Prophet Bushiri appointed president of AFRICCI: Secures money for African developments

Leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been named president of African Christian Coalition for Israel Ltd (AFRICCI), an international development charity organization that focuses on providing access to meaningful development, investments, safe water and sanitation and building resilient communities among others.

Bushiri with Zambia's soccer legend Kalusha Bwalya on  AFRICICI business

Bushiri with Zambia’s soccer legend Kalusha Bwalya on AFRICICI business

Bushiri  (deating on the centre) president of AFRICCI and members during a group photo in South Africa

Bushiri (deating on the centre) president of AFRICCI and members during a group photo in South Africa

Bushiri on AFRICCI bussiness

Bushiri on AFRICCI bussiness

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Secretary General for AFRICCI Catherine Nabagesera Naava confirmed the appointment of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as AFRICCI’s President.

“I can indeed confirm to you that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is our President and we appointed him last year in abstentia and lucky enough, he accepted the appointment. We will officially inaugurate him in March at a function to be held in Uganda, but as I speak, he has already started executing his duties as president of AFRICCI,” said Naava.

According to Naava, Bushiri was appointed on grounds that he is one of Africa’s fastest rising young prophets and has wide influence on his followers and Christians across Africa.

“This being a church  organization, it only made sense to have a serving church leader as President and at the same time, religious leaders have powerful influence on people than political leaders.

“We opted for Prophet Bushiri because he has travelled to so many parts of Africa and understands African way of life. At the same time, he is young and energetic, giving us hope that he will execute his duties with good health and energetically,” she told Nyasa Times.

“We have also monitored Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for some time and we realized he has been instrumental to Malawi’s development and despite being a prophet, he is also an entrepreneur and a patriotic citizen. His love for investments and entrepreneurship is just so inspiring. At the same time, religious leaders have more influence on their followers than political leaders,” explained Naava.

Naava who is also Special Presidential Assistant on political affairs to President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni,  explained that Bushiri will among others help to spearhead development activities that have been identified in African countries which will be funded by AFRICCI through its partners.

“Our vision is to use home-grown solutions based on biblical principles, instilling pan-Africanism in the young energetic population in Africa. We have partnered a number of respected development organizations including National Standard, a global infrastructure investor and owner who will work hand in hand with Prophet Bushiri and African governments to implement developments with grants that will be given through AFRICCI,” said Naava.

According to Naava, AFRICCI’s development partner National Standard has already pumped in over $500 million to Nigerian government for Crude refinery and earmarked different developments in Africa.

Naava: Bushiri has accepted to serve as president

Naava: Bushiri has accepted to serve as president

Reacting to the news, Bushiri could not hide his excitement and described his appointment as a “blessing from God.”

“Am happy for this appointment and there hasn’t been much of time to waste so I got to business the moment I was approached and asked to be president of AFRICCI and as I speak, I just conducted different successful meetings with delegates from different African countries including South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. I believe we will earmark some developments we can do in Malawi,” explained Bushiri .

“I believe Africa will never be the same and that Malawi will also benefit a lot from this post. I know people will expect a lot, but I have confidence that God will help me through and I have strong faith that we will transform lives,” Bushiri told Nyasa Times.

AFRICCI was created in 2014 with a vision of founders, men and women of God who desire to put their biblical principles in action. It brings together churches and Christians throughout Africa with a heart for growth and lobbies for funding from its members and development partners.

The organization is still in its formation stage but has already successfully secured over $1 billion for African development.

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117 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri appointed president of AFRICCI: Secures money for African developments”

  1. Blessings says:

    Zabwino zonse Major Prophet,you are a blessing

  2. Ngindenginde pakaliyala says:

    Reading through the comments, one cannot help noticing why indeed Malawi is the poorest country in the world. Malawians are living in great pain, hence kulira, kunyoza ndikutukwana is the order of the day, exactly ngati kugehena. When I visited the lower Shire and Nigeria, I discovered why the people in those areas are the loudest, those areas are continually assaulted by extremely hot temperatures. Malawi is continually assaulted by extremely hot economic temperatures, no wonder amalawi phokoso ndi ntudzu. But it’s none of my business

  3. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Its a pity that this devil has brain washed so many as evidenced on this forum. God please open eyes of these thick people, otherwise hell becons.

  4. mangochi kabwafu says:

    KHULUKU KHULUKU, MBAVA YA MBAVA. Man of god man of god chani. Are we men of devil? Zopusa basi. Only in Africa, no wonder we remain in slow lane.

