Prophet Bushiri to construct a mega Church in South Africa, swallowing up to 60,000 congregates

Malawian prophet based in South Africa Shepherd Bushiri has made an announcement that his  Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) will now embark on a project to construct a mega prayer building that will take up 60,000 people in South Africa.

Bushiri: The new church will take over 60,000 people at once

Bushiri: The new church will take over 60,000 people at once

The announcement was made during a Sunday Service which was live on his television Prophetic Channel.

According to Bushiri, the church will be constructed in Midland and among others; it will have a 5 Star Hotel, University and other equally important infrastructures.

“Am happy to announce today that plans to construct a big church in Midland have finally been finalised. For now we have started a temporary structure that is costing us up to $4 million and once we are settled at our place, construction for the church will begin,” explained Bushiri to his congregates.

‘Major 1’ as he is proudly called also shown the designs of the yet to be constructed church and hotel.

According to the man of God, the church will serve his purpose to accommodate as many people as possible.

“This is a dream come true to me because this church will not have Overflows as is the case in this premises that we are. It is a big task to visit all these Overflows every time we have a service and this error is being corrected now. I believe we will join hands and make this dream come true. This is your place of worship and as usual, great things are expected to happen,” said Bushiri amid cheering from his followers.

Bushiri’s ministry has expanded alarmingly ever since he relocated to South Africa. He has become one of the most richest and famous prophets within a short period of time.

Other great men of God such Prophet Uebert Angel of Zimbabwe have described this humble prophet from Malawi as “Sharpest prophet in the whole world.”

His move to South Africa was not received well by fellow Malawians who felt the Prophet abandoned his country at a time when his presence in Malawi would have greatly boosted the economy of the country that keeps dwindling despite regime changes.

However, according to Bushiri’s Public Relations Officer Kelvin Sulugwe, the prophet never abandoned Malawi, but only fulfilling his calling purpose.

“It is unfortunate to think that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri abandoned Malawi. Truth of the matter is that a prophet is usually a prophet of nations not a nation. He is serving people well in South Africa and this has made it easier for from different countries to visit him. At the same time, his movements are prophetic as told by the God he serves. He has stayed in Tanzania, Zambia and other countries. He was in Malawi all his life time and just few months ago, he had an event in Mzuzu that shook the country.”

“As it stands, the prophet is already of great benefit to the economy of Malawi. He has establishments in Malawi and has employed thousands of Malawians. When he became President of AFRICCI, he gave chance to Malawian companies to submit proposals for funding and I believe some of them were successful. All in all, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a Malawian and he will continue being of benefit to his country, with or without any support from other powers,” concluded Sulugwe.

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87 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri to construct a mega Church in South Africa, swallowing up to 60,000 congregates”

  1. Lovis Johannes says:

    That is my father . We love u dad keep it up

  2. noble says:

    with wot I hv seen if he is serving another God and dat God is doing all dis I want dis his own God others should wait but I kn and am convinced dat he is serving a living God cus by there fruits we shall kn them, Major 1 I kn him he is one

  3. noble says:

    with wot I hv seen if he is serving another God and dat God is doing all dis I want dis his own God others should wait but I kn and am convinced dat he is serving a living God cus by there fruits we shall kn them, Major u r my papa

  4. wilfred ziba says:

    Dnmj, this is not a name, hiding your identity because you know there is nothing good that will come out of your head. My prophet serves a true living God and if you think for a second that he relies on your so called witch doctors then you are day dreaming. He is a true man of God and there is nothing you can do about it. I LOVE MY PROPHET AND WILL CONTINUE DOING SO TILL DEATH my life was a mess before I knew MAJOR 1. GI DEEPER PAPA, IYEEEEEEEEE! POWERRRRRRRR, SMALL SMALL SMALL, nine months in your mother’s womb just to prophesise.

  5. Tefi says:

    Love U major 1, haters will always b around.stop jelousy and buy yourselves some anointing water to calm U down. The bible says the poor will always be around so chill.

