Prophet Bushiri jets in Malawi for maize donation

After donating to Ntcheu and Dowa in the central region, leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has once again jetted in the country via Chileka Airport for a planned series of maize donation in the Southern part of Malawi.

Bushiri back in Malawi to feed the people

Bushiri back in Malawi to feed the people

Speaking on arrival from his  base in South Africa, Bushiri explained that Malawi needs help from all sectors and he is taking a leading role to help government address hunger issues.

“I understand that there is hunger in our country. We cannot deny that fact and we cannot wait for government to address the crisis alone,” said the ‘Major 1’.

“ Truth be told, it is not just Malawi that has been affected. Alot of countries in the Southern Africa have been hit by this unfortunate happening. Am here to donate more maize to people in the southern part of Malawi understanding solely that Malawi is also my home,” said Bushiri.

Prophet Bushiri further revealed that as a man of God, he is mandated to help any government to develop the country, among others, addressing problems that Malawi faces.

“I support the government and I support His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika. A leader is given by God. As a church leader, am mandated to support him and remain his pillar in all well being matters. This is biblical and not political. Am a  religious leader and not a politician. I go by biblical and spiritual doctrine.

“ My help towards the people suffering with hunger at the moment is part of it and I will do all I can to help our government, the leadership in particular,” said Bushiri.

According to information made available to Nyasa Times, Bushiri’s first stop of donation is Zomba where he is expected to help thousands of families with maize.

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91 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri jets in Malawi for maize donation”

  1. daughter of major 1 by fire!!!! says:

    Major !Major!… you are doing something…yehhhhh!!!! You are a true man of God…You have a deadly annointing….l honor your God..

  2. Dudu Mahlangu says:

    We are blessed to have Bushiri Academy of Sports. I want my son to be part of the academy how do I apply.

  3. You’re doing well Major1 these phenomenon on what you are doing I wish we all could heard your call to give humanitarian across the Southern Africa including Zimbabwe which also largely have affected with hungers, God bless you on what you’re doing in Jesus name Amen

  4. LT says:

    Come and donate to Namibia as well, you got lots of money from here

  5. SK IMENE says:

    I can’t believe that the money you stole from my stupid Namibians is the one you are using to feed your nation. False prophet

  6. Daughter of Major 1 says:

    Major 1, my Papa, you are wise. Hunger kills and a church is not a building. You can receive the word of God anywhere but as for food, you need someone like Papa to make a decision . No one will go to church empty stomach.

    By the way, papa is building a Mega church in South Africa.He also build a university. Please don’t question Major 1 what is doing with his money.Thank you papa for being so caring to your hometown nation.iyeeeeeeeeeee!

  7. vincent katimbA says:

    Thank you very much man of God,

  8. Rassel says:

    Thanks my papa for helping fellow Malawian.. Major 1 do something Yeeeeee… My father my father.. Love you dear papa

  9. yankho banda says:

    is bushiri a prophet or a businessman. why is he busy with businesses instead of building churches. how many churches has he built? i heard he is opening a bank and internet company, what about building churches?

  10. MB Chikumbi. says:

    If all malawians living abroad could do this like Major1, we can make a difference. Mtima wanga ukufunitsitsa nanenso ntachitapo kanthu mwa size yanga kwa abale kumudzi. Ambuye thandizeni mwa zifundo zanu. Prophet Sheperd Bushiri wandikopa mtima pa nchitidwewu. Ambuye amene simukhala chete mdalitseni mopitiliza. Amen.

  11. Pastor CT. says:

    God of Major 1 be exalted on high.I salute you.Now the ignorant will come back to their senses and believe that you have been sent to save Malawi.God increase you Prophet.Amen.

  12. congo says:

    Bushire ndiwafake koma apa pokha,he has gotten closer to God size Salanje kumangozi chemelela za chuma chake!

  13. jenala says:

    Tathokoza kwambiri Bushiri ambuye akudalitseni.

