Prophet Bushiri in cruise preaching party: ‘Malawi hunger situation still my concern’

South African based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church over the weekend continued to celebrate his birthday by taking on a cruise from Durban to Portuguese Island preaching the gospel and partying.

Bushiri preaching in a cruise

Bushiri preaching in a cruise

Bushiri in prophetic works

Bushiri in prophetic works

Bushiri and his congregants

Bushiri and his congregants

Bushiri playing piano on cruise

Bushiri playing piano on cruise

Bushiri coming from the cruise

Bushiri coming from the cruise

Bushiri spent US$5 million in the cruise party.

He told congregants in the cruise party that just as people need nourishing food to survive physically, they also need the gospel of Jesus Christ to survive spiritually.

The Prophet, fondly called ‘Major 1’ in cruise sermon noted that Jesus Christ Himself said, “I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst (John 6:35).”

He also entertained the people by playing music instruments such as a piano.

Speaking in an interview after the end of the cruise party, Bushiri said though he had partied with spiritual touch, he remains concerned that many Malawians who are sleeping empty stomachs as hunger continue to bite hard on the impoverished southern African nation.

“I am not happy celebrating here while my countrymen are suffering. They are starving while here am eating, this is sad and am not enjoying this celebration at all,” Bushiri told Nyasa Times.

The ‘Major 1’ has lately involved himself in humanitarian work, a result that saw him donating maize in Malawi in the districts of Zomba, Karonga, Dowa and the cities of Mzuzu and Lilongwe, spending millions of Kwachas.

In Malawi, his quest to reach out to the poor has been met with mixed reactions with others alleging that he is eying the hot seat of ”Presidency’ in 2019.

He has also met “obstacles” from governing party DPP forcing him to suspend his charity work.

However, Bushiri has constantly and confidently refuted the assertion, saying standing for a presidential seat would be “demotion” to him for he is above presidents materially.

Bushiri who recently wrote President Peter Mutharika asking him to assure him of his security and support towards his efforts in salvaging the suffering citizenry of the nation maintained that he will resume his aid.

The Prophet said he only spent a quarter of his planned budget towards maize donations.

Bushiri confirmed to Nyasa Times that he received threats from DPP operatives.

“I got threats from some DPP officials,” said Bushiri.

Bushiri said President Mutharika has not responded to his letter.

“I hope he will come back to me as I am helping him as our President. Otherwise given an OK, I will resume my project of giving food to the needy.”

Bushiri stressed he has no intentions of joining politics now or in the near future.

“I am a man of God with a prophetic anointing and I am very contented with that.”

He further claimed that most chiefs have been afraid to cooperate with him because they are scared of Mutharika’s machinery.

The Man of God pointed out that that President Mutharika could not be aware of the bottlenecks he is facing in donating the maize.

Government officials reportedly told Bushiri to book an appointment with the President.

But Bushiri said he is not interested to “meet” the President, all he needs is “His assurance of my safety” as well as for the safety of people while he is giving them food.

Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenefumbo told parliament that he saw authorities threatening chiefs and people from receiving Bushiri’s maize in Karonga for fear he will get popular that the President.

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37 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri in cruise preaching party: ‘Malawi hunger situation still my concern’”

  1. Tione says:

    Uyutu Prophet wa chinyamata wamuponda APM pamphuno iye akuti alibe problem when people are starving. He said we should join hands to assist those in need but what is this that Prophet akuchitiridwa nsanje ndi kumuganizira molakwika by the DPP bootlickers? Go on giving food to the suffering masses Prophet. Musamvere zitsiru zongokonda udindo ndi mabodza kuti azikondedwa

  2. ed kamandani says:

    prophet uyu wathu wathu am proud of him

  3. kennn says:

    It doesn’t have to be that much Tt. However, one really questions the claim of being passionate about the suffering of fellow Malawians when for every one Kwacha spent on humanitarian aid, there is at least MK10 being spent on your birth day. $5 million is well above MK3.5 billion, but I doubt if 10% of that much has been used in the humanitarian aid!!!!!! Anyway, we are not supposed to tell/guide you on how you must spend your money. It is indeed your money, and you have every right to use it the way you wish……….. Blessed are you….

