Prophet Bushiri acquires third jet

The saying is strong, ‘who God blesses no man can curse.’ Leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering ECG Church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri continues to walk in the path of glory after sealing another breath-taking deal with South African Aviation company Nac for the acquisition of his third Jet, ZS-VIP.

Bushiri steps into his third jet

Bushiri steps into his third jet

Fly prophetic jet: Bushiri

Fly prophetic jet: Bushiri

NAC congratulates Bushiri

NAC congratulates Bushiri

The Malawian born Prophet , alias the ‘Major 1’  currently based in South Africa has acquired a third jet in a space of three years.

The unveiling ceremony of the new jet ZS-VIP was presented by a biggest Company of Aviation NAC in South Africa on Wednesday 6th January, 2015 .

During the ceremony, Bushiri  received a certificate for becoming the youngest buyer of Gulf Stream jet

Bushiri dedicated the new jet to all the people who follow him and understand his vision.

Speaking to Nyasa Times via phone, Bushiri could not hide his excitement and explained that his recent decision to buy the Jet simply represent the vision he has.

“Am a man of God  I believe I need to leave by example. I teach the word that strengthens the faith of ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,’ and thats exactly what am doing now. I am what God says I am and not how other people judge me.

“I believe to inspire a lot of Christians out there more especially fellow men of God. We can do it because greater is he who lives in us,” said Bushiri.

This comes after the man of God recently made another inerasable history when he filled the largest stadium in Africa, the FNB satdium in South Africa during 2015-2016 Crossover dubbed as the ‘Lion of Judah Night’.

Bushiri has of late become one of the richest pastors in Africa and certainely the richest person in Malawi, a country of his origin.

He is popularly referred to as the “Major 1” of ‘Papa’ in Christian cycles especially among his followers.

Few weeks ago, Nyasa Times also carried a story, revealing that the man of God plans to launch a bank and a mobile company in South Africa, news that was confirmed to be true by the Prophet’s Public Relations Officer Mr Kelvin Sulugwe.

“I am what God says I am. I was born a winner. This goes to people who understands my vision. This is not for me but to those who believe in better things” Bushiri said.

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55 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri acquires third jet”

  1. kgaugelo says:

    Thanx god is good to see man of god prosper,go on man major 1 may god bless u more n more,nvr be discourage by pple. They don’t what they want,you do good they talk,u do bat they talk go on man of god

  2. ngoni chibambo says:

    Malawians have tog be careful and use their senses with this young self enriched man so called man of God. First question WHERE DID THIS MAN SO YOUNG GOT MONEY? WAS HE RICH BEFORE HE STARTEN CHURCHILL? The They should value his richeness. Go back to Ndovi. Where DID he get MONEY? Bushiri can become president because Malawians are so dam fools to believe in any man they see rich whether he has stolen The MONEY or not. Bushiri money Comes from poor followers. In Malawi like all African nations starting a church is fast way of geting rich. All one need is to good talker The people will come and pay their money. A person is not Mans God just because he is preaching. We are all mans God. Malawi could not end up like this If Kamuzu Banda WAS alive. Craze African. Bushiri is now been treated lika king. NO one wonder where has he got the money? Weak Africans will never stop being used.

  3. carol says:

    It’s a breath of fresh Air and energising to see God’s people prosper unlike other pple that are not God fearing! Glory be to God injmn! Iyeeeeeeh

  4. Kenan Sakuwa says:

    Matthew24:24 has been fulfilled indeed as also Malach4:5,6 responds to Amos 3:7 the bride is just waiting for a wedding feast in the sky as revelation 10:7 is completely fulfilled these things are just hundwritind on the wall. Very soon white throne judgement will come and everythings will be uncovered even what someone thought one day. Thank God for revealing these to us little ones.

  5. citizen Mphe says:

    For me I can see a malawian achieving greatness and at least our country is making headlines elsewhere because of him…let’s be proud of our own brothers…no more jealousy this is 2016 time to transform our own lives and stop minding other people’s business.

