Prophet Bushiri launches PSB Connect: First black person and individual to own a mobile network in South Africa

Mobile telecommunication operators in South Africa were, on Saturday, served with a new competitor whose launch signified a tough promise on the competition front.

Awesome: Prophet Bushiri speaking at the launch of his mobile netowrk in South Africa

Awesome: Prophet Bushiri speaking at the launch of his mobile netowrk in South Africa

Bushiri and his wife arrives for the launch

Bushiri and his wife arrives for the launch

Connected:Bushiri and Propbet Angle after the susccessful launch

Connected:Bushiri and Propbet Angle after the susccessful launch

Part of the audince during the PSB Connect launch

Part of the audince during the PSB Connect launch

PSB network technical and customer care centre during the launch

PSB network technical and customer care centre during the launch

Some performances during the launch

Some performances during the launch

Bushiri and wife changing their sim cards after the launch

Bushiri and wife changing their sim cards after the launch

PSB Network launches in South Africa

PSB Network launches in South Africa

Bushiri and officials of PSB Network

Bushiri and officials of PSB Network

The South Africa – based Malawi prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, officially unveiled his telecommunication company called PSB Connect, hot on the heels of yet another official launch of a mining project in Zambia.

Speaking on the launch which took place in Gallagher Estate in Midrand – South Africa, Bushiri enjoyed the honour of PSB Connect being the first telecommunication company owned by a black proprietor and the first to be under solo ownership.

“PSB Connect is the first telecommunication company to be owned by an individual and the first to be owned by a black person in the history of South Africa,” Bushiri, who is the Chairman of the company said.

In his statement, the billionaire prophet disclosed that PSB Connect is spirited to push itself to the frontline of the telecommunication market space by providing excellent and affordable services to customers to quality measures never experienced before.

“Your phone is not just going to be a phone anymore. It’s going to be your office. In this era when businesses are moving away from buildings to internet, a reliable and convenient network platform becomes a must.

“PSB Connect will offer services that will provide enjoyment to its subscribers while paying less. You will be able to make calls at, as cheap as, 90 Cents per minute. Cheap data programs have been aligned to suit a variety of users but at cheap cost,” said Bushiri.
“We are going to partake, we are going to pursue, and we are going to overtake!” he declared amid a thunder of applause, clearly shooting a warning to available telecommunication service providers.

Reacting to a question if he thinks Malawians are willing to embrace his growth, the prophet said “it’s up to Malawians to either be inspired or intimidated.”

During the launch, PSB-branded ready activated SIM Cards were issued out for free, a strategy which saw thousands of people getting connected on the network.

Sharing the business’ projections, Bushiri briefed that PSB Connect will shortly establish over 70 thousand WiFi hotspot centers throughout South Africa, to be followed by several other exciting initiatives.

PSB Connect is falling under Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (PSB) Investments, a conglomerate with several business lines including air transport, hotels, real estate, consultancy, mining and education.

During his short-styled speech, the business luminary Bushiri disclosed that in two weeks’ time, there will be another launch for PSB University with its campus situated in Pretoria.

“Two weeks from now, we are having another launch where we will be opening a university. Everything is set in place and the campus is in Pretoria. Three weeks from now, we will also be launching Shepherd Bushiri University in Pretoria,” disclosed Bushiri to the awe of the jam-packed auditorium.

As if that was not enough surprise, Bushiri further sent the auditorium into deep amazement by disclosing that three months down the timeline, PSB Investments will launch a bank.
The network has already broken record with over 50 thousand people registering just before the official launch.

According to information made available to Nyasa Times, the network will reward users with free data and calls for five months and they are geared to offer fastest internet in South Africa.

Bushiri becomes the first individual to launch a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in South Africa.

The PSB Launch was graced by Prophet Uebert Angel of Zimbabwe, but UK based as the guest of honour. He is also the spiritual father of Prophet Bushiri.

