accounts at 5 different commercial banks. Two of the Banks are frequently ususpected of being used for forex externalization mostly to Iveco Company (RSA) Vehicle delivery Services (RSA) KIA Motors Corporation (South Korea) Red Sea Trading (Hong Kong), Guava International (UK), Reinder (Hong Kong) and Mobis Parts Middle East.

British Prime Minister David Cameron promises to act against corrupt foreigners who buy up luxury properties in the UK using secretive holding companies to hide their “dirty money”.

Cameron vows that UK must not become a safe haven for plundered or laundered cash.

Investigations have revealed that only Iveco, Guava and KIA are the suppliers of the vehicles. Vehicle Delivery Services, a division of Onelogix (Pty) Ltd is a major operator in auto-logistics throughout the Southern African region. These could be in no doubt the likely transporters of the vehicles from South Africa to Malawi.

However, documents we have seen show that invoices from KIA and Guava International are CIF inclusive to Blantyre. This means there was no need to externalize funds to different transport players as vehicle freight is already included in the supplier invoice.

In some cases, payments were made to different name from the invoice. This is despite invoice carrying correct Bank details for the supplier.

Biggest beneficiary appears to be Red Sea Trading and they are for different items. On a particular invoice they were charging for Transporting Range Rovers while at another point it was just described as furniture.

Nyasa Times investigations have also revealed that Red Sea trade in many things, however Cars are not part of their business.

But on a number of invoices, Red Sea charged thousands of US Dollars for shipping a vehicle from South Korea to Durban despite invoice from South Korea indicating CIF. Red Sea Trading further quoted HTD Limited hundreds of US Dollars for furniture for its offices.

Despite paying KIA Motors for vehicles, they seem to be also paying Reindeer Associates, based in Hong Kong, for KIA vehicles. Invoices from Reindeer Associates have CIF to Blantyre via Durban and therefore no need for HTD to pay a transporter.

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44 thoughts on “Probe HTD Limited on cashgate affair without fear or favour -Mutharika”

  1. Sahil Patel says:

    Nyasa times need to behave and not make any false allegations on these innocent people, these guys are genuine Malawians who are investing in malawi to strengthen the economy……… Which African or let’s say Malawian has ever in history invested in malawi like these people they have not only gave city of Blantyre a face lift but have gave the country a face lift. And then we get people who talk rubbish and write stupid comments. Hard work always pays. So let’s not talk crap, and wish these hard working people good luck and support them in making the economy strong. If these people were fraudsters then they would of never invested so much in building a beautiful building, but would of taken there money elsewhere. My best wishes to HTD LIMITED KEEP THE HARD WORK UP…………………….80% of us Malawians are on your side. I CANT COMMENT ON THE 20% illiterate people who don’t understand.

  2. The Patriot says:

    Koma comment number 30! Eish, mudzafa ndi nsanjetu inu? Atumbuka nkhani yawakhuza chani?? There are some people who will always blame Tumbukas for their own failures! Alephere kupita ku College chifukwa Atumbuka! Asapeze ncthito, koma atumbuka!
    Just reminds me of Xenophobia! Everyone blamed the South Africans for this heinous act of killing people just because they were foreigners. Now in Malawi someone accuses Tumbukas of building houses in the Center or South, what kind of nonsense is that? Ndiye abale anu akathamangitsidwa ku SA muziti akulakwa? Inu mukupangila nsanje a Malawi anzanu!! Eish, no wonder pa National anthem anaikapo, mau oti Nsanje! A Malawi nsanjee 2 much!

  3. asimenye Gondwe says:

    that’s the way to go my president, root out corruption and ignore ntata

  4. Titanic says:

    I wonder how a story concerning a mwenye attracts Tumbuka phobia comments. This is typical failures behaviour. They always try to find scape goats for their failure. In Malawi the over populated southern region blames Tumbukas for their failure to get employment or college education. They haven’t yet realised that even the central region is now beating them at education and employment opportunities becz they have similar sir names they cannot see it. Hitler blamed Jews for owning businesses and taking over education. He however found no problem employing highly intelligent jews to develop weapons for him. The Tutsi’s blamed the Hutus in Rwanda for being intelligent and taking over jobs. This hatred of people who outshine us is an old time scapegoat. Even Joseph in the bible was sold by his brothers due to the same reason. As long as we continue to not priotise education in the southern region, we will keep on hating Northerners. Let us stop this cycle of girls and boys dropping out of free school at std 2 and getting married young. Their children also drop out at std 3. The cycle continues. If a girl starts havibg children at 16 they have 10children by age 40. we continue the cycle and overpopulate the country and blame tumbukas for living in a nyumba ya khomo ndi zenela la tsekela pa chileka pompa apapafupi ndi town. The fruits of our laziness are evident in our cities. I was surprised to note that there are no maskini beggers in Mzuzu. Do we have to blame Tumbukas for the hundreds of nugging old and even young beggers in Blantyre and LL? Even women who make up stories of ndatuluka kuchipatala….Lazinesss