  6. sakondwera kweni says:

    Where exactly Bushiri comes from in Malawi? (Village, T/A, District and his relatives)

  7. selinah matshidiso shoai says:

    halala papa prophet bushiri you deserve the best real man of god we believe in you and your god,from glory to glory success to success,papa show them we love you daddy god will lift you up. daddy you are a god’s sent in our lives.

  8. OWEN says:

    Major shepard Bushiri is a true man of god,People may say bad things about him but he will remain MAN OF GOD FOR EVER.LET THEM TALK Major1,we r behind u papa.

  9. Thanduxolo Nginde says:

    Ndikungomva kuti a Bushiri kwawo nkuMalawi. Kodi ndi mbali yake iti yaMalawi?

  10. JB says:

    Kkkkkkk komadi tili mmasiku otsiliza, mprophet kugula kukhala ndi ndege zitatu? owerenga akumbukire mateyu 24.

  11. noxiliator says:

    aàaaaah kma zinaz inuu..kumangodyera osauka bas

  12. Tengupenya says:

    Three jets, is this jetmania? Well it must be a vision for business in flying out executives like presidents. The prophet is diversifying his business enterprise. Ung’ono ung’ono in the spiritual and the business worlds! Congratulations.

  13. Sapitwa says:

    Of all the top richest Top richest Prophets in the world, five come from Africa in Nigeria. Bushiri has not yet reached the threshold to qualify as one. They all started amassing their wealth through collecting 10% of their members wealth in the form of tithes. They target rich countries and all have similar technics of luring their followers to dig more from their pockets. They register on TV channels ( easly) in the name of preaching the gospel and do lots of adds for sales to books, CDs, USBs etc.
    They all in common invest their collections either in properties eg hospitals, schools or TV Broadcasting. Finally they have one negative thing in common: they don’t respond to the global disaster mishaps by donating part of their wealth in assisting those displaced. You have your own example: Prohet Bushiri.

  14. Boma says:

    Mulungu ananena silver ndi gold ndi za Yehova. Anthu a Mulungu simichira koma mitu. Leave Bushiri alone, whats wrong with u?

  15. Investigative Journalism says:

    What, could it be another fake? The picture of the inside of his jet was copied from a website in Europe
    Classy reporting, Nyasa Times.

  16. basheer says:

    Koma ndizoonadi kuti alindindalama.nangati ndalamazo zillipondi,kodi inu don’t you know some this things which is happening its signs of tsiku lomaliza pano anthu angolemela from no where,don’t u ask yourself where we re now instead of repainting,666 now their ruling the world its written in Quran and bibl.hve a look at it go thru it.

  17. clement says:

    Somewhere something not good. Major 1, you’re doing big projects in foreign land South Africa projects: Multi millions stadium , bank etc. South Sudan farm and university of agriculture etc . What’s wrong with your homeland major 1? Am sure you can change the shape of northern region. Home is best think twice.

  18. Thumbwe Man says:

    Abale mprofeti wanji buying jets? For pipo to see or for what? He comes from Malawi, a very very poor country where he as a prophet weni weni anayenela kuonesa by Jesus s way of feeding the needy. Buying jets? True you his followers? Is this leading by example of a crook or man of God

  19. Hamlet says:

    Does a pastor need a jet to go and preach the gospel at Euthini? Or at Chintheche and all the remote areas we have in Malawi and other countries? And I don’t see it of any benefit to prove that one is blessed through extravagant spendings. Can he use the money to construct churches, or health centres or schools? Three jets, what for?

  20. WIL THE PAUL says:

    Congrats Major 1, proud of you!

  21. Jackson mchacha says:

    mmmmm yes the days of lastly ,pastors heavy money to do anything they want while someone is crying there who pay offarn to his church but nothing good come out.What is this God ? what will we get from this story to make us?
    you have money yes but is for church then is in your personal account how?
    tel us what is the secret in you?
    do we dont blieve in God Jahovah?

    tel us mr bushiri?