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40 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri launches PSB Connect: First black person and individual to own a mobile network in South Africa”

  1. Ujust shut up says:

    kwa ambuye kukhale ulemerero ngati zili zochoka kwa a chauta kwa ine chofunikira ndi salvation not riches of the world

  2. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mbuli za mu Africa! Profit Bushiri does not own a mobile network he is an agreement to buy Vodacom services and resell to his stupid blind followers at an exorbitant price!

    His so called father from Zimbambe called Herbert Madzanire (Uebert Angel to some fools) failed to attend his fathers funeral in June this year because he has a warrant of arrest on his head for swindling a Bentley from a car dealership.

  3. MMalawi Weniweni says:

    Bushiri has launched PSB “Network” that is framed as mobile phone network. In reality, this is simply a reseller organization of CELLC but with Bushiri branding. The idea is to sell to members of ECG church, hopefully a captive clientele. This is a good model of innovative marketing. It remains to be seen whether this is a successful model

  4. Chizaso says:

    This is great honestly, if the devil can do this with a man then he is a good devil. But the devil i know who comes to kill and to destroy can never allow such progress in somebodys life. Malawian listen to me this is God working in this prophets life. Major 1 keep it up, please sir extend this network to Malawi, we are tired of these current neworks slow internet and very expensive to manage. PSB ikabwera ku Malawi simcard yanga nditaya. Major 1 yeeeeee

  5. Chambe says:

    So what? Doesn’t MTN belong to a black man in RSA? 100% full coverage for MTN and Cell C is a challenge as they both use Vodacom coverage infrastructure. Has Bushiri planted his own towers for coverage or his will be the same like myopic Cell C?

  6. Dick.di says:

    People are jerousy of Majors success.Beause of this we can’t develop.God bless M1.

  7. Dick.di says:

    Congratulations prophet. May God continue blessing you.

  8. enock says:

    I work for an MVNO and there are many of them in SA. Do your research before writing an article.

  9. Call me wansanje I don’t care
    This guy should stop calling himself a prophet rather a business man…satanic one for that matter

    1. Pure says:

      WaSatanic ndiwe Imraan that’s why you use suicide bombs al-quaida boko haram. Bushiri prays in Jesus name of Nazareth who was rose and not Muhammed the satanic who kills kills and kills everyday

  10. hhhhhh says:

    zake izo……… zachamba basi ife amalawi enieni wodziwa mulungu sitinjenjemela ngakhale titamva kuti akugawa makobili awulele ife zanthu pheee zolembalemba izi…………

  11. Enukweni says:

    I agree with the comments, in Mzuzu he was at SCOM and Scripture Union and still some people were accusing him of speaking in toungues by then. He applied for ea network in Malawi last year but up to now MACRA is still saying the government is looking into that, untill when guys? He pledged to renovate Mzuzu Stadium but the government rejected akuti they have money for that. Akubwera kuzagawa chimanga ku Karonga, the government rejected his jet to land in Karonga, kuchita kukapanga land ku Mbeya and saying should not want mafumu akakhalepo. Airtell, Pastor Ziba, SS Ndovi once took Police band for their functions but Bushiri doing that eeeeeeee a Police ma transfer akewo, ena mpaka demotion. How can someone have stable businesses in that country. Amafuna kuyambitsa University ya za Ulimi and bought land in Kasungu aaaaaa government said no because We already have must now and yet there are many collenges and universities which are being born.Then He went to Uganda and the country gave him free land for the farms and construction. In South Africa the government gave him free land up to 40 ha and yet Malawi is always barring the inside investor. What you want is ogula nyanja. Bushuri invest there, Malawi will one day need you.

    1. malope says:

      Mark 6:4
      Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.”

      Luke 4:23-24
      23. Jesus said to them, “Surely you will quote this proverb to Me: ‘Physician heal yourself! Do here in Your hometown what we have heard that You did in Capernaum.’”
      24. Then He added, “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.

      Matthew 13:57
      And they took offense at Him. But Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown and in his own household is a prophet without honor.”

