Prophet Bushiri’s concerns on Malawi maize donation: Stick to right things first

In his winding open letter to the State President, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri raises interesting issues that demand immediate clarification so that he understands the role that government plays to ensure smooth working relations with the religious community.

Bushiri carrying maize at Karonga district hospital

Bushiri carrying maize at Karonga district hospital

That his food distribution exercise is a great gesture cannot be overstated. Thousands have already benefitted from his gesture and that goes a long way to alleviate hunger problems in our midst.

What we find off in Prophet Bushiri’s communication is two fold;  him raising pertinent issues to the head of state through the social media platforms and his presentation of concerns in unprecedented manner.

Why unprecedented? State and Church have always had a relationship defined by a special protocol when doing things. Note should be taken that Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) is not the first religious grouping to bail Malawians out in dire times like these. In the same vein, ECG is not the only religious institution at present which is going around the country to distribute food.

The foregoing means that Bushiri’s concerns on not receiving enough security during his exercises are all but true.

The Roman Catholic Church through their arm – Catholic Relief and Development Commission
(CADECOM), CCAP Synods through their relief departments, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Anglican Church and Muslim Association of Malawi are some religious bodies coordinating distribution of thousands of tonnes of maize to Malawians across the country.

Never at any time have these institutions demanded exaggerated security to carry out their
exercises. This is so because tradition has it that community leaders are capable of coordinating such programs without problems at all.

On assertions that some chiefs did not welcome him, all the man of God had to do was contact relevant government ministries and departments to intervene.

Under normal circumstances, chiefs are the first people to welcome help for their subjects. As earlier stated, most of the things Prophet Bushiri has complained about are unfounded as they emanate from what people are saying on the social media.

Most of the discussion therein is too opinionated and sensational and cannot be taken with grain
truth. As things are right now, every Malawian knows that the prophet is a spiritual leader nothing else. Those who opine that he is eyeing the Presidency in 2019 are doing so within the constitutional
parameters of their freedoms. It will therefore be lack of reason if anyone was to stop Bushiri’s exercise on speculation based on the 2019 polls.

President Mutharika has not even stopped any of his fellow politicians from opposition to help Malawians with food. How then can he stop someone whose political life is only true on the lips of
rumour mongers? It is advisable that food and politics do not cross paths and this is the underlying belief within Professor Mutharika’s government.

It is not late for Prophet Bushiri to book an appointment with the President where both his unfounded and founded concerns can be addressed once and for all. It is sad that the man of God has decided to suspend his exercise before sitting down with the head of state, not even his ministers or any government.

Next time – to avoid similar scenarios- the Prophet will need to talk to relevant authorities to avoid getting tricked by informal platforms such as social media whose purpose is to excite those with urge for pleasure.

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22 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri’s concerns on Malawi maize donation: Stick to right things first”

  1. Bj says:

    Thats why I said a cow produces milk and feeds the whole village and does not make noise but when a chicken lays an egg it makes noise for the whole village to know that it has laid an egg. Like wise Bushiri case and the Malawian churches. CADECOM , CHURCH AID just to mention a few have been saving Malawians for decades but does not make noise. Lol

  2. Ineyo says:

    Prophet Bushiri, thanks for coming to the aid of poor Malawians. Your works are a blessing to thousands and thousands of Malawians. Piece of advice though: do not distribute the maize the politician’s way, politicians and people will start speculating. Remember how people opposed to JB’s distribution of cows and goats? The idea was good but did not require the whole president to distribute goats and for that people were convinced that JB was using the stage to increase her political muscle. People would not like to see you carry loads of bags when you can easily employ other people or indeed use an NGO to distribute on your behalf. When they see you carry bags they think you are up to something. Otherwise you are a true patriot worth emulating. God Bless you our own Major 1. You are a pride to the nation. Please do not stop, just change the method.

  3. waphuma says:

    Social media, every body thinking he/she writes or comments only the truth and no two ways about it. Freedom of opinion and expression indeed. Very interesting especially when ones’ stomach is full.

  4. Ama J says:

    I think OPC needs to be respected, and protocols observed. do not expect to praised by everyone or rather being fully supported whenever you do charity work. God Himself will surely reward you if your heart is pure in doing his work. He is faithful and he never fails. We all know the situation we are in, lets join hands to support our country. For advisors please let us be honest and advise constructively. I am not taking sides here.

  5. Let Us Pray says:

    There is no issue here. Man of God just keep on doing the good work that you have already started. Of course anthu ena sangakondwe nazo, ndimmene zimakhalira padziko lapansi, but for sure the Lord is pleased with the work you are doing. Please resume the exercise and keep it up.

  6. mac says:

    Since Bushiri is more important than Jesus (he has to be to demand a battalion to provide security for him), why can’t he just distribute the food through his church rather than be part of it himself. If the idea is humanitarian assistance, do we really have to have him come and stretch the security system that is already on the point of breaking.

    The Pope is distributing food in Malawi currently through the Catholic church organization – at no time have we heard the whole pontiff will fly to Malawi to carry maize around whilst being followed around by photographers.

    Please help the poor but not for your benefit – remember, according to the bible, what the right hand does, the left should not know.

  7. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    I do not think that the author of this article read propher Bushiri’s entire open letter to the President . The Prophet mentioned it that the police are not ready to work with him because they are afraid of being victimised as was the case to those who worked with him during his crusade in Mzuzu last year. Everyone heard that the officers were demoted and some transfered to remote areas for giving prophet Bushiri a VIP treatment during the crusade. He is asking if at all the President is aware of this. Please do not just try to critisise just for the sake of it ,be objective.He is even complaining of receiving death threats. You know this DPP Government is full of thugs so the prophet could not take these threats lightly. Remember the story of the polytechnic student who was murdered. The problem is not the professor but people who surround him like this author.