  5. Black Market says:

    Surely this guy is a model

  6. namarokoro says:

    The only place you read about AFRICCI is on Nyasatimes. The organisation does not even have a website. Are you sure they were not talking about football? I see Kalusha on the photo. This is a fuss

  7. golo says:

    congrats to man of God. You are always going higher and higher. God’s favour is on you.



  9. Nkawihe Phiri says:

    A small beginning makes a bigger ending man of God. Work hard and commit yourself to the commission you are destined in. I wish you a very prosperous time as you work at this top position brother.

  10. Khwinda says:

    Ambuye izani nsanga!

  11. Chicco Chimpikiso says:

    Congrats man of God, and Glory be to God for favouring Malawi to have you as a President of AFRICCI, hope God has purpose for Malawi. Am out of words indeed God is Good.

  12. Clement says:

    ma jesuits at work,ezekiel 8v16-18.

  13. Kokotowa says:

    Money laundering!

  14. martin dzekedzeke says:

    But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
    1 Cor 2:9.There’s a time for sacrifice and a time for the blessing it (the sacrifice) provokes.i am saying because where there is a great blessing there is a precedence of a great sacrifice. But this is not only a result of sacrifices our prophet made/makes. It is God’s hand of favour. I am tempted to say this is too much but then if this is too much, then what’s coming will be too more…and what will come later will be too most… Until we run out of English words to anymore describe it…characteristic of what God does? Congratulations man of God!

  15. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Koma ka Naava ko kayenera kukhala ndi nyemba yabwinotu!

  16. Kaliati Galu says:

    U President wotani kupatsa mbuzi ngati imeneyi? Mfiti?son of the Devil.

  17. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Congrats today for appointment

  18. Kweni PK says:

    mneneri onyenga. shupiti

  19. Achakulungwa says:

    congrats man of God. for Malawi’s development please focus on road infrastructure projects especially in rural areas. our roads are so bad. just grading them like the time we had District Roads Improvement Project would really help malawi. In case politicians read this comment please you also need prioritize this.

  20. zizwa says:

    congrats Major Prophet!

  21. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Devil at work. You know what, he (Devil) can be crafty and deceiving. Akuti and he accepted, inu m’mati angakane smelling all the cash? Dikilani aakunthe makobiliwo in the name of his god. Azimayinso asamale. Koma abale Africa ndi yophweka kuyipanga brainwash n’kuyidyela ndalama. God help us.

    1. andreck muweru says:

      Amalawi! Iwe umafuna asankhe ndani? Learn to appreciate your owm malawian things!!!! Its an honour to malawi!! So shutup your nosense!!! N wiseup!!!!!!!

  22. saidi says:

    congrats man of GOD

  23. believer says:

    we thank God for that. I believe that he will do a good job

  24. phillimon mphanza says:

    we thank God for this appointment in the of Jesus Christ.

  25. James says:

    Conglaturations for the achievement, may God continue being with you.

  26. Wokonderedwa says:

    We thank God for the appointment of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. May the good Lord God increase him as he serves the post of presidency. He deserves the recognition from us Malawian Christians. Major One ndiulendo!!!!

  27. john wakwa says:

    Galu weni weni uyuu

    1. Michael Ganda says:

      What’s your problem ? For this nonsense , you will not die but you will go blind. Usova

  28. Umziya says:

    Pompano mumva kwachitika Godgate

  29. peter says:

    We thank God for you our Father Prophet Bushiri Major 1,when othe ppo are busy tolking evil and failing to congratuate the work of God that’s when God begin Jahova prove to them,zikanakhala kuti si Mulungu izi sizikanafika apa,koma apaa!! apa!! apa!! ukhoza kupezeka kuti ukulimbana ndi Mulungu chabe ndiye Mulungu sanaluzepo kuyambira kale.Our Father Major Prophet Bushiri we are with you and we are praying for you that may you be the head never the tail may you be on top never the bottom,Jahova God is busy teaching the ppo of Malawi how to apriciete and how to say Thank u Lord,Jahova is manifesting Himself in you Major revealing Himself in you ,you are going to prove to this Malawi,Africa, the world and this generation that the God you save is the living God and you wil give hope to us as young men that with God all things are possible,am proud my Father Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri(Major 1)

  30. Fact says:

    Bushiri has secured nothing, he has just been appointed, so don’t mislead people that the prophet has secured $100 Million as if he is the financier of that organization.