  12. mbadwa says:

    very good development,i think next step should be opening another Escom here in Malawi

  13. JOLOZA says:

    DPP Muphulika ndikukhomelera…The more you intimidate him.,…the more you go into an economic mess. God bless this young man!

  14. RSA says:

    Its funny that guy used to come all the way from Mzuzu to preach at SCOM functions at Chanco as early as 2011 (and given ‘love offering’ of K10,000-K20,000). Time has been kind to him. Now he’s everything. None of this would have happened if he stayed in Malawi.

    No jealous – Congrats sir.

  15. Be phiri says:

    Where is the malawivoice and independent media please please ,paja amatsutsa chirichonse. Is it true that Prophet Bushiri has launched a mobile network in SA?

    1. Girllady says:

      kakakakakakakaka kuli ziiii iyeeeee Powerr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Malawivoice says:

        No. It’s a blue lie. Major 1 has not launched a mobile network in RSA. This man is a failure, and should not be allowed to stand as president in Malawi. It’s only Mutharika that is able to achieve success like this, and that’s why he must be life president. Mutharika woyeee! DPP Woyee! KKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkk!

  16. Jacqueline says:

    We want these developments here in Malawi coz that will change the lives of many Malawians and the Government in particular for its revenue.The guy is genius..this is not politics!!look on the pics he is able to employ the whites.. what a remarkable achievement!!

  17. Timve Ziti says:

    Pali choipa pai chabwino. Malawi s rejection of M1 has proved to be a blessing to him . He would have NEVER prospered to this level here. God allowed the rejection for M1 s benefit. God works in mysterious ways. Never did I dream we will have a Malawian as rich as M1. Can only be from God.

    1. Manne says:

      Very true! Iyee! POWER! Its a lesson to me. Rejection will make me prosper, sindidzidandaulanso.

      1. Nduna says:

        Rejection will not make you prosper – trekking to South Africa will.

  18. John Nawiki says:

    We are inspired Major not intimidated.

  19. Naphy Naphta says:

    I love this calibre…….YOU ARE A LESSON TO ME PROPHET. Ansanjewa agwa nayo basi…….

  20. Waphuma says:

    A very proactive businessman and visionary. Thumbs up prophet Bushiri. Jealous siumuna ayi. May you prosper more and more.

    1. Kkkkkk says:

      Let bushiri do what he can plz

  21. kaji says:

    A nsanje mukuti bwanji?Whatever God has blessed is blessed.Take it or leave it.

  22. Yama says:

    Congratulations fellow Mzuzuan for this. We are proud of you. God should bless you. Bro, it’s hard investing in Malawi. We lack love, support and prayers.

  23. KKKK says:

    Good luck Major1. We will support the network.

    1. Major 1 atakhala president……. Your guesses are as good as mine

  24. Pwatalipoko says:

    Malawi will develop under President Bushiri.

  25. Risbon says:

    ooooh…no comment, instead of opening an electricity company in Malawi

    1. Mayonaise says:

      Mukutero dala? Ngati tikudana naye popempheretsa, nde what more ndi another escom? Malawi nsanje siidzatha.

  26. Mayonaise says:

    Tinabetsa a Malawi chifukwa cha nsanje…..Bwenzi zinsezi zili kuno. Wishing you well and the best is yet to come Major 1

    1. OkOkOk says:

      For having fools as leaders, too jelousy of progressive people like Bushiri and we remain the poorest nation on earth with a leader chartering a plane to New York manyazi alibe

      1. Mayonaise says:

        eti eti manyazi alibe? kkkkkkk.

        1. warrior angel says:

          Praise God, how God gets glorified when his children prosper. This is too powerful and awesome. Am short for words. I’m saying God, so it truly is possible to prosper to such levels as your children. Eish, what a God we serve, and what a prophet we have in Bushiri.

        2. Zuma went to New York with SAA as an ordinary passenger. Full, big-headed leader chattered a jet. hahahahahahah

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