Prophet Bushiri at it again, ‘walks’ on air: News24 Zimbabwe post video on Youtube

After being labelled fake and a fraudster following a video that he claims was tempered with showing him performing a miracle of capturing in the spirit with an iPad, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has pulled yet another ‘ miracle’ in which he showed a mobile phone captured video to his congregation which showed him walking in air.

Prophet Bushiri:  In the news

Prophet Bushiri: In the news

According to a report by News24 Zimbabwe compiled by their renowned writer Maynard Chizavare, who attended the service and later had an exclusive interview with Bushiri at his home where also performed the miracle before his eyes, the video shows Bushiri coming down the stairs at his mansion in South Africa and when he got on the last step to connect with the flow, his feet were in the air  for a small distance until he finally stepped down.

The video has also been posted on YouTube and another one was also shown LIVE on his TV, Prophetic Channel that broadcasts to millions of viewers across the world.

“If I can walk in the air, somebody thinks I can never capture a simple picture in the spirit. I know who I am and I understand the power of God and what that power can do. He is the God of impossibilities who can do anything,” said Bushiri to his congregation that has gathered in alarming number.

“We have seen magicians performing miracles, why can’t we, as children of God perform equally and even more great miracles? It’s so unfortunate that some people are quick to believe in a magician’s miracle than in God’s miracle,” continued Bushiri.

“Am not proving anything, am just showing you that God is able and He is performing miracles through his chosen ones. Attack a small miracle, I will pray to God that He makes me perform something even greater than what you have attacked. It’s all possible because he leaves in me, am His temple,” said Bushiri.

He continued:“About the miracle that you have seen me walking in the air is just a demonstration of God’s power and when am done praying to God for perfection, I shall perform it live for everyone to see. That’s last Friday when God showed me that I can do that after I had come from church.”

An iPad video had of late circulated on social media which showed Bushiri taking pictures in the spirit, but Bushiri ministry claimed it was tempered with “to discredit the man of God whom God is using mightily to perform great miracles.”

Bushiri also joked about “The Man of Beer” video also making rounds on social media.

“I hear somebody was also able to capture some crates of beer in the spirit, let them try walking in air too,” he said.

Arguably, Bushiri is putting Malawi on map with so many people flocking to the young prophet’s church in South Africa where he is currently congregating as he is working towards building his church behind the City Mall in Lilongwe, Malawi.

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84 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri at it again, ‘walks’ on air: News24 Zimbabwe post video on Youtube”

  1. amfumu says:

    If he can do that,what is stopping him going to the lake,collect truckloads of sand and turn them into maize or rice kuti njala ichepeko pa Malawi.Zoyenda mmalelezo zithandiza ndani?Let him do his tricks in public osati awiriwiri ndi that hungry photographer

  2. Ndou khathutshelo lesstar says:

    I’ve saw many accuracy miracles performed by Major 1, and am truly believe that he is a true mam of God.

    remember God script says ” Joh 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

    dead people are raised from death.

    blind are able to see

    deaf ears are able to hear

    so indeed God has empower Major 1 to do the impossible,

    he has Grace as we’re given Grace according to our ability.

    So apply the following stop criticising him.

  3. Maxwell mapondo says:

    Kod devil cn do great miracle dn God? Y when man of God performs a miracle people say it is evil? Lets respect God, hez able

  4. Felix-mutu says:

    Poverty in Africa explains why so many will clutch at anything to keep hope alive. Clinical examination of this picture shows various shadows that move away after this “levitation”

  5. McCaiphus says:

    I’m sory i dnt believe in prophecy!

  6. Sindisa says:

    Major 1 is a true son of Jehova if by now you have doubts about that something is really wrong with you. Yes he walked on air to shame the devil. The bible said we will do what Jesus did and even more. So the same Jesus who dwells in Prophet Bushiri did it again eyeeeeeeeee………

  7. Kazy says:

    indeed amalawi tidzuke! Wake up guys

  8. Kazy says:

    Yeah, for all of u who submit to the will of God! We r not moved with dz. He is jst another minor dajjal. Paja kunanenedwatu kuti adzakwana 30 dajjals who will claim prophethood the big dajjal asanabwere. Izi ndizokhulupilira doz lost in the mist! Dz world is getting more n more upside-down. Till just now anthu sanadziwe choonadi! Ati kuli prophet bushiri. God is pure

  9. lusayo says:

    He is a man of God If people do not believe him let them stay like that, He did that miracle of walking in the air just to show God can do miracle through his anointing ones

  10. Wathu mumati was fake wayenda Mwamba, nanga anuwo amene Ali true’ WO atiwonetsa zotani zosapanga fake? Don’t just critisize major one, prove him wrong by doing what he is doing nanga so anuwo ndi true men of God.