    I like good news in gospel words and I love God almighty who love us toomuch but in yhis is very very hided news.

  22. Man of God… All the best,..people always talk they never appreciate, they try to bring others down!! The more they are trying to bring you down is the more God give you power and wisdom to overcome them…congratulation!!!

  23. Jimbo says:

    Having dedicated his new jet to his followers, will they now be able to fly on his jet? After all it is his followers who have paid for it in their donations to his church. Actually this man is no more a prophet than you or I; he is simply a gold digger using his fast tongue to extract money out of gullible people. He is laughing at his followers all the way to the bank. Anyone who believes this man is a prophet and listens to what he has to say is foolish in the extreme. Don’t be taken in by this sham preacher who is only out to make money from people who can ill afford it. ‘By their fruits you shall know them’. Bushiri’s fruits are jets and fine living.

  24. The Analyst says:

    Acquiring three jets does not make any economic sense. Just shows how inane the mind is . . . . There is no social sense either or whatever sense you can think of. Most importantly, there is no spiritual sense in opulence . . .

    “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can not serve both God and money.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:24)
    “Watch out! Be on your guard . . . ; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possession.” – Jesus Christ (Luke 12:14)
    “Do not store up for yourself treasure on earth . . . but store for yourself in heaven . . . . ” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:16)
    There is nothing godly about advertising one’s riches or blessings or prayers . . .

    “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward . . . in heaven.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:1)

    “And when you pray (e.g. to say ‘thank you for my blessings’, . . . go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father. . .” – Jesus Christ Mathew 6:6)

  25. Willie Chimseu says:

    This is good news for us malawians. Akati ndege basi akhale mzungu. Major one mwana wapakaya

  26. Mavaka neneriwa says:

    My talks about the kingdom of God yesu sanauzepo anthu kuti adzalemela be careful ambili adzabwela mudzinalanga anatelo ambuye

  27. Mjomba Yusuf says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha ah aha ha ha ah aha ha aha ha ha ha ah aha ha hyaan Akhristu mwafikapo tsopano; business kapena za uzimu????

  28. John says:

    As the son and grandson of godly, humble, Christ-exalting preachers, I grieve over this story. A “minister of the gospel” is supposed to serve—to be a servant of God, a servant of the Word, and a servant of God’s people. He is supposed to be a representative of Christ, who did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. This man appears to be self-serving, glorying in conspicuous consumption of this world’s wealth while other Malawian nationals hardly get enough to eat. (I know. I’ve been to the beautiful land of Malawi. I’ve lived in the region for nearly two decades.) This is certainly a far cry from the self-sacrificial Christianity that missionaries like Livingstone brought to the region (dying in the process). I choose to follow the divine Prophet Jesus, not this “Prophet” Bushiri. I trust the One who, “though he was rich, for [our] sakes became poor, so that [we] through his poverty might become rich” (2 Cor 8:9)—and 8:2 proves that the “becoming rich” Paul has in mind is not financial prosperity.

  29. Bush Doctor says:

    Kadauluka, Kadzatela…Mau akulu amakoma akagonela

  30. Leopard Butchire says:

    Kodi What’s he trying to prove? Why all these lies?
    Let’s assume he really had money to buy 3 jets – wouldn’t it make more sense for him to construct 3 hotels or houses in Malawi which would generate him income than purchase 3 second hand planes which would only incur him expenses? Or is he starting an airline company?

  31. Tonny says:

    Congrats to him indeed. But does a pastor need three jets? For what? Sounds too luxurious for me. But ey, it’s his money right? He can do whatever he wants to do with it. Well done.

