Prophet Hara brutally attacked by thugs in Malawi capital

Leader and founder of Ambassadors for Christ Senior Prophet Justice Hara was seriously injured when unknown thugs attacked him  last Monday on his way to a church meeting.

Hara still in severe pain

Hara still in severe pain

Hara met his predicament in Area 47, Lilongwe close to his house.

After being beaten and given heavy cuts in the head and on his stomach, the assailants took him in his own car and dumped the Prophet along Mchinji road close to the round about.

“They injured him a lot and later dumped him along Mchinji Rd close to the new round about,” explained our contact.

His church members  later took him to hospital for treatment where he was admitted and given a blood drip for losing too much blood.

“It was very scary the way he was bleeding and he lost so much blood that it’s a miracle he is alive today,” said a close ally.

He is said to be in ‘severe pain’.

“Not many people are happy with him because his church is growing each passing day and these might simply be the work of his enemies. Truth be told, other egocentric church founders these days don’t like to see others win do better. It’s more like politics,” he said.

When contacted by Nyasa Times, Hara said he could not comment much but promised to give an exclusive interview when he recovers.

“I will comment more when I get better, God bless ,” he said.

Meanwhile, his church members are calling on Christians to pray that God should heal Prophet Hara in miraculous ways. They are also praying that their hope in the Lord will renew their strength .

“Ask God to strengthen the faith of Prophet Hara’s congregation, so they will spread the gospel with new boldness. Pray that their opponents will come to know Christ.”

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99 thoughts on “Prophet Hara brutally attacked by thugs in Malawi capital”

  1. Wizeman Paul says:

    Hope Police officers will not sweat to track his attackers, may be his god will show him the video of his attackers.
    Guyz do not be fooled Jesus knew before hand everything that happened to him including his death.

  2. ANOLD says:

    He will be well. The reason is not anything we can think , the reason is God who knows

  3. katebe katoto says:

    something is not adding up here on the attack of this man of GOD. Genuine thugs don’t just hack you and dump you; they rob you. Kaya…

  4. ALFRED says:

    Get wel soon

  5. Mike siliya says:

    Get well soon prophet!!

  6. why u/he call himself a prophet God will punish U

  7. It’s insane to fight God’s servants, that’s not the way to go. The price is very high that one can pay by trying to sabotage God’s work.

  8. Sinkhan yomuseka munthu wamulungu nkhan ndi kupemphera kuti achite bwin, mukati sanaziwe kod yesu sanapangidwe chiwembu.

  9. God is good all the time.i wishing all the best prophert quik recovery.john10v10.

  10. Chief Cadet says:

    Sad End days!

  11. Vavlov says:

    Too many so called prophets in Lilongwe and Malawi in general, so this is strategy for eliminating competition, as prophecy is a lucrative business. prophecy is prominent in poor societies where desperate people seek divine intervention, and in the process cheated by these cone prophets

  12. Yung Man says:

    Getwell soon man of God… People are nervously waiting for the manifestation of God’s power in you out there… We all know you are a chosen Man of God in Malawi and no manwork can stop that! All the best sir!

  13. God First says:

    Prophet Hara, I am praying that God should heal your wounds quickly and ease your pains, so that you can go back to feed the sheep of God. And I am also praying that God should revenge on your behalf. May those who did this to you face the consequences in the eyes of God.

    Get well soon. As for those who are still in the dark, time is ripe for you to repent and serve the Lord while you are still energetic. You have sinned enough, if you continue, sins will take your life. Repent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wizeman Paul says:

    Hahahahaha today’s prophets are only good when prophesy to their followers while strange things can happen to them without knowing. LOOK OUT!!!

  15. Getwellsoon to continue your good ,even your Master Jesus was crucified

  16. even Jesus passed alot of challenges.Be strong man of God.Get well soon

  17. Shephson says:

    Tikufunila kuchila mwachangu kuti tive zambili .

  18. Mkuthekadi ndi satana Komanso ngati uli wa chinyengo mulungu atha kukukantha using your own followers uzifufuze ndikuzitsuka wekha

  19. tikhala says:

    Yehova will not curse anyone for commenting or voicing their openion. If these are strange happenings pple are free to wonder. ‘They’silence you by “touch not my annointed” but how do you know these are “annointed” by Him?

    Do not scare people into silence so that you can advance your agengda’s with whatever god’s you pray to. My God protects his own.

    How can you speak His mind by saying kuti Mulungu azakulangani. True religion is about forgiving (Jesus did that to those who killed him) and not cursing or wishing pple ill. Zimenezo nde ma agenda a Freemason.