  14. Ganizani Ndhlovu says:

    That is great. Let us support each other like that. And I thank God for that

  15. moses says:

    You are doing the work of Jesus man of God.. God bless you more and use you more

  16. Debrah says:

    Major1 leading by example

  17. pido says:

    APM ali zii osaperekako zake koma kuzipititsa ku Portugal Yatch

  18. Thanks man of God I always understand you from first time I saw you God bless you

  19. jenala says:

    I salute you Bushiri,let other prophets follow suit kusungwiko.

  20. takalani says:

    we also got poor people in south africa

  21. prophet, thumbs up. If people call Bushiri a false prophet let it be.But what he is doing is biblical .prophet continue the good work

  22. january says:

    Takunyadirani a prophet monga m’banja lililonse salephera kutumiza mpulumusa ndi inu mwatumidwa kuti muzathandize ntundu wa a malawi.Anthu ambiri amadyera kumbali osaganizira anzawo.

  23. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Politicians must start donating food to people not only for vote. If they love their people. Rich people you like to give money to political parties during campaign its a time to show you can also donate food to people. We see millions giving political parties

  24. smoko boy says:


  25. dzikolathu says:

    God bless you Major 1

  26. kelvin chunga says:

    we are proude of you bushiri go deeper wapangodya

  27. I am not Bushiri’s follower, koma apa pokha hats off for him.

  28. Peter MUsukwa says:

    This is indeed the time the men of God should come to assist the suffering Malawians. This surely indicates that the God you are serving is alive and will continue blessing you Major 1.

  29. daniel says:

    Please keep it up man of God may your God be with you

  30. Lawrence Kakhoma says:

    God may continue giving u blessings .Teach us more prophet….

  31. PLEASE (CHONDE) says:

    Please Please Please he is not a prophet do you need proof? i can give you proof from the bible.

    Thank You.

    False prophets are here now the False Christs and Messiahs are to appear Dark days are drawing. Lord Please guide me through the Darkness.

  32. KC says:

    True Man of God. May God bless you abundantly Major 1. ‘Major is not a title, it is a responsibility’

  33. cosmas fanizo says:

    a good start for the rent season major

  34. Roden Banda says:

    Go on man of God,the bible says;if your heart tells u good things nothing can stop u!

  35. M. Chadutsa says:

    I love all Prophets who stand for the poor in times of their need. All Churches should take this example seriously and not only think of getting money from their followers. There are many so called big churches in this country that do not do any charity work. People need God yes, but they also need material things like shelter, clothes and food for their physical well being.

    How do you, big churches, think people will come to attend church services with no food, naked and after sleeping under the bridge? You are busy fundraising for other things, and not thinking about the poor even within your own churches. Abusa kumangofuna magalimoto basi, koma osaganiza za ovutika. Bushiri is doing the right thing, no wonder people gather for his meetings in large numbers, Yesu adatumikila anthu mu zonse, koma inu dyera basi. Mudziunjikile chuma cha kumwamba osati pansi pano chifukwa tsiku lina musamukapo, mufune musafune.

  36. Paul Nthambo says:

    PAPA,may you vist also north,am happy.

  37. Daniel malunga says:


  38. nequissimus says:

    keep it up man of God, stay blessed. i guess gvt officials n his excellency have seen the gesture, u can do it n we can! one man has.

  39. Bishop macdadly mpoya says:

    Anthu akalemphera ndinali prophet major xxxxxl wamkulu kwambiri ambuye yesu akanena sindikuziwani pitani kumoto ndinali wa njala simunandipase chakudya watch out prophet keep it up.