  11. Emmy says:


  12. I had been to Pretoria at Major 1’s church. He is a real anointed Prophet of God he called me told me I’m a great anointed woman of God,told me my church name and even called my last boorn with his name.Jesus said we will do even greater miracles than He did and that’s what Prophet Bushiri is doing.Let’s pray for him for more anointing and protection.

  13. Harrison says:

    I really want to travel to mzuzi to worship with the Prophet but I didn’t realize this city was very far from Zambia. Am hurt that I won’t make it. He’s a true man of God.

  14. Banda says:

    Any man of God can perform any kind of miracle, as children of God, lets be patient zinthu zina zikamachitika.

  15. Linet_Anthony says:

    Search the scriptures. People need the Lord

  16. Lyford says:

    Ican’t see this miracle

  17. Hesteingz Kasiya Wa Kasisya says:

    This is a true man of God, whereby believers will believe and non believers will continue believing in witchcraft.

    Jesus did and how many believed??….

  18. George says:

    We dnt wnt thngs as if ur smokng Indian Hemp, dnt play wth God, could u plz play wth Nsima & Bonya

  19. Washingtone joseph mwale says:

    If i stand and watch the miricles overwhelming me and get compelled to study them harder, i may lose my direction and focus on a fellow man, but GODs warnings about last days desceptions are so strong and focuses more on miricle perfomings, i have to read the bible and ask myself why GOD warns me about such desceptions, maybe he knows my weak power of understanding and knowing which power is from GOD. I cant simply go for any miricle unless the scriptures have given me its direction, these are the last days christ talked of, this is realy that future.

  20. Joseph mwale says:

    Time to search the scriptures alone by GODS help.

  21. vuyo says:

    Major 1 Son of God a True Prophet that video its just small small because in Our family ECG we People of class we walk in the air we Relax And the Good part is that we Don’t Lack #Major do something #With God all things are possible 🙂

  22. Phwado says:

    He also shits in the air.By the time these blind followers found this conman Bulshit-ir had been cheating it will be too late.He reminds me of Reinhars Bonke..kkkkkkkkk!thanks

  23. Palikanthu says:

    Now son of man set your face against the daughters of your peoplewho prophesy out of their own imagination. Prophesy against them and say: This is what the Sovereign Lord says: You have profaned me among my people for a few handfuls of barley and scraps of bred. By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed thosed who shold not have died and have spared those who should not live.
    Therefore, this iswhat the Sovereign Lord says: I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds and I will tear them from your arms; I will et free the people that you ensnare like birds.
    Then you will know that I am the Lord.
    Because you disheartened the rigtheous with your lies, when I had brought them no grief, and because you encouraged the wicked not to turn from their evil ways and so save their lives, therefore you will no longer see false visions or practice divination.
    I will save my people from your hands. And then you will know that I am the Lord.
    Ezekiel 13: 17-23

  24. You could also be a margician

  25. BAMUSI says:

    That’s witchcraft. Every miracle has to glorify CHRIST now what’s the purpose of this miracle? Simon the sorcer used to do miracles read acts 8 , does this mean he was a man of God?

    Ok what about Dynamore on DSTV he too walks on water, in the air m does that make him a man of God?

    It’s all foolishness.

  26. dolly says:

    Pray Africa! Pray Africa and seek the word of God Almight in the Christian Holy bible. These are the last days

  27. Weekly mwale says:

    He is a true prophet of god.

  28. Natasha says:

    Prophet of our generation we thank God for bringing you in SA! We believe in you.Iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. Yesu ndi Bwana says:

    Devil incarnate for sure. Satana amayendayenda ndi kupitapita all around the world deceiving people. Do you think there is a miracle here? If any, what is the benefit to humanity? At least Issa, with Allah’s permission, performed miracles that had a remarkable importance to those who needed the miracle. Yes ndi Bwana.

  30. Dakore says:

    Major one , Papa , you are undeed man of God! Onena nenani !!!!!!! But know that the man of God has lifted so many people in this world through his teaching!!!!!!!

