Prophet Bushiri uses Easter to pray for African Presidents, including Malawi’s Mutharika

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri used his Easter sermon on Sunday in Pretoria, South Africa, to pray for African heads of States and Government, asking God to give them strength, ability and skill.

Bushiri had Malawi in his Easter prayers

Bushiri carrying his national Malawian flag

During the emotional one and half session, the Prophet invited flag-waving nationalities of a particular nation to join him on the pulpit for a joint prayer asking God to deliver their leaders and nation.

Some of the nations include South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Botswana and Tanzania.

However, he also prayed for leaders in other countries such as South Sudan, Equitoria Guinea, Gabon, Eritrea, Egypt, Uganda, Swaziland, Kenya, Lesotho and Gambia.

The Prophet also added leaders of the nations that have African people such as India, Europe, Australia and US.

Carrying his national Malawian flag, Prophet Bushiri, who is the founder and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), took considerable time to pray for Malawi’s Head of State whom he addressed as ‘our beloved leader’ President Peter Mutharika.

The ECG leader, whose church has hit over 300 000 registered members, asked God to continue guiding President Mutharika in the noble leadership duty of lifting Malawians from poverty.

“We pray for our beloved President Mutharika today so that God may exalt him and give him good health. We pray that he can deliver our land and people from pain and poverty,” he prayed.

Prophet Bushiri’s prayer comes barely two days after President Mutharika and his wife, Dr Getrude Mutharika, called upon Malawians to use the Easter period as time for ‘reflection on the sacrifices individuals in our families, communities and the nation selflessly make for our own good as our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated during this period in his life time’.

Popularly known as Major One—and constantly waving the Malawi flag and flanked by hundreds other flag-waving Malawians on the pulpit—Prophet Bushiri stressed that Malawi is a great country, blessed with natural resources which needed to be harnessed.

“As we hold these flags, we pray for our country Malawi. It is a nation facing a lot of problems, but I believe that God can save our nation. Our hopes and faith is in the fact that God can save our nation,” he prayed.

The Prophet also prayed for Men and Women of God in Malawi to be unwavering in praying for the nation.

He said Malawi’s history is rife with Men of God delivering the nation from challenges.

Major 1 singled out Reverend John Chilembwe and David Livingstone. Even democratic winds were influenced by Catholic Bishops in that 1989 Living Our Faith Pastoral Letter.

Prophet Bushiri also prayed for countries that love Malawi—for instance South Africa and Botswana—to receive blessing from God for the sake of their love for Malawi.

For South Africa, a nation currently rocked in a series of political challenges, the Prophet said the month of August will see escalation of economic pain.

The Prophet, however, underlined that the pain will be temporary and, hence, called on the church to be unwavering in prayer.

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sazilala mbuno

ku nygeria ambili ndi a fake bola akapeza ma desperate followers nde amawakololadi
za bushili tizamva msogolo muno, tingokhalapo cete ayambe wavina sabasaba wace uyu

Bias Cantande

Major 1,tnx for not forgetting your own motherland, Malawi,although it has naughty leadership that doesn’t honour men of God.We respect and honour you though.Kip it up baba.


that is what we call humbleness keep it up Major 1

winston msowoya

Bushiri,your prayers are not received in the house of God because he is not happy with these so-called leaders who are killing their own people,stealing from poor people,oppresing their people who put them into power.Instead of praying for the dehumanised masses of people of Africa,you are just wasting your time and energy for nothing.TRY AGAIN!!!!

joram phiri

Ife tili kuno kuno ECG pretoria, a major1 amagwiladi tchito yimene mlungu amawatuma,a major1 amalikonda kwambiri ziko lakwao,zulo tinali nao amajor1 mu church pamene ananyamula mbendela yamalawi monyadila ndinthu,


Ngwazi, Nigeria has the most respectsed prophets but the country is torn by the worst chaos and sins because allof these socalled men of God arethe fake prophets and greed entrepreneurs.


You SUZGO !! of all the good things mentioned here BUT you on the number??? may God forgive you for your bad heart.


Suzgo……………… You just goofed. It is 300,000. Although this figure is in reality less than the actual, it what has been written. Kuyankha mwaphuma,

Suzgo in English means Problem!

Perries Musonda

Major 1 indeed the prophet of the almight God the creator of universe one who look up for others for redemption .you are my prophety u enerstry make my spirit and the physical joint in me .God continue uplifting you in Jesus Christ name
Perries Musonda
Zambia ECG member


major 1 our true man of God ,may God continue using u as our prophet so that our country malawi can be rescued

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