  31. akwasosa says:

    Do it prophet I am blessed of you and the news

  32. Kadakwiza says:

    No comment

  33. christian says:

    thumbs up Papa major..go deeper with your works

  34. lootepo says:

    $100 Bn is no small change. stop being gullible Malawians. Even the Mars trip project is estimated at $6bn ndiye mwati bushiri akapeze 100bn. wabodza uyu, suuja adayika galimoto la fake pa Facebook nkumati wagula? and thus organization of his is not even googable. Nyasi zachabechabe

  35. BWANAUSI says:


  36. People without discernment get excited when their prophets receive earthly honors. Haven’t you heard about the ecumenical movement? They want to make a new world order where spiritual leaders are in charge of every element of society. And trust me – it won’t be to God’s glory.

    1. Lilongwe warrior says:

      Tell us more

  37. Ma prophet achuluka nzeru. Now they’re milking big money in the name of development. I’ll not get excited until I see the fruits of that 100 billion.

  38. anthony says:


    1. ahoy says:

      Zabodza izi. Google the bungws

  39. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Wish the Prophet God’s wisdom and strength.
    Cannot comment on religious issues, who and what Am I? Lest be tempted.

  40. Flora says:

    Papa I quote you”Ppl are going to vomit”
    when you are a par taker of God’s kingdom everyone tends to wonder what’s happening,how it’s happening… Whatever ppl say against u Papa shall only build u up..let them waste their breath on nothing. Everyday yapping yapping..for what? This is your reward Pops…noone can discredit this! All hail Major 1!! I truly remain your daughter without a sense of doubt. More to come…shame the devil!! We are a chosen generation,called forth to show His excellence,all we require for life,God has given us..we know who we are!! *Sinach

  41. Lucia says:

    only the best…. Major Major

  42. Lucia says:

    Wooow… to God be the Glory


  44. Ceaser says:

    Lets see, these fake prophets have collected so much money from poor people now they want to start investing it without paying tax to governments. A clever way to evade tax is to use the head the document with Church of ……. MRA please, audit the books of these people. Caeser needs his dinyolo.

  45. Believer says:

    Congratulations papa Bushiri. May God lead you all the way. we are proud!!!!

  46. Glory be to God for he has eleverted one of our own. We love you Papa and we are proud of you.May God who watches over you increase and you decrease.

  47. sis zee says:

    major 1 prophecy kkkk

  48. Hot Iron says:

    Tiyeni nazo, oweluzayo akuwona.

  49. All the best Bushiri. On this one no arguments.

  50. Billionaire says:

    This is great news especially to the body of Christ. Let the almighty God impart in you Bushiri supernatural knowledge so that you should bring positive impact in our nation. Bravo man of God.

  51. Kokotowa says:

    Eeh! Koma ndiye kuika pumbwa pachipwete!

  52. Kanonono says:

    What makes this trash to be news? Who is Bushiri and who really cares about who he is?

    1. martin dzekedzeke says:

      He is the president of AFRICCI…

      1. Google-Addict says:

        And what is AFRICCI? Try to search for it on the internet and you’ll find out that it’s only found on Nyasatimes. But there’s Africa for Israel Christian Coalition (AFICC), formed in SA in 2013 and whose aim is to lobby for Israel, not lobbying for African development.

  53. rajiv kata says:

    congratulations Baba.

  54. kweni says:

    Thats my proud of you and wish you all the best.i pray for GOD’s protection over you and may HE give you long life

  55. lex says:

    glory be to God

  56. Major son says:

    Papa is now Africa with spiritual development wowwww may God guide you always

  57. Innocent says:

    Glory to God in the Highest Places!!!

  58. Ciss says:

    glory to God

  59. Blessings Mlowoka says:

    Bravo man of God

  60. alidele says:

    congrats prophet

  61. ujeni says:

    Bushiri is looking at Developing Malawi while DPP is looking at developing Thyolo, Mulanje, Phalombe and to some extent Blantyre while the rest of the country remain starved of any meaningful development to move Malawi from 1st position as the poorest in the whole wide world

  62. IKLC says:

    Money money money!

  63. jack Phalombe says:


  64. ujeni says:

    Bushiri is proving to be more development concious than Peter Mutharika and his DPP fellow politicians.

  65. koko says:

    No comment from haters!God is in control congratulations prophet Bushiri.May God give you wisdom to execute your duties diligently.

  66. Tili Chenene says:

    Praise the living Lord. Whoever God has chosen, no one can discredit.

  67. mjiba says:


  68. There’s a difference between a Prophet and a Psychic
    Psychic and a fortune teller are in the same category and they get their powers from Satan/Shaitan the bad (Gin)
    Bushiri,TB Joshua and other self-proclaimed prophets falls into that category.
    Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) was the last prophet God
    Read John 16 verse 7 and there are many verses in the bible that supports this

    1. freespch says:

      The last prophet whose teachings produced Alqeida, Boko Harram Isis n many more who kill in the name of their god. Can you compare the God of TBJoshua with this God who only last week beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians?

