Prophet Bushiri urges Malawians to reject gays

Renowned prophet Shepherd Bushiri has urged Malawians to reject gay rights in Malawi saying homosexuality is a sinful act.

Bushiri: No to gay rights

Bushiri: No to gay rights

“I implore Malawians to reject homosexuality and anything that comes with it. There is no such thing as ‘gay rights.’ I thus urge my fellow Malawians to reject gay rights. Homosexuality is a sin,” blurted Prophet Bushiri.

Prophet Bushiri made the call on Sunday at his Pretoria Church in South Africa.

Bushiri’s comments comes hot on wheels after the ongoing heated debate in Malawi on whether gay rights should be legalised or not following the increase of gay activities in the country.

The man of God asked Malawians to firmly stand firm against Western cultural influences which he described it as a sin against God and His teachings.

“As a spiritual leader, I strongly believe that homosexuality is a sin and it’s forbidden by the spiritual law. It is, however, a pity to hear that it is happening in Malawi. I feel so sorry for my country,” said Bushiri.

He added:” The Bible made it clear that homosexuality is a sin and it should not be allowed. It is therefore my prayer that Malawians should not welcome such type of development.”

Bushiri said homosexuality is not and must never be accepted at any level and Malawians must not embrace such a devilish act adding that it is an ungodly endeavour explaining that those involved in homosexuality needs deliverance because they have evil spirits.

“And I speak without fear of any person whether government leaders or donors, I say no to homosexuality because it is against the teachings of the Holy Bible and it is a sin,” said Bushiri sounding angry.

Same sex marriage remains illegal in Malawi and homosexuals face up to 14 years jail term.

Catholic Bishop for Karonga Diocese Dr. Martin Mtumbuka last week speaking in Karonga to the catholic faithful in the district described homosexuality as a sin and condemned gays and lesbians as ‘horrible sinners.’

Bishop Montfort Sitima of Mangochi diocese said Sunday in church in his homily that many Malawians reject homosexuality only that they do not speak out.

“The government should not sell out our culture and our religion in exchange for money,” said Sitima, indirectly attacking the government for bowing in to pressure by powerful donors of US, United Kingdom and Germany to suspend all gay laws in Malawi.

Malawi’s renowned music icon and Member of parliament for Balaka North, Lucius Banda on Christmas eve stopped performing on stage after two men were reportedly kissing publicly in full view of music lovers and imbibers at the popular waterhole Zitherepano in the Lakeshore district of Mangochi.

Malawi suspended enforcement of anti-gay laws, among them Sections 137(a), 153, 154 and 156 of the Penal Code pending a High Court review of their constitutionality, but the process is yet to be concluded.

The country is also a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which guarantees the right to privacy and the right to non-discrimination of all people.

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74 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri urges Malawians to reject gays”

  1. Sholus says:


  2. J R Chigangawa says:

    say no to gays the west is blackmailing African people with their devilish laws. they want us to follow their evil ways . there is no one who is born a thief or murderer so is gays so let’s not be fooled by the devil.

  3. They Are Committing Abominable Acts…But The Eyes Of God..The Eyes Of God Are Watching Us But We Cannot See. Unnatural Act Which Was Long Practiced In Sodom And Gomorha But God Rained Sulphuric Fire The Consuming Fire On These Two Wicked Cities. Judge Not But Call Sin With Its Name. Almighty God As You Are Changing These Misspirited Change Me Also.

  4. Joseph Samson says:

    Lets stand upfor our dear country malawi, say no to such crude rights. We are malawians having our own cultures to embrace , Let what belongs to them be theirs and ours be to us. We are not outcasts…

  5. helbert HB Mhango says:

    thats what we were expecting to here from you man of God… we malawians we are saing NO to Gays.

  6. Nakanga says:

    So out of 73/66 books of thr bible the only law you want to follow is about gays? What the money ur frsudently acquiring @ your pretoria church.. You lend money on interest yet the bible says no..

  7. Stevwa Enock Banda says:

    God were angry with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and set fire mainly because of homosexuality sin, when men came to Lot house and want to sleep with Vistors who were there whom they were also discovered that they were angels.

  8. The ambassador says:

    I totally agree with Bushir and would like forward my plea for unity of purpose between two great faiths Christianity and Islam that they both should vigorously fight against homosexuality in our beloved Malawi even it means by sword.

  9. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Amen brother Bushiri, really no gayism in Malawi

  10. kukhala says:


  11. Kadziotche says:

    Bushiri, you are spot on!