  8. MIKE KADZUWA says:

    respect the OPC if the office respect the people.
    What is happening in malawi is childish,nonsense and its like zamasanje.

  9. dalitso says:

    Why the government is not reaching Bushiri if at all they have no hidden agenda. Do not bring your arguments that other churches are doing so Bushiri should do the very same pattern. Stop your politics because you and I knows that Bushiri’s charity is led by him as leader of a church unlike the other churches you are mentioning. You tell me if Pope had to join in distribution, what would be your assessment? I r

  10. Major 2 says:

    what a trash article, written by an amateur write, worse than a freshman. if this is what u call an analysis, I doubt your academic qualifications Mr Writer. sentence by sentence …typical of a mercenary writer. inu mukulemba trash but the fact is anzanu akufa ndinjala. to hell

  11. duduzire says:

    jealousy Malawians!!!! you expect him to built a church here in Malawi while you treat him like a foreigner? poti kuti ayambe kumanga church here andale omwewa achina pitala nda mzake achina dausi mukhoza kumapita usiku kukagwetsa khoma,,,,,, bushiri amakhala akugawa zinthu maiko ena why not mziko lake la Malawi, oh! Malawi titengere example kwa TB Joshua sagawa katundu kwao, tinamvako dat boma lamuletsa? pitala usatero

  12. levelheaded says:

    Malawians! Let’s respect the office of the president once and for all. Those organisations mentioned in this article like catholic commission and the like do not seek permission from the president in order to distribute maize. They seek permission from relevant bodies like the department of relief and risk management period. Why then this nonsense We are hearing of president this and president that?

    Those who have been in or born in Malawi are used to the habit of speculation. Even myself have tried several times to distribute aid in my area but people speculate that maybe Am vying for an MP seat but I don’t become moved or suspend my aid because I know for sure that I don’t aim for that seat and you Bushiri being a Malawian you should know about all this.

    They have called you a satanic, a charlatan and many names but why have you not dropped from your ministry to these accusations? Do you know that the charity work you have suspended in much better than preaching or performing miracles before God? Do you know that 90% of the Chinese don’t know God but now God is making them prosper because of the financial aid they help poor countries? Why then are you doing things like you were not born and raised in Malawi?

    All these comments in your support do not actually mean that you are doing right Prophet. People are just supporting anything that looks to be against government just out of bitterness.

    I hope you are going to resume unless it is intended other ways and not out of God’s calling. Don’t be like Noah who did not want to go to Ninevie because of circumstances.

    Do you know why people cannot tell you the truth “prophet” they think you will tell them about the day they will die.

    I rest my case.

  13. mameeee says:

    I am not backing the government if indeed what Bushiri has expressed in his letter is true then boma silikutithandiza how ever i ant backing Bushiri either. I tell from the way he has handled the issue with gvt that he is an attention seeker. instead of publishing his letter, he would have tried to contact the president first and if zimenezi zikanamukanika then maybe akanayambano kuyankhula in public.Walakwa kuyamba kuyankhula pagulu asanayese ndikomwe kuyankhula ndi presdent…

  14. Hungry Man says:

    If you read his letter he said he has tried to meet the president but has been blocked by the president’s boys. You read the letter with negativity that is why you did not get his worries. Next time try to read carefully. Ndinu aja mukumamuipitsira mbiri Major 1 eti?

  15. Tadala says:

    The way the article has been written is an admittance that there is political interference on Bushiri’s food distribution which is regrettable. In Malawi, it seems politicians have more powers than anybody else and wants everything to pass through them. Unless that behaviour is stopped politicians will continue spoiling our country while masquerading as concerned citizens,

  16. Francis Gama says:

    mukakhuta mufuna kuti amene alibe chakudya asalandire kunena zambiri wina akamathandiza ambuye akuyendereni mwapadera.

  17. MERCEDES says:


  18. Kango Herbert says:

    Ichi chalemba ivi NTCHINDELE olo chizeleza palije chazelu ichi walembapo apa.

    Bushiri wawovwiranga wanthu kuwapa chakulya iwe na boma lako wapelekapo vichi?

    If donors are failing to trust your government & do send their funds through NGOs, so why should Shepherd Bushiri trust your so called Ministers?

  19. Kaluluma says:

    Mine is an encouragement to the man of God, Prophet Bushiri. Munthu wa Mulungu mukamvera za anthu andalewa ndizosathandiza. Anthuwa nthawi zina amakhala ngati ndiopenga. Continue with your good work. After all, you are not doing it for them. Iwo akudya usiku ndiusana zakudya zonona zabwino-zabwino, nkuwona akuchita mwano woterewu. Continue doing it for Christ. Do not allow your own people (your brothers and sisters) die of hunger because some children of the devil speak, irresponsibly.

  20. Natola says:

    Malawi is definately a sick nation. You mean one should fail to support the needy in fear of the self enriching DPP fools? Come on, whats this? This is the only country such a thing can happen. Why should you fear Bushiri? Afterall he has the right to compete if so wishes just like any other Malawi and if people of Malawi want him to be present let him be.

  21. Saudi says:

    I call this article zamkutu zopanda pake…za. ziii…zobwebweta. zopanda mchere. Zahehede…mpamene anthu akufa ndi njala. what are you saying?. Are we still in the era of worshipping politicians? Sure? People who we rule through politics selling to God. That’s all. The program that Bushiri is pursuing is..not for popularity gain. He is already popular. He is serving people of God from marauding hunger. He is not comparing his initiative with that of government. No. I don’t think so…..

  22. vinator says:

    Bushiri is an individual, the other organisations you are talking about are groups. A group of people can not go for presidency thats why bushiri is becoming a threat and popular.

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