  69. Dick says:

    Congrats Bushiri

  70. Kasakaniza uja ndiameneyu,,,Mulungu tithandizeni

  71. Albert says:

    Man of God this promotion is from our almighty father so take care

  72. kaka says:

    Does he have a vision for this initiative? I quote “The organization is still in its formation stage but has already successfully secured over $100 billion for African development” This needs substance. Revenue authorities within SADC must investigate who the funders are.

  73. edward mitala says:


  74. MORE BLESSINGS says:

    God bless you man of God as you take the responsibility as such an age.It reminds me of David and joseph in the way they were given responsibilities.

  75. Mhesha says:

    Congratulations young man!!!

  76. Kwazulu says:

    My congratulations to you Bushiri and your family

  77. MADALA says:



  78. Clement says:

    koma kumenekooooo!

  79. Bri Ka says:

    Amene mumatukwana Bushiri mukuti bwanji? Mwayiona imeneyo? Conglatulation PAPA, some more appointments are coming I have this vision, Shame to haters. We love u Bushiri and may the good God keep on blessing u I am one of the beneficiaries of your anointing and God is blessing me financially, career wise and everything.

  80. MPOTOPHWANYE says:

    Ndiyetu a Bushiri mutiganizireko ka 2Mita tione poyambira. Kuno zikukanika. Mapazi achuluka

  81. MPOTOPHWANYE says:

    Mneneri amanyozeka kwawo but see here, God thinx otherwise

  82. Khumutcha says:

    Praise be to God. Wishing you all the best Prophet Bushiri! God bless you!

  83. Kodi zimenezi zikutheka bwanji? do u people know who bushiri is in real life?

  84. Congratulations Man God. May God grant you guidance during your term of office.

  85. Many Israelist who are very rich are illuminants,,devil worshipers,,

  86. mxii says:

    If silly bushiri can do it why is prof Arthur failing. basi bushiri yemweyi 2019

  87. Congratulations Prophet Bushiri!This is GOD’s response to Africa’s woo of meaning development,May the name of the LORD be praised through and through!

  88. Tawonga says:

    Bushiri, Man of God:

    Beware of the leaven of Pharisees. Those called into the high Office of a prophet serve there full time and have nothing to do with mundane activities. They said, “It is not reason (proper) that we should leave the word of God and serve tables. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word” Acts6: 2, 4

    This goes to you all Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, teachers and Evangelists who crave for table services.

  89. Javier says:

    Men of GOD mpakana Red Bull, atleast Hyaat pure water or anointed water would do

  90. Mwana wapa Nthalire says:

    Well come development. Congrats Bushil

  91. Thadeo says:


  92. Angel says:

    This is good news for a country like Malawi, Nyasa Times many thanks for capturing this news. We pray that Malawi will move from being the poorest to another level with this initiative. Remember sin is a reproach and righteousness exalts a nation. While men of God might have shortfalls but majorly they promote righteousness which eventually trigger exaltation of a nation. We need to agree with the Man of God and pray for him as he explores this opportunity! All the best Prophet!

  93. Edwin Kondowe says:

    Koma mukule tsopano a bushiri,chepetsani timbiri tomvekamveka

  94. thocco says:

    Conglatulations Mulungu akupatseni nzeru zochuluka pa udindo umenewu

  95. special advisor says:

    This starts to explain the Malawi prophets summit and relief drive for floods, for a few photo opportunities to polish up the resume and, of course, charity begins at home. Congratulations! But did you say $100 billion for Malawi or is it mwk100 billion? Say more about where, how and over what period of time Malawi will receive and use this kind of money.$100 billion? I believe in miracles but this sounds too good to be true.

    1. special advisor says:

      I answer myself. $100 billion for Africa! Makes more sense now. Congrats, Bushiri!

  96. CHIYAMBA says:


  97. phodogoma says:

    What am I hearing? Our own man of God? congratulation!!!!!

  98. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This grouping is visionary and committed. Look at the figure and objectives.
    Think must be the hand of God.
    Praise God.

  99. label says:

    Tione CV yako Bushiri and ubweretse nsanga.

  100. Chris Banda says:

    Naasava is presidential advisor to Musevin the dictator?My good prophets!

  101. JCInLA says:

    You mean 10BN Tambala?

  102. Flora says:

    God bless you Papa! Major 1…,power!

  103. Chipatso says:

    Congrats man of God

  104. anabel mitawa says:

    Do u know the value of $100bn? Stop joking

  105. Neutral says:

    ‘kkkkkkkkkk wapita basi Bushiri,

  106. Aaron Paul Msimuko says:

    Its Good news to hear…

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