  20. dhalima says:

    No matter how we use the media to cover our sins, the truth will still be known. Lets fear the Lord. When a story is not adding up, dont rush to defend, judge or criticise……..pakhalekhale chilungamo chizaziwika. Pali utsi pali moto!

  21. I pray that you should be healed completely in the name of Jesus Christ

  22. akoma akagonera says:

    modi mukamati munthu wamulungu inu ndi anthu andani ? everyone everywhere ndi munthu wamulungu

  23. mwiniwake says:

    The title that “Prophet Hara brutally attacked by thugs in Lilongwe Capital” is completely wrong and is bringing wrong comments. It was a one on one punch up, let him tell his side of the story and I will come up with the correct version!

  24. PH Junior Wa Hara says:

    Nde chodabwitsa mchani munthu kupangidwa attack ?? Nyasa times kusowa chochita eti

  25. Rob wa Tsopano says:

    Get well soon Prophet

  26. Richman says:

    Prophet Hara Get well soon but the hand of the Lord should reveal who didi this thing to you and what wrong did you does to them , we have to pray so that these people who want to take the life of an innocent man of GOD should come to open in person and all ncoutry should know them. Koma a malawi

  27. weston nyama says:

    Zayipa kwambiri .

  28. Charles Dauda says:

    Man of God get well soon.

  29. Get well soon man of God. This incident was the reaction from the Devil. Do not despare. Nsanje yakula or zidangochitika mwa ngozi. Next time take care.

  30. mathanjez Ishmael says:

    How couldn’t you forsee that. Very embarrassing. Anyway, get well soon

  31. Une says:

    Wakumana nazo amayenda m’mbali.tikudikra achle nde timve kut ndndani wamchunayo.

  32. ZUMA says:



  33. Dzukulu wa anasawathi says:

    may the good Lord herp and heal you

  34. jampalampa says:

    Man of God getwell soon

  35. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Absolutely sad event to happen to anyone. MPF are on the case, and it will be solved.
    May be advisable for the prophet and others like him to hire some Big Men anthu aakulu (body guards). That’s not an insurance, though, as in Malawi, the situation is such that some body guards can easily betray the same people they are protecting. So, what’s a rich or famous person to do? In Malawi, now, we live like in major cities of the US or South Africa: always in danger and always looking over one’s shoulder.

  36. Nassani says:

    Ukamapanga comment uziganiza uzafa ifa yowawa uka manyoza athu amulungu

  37. Ian says:

    Gate well soon Man of God.

  38. Eliam k says:

    What was the motive of the attack? Was it jelousy of his growing church? Or robbery as such?

  39. hk says:

    All prophets have guns,where was his? It’s business now buy a gun and fight for customers. I can assure you if there were no prophets and politicians this world could have been a better place. Mr hara just leave that business to Nigerians the architects of prophesies.

  40. Why did he fail to see the attack in advance since he is a prophet.? This is the only reason I believe that all prophets of today are “fake prophets” or let me say “Chinese prophets”.

  41. Phillip says:

    Prophets r not super human. nawonso ndi anthu. Amadya, amalakwitsa, amapunthwa, akhonzanso kukumana ndi zifwamba

  42. manchild says:

    Get well soon Prophet Hara. May God heal you so that you go and continue ministering His word. I feel pity to what reasonable has commented. It clearly shows munthu ameneyo ali ndi ziwanda. Devil coming in the open, shame on you.

  43. Mnkhulang"ona says:

    Wish you well prophet…..

  44. Bristol says:

    Get well man of God. God is in control of your life.

  45. ramsey mponda says:

    thus y we malawians we dont prosper in doing good koma azikhala ochokela maiko ena ndie chimwemwe may god giv them longlife so that they can see his power

  46. Get Wel Soon Man Of God.

  47. zaluma says:

    Old Testament prophets used to foresee the impending danger. What is wrong with our prophets? OT prophets who were apprehended and torture was part of God’s design, I wonder whether it applies to the situation Prophet Hara found himself. This is open for debate. I am not judging him but wishing a quick recovery

  48. Kotokoto says:

    Amene mukunena zoti sanalote bwanji know that many prophates were killed 4 example John the baptist, Stephano even Jesus was killed, all desiples of Jesus were killed, ngati mulibe zolemba mudzingowelenga nkukhala du kuopa kuchimwa ndikuonetsa kusadziwa, mulungu akukhululukileni anzanga.

    1. your testicles says:

      onsewo mwatchulawo amadziwa ndipo ananena kuti aphedwa. nanji yesu ndiye anachita kuwauza ma guys kutu muzandikana inu, judas ndiye anamuwuza live zimene azachita. kumawerenga bible amwene.