  6. Nachisale says:

    Iye! Be blessed always

  7. dnmj says:

    Koma zodalira kwa sing’anga sizikhalitsa Bushiri.

    Mind you Bushiri, relying on sangoma’s will not take long. Beware of keeping the vows you made with your sangoma.

  8. nangozo says:

    khaaaaya munena ndinu

  9. fanny Sato says:

    Papa why dont you built this state of art church in your homeland?

  10. Daughter of Major 1 says:

    Prophet Bushiri is my first spiritual father and he is the sharpest one. Papa you are indeed the servant of God. People are complaining about the first class church you are building , complaining about the amount of money will be used for the project. I am failing to understand because this church will benefits everyone in this world. if the money was used for the world cup which will only take one month, no one will complain. but because is used to build a church that will be used by everyone forever and ever, people are complaining. As for our family, we are not complaining because we will support PAPA as much as we can. No one is willing to sponsor churches in this world but everyone wants to control how the church money is used. Papa , keep it up and i knew immediately when the video clip was shown that the devil will be provoked. One more thing, Papa is originally from Malawi not Zimbabwe, But his spiritual father is from Zimbabwe. This is the power of TSALACK, SAKAL, TOBE, SHALVAH, and SHAWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

  11. Winston msowoya says:

    What is behind Bushiri’s construction of a mega church that would pack 60.000 prayers in South Africa while there are millions of poor Malawians living in shacks similar to medieval age? To my comprehension,Jesus Christ care for poor people unlike this fallacious Prophet who continues to amass wealth for his own greedy ends and those of his collaborators.Malawians,when are you going to Wakeup from your slumber? Indeed,there are myriads of problems Malawians are facing at home like the inadequacy of Clinics,Scools,Clean Water,Food for our kids and many other human vital necessities.However,who are going to benefit from this prestigious symbol be it poor Malawians or poor South Africans?

  12. Bololo says:

    Goodluck Bushiri in your business ventures.

  13. nduna ya kumwera says:

    Turn your eyes to Jesus Christ..nthawi ya chisomoyi tikutaika nawo.Ambuye ndikhululukireni,ndufuna kuyenda nanu

  14. Tifufuze Zoona says:

    For one, I believe any true prophet would listen to, and do only what God is telling them. I am of the opinion that matters of spirituality are not always synonymous with patriotism. For example, prophet Elijah was branded the “troubler of Israel” (his nation); Jesus was rejected and did not perform miracles in Nazareth (His home town); the condition God gave Abraham (Abram) for him to be blessed was to LEAVE (not live!) his home and relatives. I know there are prophets who are based in their native countries e.g. Senior Prophet TB Joshua. But I am of the view that what is key is to go by God’s will. Maybe, just maybe, it is high time as a nation we re-examined our relationship with God. Otherwise kumasemphana ndi galimoto ya malipiro in this manner plus cash-gate scandals, mismanagement of natural resources etc could be a symptom of a spirit of poverty tormenting our nation -God forbid!

  15. Fundo says:

    Malawians, can u give $4million for temporary structure? U dont have such a giving heart whether its Bushiri, Joshua etc. Things are moving there financially coz of giving….

  16. wisdom j.chirwa says:

    I do agree with Opportunity, the Mega Church , the five star hotel and the university could have been constructed in Malawi , but a Malawi sanje, kaduka, ana athu totse could benefit. Onani soprano tilikulila.

  17. wisdom j.chirwa says:

    Ife aMalawi tisanamizane, when Shepherd Bushiri was in Malawi people gave him names, some said he is fake. It’s like Jesus in his own country they called him names, some said he is the son of Maria and the Carpenter Joseph. sopano zakoma pati? Mumuleka mwina azachita zoposa APA. Panja amati kwanu ndi kwanu muthengo munaka njoka. I don’t blame him we should blame ourselves.

  18. kingsley chiziko says:


  19. wisdom j.chirwa says:

    I’ve aMalawi tisanamizane, when Shepherd Bushiri was in Malawi people gave him names, some said he is fake. It’s like Jesus in his own country they called him names, some said he is the son of Maria and the Carpenter Joseph. sopano zakoma pati? Mumuleka mwina azachita zoposa APA. Panja amati kwanu ndi kwanu muthengo munaka njoka. I don’t blame him we should blame ourselves.