  5. best advice says:

    ok so all th iveco trucks,kia cars etc th army have fell from heaven?dont worry my brother pray surah yaseen after fajr and mke dua to Allah to mke it easy for u ameen

  6. Rift valley says:

    Koma abale zotukwananazi zisiyike. This why I miss Kamuzu who said over and over again that there is no Tumbuka, Mchewa,.Lhomwe, Yao etc. What have we got now that he is gone? Mulakho this, Kulambva that, Yao this etc,etc. What a shame. Malawi will never advance with such type of mentality. Imagine , even a country’s President being a patron of one tribe instead of the whole nation!

    On a different note, did not APM tell the Nation MSB issue would be investigated before final deceision? What happened a few days after budget? Who can trust him with such disregard of people’s concerns? Uyu akungotiphimba m’maso. Nothing will happen and Plundering will continue. Her Majesty’s Government should know that her product, Land Rover was franchised to a crook and the vehicle is partly a conduit for milking poor Malawians.

    Mulungu dalitsani Malawi.

  7. George Malopa says:

    Withall due respect to my fellow Malawians, the reason why we don’t progress positively is because we tend to blame a whole community when a person has commited fellony from the same community/tribe/cast, I mean look at our comments! This issue has nothing to do with tumbukas, lhomwes whatsoever, yet we even have the audacity we blame the whole of Indians(“mwenyes”), I mean yes there a few Indians who are crooks but look again people the names are the same eg mapeto, Karims (lido), Abdul majid htd and so and so on you will never see the likes of people from nathanies committing a crime. The point is we should not judge a whole community just because there is just one rotten apple on the whole of a tree. I’m sorry to say but untill this carries on we should not even consider progress.


    If you are sinncere with your proposal just invite FBI and Scotland Yard to work on the matter. You are relying on ACB because it is at your beck and call. Everyone knows ACB can not in any way expose any wrong doing on your part or cronies.They will be working on your instructions.So do not pull a wool over our eyes.

  9. wokwiya says:

    You are out of order, the tumbukas don’t only have degrees from universities of Malawi but also from well known world class universities. Do you think they have been stealing examz in all the schools they have been to? I am one of the educated tumbuka and I can challenge you, my degrees are not only from local universities but also from world class universities where I outclassed dunderheads like you. Your grandparents left a legacy of vendetta against tumbukas in you. Wake up and wash your dirty eyes to see.
    Nowadays, we talk about global advancements and the only place you cast your dirty mind is the northern region. Shame to your tribalistic mind.

  10. Chawaka says:

    Can the British Government see why they should not trust Indians with their products? They punished our own Malawians by giving them difficult conditions in order to fail on the Land Rover dealership because another Indian managed Company of Osmans implicated them with ACB just because they lost dealership of Land Rover to these Malawians who eventually were acquirtted by our courts. Land Rover UK are you not ashamed now? You wanted to trust these thieves now look. How can we buy from these crooks milking an already thin cow – Malawi? Look at these genuine Malawians.

  11. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  12. mmm says:

    We just have to thank GOD for everything.God knows reason to ask the president to step down here .God chooses leaders.God choose Peter,no pressure.Have you ever wondered why God created less tumbukas and put them up north and not south or central.they are too selfish and unfriendly.THANKS GOD FOR THIs.tumbukas can live in the south or central ,they own big houses and business in BT and LL.they are free but if somebody from the south or central tries to get settled in the north you really feel the heat and are not friendly.they can talk anything about you.if your boss is from the centre or the south you expect a fair combination of Malawians on that company but if he or she is from the north you expect northerners only on that imagine such pple were in great number than other and in leadership position would they consider others from small regions.would other people and tribes live LL or BT .would there not be tribal wars in Malawi.Thanks God you knew this before us and mixed it well that we are peaceful today and it seems things will not change easily.