  31. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Thick Africans

  32. jeremi says:

    u guys have got no eyes to see ‘ jesus said u have eyes but can’t see ‘ pipo supporting that bushiri is using Gods pwer to walk wait a minute guys actors do that in films are they prophets this guy just used a string to cheat u blind followers am sure u have patients and lame pipo let him cure them to show GODS power another fake prophet nyirongo just died in road accident with his followers this guy claimed turned wter into palafin why didnt he see his death coming these guy are false prophets using trick and magic

  33. Analyst says:

    The shadow is this video tells a different story altogether. I guess Bushiri is somehow childish in the choice of the miracles he stages. In this video the shadow walks away as he gets on his feet again. Meaning that there was some third party supporting him. And this is the reason the video only shows the legs in the air. Why did it not show the whole body in the air? And some people celebrate this in the name of followers

  34. Sianga - Kema says:

    Nna I believe that Major 1, is a prophet of now,a prophet of our generation. we new generation we dont believe easily,we a like Thomas, for us to believe in this miracles we need to see them performed otherwise its in vain.

  35. Winston Khunga says:

    This it is how it was during the time of noah a number of people did not believe in noah’s preaching they used same words like what they are say to Prophet Bushiri.This shows that the endtime is near.This Bushiri is a man of God.let’s look back to Bible again what happend to Jesus a number of people didn’t believe in him they said a lot. of bad word to him not knowing that he is the son of God sent for us to delievered. The same is happening today,
    Major one, you will live longer shame the devil so that people believe that you are the real son of God.

  36. Gerald says:

    My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.Miracles is nothing to God.God wants souls.People should know Jesus christ as their Lord and personal u people have a relationship with him??

  37. MKAZI WA ABUSA says:

    amalawi shine ur eyes, ufiti ndi matsenga do exisit. bwerani mtown ya Ll pa town hall pamakhala anyamata oyenda a chingwe, kumeza lezala, kuyenda pa moto, kudya misomali nkulavula mchenga, tiziti ndiwo major chani amenewa? bushiri siwinaso koma satana wamkulu. odzodzedwa ndi satana mwini wake, kulalika kwa asatana anzake. ufumu wa satana nde bushiriyo. bataikani.

  38. Come on says:

    Why didn’t the camera man show the whole body of the prophet when he was air-borne. The camera was showing him in full body until he starts “walking on air” then only the shoes are being shown – only after he gets back onto the ground we start seeing the full body again??? is this just a coincidence on the cameraman or the cameraman didn’t want us to see WHAT or WHO was holding him by the shoulders whilst airborne..

  39. Christian says:

    On one othe free to air channels there is this man frm Nigeria, he goes by the name AFRICAN MAJOR PROPHET…the funny part is how these prophets are busy claiming to be number 1. kkkkkkkkkkk
    Whether this man can capture a person in spirit (yes with a spirit of a sangoma frm RSA) or walks in air even if he walks on water, even if 1,000,000 million people got born again frm his preaching I CANT and will NEVER believe him coz he has made notable doctrinal blunders and he is in error. People who are ignorant of the word of God will recommend him and say he is sent (yes devils have sent their own)
    Kaya ayenda pa madzi kaya mmalere kaya ali ndi jet kaya chuma….i wud be happy to see him building a church for his followers here in Malawi coz MUNTHU SUNGAMAKHALE PA RENT KOMA NKUMAYENDERA NJALE YA K75 MILLION.
    No church infrustructures in all the major cities of malawi… major 1 opanda church?
    Ask Makandiwa, Angel frm Zim onsewa alibe ma church yet amagula njale ya $100,000.
    It is my prayer to God that GOD must open the eyes of bushiri’s followers coz sakupita kulikonse as far as God is concerned.
    Kodi apitirirabe kupanga rent mu ma hotel mpaka kale kale…..ngati ali ndi chuma osamanga ma church bwanji.
    Angel anapita ku UK….awa apita ku Joni. #shame

  40. Tency says:

    People who are in support of this bushiri would you please educate my ignorance why Jesus came to this world?
    What is miracle?I am yet to comment after you educate me on these two question.

  41. johannes says:

    It true Major1 you are the Real one Jesus send you to us to save us.