  12. Why Peter himself that time he chose a woman to marry not a fellow man??

  13. Peter will go if this continues!

  14. CITIZEN says:


  15. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    My fellow Malawians and all nations and all creation to whom the gospel of the Kingdom of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was sent!!!! Idolatry/love of money/ covetousness/ mammon worship is the root sin of all evil (Romans 1:18-28, Colossians 3:5-7, 1Tim 6:9-10)!!! Verses 24-27 clearly state that when men STUBBORNLY CONTINUE RESISTING GOD’S REBUKE/REPROOF/CORRECTION, then GOD finally GIVES THEM UP to TO UNCLEANNESS and VILE AFFECTIONS,with HOMOSEXUALITY/LESBIANISM BEING THE TOPMOST!!!! It is this topmost evil that shows that such people are now RIPE FOR GOD’s wrathful Judgement!!!! Just watch carefully and note from history and current affairs that Churches that have openly been Defiant about Idolatry against God’s Word are the ones that are commonly reported doing homosexuality/lesbianism etc. Note from 1Peter 5:13 that ROME=BABYLON!!!! And God is calling all men to repent Now!!! And come out of every SUCH BABYLONIC system of worship (REVELATION 18:1-5), for Jesus Christ is about to appear to judge nations (Acts 17:24-34/Psalms 2). CHOOSE LIFE, not DEATH!!!! Let us all repent and be converted in heart and spirit!!!! Amen and GOD bless you all who will obey His urgent command!!!!!

  16. Meshack Kapinda says:

    Just one question to the homosexuality(gay or lesbian)founder is,if your parents were practising that nonsense thing did you think you would be BORN in this wolrd?

  17. Meshack Kapinda says:

    I also rise against the gay and lesbian topic,its so disgusting it must stop in our warm heat of africa country.we need to do whatever it takes to stop this sinnful homosexuality thing.and Iam together with the people who are fighting against this iam behind you.

  18. ida says:

    @ Cocoon, not all of us are God’s children. If u are a believer pls read the Gospel according to John Chapter 1 verses 11 -13 which talks about God’s children. All of us thou are God’s pple.

  19. Cocoon says:

    Who is perfect in God’s eyes? People are dying in this world because of sins caused by leaders in Malawi and around the World, everyone is God’s children and it is not up to you to Judge.

    1. Charles Tunthuwa says:

      Where I the bible does it say that God created man and man to go and multiply or marry. Money lovers devils is telling other people to feel its fine to be gay oh or same sex marriage.

  20. Mccarthy says:

    That’s true Mr. Bushiri and I respect that!

  21. Charles Tunthuwa says:

    The world needs to cooperate against gay and same sex marriages.It is a clear sin against the will of God. God created a man and and a woman to marry. The question can be that why dont animals even birds do that,its because nature dont allow them thus they respect God. I can now wonder why a human being can ignore God for the sake of money. And why dont the presidents of America,Britain,Germany and other big rich countries responsible for gay rights don’t become gays to give an example. Are they fooling the world because their countries are rich. I ask all the poor countries to respect God and leave the money to the rich countries so they can promote the will of devil the.

  22. Janta Manta says:

    Way to go man of God,gays are great sinners nations before has been destroyed by God for engaging in such acts,how sickening when a rubbish outlet is used for sexual pleasure,abomination!!!Gay rights chani zautsilu extreminate dem!!!

  23. Funzo says:

    Bushiri says that there is no such thing as gay rights then urges Malawians to reject gay rights! Where is the logic in that?

  24. mqueeyoh says:

    Go deeper man of God.

  25. SOLOMON phiri says:

    I strongly stand against homosexuality. Yes, am not here to judge, but certain sins are awful and don’t need to be tolerated.

  26. Kunta says:


  27. Bibo says:

    That’s my prophet right there, he doesn’t condone nonsense and I don’t condone nonsense.Let the donors keep their money, but God will one day bless us.You cannot come close to a lion when you know it will kill you. Subscribing to gay practices is inviting trouble to your spiritual belief and there is no compromise about it.

    It’s about time Malawi found trusted friends and partners in trade in other parts of the world, friends who don’t tolerate evil practices like gay marriage, and friends who will respect Malawi’s laws and cultural norms.Our independence should be meaningful and should not be a shadow of other countries that tend to bully us with their stupid demands.Any pastor who tolerates homosexuality is not an annointed one and should leave God fearing Malawians alone.