  4. Stop talking about the prophet you jealous people he does good you complain what do you want him to do go and donate yourself you have never help people like he does you foolish idiots leave the man of God he is blessed

  5. kodi ndi zoona kuti mfana ameneyi akuzembera kukhala president? Conde abale ndiyankheni chifukwatu munthuyu ndiwakwathu

  6. Emmanuel Mtwana (+265 995322889) says:

    That is what Malawians are. They think of politics in everything. The Bible said all that works not in against us are of us. Why not just thank Bushiri for his kind heart. Bushiri is a man of God though i don’t belong to his church but i can confirm that. Bushiri I need you assistance personally pliz.

  7. Tt says:

    you buy a few bags of maize worth a couple millions and spend 5 million USD. Huh? If your god is blessing you and is happy, then I am sorry to say he must be the worst god in the history of humanity, not deserving anybody’s time! He must be an idiot big time! He is a hypocrite

  8. prophetic man says:

    The Legacy you leave is the Life you live. There is no Law under the Sun that Avoids people from doing the “Right”. (Quoted, … Against such there is no Law! Galatians 5:23)

  9. kenkkk says:

    Father Mtumbuka ndi deal basi

  10. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    its better to enjoy yourself man of God other than being stressed with this idiotic government that doesn’t even care about problems faced by many Malawians. I know even the president is afraid of you!

  11. wokhuzidwa says:

    Abale musiyeni athandize anthu munthuyu munakhala bwanji amalawi, mutikwanitsa kutipatsa chakudya inu ana a njoka.U dont have problem with food and u cant use ur pocket money to assist us what u know is prepare for general elections.May God have mercy on u

  12. lionheart says:

    Nonsense! if he was really thinking about the hunger situation in his homeland he should have taken steps to show that he is suffering with the people by say,fasting and not partying on a cruise spending millions! I am eating here….my people are suffering. …guiltnesss……and Peter cannot see you because you undermined him by saying to be a president is a demotion to you.

  13. Rodriduas Latata says:

    An appointment with the presudent, for what? I know Pitala just want to have a chance to beg for one jet.

  14. KUKHALA says:

    Comment numbers 19 and 20 be informed respectively as follows:
    1. Prophet Bushiri does international church activities which are above any presidents’ activities. Bushiri as a Man of God is above all the American presidential candidates and Malawi President etc. Bushiri may be equal to his fellow prophets period.

    2. Bushiri is a man of GOD, Billionaire, Celebrity, & Entrepreneur,

  15. Wisa says:

    As long as he is not barred to stand as a President by the Constitution, him aspiring to become a President is his right to do so.

    We’re a crazy lot for sure. How can we organise national prayers seeking God to intervene in various ways and when such intervention comes we block it? Let those who can help do so!

  16. Jigidijigidi Jaba says:

    “I am not happy celebrating here while my countrymen are suffering. They are starving while here I am eating, this is sad and I am not enjoying this celebration at all.” ….Sounds a bit ironic. Did the pulofeti really meant what he said?

  17. nyani says:

    Kod bushir ndi film star olo prophet chonena chagwera mkati

  18. levelheaded says:

    Presidency is not about those who want to benefit materially.
    Presidency is a calling to help your people. Unless if you tell me that a calling to help people is a demotion.

    Donald Trump is an american billionaire who is vying for presidency. I mean a real billionaire in US dollars not kwacha or Rand.

    Presidency is the highest office of the land, that’s why even himself is asking for permission from APM.
    A president looks after the whole country with millions of people. A president is voted into office.
    A prophet is a leader of his church among many in a country of which the president is on top. A prophet is not voted into power, he just wakes up and tell people that he met Jesus in a dream and people start following him.