  32. Trevor Chindongo says:

    I would clap hands for him if he was investing more in laying a solid foundation for his church by having actual church buildings of his own. In Lilongwe the ECG prays in rented premises, in Zomba it is housed in a very shameful building left behind by some other pastor whose church died along with him. I don’t know about Mzuzu but I doubt there is any church building there. If he sells one plane he can have enough money to have several church buildings like what all the other mainstream churches do.

  33. john Chamba says:

    If you can only put bitumen on the road from Rumphi to Hewe, through to Zolokere, you will do us a lot of good. Kikikiki

  34. Wakiki says:

    Whom God blesses noone can curse. Bravo Major 1-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. May the Almighty God bless you the more to silence all your critics and enemies. Iyeee! I aproud to be your son…

  35. test says:

    There is a difference between chartering and buying a plane. According to NAC, ” Fixed Wing Charter recently flew the well known Malawian Minister, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri from Lanseria to Lilongwe ” – and yet we were told, the prophet had ‘bought’ the plane.

  36. Oscar says:

    prophet bushiri aime u president Juno very rich already has jets….Congratulations major 1

  37. KUKHALA says:


  38. BN says:

    The future looks even more brighter for you Major 1. As you pray for others also remember me in your prayers so that the hand of GOD should be upon me.

  39. Alfred Mulla says:

    I hope this is honest money. Otherwise financial intelligence agencies are watching, make no mistake.

  40. Mathias Chisale says:

    Congratulations, Prophet of God, we are proud of You Major 1, In Jesus Name, Amen.

  41. Observer (AKA Prison monger) says:

    Kwa oziwa mawu, ino sinthawi yoti munthu akakamile ma earthly riches, cant this Bushiri note that the Titanic is sinking????

  42. KARU UNITED says:

    Ameneyu ndiye wofunika kumusankha u pulezidenti, nanga ma JETI si alinawo kale. Tidzangomuthandiza kusintha malamulo, adzidzasankha nduna yaikulu yoti idzidzayendetsa boma tsiku ndi tsiku. Iye kwinaku akulalika mau a Mulungu. Kwa tonse ofuna kulemera, nthawi ndi ino, yambitsani mpingo wanu wanu zikakanika, yambitsani chanu chipani, amenewa ndithu akuoneka ngati ma bizinezi a bwino.

  43. Varume vahombe says:

    Congrants, that is good for business APM will charter one from you.

  44. Msumba/Joseph says:

    I love what God gives to you!!!

  45. Peter boryczika says:

    Zabwino zonse

  46. Nabanda says:

    Am happy for you Major 1, atleast you are putting Malawi on the map. Though others does not want to accept, he will employ you. We thank God for that POWER!!!!!!

  47. Ngozo James says:

    Kodi usampatsa imodzi Pitalayo bwa? Mzako akumayenda pa economytu. Nthandize ndithu ngakhale analusa ndi kuchotsa a polisi ku Mzuzu.

    Pitalatu akulimva dzikoli kuwawa. Nthandizeni ndithu.

  48. Weekly says:

    Major 1,you make me to be proud as a malawian.

  49. Ntchona says:

    Just what are the three jets for? Even Gates has one and Jesus Christ has none!

    Good luck riding all the three!

  50. Henry kapere says:

    God z indeed doing miracles to u Major 1,but pliz invest one of ur investments in Mw so that u can creaye jobs to the thousands jobless in your motherland.Lion of Judah,Do something!

  51. master says:

    Bushiri do u want to scare us or what? i will also open my own church, i have noted that this is the only sector where people get free monies, free wealth without much effort!!!! u just need to have a King James version as one of the major capital!!! i will over take in 3 yrs time just wait!!!!!

  52. Concord says:

    Cause for alarm! The 40th day is surely approaching for u. U can even buy life, still I will not be taken neither believe in you!

  53. Edwin says:

    Malawi is proud of u Major 1 I will always love u, u inspire me a lot.Power iyeeeeee!!!

  54. Truck says:


  55. Monica says:

    Congratulation Prophet. Bushiri God continue to bless you

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