  28. Gerald phiri says:

    Malawi is God fear country and we cant allow this let malawi be Malawi and Europe is Europe dont force us to dance your culture we have our own culture’s millions of them anatikwana basi

  29. Said mondwe says:

    Zoona man of God! Akutinamiza azunguwa. Speak loud amveee.

  30. Thumb up Bushiri..:a tru son of Malawi.

  31. Zowona u Gay sikuti ndima feelings weniweni ayi these guys are just possessed with evil spirits
    You too Bushir you’re not a prophet you’re just possessed with (dziwanda) as well

  32. Namaoda says:

    People people, don’t get emotional. The bible ot the Quran is not the constitution of this land called Malawi. Start by advocating that these become the supreme laws of the land otherwise, Malawi is a secular with a constitution that protects Minorities.
    Homosexuality is also not the only sin you should vehemently condemn according to the bible/quoran; there are some any others that even affects our neighbors more negatively than consensual sex between two adult males or females.

  33. A fellow conman says:

    Bushiri just stick to talking on these issues. Tigwirizana. Osati Za ma Angels. Go deeperrrrrrrrr!!!!
    Mathanyula wina akwiya

  34. Junior says:

    True worshippers of Jehovah God are known by their actions. Prophet Bushiri has proved it. He lives by the Bible standards because the Bible condemns homosexuality. Please we need more people of such calibre.

  35. Mo says:

    Maybe on this you have touched my soul osati angels!!!angels!!!!ayi

  36. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:


  37. Michael Mtambo says:

    May I ask this guy Bushiri to openly criticize the South African Constitution which protects the rights of Gay People in South Africa as that would be the honorable thing to do in light of his comments about Malawi, And if he is not prepared to do so, may I then suggest that he leaves South Africa as he would then not be prepared to abide by the South Africa Constitution, which governs all who choose to live in South Africa.

  38. Ricky says:

    Hallulejah……I say a great AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! to this stand by Prophet…leading by example

  39. Tassie says:

    Major Original. Limited edition.

  40. robert kamphani says:

    wat ever we can say it will change nothing bcoz this is the fulfilment of God’s spoken words about wat wil happen in the last days that people wil love money(2 timoteo 3)lets jst have faith in jesus and all shall be well with us.

  41. Jang'ala says:

    Prophet Bushiri plz pray for me so that ican get well

  42. bk phiri says:

    Thank you prophet for joining the fight against this evil which is being imposed by western countries. We will fight on until demons realise that they have infiltrated a strange land. The atmosphere will be unbearable for those involved and their masters.

  43. rich says:

    apa ndiye pakulankhulidwa zanzeru ostinato zinazi

  44. Angel of Doom says:


  45. Mmmmmmmmm a bushiri inu mumagona ndi njoka plus mizukwa alipo amakuletsani? Ngati ziri choncho ukumuuze dudhu comfort kuti asiye kugonana ndi ndondocha

  46. Exodus Kalunga says:

    I cry for my poor country malawi, zonsedzi bvuto ndi umphawi. Inu ma bungwe oona za ufulu wa anthu muli ndi adzikazi anu komanso azimuna anu, musabwelese zinthu zachilendo nziko lathu chifukwa cha ndalama zomwe mukupasidwazo, Malawi is poor yes bt timasatira chikhalidwe osati kutengeka ndi zopusa zanudzo.komanso maiko ndi mabungwe omwe mumatithandidza ngati thandidzo lanu cholinga chake ndikutithandidza mu choona tithandidzeni posayang’anira zomwe mukufuna, koma ngati thandidzo lanu cholinga chake ndikutipasa zochita ife kuno kwathu ku malawi AYI ndipo ngati ndichoncho thandidzo lanulo bwelela naloni. Ngakhale bible limanenesa kuti banja lobvomeledzeka ndi pokhapo pali mwamuna ndi nkadzi. Inu mphavu mukudzitenga kuti? Musagulise dziko lathu chifukwa cha dyela, mukayankha kwa mulungu.

  47. Philip says:

    But what if i am gay and am not a believer…Should i also be condemned?

  48. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Well, better i sin being gay than attend your sinful church Bushiri. If anything my Lord will forgive me if at all being gay is sinful.

  49. Timothy Bunaya says:

    Members of parliament,did you accepted this?did you ageed with homosexual(gay)or mr president is just accepting for himself? This is stupid acceptional. Government what you gain on this situation.

  50. MaKopa says:

    The work of Satan watch out brothers and sisters

  51. Timothy Bunaya says:

    Talking of these is amatter of wasiting time.if you get them,put it in jail 4 many years & they must do hard labour.