  20. Koma says:


  21. I think there is something down in South Africa-It was first Pastor Salanje,who boasted of his new fleet of latest cars and then the sudden leap in wealth of Major 1.Anyway as a Malawian I wish them well.

  22. enuf said says:

    Ok church at midland ha
    To build such a u need hecotrs and hecotrs of land Wich itself will cost millions of dollars
    Let alone the infrastructure he is talking about

    It seems pple r too dem dumb to put 2+2 togather

    Nways good luck with those plans

    Watch out whoever is making offerings!

  23. Prison Warden says:

    paja a firika you believe this jesus stuff. bapempedzani mzungu wanuyo

  24. Namaoda says:

    Did someone chase this guy out of Malawi? He chose to go elsewhere for reasons known to him, so don’t say Malawi has lost. What do you want Malawi to do? Beg people to stay when they want to spread their wings

  25. Nachisale says:

    I am with you Prophet, come rain or sunshine. A Malawi tisakambe zambiri uwu unali mwayi wathu koma kumyozana kunachuluka. Forex taluza basi!and yet we are too poor to be ignored. Major, I love you. Continue to receive Gods blessings! Iye. Whether Sudan or South Africa, they are Gods children so continue doing Gods work.

  26. Watereka says:

    Major major major you are too much papa!!!!

  27. kumangoni says:

    Tumbuka lifestyle always

  28. safusa says:

    Tsopano a Malawi bwanji sakumanga ma church kwanuko? Wakuonani kuti ndinu anhtu opanda phindu komaso opusa. Wangokutengelani ndalama zanuzo basi! Wake up Malawi nation. You make my heart bleed

  29. cindy daughter of major1 says:

    thumbs up to major one the prophet of our generation.devinic seer a.k.a basoka

  30. racket says:

    Ulendo wakumwamba wakwanilatu pamenepa a major 1

  31. oneblood says:

    Good for us malawians!!! Major 1 has taught us a lesson. We only and always found faults in him. Criticised him and belittled him. He went where he is welcome. This time it will take the President himself to invite Major 1 back home!!! We stand to lose if not done quickly. Zuma is benefitting already 50 billion!!!!! Even the oil exploration Bashir has all the contacts. Let’s nurse our hobby of being poor and jealous!!

  32. namarokoro says:

    Confused people! Prophet prophet my bottom

  33. tchibuzo ngalingonda says:

    Inu amapwevupwevu musalimbane ndi ma civil servants cash gate sukuiona muma private sector ,

  34. Mumsy says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since January, km so excited we love you prophet in South Africa, we will support you all the way…you are a true man of God our sharpest Prophet…

  35. Nyayekha says:

    Besides financial problems which are unbearable to each and every Malawian accept for apm and his dpp cronies we have daily voilent robberies day&nite,24hrs daily blackouts and dry taps ,i think prophet bushiri wud have done better had he invested in malawi than in sudan and southafrica.

  36. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    That’s what you expect when someone is blessed.Certain influential politicians tussled with him to the point that this man of God sojourned in South Africa and God gave him refuge there.It’s all about jealously and hatred for northerners.

    The fact is Malawi will not develop as long as a northerner is not president because God chooses his own leaders.Leaders from southern Malawi are corruptly chosen and are not naturally blessed hence the predicaments, poverty, and misfortunes prevailing in Malawi.A blind man cannot lead the caravan.

    Now we hear PAC blocking Federalism calls as if Malawi has ever been redeemed in a unitary system, all this to protect the devil’s influence. These are elements of a cursed country in which good leaders are not given any room to lead the people and to fulfil the wishes of God.

    Look at Rwanda, now a blessed country because it’s leader practices honesty and stamped out corruption, he loves God and loves all tribes and has enabled a culture of tolerance between tribes.Such a leader is a blessed one by God because he has full wisdom. We have never had such leaders in Malawi since the country was born. Kamuzu’s leadership was partly blessed because he had traits of a northerner but lost track due to egotism and paranoia.