    Let’s not be corrupted by money and start underrating the highest office of the president.

  19. MERCEDES says:


  20. Nyirongo says:

    US$5 Million (K3.5 Billion) for a birthday party? Ooooohhh ok. So much for God

  21. guarantor says:

    Lipenga you are shallow minded…..Malawi and SA are two different countries with different laws. If south Africans are impeaching Zuma,doesn’t mean we can do the same here…..procedures are different

  22. giftgift says:

    Peter a is foolish after all where was he During one party time? akungodya osakhesera thukuta.

  23. ELLARD PHIRI says:

    IZi zili kutikumbutsa pamene Yesu amabadwa Farao amaganiza kuti azamulanda ufumu wache wa dziko Bushiri a kupita m’malemba kufuna chipulumutso pakuchita mau MULUNGU awayendera amene akuzitengela Ku thupi

  24. Ray~mo says:

    Y r vz evil ppo tryn 2 stop ds man f GOD 2 asist poor Malawians bt doz hu r doin ds dey r eatng n r havn left ovrs in dier evry meal??????!!!

  25. Kaluluma says:

    Munthu ukamalakwitsa zinthu umawopa olo ana akhanda. Bushiri ought to have been admired and encouraged as a loving son of Malawi. At his age (33), like several youth does, should have been preoccupied entertaining himself with luxuries of this life; forgetting his brothers and sisters in Malawi. How many young people ever think of hungry people? In Malawi we have several rich men of God who also, at times, give to the needy but do not first meet the president or ministers before giving. What’s so special with the prophet? God always defends the needy, the poor, the rejected, and stopping aid just like that is an act of fighting against God, and you know you no body has ever fought against God and win!!!

  26. kamtedza mwale says:

    If Prophet Bushiri were Bishop Mtumbuka, he would have cancelled the $5 milliion dollor party because he would be sad that people back home are starving. He would have acknowledged that there are some huddles against him personally giving out the maize, he would have use some relief agency instead.

  27. shiribu says:

    ohh it sounds fun, he went for a cruise ? am only interested to know which chick you were with? Mary Z B, or Brenda chuma cha azungu?

  28. kenkkk says:

    There is absolutely no need for him to see the president. What for?

    Do others who donate food to the suffering Malawians seek the president’s audience first?

    These are some of the obstacles that stop us developing. Still going back to old ways.

  29. the don says:

    kudya money money

  30. Nyika Republic says:

    Major 1,i need your blessings mavuto achuluka pa mw, and let averyone against the man of God be punished by by Jehovah’s wrath.

  31. ellias says:

    Aliyense ali ndi ufulu wogawira anthu chakudya, why politicising everything? Nde akafa ndi njala akativotera ndi ndani….malawi sindimamumvetsa.

  32. MAMA G says:

    God bless the man of God.I attended the cruise from Malawi. lt was so good and he was preaching. every day and night.So many people from all different parts of the country. lndeed he cried about people in zMalawi who are sleeping without food.Govt give this man of God achance to rescue people.

  33. Geoffrey Lwanja says:

    Fellow Malawians, should we fear about elections outcome now for some years to come at the expense of lives of the people?

    Which president has ever been rich to this extent in Malawi?.If prophet Bushiri can spend as he is doing,it means he has a stead source of income.He cannot eye what they call hot seat,those who occupy that seat cannot earn anything near to his income.

    Give man of God assurance,so he can resume his work.

  34. lipenga says:

    A motion of impeachment to remove Zuma of the ANC is being tabled because he is a clueless leader like Peter mutharika! If They can do it ,we can also do it
    Opposition pls inform the Speaker for this motion to impeach pitala .its time to send him back to America.

  35. whether one likes or not, this guy is blessed, no doubt about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. thinktankmalawi says:

    Whats the big deal about this guy .nyasatimes you surely pump him up….And be careful when quoting these figures..$5 million is alot of money..i know you trying to pump up your .major 1 but be careful when throwing figures so carelessly like that

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