  40. Julio says:

    God may continue giving u blessings,bcz not all of thwm manange

  41. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    Major 1, you are a true servant of God, this is the time to show love to hunger stricken people, feed those that are hungry, mourn with everyone who is mourning, dress those that are nacked, heal those that are sick. It is shameful that these other so called Moderators, Reverends and Pastors are busy with the worldly riches such as a Nissan Serena, my God! Can’t you emulate what your fellow man of the collar is doing? Suppose if all men and women of God were to donate maize twice to these affected people, how many souls would have been saved? Live longer Prophet Bushiri, Major 1

  42. nyamusi says:

    Major one, proud of u, next time remember us here in Rumphi and Mzimba. To God be Glory

  43. Humble words from humble Prophet. Thank you Major 1. Malawi is your home.

  44. KBJF says:

    Blessed hand is the hand that giveth.The more you give the more prosperous God make you.

  45. Zagwa says:

    The Holy Bible in chapter 6 of the gospel according to Matthew, specifically verse 3 says: “But when you help a needy person, do it in such a way that even your closest friend will not know about it.” Those who have ears will hear and those with eyes will see. Amadziwika ndi ntchito zawo ma pulofeti awa. Tiyeni nazo, mwina tikuwerenga ma Baibulo osiyana!

  46. chris john sakala says:

    Thanks goes to Almighty GOD for the donation made by Prophet Bushiri.Keep it up.

  47. Half mad Youth says:

    Thats the basic demonstration of true servanthood! Thanks be to you our major prophet, the major 1

  48. Jawado says:

    We are proud of u major 1 thats true demonstration that u doing God’s words go deeper

  49. cbk says:

    True Christian ameneyo,sizomapanga matama kuti multi ndi chuma koma kakaka kuumila osathandiza anthu ovutika.Ena ndi awa akanganila galimoto mpaka Ku khoti yopelekedwa ndi wandale.Shame.

  50. Stevenson makungwa says:

    Osamangotenga nthawi zonse kwa akhristu anu. Nthawi zina muziwaganiziranso akhristu anuwo more especially pa mavuto. Go deeper Major 1.

  51. Kadakwiza says:

    Thank you very much Major 1

  52. Dolla banda says:

    No wonder u r major 1 I love u prophet bushiri. Save ur people as a shoosen prophet by God

  53. Alex says:

    a local trader in phalombe has 1000 bags for sale 12000 per bag

  54. Today think of 2morow says:

    Major one you going to make such donations for all your life . Help Mw make use of the water from the lakes she has .

  55. Scol says:

    That’s great Man of God!Nthawi ino ndiyoti tonse akufuna kwabwino tithandize dziko lathu pamene tili mmavuto,achuma,ndale ndi njala.

  56. Donaldtrumping says:

    Muziwelenga: inu ngati nkhani yake ili ya tax evasion ndiye ndi zofoilatu. Even Google manages to evade tax. Imeneyo sinkhani, tatiyeni tingoyamikirapo apa kuti ayi Bushiri wagwira ntchito, wanthu miyanda miyanda apulumuka ku mavuto adala kamba koti our government could have seen this a long time ago. But they were busy flying to USa with other people’s wives.

    Komanso wanthuwo kupanda nzeru kwao kwawapweteketsa kusankhira dala DPP make wa corruption.

    Ndiponso ofunika atafakodi ndi njala kumeneko, mavoti achepeko a dpp ndi udf.

  57. kukhala says:


  58. najere says:

    Bravo my countryman

  59. M,bona says:

    Aprophet thanx 4 your donations 2 your fellow malawians with your miracle maize.May God bless u Amen.

  60. Mamaria Dooda says:

    Major 1,May God Almighty protect n hide you and your family and spiritual family under his heavenly shadow you are heavenly sent Man of God glory be to Jesus for the mankind donations u did Papa keep it up God bless you abundatly,you are blessed to be our blessing Papa,in the mighty name of Jesus i plead blood of Jesus over you and Mama Mary n ur family as well as your Prophetic channel viewers Amen

  61. ziba michael sambiri says:

    those who claim to be saints they are not giving any hand and the one whom u claim to be a conman is giving hand whom shud we salute?GO
    D knows

