Prophet Bushiri warns Malawi President Mutharika: ‘Stop using me as a shield to divert people’s attention’

Leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Bushiri has strongly warned Peter Mutharika led-government to concentrate on improving the welfare of Malawians other than spending time in character assisination campaign against him and his ministry to divert attention.

Major 1 Bushiri : Speaks out

Major 1 Bushiri : Speaks out

Bushiri reaction comes after various false accusations against the ‘Major 1’ manufactured reportedly by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) propaganda machine.

Among others, the propaganda and disinformation team of DPP has been attacking Bushiri, a move that people have described as a way of diverting people’s attention from the main challenges Malawi is facing.

“I always pray for Malawi against the spirit of jealous that has surrounded our beautiful nation. It seems people love to see their fellows suffering with poverty and all sorts of problems. It is unfortunately to note that my own government that I am supposed to work with to uplift the welfare of people in Malawi is fighting me, spending millions just to make sure my name is put out their for the negative reasons,” said Bushiri.

“I know people who are doing this and I know their counter parts in South Africa who are also being paid heavily [through Malawi tax payers money] to write bad things about me. Their main aim is to remove the focus of people from the current pressing issues Malawi is facing. They simply want to make Malawians busy talking about issues which are unfounded  like the lies about  me.”

He continued:“They lied I killed Grace Chinga Moffat and the whole country stopped talking of the hunger and spoke badly about me. They have linked me to Cashgate corruption cases and say I use Cashgate money for my business. Its funny because the figures mentioned can’t even pay for a jet, which I have quite few of them.

“Last time I was in Malawi, I was chased and if it wasn’t for my well trained security guys, I would have suffered physical abuse by DPP agents. What is that I haven’t gone through, last time I was helping people in Mzuzu I couldn’t even be allowed to land in the country, I had to land in Tanzania and drive all the way and I was heavily searched on the boarder. It makes me wonder why the whole government spends sleepless nights just to fight me for doing my work as a man of God and responsible citizen,” continued the prophet.

“They also spoke that I get my wealth through witch doctors yet the so called witch doctors are way poor like them.  It’s just a pity that instead of fighting hunger, corruption and the challenges Malawi is facing, they are fighting me and spending resources on me. God fights my battles and I don’t remember losing any. This too will pass and I will surely have the final laugh after them all,” explained Major, a recipient of Best Contribution Awards in Humanitarian Aid, in and outside Malawi at the Malawi Achievers Awards SA Edition.

“I am dedicated to help people. I now warn DPP that they are calling for problems they can’t handle. Biblically, Elijah once hid from his tribe for a number of years until he couldn’t take it. I feel like Elijah now and when I kneel down on my altar to ask God to intervene, it will not be good for the DPP government

“I have been quite for so long, now I will stand up and protect my name and I will be coming back to Malawi to continue from where I left. I know what problems are because I have experienced them. I was there in Malawi struggling for my rise and everyone called me a poor prophet, now that I made it through hard work and my faith in God, somebody thinks it is blood money, like really?

“I have been accused about different things I have no idea of. I know most Malawians know and understand the effort I put through to achieve whatever I have despite few people also working to disturb the minds of others. I believe most of you have been on my official business website:  where everything about my business is explained. It’s a pity that people choose to believe lies when the truth is right in their faces,” concluded the man of God.

A lot of Malawians have also joined and lamented with the man of God who is seen to be DPP’s number one enermy above everyone.

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41 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri warns Malawi President Mutharika: ‘Stop using me as a shield to divert people’s attention’”

  1. robert taylor says:

    The Name Prophet Bushiri is the only good thing that comes out from the impoverish Malawi..

  2. caka cina says:

    Witch doctors they tolarete because they always go there for the so called jujus they use and are never told about there sins, the people we call our leaders are so selfish and stupid, they don’t care about us when we vote for them, major one, they are jealous, they can’t understand you, they are far from even know a simple verse, I won’t be surprised to find out that most of these IDIOTS supporting these useless selfish morons are their relatives, when others are suffering, others are celebrating about it, shame on you, God will vindicate us.

  3. John says:

    Everybody is a man of God

  4. Jack says:

    Thank you Papa for answering this fools, they think you are scared of them, God is your defender…

  5. wawa says:

    zoona man of God

  6. Joloza says:

    Pray and make this mathanyula perish major one…

    1. Philla Bigbrother says:

      Major 1 Major Major Major

  7. Chambe says:

    Even Jesus was rejected in Nazareth after he read the book of Isaiah which after reading, they were all filled with wrath and wanted to throw him off the City through a high cliff. But Jesus carried on with his Mission without being angry with those that opposed him. Bushiri should just follow the examples of Jesus who never prayed for a revenge from God for all those who persecuted him.

