Prophet Bushiri’s Facebook page breaks local record, gets 1 million ‘likes’

The flamboyant preacher and gospel educator, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering continues to break local records on every front he put his hands on.

Major 1 with a million 'likes'

Major 1 with a million ‘likes’

He has added yet another laureate steller in the  social media hemisphere for becoming the first Malawian to get over 1 million ‘Likes’ and millions of silent followers on Facebook.

The information on Social Baker, a trusted social media analytics partner to thousands of enterprise brands and SMBs, including over 100 companies on the 2015 Fortune Global 500, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri account is the leading page in the Malawi strata with over 1 million followers followed by former head of state Dr Joyce Banda with a following of over half a million.

According to statistics for Bushiri’s page, about 600 thousand fans are those with Malawian accounts, a record that still outshines the rest minus the other countries’ followers.

There are only four pages in Malawi verified by Facebook. A verified page is the one that carries a blue badge. The verified pages include that  of Prophet  Bushiri.

The page of Professor Peter Mutharika, the current head of state is yet to be verified.

The Major 1’s page is one of the fastest growing pages in Africa for the pastors, just like his church which is also reported to be the fastest growing religious institution across the globe.

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8 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri’s Facebook page breaks local record, gets 1 million ‘likes’”

  1. santana says:

    bk phiri should not cheat us. May be you can on this page enlighten Malawians on how the ECG prophet got so rich at such a short period. You will not tell me that God dropped all this wealth on him. He must have tangible ways which he was doing to get this money. You being his die-hard supporter and your god father you must know something about how he got so rich. He should elaborate on how the people gave him the oil wells he is talking about. May be you think an oil well is the same as water well in the village. There is nothing Bushiri can teach someone from the bible because his ceremonies are always based on how to become rich while Christ taught how can a man be saved. He taught about salvation not kulemera kwa pansi panyanja ayi. So bk phiri should tell us about another bible teacher not the Bushiri we know. I challenge bk phiri to explain on this post how your so called prophet came rich. What business was he doing in his home village or where else in Malawi was he doing his businesses that Malawians can not suspect him for evil dealings. Explain to us, we want to be enlightened.

  2. KUKHALA says:


  3. ANABANDA says:



  4. michiko says:

    He deserves that, He is my Major 1. Iyeee Power!

  5. santana says:

    What do you mean by ”gospel educator?” Which are his students that he teaches them gospel? This type of boot-licking reporting should end please. Why is it that when it comes to writing about Bushiri reporters become so shallow-brained that they can write things which are not there. Bushiri can be an educator only in his church because it is only his members who can understand his doctrines of the deep-sea. You can not be his student when you are not a member of his cult. So please the word ”educator” should be elaborated to avoid confusing people. It can be the fastest growing page because with all this growing poverty and he preaches miracle monies, people think one day they will benefit from their participation. But the truth is that this is a total farce.

    1. bk phiri says:

      Why are you wasting time commenting on something you don’t believe, are you one of the silent follower of major 1? I joined Bushiri’s ministry in 2010 from one of the country’s main churches and I can tell you that the teachings I have found are so real and makes the bible a truly living word of God. In ECG we don’t just read about what God did thru His prophets but we see what God said would follow those who pray in truth and in sport. We see God every day demonstrating His power. Its unfortunately its sad to note that religious traditions have hampered the workings of the Holly Spirit in many Christians. Tapezani anthu akuthandizeni what God’s kingdom is all about coz if I tell you to come and find out the truth at ECG you don’t believe it. I urge you look for a living church where God is present.

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