Prophet Bushiri smashes record in SA with 100k congregants for normal service

Charismatic celebrity gospel preacher, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri could have set a national, regional if not continental record this Sunday, as at least 100, 000 recorded congregants flocked his church service in Pretoria, South Africa.

Bushier with a child he had prayed for

Bushiri with a child he had prayed for

Prophetic work: Bushier preaching to crowds in Pretoria

Prophetic work: Bushiri preaching to crowds in Pretoria

A man healed from wheel chair and walks about

A man healed from wheel chair and walks about

Remain blessed: Prophet bushier to the crowd

Remain blessed: Prophet Bushiri to the crowd

Crowds at Bushier service on Sunday

Crowds at Bushiri service on Sunday

The Malawian born cleric, commonly dubbed the pride of the Flame Lilly, for his deserved efforts in re-inventing a sense of pride and achievement in Malawi, has over the last few years risen to become the most sought after clergyman on the entire globe, smashing attendance records in the process.

It is the second time he has achieved this record crowds having filled the FNB Stadium in Soweto to full capacity, excluding overflow, as recently as 11 months ago.

South Africa’s The Drum Magazine labeled Bushiri ‘Africa’s most influential’ with his ministry being ‘the fastest growing’ across Africa.

His October 10 feat will certainly burst into the annals of history, with well over 20,000 International visitors from countries such as Germany, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and the United States, enduring excruciating flights just to join in the service.

A humble man, with a soft spoken demeanor, the man of God had this to say about the historic attendance record, through his Public Relations Officer, Kelvin Sulugwe

“We only thank God for the grace. The anointing upon our spiritual Father Prophet Bushiri is undeniable and people encounter God here. Such is the power of God. All these people know what they are seeking before God,”

Bar the attendance, the service caught the eye and attention of many, as several attendants witnessed great miracles and wonders.

The service is estimated to have reached as many as 2 million people, as it was also beamed live on the Prophet’s exclusive and official broadcast channel, Prophetic Live, which allowed those not in attendance to join in the grace.

Dressed simple in his Angelo Galasso jeans and shirt, Bushiri spent the whole service on the preaching and leading worship.

Given his recent rise to unparalleled stardom, it is expected that Bushiri will surpass his own records very soon.

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17 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri smashes record in SA with 100k congregants for normal service”

  1. mziyanda says:

    doesnt Malawi need this guy? bt again i guess a prophet is not honored in his home town

  2. clive says:

    Am in south africa but i didnt hear nothing only in malawi on nyasa times.kuno ine sindinazione kapena kumva.

    1. Point says:

      Umva bwanji if you are not interested in him? Thats your choice ife ku malawi konkuno we are always on prophetic channel and we saw everything.

  3. santana says:

    By the way, how many members does his church have in Malawi? I mean church members not those who just attend his services on open ground. Where is his biggest church in Malawi? So this man is the only one healed on this day? I thought reporters would have shown us one or two whites who attended and received miracles other than a Sowetan who could not be proved from the picture whether his legs were really crippled. May be if he was not in trousers we would have grasped something about his legs. There was a time when he conducted a rally in Mzuzu where there was a mammoth crowd but no proof was there that all who attended the rally were his members. That is why I am asking how many members in Malawi are for his organization and where is his biggest church in Malawi?

    1. J.K says:

      Seeing you can see but not believing, hearing you can here but not understand. Please you of little faith wake up. The reporters have said every thing in their reports but up to now you cant believe, on the list of international visitors to RSA for this service, Malawi is not mentioned because of people like you who cant believe what else do you want, next time join the line to go to Pretoria to see for yourself. ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ Just to mention a few among others we have branches in all most every district for sample just come to LL branch behind City Mall
      , Blantyre, Zomba, Mzuzu, Ntcheu, Ntchisi,

      1. Mark 13:21 says:

        Oh ye of little faith open your eyes and read the Bible
        Mark 13:21
        Mathew 24:24
        Gimmicks and tricks False prophets and false Christs shall perform wonders and miracle beware we living in the dark Days. Do you believe in what the Bible says or what a journalist reports?

      2. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

        Where is biggest church??? How many members??? So this man claims was healed??

      3. Logic says:

        za ziiiiiii che JK. Kupembedza Bushiri kumeneko?

      4. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        chomwe chimandidabwitsa ndi choti anthu obwekerera za Bushiri ngati j.K ndi anthu omvetsa chisoni kwambiri, umphawi ndiye sukata mmakomo mwawo koma busy kusapotera munthu nzawo ndi kalikonse komwe ali nako, amene JK open ur eyes, mukuchedwatu kukhala busy kudikira chikhulupiliro kuti chikubweretserani khobiri muoneni mbuyanu bushiri ali phe kutolera hard cash yomwe inu mumapereka chikhalirecho inu mavuto ali tho, and akakuomolani akukuuzani kuti have faith u ll have money as i have, sleeping brother!

  4. MAHARA BANDA says:

    I just feel the prophet is massive and can stand anything weaker. You can become president of the scrambling Malawi Bushier…I will vote for you even if you don’t stand.

  5. Chaponda The Confusionist says:

    Bushiri can you please tell us if Mutharika is going to finish his term?

  6. Larry says:

    Major 1. Tsaa tsaaaa

  7. maendaenda says:

    I have maximum respect for this young man

  8. Chabuduka says:

    Zac Kawala akapangitse service yake ya anthu 42 ndiye akadziwe kuti koma Major 1 ndo Major’di eti. Kungolimbana ndi ma gay, demonstration, mmalo molalikira uthenga. Yesu adzakupezani choncho mukulimbana ndi zamdziko

  9. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

    koma za maliro a APM mwamva, mumuuze munthu wamkulu kumeneko adziwe

  10. Mwene says:

    I don’t understand, what is so special with Bushiri? Difficult to understand why people flock to him in big numbers when he is just doing basic miracles. God willing, inshalah, I need to meet him in person to ascertain if he indeed has superpowers that are beneficial to us men.


    1. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

      If at all they are miracles

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