  37. Alexander kaunda says:

    The prophet is not recognised by his people or country .But for me and my family I will save this Man of GOD Where ever He goes Malawi or Midlands I will RECIEVE THE BLESSING AMEEEEEEEEN

  38. tiya chiluzi says:

    Am proud of my father mojar 1. May God continue blessing you.iyeeeeeeeeee

  39. Mphwiyo says:

    Proud of you Papa.

  40. MD Phooko says:

    Major 1 I am proud to be your spiritual grandson. As a father to my spiritual father Apostle M.W. I salute you and you are a prophet to nations.

  41. pwex says:


  42. lesang phiri says:

    Thanks God for this man.he’s a true revelation of the bible.. Am blessed with him.deliver me major 1.

  43. Stevie january says:

    Zake zimenezo.osamangosirira ziri zonse.chuma chinachitu chimakhala cha pansi pa nyanja…samalani mukagwera limodzi..take care..

  44. Gift Kabota says:

    Major 1 Tikusowa Ma Services Anu Kuno Kumalawi Mubwera Liti?

  45. Truck says:


  46. choka phiri says:

    Typical Malawian. He started in Malawi get ric h Then run away. Where has he got all The money? Why he can not build in hos country? These are young men who has made money on weak people. Churches of nowardays are milking people money. Imported Churches. He went tog South Africa because he knew there is money there bur he started in Malawi. These churches of Alelua are money business. It does not take long for a man/woman to make money in Africa If one is good to convince people of These type of church. One need vocaburary. Thats all. I have attended one of this churches to study how they cauth the hearts of people. With poverty, Aids its easy.

  47. mtumbuka1 says:

    Fact is that he is not a patriotic Malawian. I understand education also did not help him much…. When I was in south Africa couple of weeks ago, I met this other prominent politician (an anc member) he said to me that the south African government has strike a deal with him and he will have shares from the tourism sector bla bla bla… And the land in Midrand was also given to him by the anc government. The fact that remains therefore is that bushiri is a politician, a business man and a magician. The guy pockets about 80 million dollars from the Kuwait government, he is currently getting millions from the south African government and he has nothing to lose but everything to gain but as to what his secret weapon and power is, still remains an unsolved misery. I would love to suggest that he invest in Malawi and make all these deals with the Malawian government (minus cashgate of course) and turn around the ailing economy. He happens to be the man I don’t admire and wishes to meet. Foreigners are the ones benefiting from him. I have never heard of a tumbuka sell out until bushiri availed himself. Anyways, as individuals we have goals and dreams to peruse and high is only pursuing his.

  48. Khumbo says:

    God be with u prophet Bushiri. Inu anthu akwanthu vuto ndilimenero munthu akachita zabwino simumathokoza iyayi. Amathandiza kwathuko kuzera mnjira zina komasa musandandaule Major one. Will protect our home rand Malawi.

  49. This dude don’t cease to amaze me.

  50. sapitwa says:

    That s how it goes! With loud noises in the fame, we saw lot of people flying to TB Joshua; the presidents, rich people and poor alike using their hard earned money. Many went there and came back empty as if they had never gone there. Just one day, he failed to foreknow what would happen to the hotel leaving more that 115 lost lives. He is slowly fading if not already finished.
    And another one is Chris who has been entangled in a cheating battle. He also is finished.
    There were many in the past: Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Reinhardt Bonke( please ignore my spellings) etc before Chris and TB.
    They come and go but our God remains intact. He is Alfa and Omega and the only one to believe in, have faith in through Jesus for us Christians; not through these modern self declared saints whose focus is on money and material accumulation!

  51. umziya says:

    It doent help anyone. Why not build a hospital in your home village? Ife zisatikhudze its between him and the one helps him to fake walking on air and capture things

  52. zandile says:

    I believe God is in control of everything nomatter where they build a church that is God 2 decide even our father Bushiri has no choise but 2 follow God instructions where 2 build his church,sorry fellow Malawians but look on the bright sight God has bless u more to birth our father of nations.Zandi, SA

  53. Willie Chimseu says:

    Amen major 1

  54. maropeng laughter Sepaela says:

    Indeed south Africa we are blessed to have you grandfather. Continue touching lives and transforming the nations. I love you my grandfather in the lord.