  52. Prophet bushili,only i said only on this article i SALUTE question is anthu amene amalimbikisa kuti azimuna kaya azikazi azikwatirana okha okha ,iwo anayamba achitapo izi.A trapence inuyo mkazi wanu ndi wa muna?mukufuna kundiwuza kuti mulibe ana inu?zinkhalidwe za azungu izi mupusatu nazo.Ngati zili ndalama kuti sapereka ku dziko la malawi asiyeni ankhale nazo,ife tiyeni tigwirane manja ndikupemphera kwa Mulungu kuti atithandize munyengo za mayesero ngati izi kuti tikhale oziyimira patokha ,chifukwa lomwe mukuliyambalo ndi chimo lalikulu pamaso a Mulungu.Anzathu mbuyomu m’bayibulo anayeserapo kuchita izi koma akanaziwa bwenzi sodom ndi gomola sakanawonongedwa.Amene akulimbikisa izi mukufuna kundiwuza kuti achina David cameroni mkazi wake ndi mphongo?Queen amene mukundiwuza kuti mwamuna wake ndi mkazi?Obama amene mishell amene ndi wamuna?Nanga amalawi tikupusidwiranji ndi za ma human rights.A trapence pelekani chitsazo choyamba muthese banja lanu ndipo mukwatirane ndi a Mtambo, tiwon

    e ngati zitheke.Ndiponso pakhale ana.Mulungu atichitire chifundo chifukwa anthu ambiri tikulakwisa zinthu chifukwa chosadziwa.

  53. Dausi Phiri says:

    Lets build our Nation from a scratch with the little resources we have through hard work ,dedication and patriotism rather than swimming in dirty money at the expense of our good cultural and religious values.Better die in poverty with peace of mind than sacrificing my integrity with money that comes through foolishness.

  54. Malawian says:

    I add up my voice to this evil thing gay. Gift and friends don’t fool us. We have many things to do other than nursing the wound gay.

  55. literary observer says:

    sikusinja, you are talking. Bushiri is hereby demonstrating high level hypocrisy. Maybe he is afraid that the SA gullibles will stop giving him money.

  56. stephen says:

    Has the “prophet” explained was is wrong with homosexuality?
    And by the way, Christianity is a western cultural influence!

  57. Bongololo says:


  58. John K Black says:

    Bushiri is contradicting himself: evangelism is a western cultural influence, and a particularly homophobic type of Christianity, recently imported from the US. We should reject evangelism, rather than gay rights.

  59. Mfumu Tumbwe says:

    Bravo Bushri! tell them the truth without fear, But you must also stop lying that angels appeared in your church………….

    1. Alfred Chimenya says:

      Do you know Angels ,if you can meet them will you be able to notify them stop doing what you are doing think twice before you are cursed.

  60. sikusinja says:

    Why is he worried about Malawi when he stays and preaches in a country where homosexuality and gay marriage is legal. Why can’t he direct that message to his congregation and South Africans.

  61. chikhadzula says:

    I totaly agreee wt bushiri for tge first tym. No nid fo referendum this is straight forward issue. Malawianz a no ready for gayz. Noooooooooooo.

  62. Alfred Chimenya says:

    Where did He say that Iwas there Idid not hear him saying but even though He say that He is realy man of God thus my papa Do something Iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  63. mwiithotho says:

    This is the only word of wisdom that Bushiri has spoken

  64. Willie Chimseu says:

    Mmmmmmmm not here prophet may be few individuals but your idea is welcome

  65. Nkuruzinza says:

    Indeed. Sin is not a right.

  66. ophiri says:

    bwana prophet mundigayileko 20 pin

  67. Malawian!!! says:

    I. Miss you man of God.

  68. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    A referendum on the issue of gays in Malawi could be a waste of the scarce resources as over 85 percent of the rural masses will vote with their feet to reject this abnormal and strange act in our midst. Let those practicing it, including those promoting such an act, repent and be baptised. Sin is sin and has no fraction.

  69. Chilombo says:

    He is residing in South Africa where this act is legal.Am sure some of his church members are gay so his comments won’t go down well with people there.

    1. wa ku Simba says:

      Makes you wonder why Bushiri is not urging South Africans, his hosts, to reject gay rights. He’s probably afraid the government would kick him out, deport him. They can always find a reason to deport you,, within twenty four hours. Where you you then go, Mr. Bushiri?

  70. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Iwe Bushiri! Tikudziwa kale zimenezo. Tadzingodya makobiri ako kumeneko!

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