  62. Abdul says:

    Bushiri ndimakufila koopsa…onena azinena koma i knw iwe ulibe pulobulemu

  63. emmanuel says:

    I’m a zambian & a follower of major 1 I thank God for your life & i receive in Jesus name

  64. Muziwelenga says:

    Tawerengani iyi ndipo muchite google Bushiri in Namibia. Nzanuyotu akufuzidwa ku Namibia

  65. Headmaster Tutor says:

    Is what Bushiri doing by donating maize to the hunger affected wanainchi “Biblical and not Political” or “Religious and not Political?” Osamaombanitsa the Queens language. Ngati grammar yabvuta lembani chinenero chimene mumadziwa, ife okhala aMalawi timva!!!!!!

  66. Magdalena says:

    Amen, papa you’re doing a great job, may the almighty shower you with more blessings..I love you, and you’ll be my spiritual father rnomatter how they bad mouth about you. im ready to die with you..God bless you papa

  67. boba fett says:

    kodi anthu akumachipeza kuti chimanga? if i knew where these people are buying it i would surely make a donation to the needy as well

  68. Willie Chimseu says:

    I like u Major one.kindly assist you country & fellow citizen

  69. Joe says:

    Prophet Bushiri I salute you. By your quick response to donating maize to your kindred , the Malawians, surely you have demonstrated passion and godliness. Thanks for the Spiritual and Material help towards mankind.

  70. nyasaboy says:


    1. Tiseke nawo says:


  71. Phillips Chisambo says:

    now i really believe and starting to like this man,as the saying goes,u start to sweep inside the house then go out side. now Bushiri is coming right by starting to think of home.God bless Malawi.

  72. Juliana Kanthiti Lunguzi says:

    Go on man of God go on! Teach the Chakweras and the Chingotas that any leader is given by God and must be respected. Reiterate to them also that hunger know no boundaries and it’s not only Malawi that is affected. Go on and go on. Preach to these Sanibalathis

  73. Benad says:

    wel done man of God, We Are Badly Hit. God Shd Replanish Ur Bag

  74. nyakanyasu says:

    kenako uzamva kuti ndi a presidential candidate 2019….. Ndangodusamo

  75. Mkutumula WLwe says:


  76. MBUMBA says:


    Where are the super Rich ???

    Where are our well wishers ??
    Our brothers and sisters
    Need our help !!!

  77. Acquila says:

    I see God the provider working in you man of God. Thanks for the initiative to give without choosing whom u r giving. May God bless u more and increase Ur territory.

  78. rojas says:

    Keep up man of God, you are an example to the world.Let us unite in this time of economy turmoil ft hunger

  79. shamefull says:

    thats nyc not the way blantyre synord are doing insterd of doing the same are bizy fighting and stealing church money and property shame on you

  80. Malawian!!! says:

    Welcome home Bushiri!!

  81. mary says:

    All l can say is ‘thank you man of God’

  82. Mwakipiki says:

    May God replenish your stocks Major 1. Thank you so much. I don’t belong to your church but I am just touched by your philanthropic works. Osati ena aja amangotiwalira ndi magalimoto amene agula

  83. abm says:

    God bless You abundantly.

  84. reasonableman says:

    good thing to do bravo for the help.

  85. opportunist says:

    Man to remember

  86. Kumbukani says:

    Gd gesture, other men of God u hv to emulate this example, God bls u richly

  87. Chonde mwana wakwithu, kutiluwa yayi nase kuno Ku mpoto nganya, tikufwa kuno, tikulya kamoza pa zuwa nkhanira Ka chikhezyu kamoza nipera.

  88. Truck says:


  89. Khwakwa says:

    God shud continue to bless u major 1 zas gud news!osamazitamandira kuti muli ndi chuma koma mukulephera kuthandiza Malawi!

  90. Mapwevupwevu says:

    A Malawi paja ndinu otengeka, tengani Bushilu akhale president wanu!

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