  42. truth says:

    This why Dr Muluzi said @Malawi ndinu anthu opepela kobasi… lol… kuteleku simunawoneko munthu akuyenda mmalele. Go papa Go papa, mupitanazo ku… munamvako za Dynamo? nanga Chris Angel? amayenda mmalele kufika pamwamba pa double decker palichani apa. nkuluyu sanayenda mumalele, its a magical illusion. Google levitation tricks you too can do it and blind Malawians will crown you prophet, Major 2. Akawuluke ku Mzuzu tikawone, za uthenga ndi chipulumuso, chiyelo ndiku tamanda chauta munayiwala kale kale, mwalowesa church entertainment with magic tricks… OH Africans, this nonsense wouldn’t sale in the west

  43. Glory says:

    God of miracles………more grace to you dad

  44. Thoccolino says:


  45. Thoccolino says:

    No mata bushir is, many are becoming born agains through hs doctrines from the word of God

  46. Concerned says:

    I find this man interesting. I hear more of his name performing this and that rather than Jesus. I wonder who he really is?

  47. God of possibilities says:

    Seek the Kingdom first

  48. God of possibilities says:

    My God is a God of responsibilities and thus very true,but one thing that you need to be screwed about is that God fight his own battles and not man.Let the Lord do his part.Stop proclaiming about miracles.Remember when Jesus healed the sick he said to them dont tell any one about this.That was a sign of the spirit hovering in Jesus Christ.You of little faith becareful of the flocks that you follow.Its not about Miracles that matters but salvation.

  49. God does not share His glory with any man. Jesus was God in the flesh capable of performing any miracle but He never did that for fun. Jesus was persecuted, He was called names but He never responded by performing any miracle. Wake up Malawi!

  50. zandile mdziniso says:

    He is the really the man of god major1

  51. Portia says:

    I believe him and he change my life,wat ever people’s says god will raise him up more than that,eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no1 like bushiri here south Africa,major number 1 devil number last eyeeeee,god bless u papa

  52. Portia says:

    Eyeeeeeee go deeper papa

  53. mbuya says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha koma this is childish

  54. Amos says:

    GOD IS is a GOOD GOD.FuLL of Mercy!

  55. Anyone apaphata says:

    A bushiri ndinu Nyatwa. Ndege musadzakwerenso inu ndi air bushiri. Nanga galeta LA Moto mukwera liti

  56. ANALYST says:

    My simple question to everyone is this: What benefit do you get after Bushiri (or indeed any other “prophet”) performs a “miracle” (which I call magic) like these? Do you become better Christians? I can fathom this!

  57. A lot! you can talk, but remember Prophet Bushiri will remain the only choosen prophet of G0D for ever!!!! And ever! He will remain unshaken, unbeatable, and untchechable for ever gues what? He is a PROPHET of GOD! Amen.

  58. President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Last temptation of Jesus Satan said “”Throw yourselves from the temple and he will send the angels to minister over you”” and Jesus answered “Do no put your Lord to test”Amen

  59. SADRIDO says:

    Don’t comment uselessly, be careful these are last days………What I know Bushiri is one of our great prophets of the Land. Just thank God that He has given us a very well known prophet. Where do you get the power to judge him? You cannot judge him, maybe you are what the Bible says christians have got neighbours, I mean those from Mecca ( mid-East). Please Prophet, perform what God Almighty has sent you to do and moreover we are here for very few days. Let’s hear what God want us to hear and do before the last of being called Mr., Mrs., Dr., Professor, President, Queen, King.. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, Major….some of us want to benefit from the messages/ miracles which God sends to this world where our days are numbered.

  60. President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Yes Prophet Major Brigadier General

  61. Sure says:

    A malawi kaya tinakhala bwanji kaya. Zomwezo kupangha singanga, nde kuthamangila, mphini mkati, ma millions mkati maula mkati etc. KU mchape bwanji, mwayiwala. Akaombeze mkati, mobisanso inu nkumavomeleza koma zowonetsera mukudana nazo. Mzungu anakupangilani ndege ikuyenda mmalere itadzaza katundu plus anthu, mumati chani.

    MIndset yathu isinthe.

  62. Becks says:

    Uyu ndiwazibwana kambiri

  63. The game says:

    God of impossibilities indeed,ours is God of everything and we dont say he does miracles cause miracles are unexpected things therefore we know the lord God of Israel who does anything without question.

  64. One and Only says:

    Inu mukutsutsanu, pangani zanu tione nde tikugomeleni. Kudana ndi chili chonse bwanji.

    Ife nde ndi Major 1, Iye!