  8. Jika says:

    Prophet,we love you and we pray for you.God will fight all your battles and you shall be still.Whether they call you fake or whatever names,we have accepted you as you are, our Prophet and we shall not be moved,shame to those who are boot likers of politicians&get paid to write nosense about you,please expose them.Its high time let them face the consequences now.

  9. Phwisa says:

    Bushiri started it himself. By being involved with Joyce Banda on political issues he deserved to be dealt politically as well. So he should not by sympathy now. He joined politics indirectly

  10. Pastor Bright Mkandawire says:

    Its interesting to note how the so called man of God goes so low to talk in press releases about the government and its leadership. For those in Malawi, they will testify that there is no single day the President has mentioned his name publicly and insinuated as such. The President has been so focused at addressing problems rocking Malawi because of Cashgate and other elements like drought and donor pull out. As a man of God, he needed to know that his battles can only be fought by the Almighty God and not through senseless press releases which are nothing but attention seeking elements. Let him focus on his call and not waste time thinking that anyone is after him in the administration. To say that he was refused to distribute maize in Malawi is to sink so low in lying to seek public sympathy. He knows very well that no single person stopped him from the exercise despite the fact that he never followed any protocol. Its laughable also to say he was denied landing rights at Karonga Airfield. He has to know that since Paladin scaled down its operations in Malawi, that airfield is no more designated as an international airport. For doubters, why then did he a few days later land in Lilongwe and Blantyre? Why then was he able to land on his chartered jet in Lilongwe and Blantyre? The truth is, he may be getting the sympathy and attention he needs but he has to remember that he is doing it at the back of claiming stewardship in the vineyard of the Almighty Jehovah. Jehovah has two sides and he needs to watch his back before God shows him the other side. Once more, focus on your calling and move on.

  11. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    Major ask God to intervene please, the earlier the better malawi ali pa moto, we need help .

  12. hudson banda says:

    so sad

  13. Nkhulandi says:

    Man of God, just do something, we don’t want this useless man of Grasshoppers to continue governing this country either. The problem of voting for Mathanyula, he fights every man of God, ask TB Joshua and PAC

  14. Beston Kambeta says:

    Kaya kwa inu mumadya ndale ndi Zopeleka ine si business yanga pa ziwili ndanenazi so musandisokotse

    1. Muta says:

      Ukuzisokosa wekha who has forced you to read this? Shame on you. God gave us gifts differently…..

      1. emmanuei says:

        come and train peter mthalika

        1. Loves God says:

          this peter mthalika guy and his cronies hands off our Man of God

  15. I wonder when will malawians woke up from sleep and see the truth. If major 1 was born in America or out of malawi, malawians could have celebrated him, raise ticket money to meet him, yet God favored u, a prophet of this generation was born in your own land. Jesus lamented over Jerusalem for killing its own prophets sent to deliver her. God will not allow few people cause the whole nation to suffer, DPP government watch your ways our calamity will fall on u, more especially the leader.

    1. Muta says:

      Inuu, madona uyo akumulandilayo koma a Malawi tidzakondana liti. Anyway

  16. Minor1 says:

    Major Do Somethingggggg

  17. katakwe says:

    Nkhani ili apatu ndiyotiuza za website kuti tione ma business, nothing else! very cunning marketing. I like your vision but vuto lakula ndi akulu inu ndi bodza ndi matama. You said you are opening a bank in March, kuli ziii. Most of those businesses on your website are visions, not businesses. you want people to believe you have them so that they trust you with their money so that you grow your empire. You are not yet there. Dzapangeni showbi mukadzafikapo. Don’t do it kuti tikutameni, do it for a purpose.It takes a lot to run a conglomerate. Remember to reward those that have helped you!

    1. Pastor Bright Mkandawire says:

      Honest observation

  18. Kamuzu Palace says:

    “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” says the Lord

  19. Amawo says:

    Yes Proohet Bushiri is a Major Prophet like the prophets of the old days.
    But he is of our time.
    If only you could connect to the vision of this humble and generous Man of God

  20. Kangati says:

    Zomwe zikuchitika panopo ndi zomwe zinkachitika mu one party state. We fought for multiparty government but still we are not having free minds and speech. What wrong did Major one do to deserve this?

