Prophet angers chewa chiefs for attacking ‘sinful’ Gulewamkulu

Chiefs interrupted a funeral preaching service on Wednesday at Chisemphere group village in T/A Njewa in Lilongwe after prophet Joseph Gama of Ebenezer fellowship Ministry attacked Gulewamkulu belief as sin.

Gule wamkulu is sinful says Prophet Gama

Gule wamkulu is sinful says Prophet Gama

Chiefs felt that the prophet went off track and ordered the gathering to stand up and carry the remains to the resting place for burial because there was no need to listen to the message.

“He has gone beyond preaching, this is now attacking people’s belief which is not good in a society where people are free to belong to the religion of their choice,” said Chief Kuthindi.

Gulewamkulu stormed the prophet’s residence, shouting and demanding him to leave the area immediately before he faces unspecified action, the group claimed to have been sent by the chief.

“We have been sent by our Chief to chase out this prophet in this area, we don’t want to see him anymore,” said one of Gulewamkulu.


He further said members of Gulewamkulu respect the prophet ministry but now he is confusing people with his preaching.

Meanwhile, Gama has embarked on intensive prayers and calls upon his followers not to get disappointed because God is the only deliver to their problems.

“I believe there are some groups in the area not comfortable with my ministry because they fear losing their members and doing everything possible to damage my reputation through traditional leaders but this will not yield anything,” Gama said.

Senior prophet Gama who originates from Tete province in the Republic of Mozambique started his prophetic work in 2006 after God had appeared to him and his ministry has reached over 500 people and is currently putting up a structure near the Natural Resource College turn off in the outskirts of Lilongwe.

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Analakwitsa ameneyo amafunika kummenya basi komaso iwe ukamati Anyau ndi Asatanic UR a liar nchifukwa chani anyau ambiri ali Osauka chosecho ndi asatanic

T.A. Kalumbu

Vote Chakwera and Nyau will be the order of the day. Terrorism is the culture of Nyau aand Chewa

Pro African

to hell with foreign religion Christianity and islam were imposed on us.

Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 Market
Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 Market
There is a popular Spanish Catholic priest named Father Julio. When he came to establish churches in Kanengo and surrounding villages in the early 1970s, he encountered stiff resistance by Gulewamkulu sect and elders alike. This clever priest struck a deal with powerful top chewa chiefs that ended with him being initiated into the sect (“kumetedwa”). In return, the chiefs allowed him to establish churches in villages in TA Chitukula and beyond and that Gulewamkulu members should never interfere with his church expansion and preaching work. Today, there are so many Catholic churches in TA Chitukula. There are so many… Read more »

Nyau dance is is a religion. Its based on evil traditions of believing in idols. They worship the dead. Its not based on love and peace. Its total evil and nyau dancers ought to repent. Finish


Number 15, you are right. Nyau ndi satanism at its best thats why amakavina kumanda and goes there like nobodys business. You just hate this Man of God koma mudzamfuna tsiku lina and its very soon.

Eli B.

Guyx avoid using abusiv word when encouragng 1 another… The gule wankulu t is 1 of cultural beliefs that draws pipoz minds & make them 2 4get dat dere is God. T z de sam way hw others value there thingx which make them 4get Go dingx lyk money, sexaul partners, beer etc, lets prech de gospel until we o knw & realise n aquare dis salvetion, ts 4 evry 1… Olo tigendedwe, tinyozedwe, tisalidwe, tizingopemphera kut iye atipase nzeru n continue wit de jouney

Prophet Bashiri

Akapolo a Malawi. Kukakamila foreign beliefs. Ife ndi a Nyau period. A Chewa. A sophisticated society.


mukulimbana ndi big dance mkumati ndinu anthu a Mulungu koma chigololo patsogolo,asatana inu


#Tikondane you have just said what was on my mind -hitting the nail on its head. Gule wa mkulu is a cult and all those who practice it need deliverance from the spirits of the dead.Its very against Christian beliefs.Period.

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