    1. Hoitty says:

      with that bitterness and hate you will not progress. Your backwardness is the reason you hate progressive people. It is good that we do not have a Tumbuka president so that you who have kept Malawi at the poorest for 51years can take all the blame. A time is coming when a Tumbuka presideny will lead this country to prosperity. He will be voted in by Southerners. Who knew that USA could be led by a black man? until then this country will remain poor of the poor

  13. mona says:

    But do we need the president to warrant ACB in investigating private companies
    Eee Malawi sazatheka

  14. Neutral man says:

    A Muwisho tachokani ngati muli mbuli apa.Nanga mitundu yina ya anthu imene imakhonza mayesoyo imatha bwanji?Don’t just have a hate for nothing for a certain tribe of people if u r dull.Takambani zina.Mwayesetsa ma quota still zikukukanikani.Success is about hard work.Success is not about dancing nyau kaya jando.Northerners are made of tough skin.They r hardworkers.That’s what they have been told by their parents.Embrace the spirit of hardworking and you will see things changing than just being dulled by hate.

  15. Hot Iron says:

    Today is a day of political tricks. Believe you me this is nothing but a lie from the top citizen. He does not mean what is being said here. The two stories of Mpinganjira’s MSB and Mutharika’s HTD are connected. They are all done to show something is going to happen but in actual sense, they want to hide more to a common man. Malawians are watching! Mawa silichedwa tizakuonani.

  16. Chawanangwa says:

    Muwisho, whatever your real name is, writer of comment # 25. You are most foolish person on earth! You are really dull – I am surprised that you are even able to write. What has this cashgate story have to do with Tumbukas? So you want Mutharika to steal? Tumbukas do not employ each other based on tribalism and Tumbukas have never claimed that they are the most intelligent people in Malawi – you have made that up presumably because Tumbuka haters say so and you think it is true. If you think Tumbukas employ each other because of tribalism, check composition of the workforce at international organisations e.g. UNICEF, USAID, Action Aid, Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust, World Vision etc where foreigners hire Malawians. You will find Tumbukas in top positions not because of bias but because even the azungus call tell during the interview that the candidate is bright. You trust malaini thinking your uncle will give you a job. Wake up from your slumber and start working hard.

  17. Muwisho says:

    That tumbukas are not enjoying the fruits+++cake+++of this country is highly hpocritical. In fact they are the most beneficiaries in this country. They systematically employed themselves in every high position in all ministries, parastatals, NGOs and in companies from Eastern Produce,Illovo, Carlsberg, Tobbacco companies, etc. Inu Achewa, I hope you realise what you are doing in supporting the selfish agenda of these tumbukas. Or don’t you see how selfish these people are when it comes to employment? They tell lies that they are the most educated just to disguise and justfy their employment tricks. Open your eyes and see gentlemen. When it comes to selling government vehicles or offering scholarships abroad, they only consider akwithu. In education circles, all they do is to reveal examinations to their wakukaya wards. For how long shall we allow this northern syndicate? Sorry for being too long here but I am trying to detest the tumbuka crocodile tears. Let’s speak out so that they know that we know what they do.

  18. Madziakaphwa says:

    And who was the leader of malawi on 20 august 2013? Patiently waiting…..

  19. Mbanangwa says:

    Stupid, dunderheads! Crooks in government! Ntata will finish you all. Mwatchera ku mwezi nkhanga zawona

  20. Antiracist says:

    Cellmates in the future?

  21. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Ntata keep on exposing these crooks.They have brought Malawi to its knees with their crookedness.This country is in the hands of crooked mwenyes and lomwes.Pitala is trying to paint himself white.For how long will Malawians keep on tolerating these cashgate crooks.Why are Malawi prisons full of poor people.There is some wrong with justice system of Malawi.

  22. Rift valley says:

    I would applaud APM if only the ACB,MRA and Financial Intelligent Unit were truely independent. It is the case of ‘You do not bite the fingure that is feeding you’. This American Stores’ guy is crooked. Did they not donate a car to the First Lady, APM’s wife?

  23. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    Malawi and will never be pleased. The President should be commended for this. That’s the way it should be.