  55. Boitumelo says:

    God sent prophet indeed SA is realy blessed May God bless u Major 1 and continue 2 bless and heal people

  56. We are blessed to have you in our country we love you and you really blessed us.Major1

  57. That 60000church caoacity to di what? Jesus was commanding a crowd of 5000 two thousand yrs ago, but they were after free fush&bread.Bushiti akupereka chiani?life priohecy gudluck major1

  58. Felleng says:

    Doubting Thomases will always have something negative to say. God bless you more prophet
    . How I wish to attend at least one service.

  59. Jaunky says:

    A Prophet of this generation,may God continue using you Major 1,let me teach those who say that title of Major 1 is a pride somehow.its not not a pride,the prophet is a major in the army of God,you know we are fighting the enemy so Prophet bushiri is a Major no 1,thats what means.papa we are proud of you,ndipo onse amene amataya nthawi yawo kunyoza atumiki a Mulungu ndi omvetsa chisoni,eti koma ena ndi opephera eti! very shame on you,koma dziwani ichi we are really in the last days if you are still sinnin pls,repent bcs rapture is so near,the scriptures says in the book of Acts 2:17 ( And in the last days ,says the lord,I shall pour outn my spirit upon the fresh,and your sons and your duaghters will prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams. ndiye iwe uli pekapeka kumachimwabe kunyoza atumiki a mulungu mkati zako izo chritu otani iwe? do you know what Christianity means? ukadziwa sudzachitanso zimenezo but my advise is, from today start watching prophetic channel and you will be blessed,udzasintha makhalidwe ako,nanenso ndinali m`mene uliri iweyo,koma moyo wanga unasintha nditayamba kowonera Prphetic channel,ndawona ukulu wa mulungu,God is still speaking.

  60. quina moyo says:

    we Malawians we are a fond of having a finger point at others work why cant you stay quiet you know the man of God knows what he is doing and know that he is being direct by God himself please let just thank God that we have a prophet from our country he will build a church also in malawi if God directs him to do so this time is for south Africa just relax

  61. leslie says:

    A great man of God besides his prophetic gift his teachings is powerful.

  62. Pilirani Piddoy says:

    Kunena Zoona Uthenga Tamva Zoti Mumanga Church “Koma Koma”kuno Ku malawi Mangeko Church Tatopa Kupemphera Mzisakasa Makamaka Ku Mzuzu Kuno I Hope Massage Is Clear

  63. koma mazulu wathana nawotu

  64. Phunky says:

    Big up man of God

  65. clark says:

    God has brought Prophet shepherd Bushiri to SA to expose him to the world, all over the world watch him on prophetic channel. God raise him from a small country like Malawi to save the world, many people today have become Christians giving their life to our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Healing people from all kind of diseases, when Prophet was in Malawi only few people knew him but today billions of people all over the world know him. God can raise anybody from any country to fufill his prophecy no matter how small that country is, Our God is a Dangerous God He do what he say he say He will do. God bless Malawi, God bless Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, God bless us all Amen.

  66. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Mwana wakwithu Bushiri unikumbuke in your prayers. I receive

  67. Tshoo says:

    Power…children of God, Sons and daughters of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, let’s be partakers of this annoiting by building the church, building the kingdom of God. You shall be richly blessed.We give all the glory to God Almighty for this grace. God bless you man of God, Major One..Iyeeee.

  68. Raphael Vries says:

    Greetings in Jesus name.God called you as a prophet for the world to come and make changes and differences.I pray to God for his grace and blessings over the construction.

  69. fanky says:

    Major 1 the unlimited one iyeeeeeh!I’m overwhelmed by your job I wish u infinite blessings.

  70. maphokga ceejay says:

    God has blessed us with the life of major1 nd i’m grateful for that.