  21. Joseph says:

    People of Malawi please stop attacking men of God. Especially when they are doing well its also for our own good and blessings. You loose nothing by respecting them more specially respecting their gift and anointing they carry. But on the other side you loose a lot by attacking men of God like Major 1, The Prophet of this season. Lets all celebrate with him together and praise the Lord for Major 1. Look at how South Africa has benefited, what more if this was in Malawi. Lets learn to see good things.

  22. john says:


  23. Mandiza says:

    I always wonder in Malawi timadana ndi munthu wolemera why? Cashgaters are rich cos of our money but they are scot free. Major 1 is rich and has put malawi on the map mukudana naye. What wrong did he do? How can u say he is using cash gate money….was he working in government? Kungopezerako matsoka poyerayera apa. Leave HIM completely alone. Za Grace chinga ndi zija ma vendor ananena poyera kuti they were sent…..what connection is there? So what about Izeki, who killed him? Komatu do not touch the anointed ones. Recently ndi muja anapititsa zikwanje ku church…….koma ya. One party state indeed.

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Major 1 ndiwe shasha bad look at this statement,“They also spoke that I get my wealth through witch doctors yet the so called witch doctors are way poor like them. It’s just a pity that instead of ….

    And I quote, “….way poor like them”. this is true or ndege alibe udzawabweraka ikamdzapita UN.

  25. Maunisi says:

    Major 1 just come and rule this country. These people are thieves and that is why they fear should they move out of govt will all be in prison. So they don’t have any clue of governing the country. They are to steal our money.

    1. Mjomba says:

      he is man of God osati Hon. Chakwera, he is there to prayer for peace and harmony of this country Malawi, don’t involve him in stupid politics. he has been called to read us to heaven not to hell. so let the politicain do their works and He as Man of God do his work, but mind u Osasewela ndi Munthu wa MULUNGU is its a big sin pamanso pa MULUNGU.

  26. Real Kyungu says:

    Please leave Major 1 alone, you are a failed government. Malawians vote wisely come 2019. Don’t let another Hyena take care of the Goats

  27. Phiri says:

    Asiye iwe a DPP kalongonda adawapweteka. Amenewa ndiwowauza za nzeru?

    1. pido says:

      Apapa akulongolola ndi ndani? Bushiri, mwafika size yodziyelekeza ndi Prophet Elijah? May God really put us in the picture as to what battles are being fought in the spiritual realm. As you kneel down to pray, I am also daily on my knees praying for the truth to be revealed

      1. kasambala says:

        Nice one pal

      2. Chokazinga says:

        Asadziyerekeze ndi Prophet Elijah, ukufuna adziyerekeze ndi ndani? Ndi Iweyo?

      3. Alick says:

        A Pido kulira ndi umphawi olo njinga uli nayo iwe. Utamva kuti pali wokuthandiza si ukanapita kale iwe. Let the truth be told kuopela kutali bwanji by backing wrong people who didnt fight for this country? Major ndi Major we dont stress. Iye

        1. Focus says:

          Bush Doctor anazifoilisa yekha. He has surrounded himself with Hyenas. So what is he warning the government for? What is he going to do…

          Best pray for your leaders, the Bibles challenges us so.

          Kodi is it not same Bible he reads that warns us not to be in the counsel of un godly. E.g. S. Sudan is the most corrupt country in Africa now, innocent people are dying. He went to bed with the leaders of that country to invest. There are new conflicts now, why can’t this man pray to God to bring peace in South Sudan.

          We live in info age….everything we do gives people material to write about. As humans it’s in our nature to question when things don’t make sense.

      4. Chimbwanda says:

        A pida kaya muti pido kaya pindo, ndinu olephera ndiponso otembeleredwa! Bushiri tu akuchita zakupsa ndipo aliyense ndi mboni mMalawi olo kunja komwe ali. Look at Malawi now….dziko latheratu ndi njala komanso umphawi. Pano anthu akuuzidwa kuti azimbwandira zitete ndi mbewa, like seriously? Yes, pray hard kuti truth ioneke, then uzadulidwa pa khosi ngati aneneri a Baal.

      5. A Pido zikuonekeratu kuti muli ndi ndulu yowawa mumtima mwanu, nsanje siyabwino ikuphani, umphawi mukautengera kwambiri ukutengerani kulichete

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