  24. Atambwali Sametana says:

    Something is going on fishy here. All the dates are 2013 pointing to JB period of rule. Trying to corner JB again as things are getting hotter and hotter. Foreinsic for the Bank is also pointing @2013. We are watching kuti zitha bwanji. All qe need is development basi. Makobidi adalowa Ku offshore. Lets just start again. Its never too late.

  25. The real ujeni says:

    Ntata, keep the fire burning

  26. foot-soldier says:

    You deliberately give ACB inadequate resources but give it a mammoth task to carry out with the meager resources at its disposal and never leave it alone to do its work independently and professionally! Where is your sincerity?

  27. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians will going to enjoy this. I like this story. Am going to buy a ticket to watch this boxing much between the Sidikis of HTD and my president, the professor of all professors, Peter Muthalika.

  28. Nyama Banda says:


  29. Long Dick says:

    Well researched.

  30. Narendra Popat says:


  31. mtumbuka1 says:

    Why must the anti corruption bureau take orders from the so called president for goodness sake? Is it not an independent body?

  32. Soothsayer says:

    Thieves! thieves! This country is not poor but too vulnerable to unscrupulous politicians and their sponsors. God has tried to help Malawi to the point of taking some but greedy elements are on the increase. He will one day abandon us and imagine what will be the resultant situation.

  33. cassim says:

    The man on picture with mutharika is a crook. I have known this man for sometime now from A.C agencies in limbe and he doesn’t say the truth . I would be surprised if the government does not corner him this time.
    From the grapevine, they are also planning to bolt away to another country.

  34. Atcheya says:

    a very very poor investigative reporting by the honorable reporter. Lucky enough you hid your dirty name, not to expose maggots in your dunderhead. Go back to school and start over bra, u r still young.
    There are many things which are involved in business transaction, especially in crossborder trade my friend. You really need to be an expert, not just feeding us with baseless zero cooked stories, with no salt at all. Thats why 99% of Malawians are poor, while the rest percentage of foreigners enjoy life on the land. Jealousy!!!

  35. Kenkkk says:

    If this is true your Excellence, then well done and you receive my commendation. It is high time you started distancing yourself from these corrupt Asians, otherwise they will turnish your image immensely. Please have a word with Ben as well.

    This is a big morale boost to acb staff who have recently undergone severe stress with the brutal murder if Issa. But only if the president is really serious and really means what he says without doing something different behind the scene.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      Very strange people.

      When the same paper says Muthalika is a thief you believe it with no questions, but when it says Muthalika is distancing himself from HTD and has said investigate them to the full, you doubt and say “If this is true”

      So you mean this paper lies.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Kanthu ako, wrong information is different from lies. There is benefit of doubt because Peter is a friend of Asians. That is the reason people are using ifs.

  36. lol says:

    Simunati tia Malawi this is a problem of fully trusting foreigners whilst you have capable people of doing businesses…. separate politicians and businesspeople, this country will grow… can you imagine you need to join politics to get favours of businesses with government…. you think this is ok?

  37. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    This dunderhead , is ACB going to be getting instructions from him to be performing it’s duties ? Are you telling the nation that these Asians are more powerful than the your personal ACB tool and ACB can only perform by getting orders from you ?

    ACB should start it’s investigation from Bingu’s time , it’s where the KM577bn went in to your pockets.

    You cheated the nation on the sale of MSB and this time you want to full Malawians on the invastigation of your gold mines the Asians , you want people to believe you that you are not corrupt. Your CV is already dented , especially when you told us that you were going to continue with the work of your thieving late brother . You are leading people who will never trust you at all. The way you became a president of this country Malawians lost trust in you the day you were sworn in as a president .

    Allow all those Asians who are making deals with MRA to defraud the nation with billions of Kwacha to be invastigated.

    Malawians are waiting to see that Mulli properties to be sold to recover the billions Kwachas he syphoned from MSB on behalf of DPP . We want ACB to invastigate MSB how and why the bank could give all that big money to one person.

  38. Ganyavu says:

    Kkkkkkkk Malawi zoona kumakalemeletsa anthu a Ku UK !!!!!!!!!! So sad.

  39. Resign first bwana because the fraud allegations are also pointing at you. Then how can they be probed if you are still in power?

  40. Pata phiri says:

    Viva president

  41. captain says:

    This is one of Ntatas exposed stories, why suing him when he is bringing these things in public

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