  71. Musa Manyatsha says:

    I love my prophet and very happy he is at my country

  72. thinktankmalawi says:

    I dont know why this guy is being given such coverage….he is a good talker….there is nothing for him in southern sudan….there is no university being constructed either by him or named after him….he portrays the appearance of doing something some kind of VIP on world stage….remember he said he has access of cash to fund Malawi govt deparments?…where is the cash?…google him…you will only see articles by nyasatimes…and his Facebook page….open your eyes …..

  73. jaunky says:

    May the almighty God continue blessing you,you are indeed a true servant of God,sizachilendo kuti mumanyozedwa a prophet,even in the scriptures it really tells that Jesus the Son of God was rejected,kunyozedwa kumene anabadwira ku Nazaret,sizachilendo,koma langizo langa nali a Malawi a nzanga,Tiyeni tilape ndikumva chimene mulungu akunena kudzela mumaso ake.Let me tell you that prophets are the eyes of God ngati muli a khristu ndipo mumawerenga Bible mudziwe izi that we are in the last days as the Bible says in the book of Acts 2:17 ( And in the last days,says the lord, I shall pour out my spirit upon all fleh,and your sons and your daughters will prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.ndiye mukufuna mulungu akuyankhuleni chani anthu osamva inu lapani ndipo musataye nthawi yanu kunyoza atumiki a mulungu, shame on you Malawians,God is mightly using Major 1,mudzowonelako prophetic Channel mudzadziwa chilungamo osamangomva anthu akutumikila ku Midimawa akusokonezani,major 1 is a true servant of God

  74. Jaicah Mwaya says:

    Think of your Mzuzu Church. God bless

  75. Moffat Gondwe says:

    Major 1, as a Malawian am very proud you. I know that through you, one day Malawi will never be the same. I know that in your everyday prayers Malawi is included and God is hearing to your prayers. I personally believe that through your prayers Malawi will never be the same because distance is not a barrier. May the almighty God keep on showering his blessings on you.

  76. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    60,000! Will it be a church stadium or a church building?

  77. ngongoliwa says:

    What am I hearing here. He is constructing a university in sudan. Now he wants to construct a curch and five star hotel in South Africa. Why the prophet is doing all these things? This is unfair as he has not even constructed a kindergarten here at home. Its too much. Remember one thing the prophet, the first coin which you enjoyed for opening up your prophetic role was a coin from poor Malawians. Now you are deserting them to such extent. Please Prophet put at least 1 in Malawi. Dont forget east , west home is best. One day you will need Malawians.

  78. kas says:

    He z also constructing a university of Agriculture in Sudan. We are on the losing end as Malawians,,

  79. Brazilian Wax says:

    Kodi chizimba chake ndichoti kumudzi osamangako synagogue/hema? Temporary structure at $4million. Koma udazamatu braz!

  80. tabix says:

    In Israel The most beautiful and outstanding building was the temple of God. Congrats PSB Ministries

  81. mapwevupwevu says:

    Ndiye ndi zantchito chani zimenezo? Zake zimenezo pakati pa iye ndi Mulungu wache ife zisatikhudze!

    Nonse mukuliralira whether as followers or as confusionists you can follow him to South Sudan or to Midrand in Jozi for all I care!

    Ice tili muno kuthimitsiridwa magetsi ndi ESCOM, Mvula kusowa, madzi kusiya, Forex kudula, ma politician kumangodya ndi ma civil servants.

    One day! One day zidzayenda. Mulungu wathu adzamva kulira kwathu.

  82. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Nanga akukanika kumanga machalichi ake kuno ku Malawi bwanji? Ku Mzuzu mpingo wake umapemphera mchisakasa. Ku Lilongwe ku Area 47 he just pocketed millions of kwachas from the naive up to now all they have done is to clear the land for years now. All this is just a facade to attract more money from the gullibles.

  83. opportunist says:

    Am proud of u Major 1.This mega church would have been constructed in our country unfortunately we have lost.

  84. yohane mbatizi says:

    Big up prophet God bless u….

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