  65. observer says:

    Iye! God can move mulanje mountain from mj to thyolo, thats Gods power indeed. We are proud of you our own Major 1.

    Go deeper! See you this weekend in Mzuzu

  66. Sindi says:

    Steve Chatha, you have the courage to compare Jesus, the son of God with bushiri?

  67. Angel says:

    Number 14 comment, what are you saying? Jesus walked on water, how did that benefit man? miracles are there for unbelievers to believe in the power of God. some miracles are for “show” kumene. Am not saying that I support Bushiri, am just correcting your opinion.

  68. ZZ Junior says:

    There is a guy called Chris Angel on DSTV. the guy walk on land, water and air. He does all this during day light and to average man in the streets. the shows are not prearranged. My question is, is this guy performing miracles to show powers from God or he is an illusionist? If this question is answered then we will all know Bushiri.

  69. Becks says:

    Steve Chatha let me educate you. Jesus’ walking on water demonstrated the POWER JESUS/GOD has over nature. Can Bushiri claim such powers???? The rise and fall of prophet Bushiri.

  70. peter munthalika says:

    yesani zonse sungani chokomacho.

  71. namarokoro says:

    Matthew 9: 30 After Jesus healed the Blind and Mute “Jesus warned them sternly, See that no one knows about this” –



  73. Steve Chatha says:

    If I may ask what was the impact when Jesus walked in the water and what is the different Prophet Bushiri walking in the air?.Dont be one of them denying God’s power.If you can’t do pray hard do tht you can be in tht level in the spirit.Being a prophet just know tht is the highest runk in the spirit than being ateacher,preacher,evangelist,apostle and Deacon,read your bible nicely God speaks through Prophets.ready From Genesis -reve nicely.teachers to teacher about the kingdom of God,evengelist to bring lost souls to the Kingdom of God,Pastor to look and feed the flock not to cross boundaries but to know it’s territory.Does Devil fly during the day for every one to see?Lets not judge but have the spirit of descenment and the works of devil is to steal,kill and destroy.Is Prophet Bushiri Killing,destrying or stealing?.Whatever he is doing doesn’t hurt anyone,so be careful before the unger of God strick you

  74. Kaya says:

    mmmmmh koma bushiri ameneyu!!!

  75. Munazolowera says:

    Ndim’mene Zimakhalira Siwonse Angavomeleze.Koma Otsutsanu Mutiwuze Yemwe Inuyo Mudzavomeleze Kuti Uyudi Ndiye M’neneli Wamulungu?

  76. Inu says:

    This is what is sad about Christianity these days. We have lost the plot and the truth is not with us anymore. If we look at Jesus ministry, he never performed any miracle bust to show off. All the miracles that Jesus performed were to help someone. What would Jesus walking in the air help us? Do you think that by walking in the air many would have turned to Jesus? That is the kind of miracle that even sons of the devil can perform. Lets do all things for the glory of God and not ourselves.

  77. Shadreck Ulaya says:

    The DEVIL is in trouble, kkkkkkk paja mumati zijazi ndizabodza izinso tsutsanitu! proud of you man of God!

  78. Mr Dowa says:

    Za bwinozo pitilizani ndipo zoipazo zitayeni

  79. Dikisan says:

    Mukamabwera kuMalawi Muziuluka chocho. Amalawi ukulira kumidzi amadziwkika ndi nkhani zimenenzi. Usadzakwelenso ndege. Transport youluka ikukukhala. Keep it loud and live. Malawi 2015!KKKKKKK

  80. Arch Angel says:

    Walking on Air while Billions have not been saved and unto whose Glory is it or the LORDS

  81. hk says:

    Kkkk walking in the air! A miracle? What value does that have? Pray for the sick, heal them, make the crippled walk, make the blind see….to me these are miracles not walking in air for a short distance!

  82. ADAMSON says:

    People, God is doing all these things for the non believers to know and see that there is a power beyond physical and human reach. and that power is God and whoever that accepts to be led by Him shall have this power.

    After all the Bible says, l can do anything through Christ who strengthen me. And Jesus said those that shall believe in my name shall do miracles even more than what Jesus did.

    My fellow Christians, don’t just critisize just because u can not do what other ministers can do, Do you think walking walking in the air is more than your every day miracle of you being alive when your friends are dying? Jesus walked on the waters, and he was lifted by the air when going to heaven and He Said l can do it and you can, just believe.

  83. Malawi says:

    May those powers also work in me in Jesus name.

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