      1. fomboni al hilal says:

        Ambiri amene mukuthilira ndemanga pa khaniyi zikuwoneka kuti Baibulo simumalivetsa bwino. Chitsanzo choyamba ndi Yobu. Yobu anali munthu wa Mulungu amayakhula naye komanso amamudziwitsa zochitika zapatsogolo. Koma tsiku lomwe tsoka lake limabwera Mulungu sanamuwuze, ana ake anafa thawi imodzi ziweto zake komanso zonse analinazo zinawonongeka tsiku limodzi. Pazonsezi baibulo silinanene kuti Yobu anali atawuzidwa ndi Mulungu,koma baibulo likunena kuti pa dziko la pansi panalibe munthu olungama kuposa Yobu. Paulo anamenyedwa ku Efeso pafupi kufa koma palibe pomwe baibulo linanena kuti Mulungu anamuwonetseratu kuti amenyedwa. Zilipo zitsanzo zambili mu baibulo zomwe zimawonetsa kuti sithawi zonse kuti Mulungu amawawonetsa aneneli zomwe zingawachitikile. Chomwe baibulo linanena kudzera mwa Yesu khristu ndizokuti onkhulupilira adzazunzidwa, sanati azizadziwilatu asanakumane ndimavuto ayi sichoncho bwana mukuphonya malemba. Amene anadziwilatu za moyo wake wonse ndi mmodzi Yesu basi. Ena onse za iwo eni amangozindikila zitawagwera. Kotelo kuti inu amene mukufunsa kuti bwanji sanawone mukufanana ndi anthu aja amamunena Yesu kuti udzipulumutse wekha popeza umapangila ena zozizwa nanga zakuvuta bwanji. Ine wanu mwa Yesu khristu AMEN.

  49. cosmas ndlovu says:

    these are last days.

  50. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    Our Country lack security, satanic is also rampart to the extent of brutally injured man of God. This is very strange, may the almighty God forgive them for thou do not know what they were doing. Prophet milacullousily get well soon.

  51. Get wel soon man of God

  52. Reasonable Man says:

    pangani mirakuli muchire abusa. ma prophet amapitanso ku chipatala ngati? mesa ndinu a faith

  53. your testicles says:

    i thought prophets can look into the future. sanayithaime kiyama ikubwera bwanji?

    1. iwe usalimbane ndi munthu wamulungu,utembeleredwa mpakana kalekale

  54. Namu says:

    Amen and feel better man of God.

  55. OGA MUST HEAR THIS says:


  56. Tatopa says:

    From the comments this is an inside job. Somebody from Hara’s church who has made a lot of hate comments here is after Hara’s life.
    Kodi akulu ngati Hara akunyenga inu mukufuna muweruze ngati ndani? Lets join hands in praying for Prophet Hara.

  57. Kikikiki atibulidwa abusa.

  58. Piche Yakiti says:

    Being a prophet he should have prophesised that there are some assailants kkkkkkkkk.

    Again, why should churches compete for membership? This tells us that we are here to make money and nothing else. Its curse to make money out of the word of God. tikawonana kumwamba komko………………….

  59. German wings co-pilot says:

    mu chichewa chomveka bwino timati prophet wamenywa!!!!!!

  60. YAKWE YAKWE says:

    Ngakhale simoni petulo anapoyedwa miyala ndithu

  61. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Iye monga polofeti sanawone kuti zimuonekera?????????????????? tikamati ndi a fake tikhala tikunama

  62. Chidakwa says:

    How can we distinguish day light robbers from these so called prophets? They don’t even know the Biblical definition of a prophet, and certainly they don’t know what a prophet does! Prophetic ministry is a higher Ranking anointment from the Living God. If you adopt this title in order to solicit money or prestige, God will raise bad people to deal with you. Anyone who reads the Bible knows what I’m talking about.

  63. google me says:

    You can see only one person has spoken bad comment just changing his name.i suspect he is one of those who had beaten him. Did u see Hara answering back? He is very humble and has hunndled this with maturity. … I will visit his church

  64. German wings co-pilot says:

    So many things not adding here, as a prophet, how come he didnt see this coming? There is no way and absolutely no way thugs can just be a prophet osamubela galimoto. Anyway, he has partly paid for what he is sawing????????

  65. kwali says:

    munthu uyu amayenda masana ndi ma body guard, mdipiti wa magalimoti. zinakhala bwanji usiku umene umakhala woopsa kuti ayende yekha?. amayendetsedwa masana popita ku church zinakhala bwanji usiku kuti ayendetse yekha?. mmene nsewu umeneuja umakhalira busy zinakhala bwanji kuti anthu asawone kuti munthu wapangidwa dump?. zigawengazo zinali wapansi kapena pa galimoto?. ndipo popeza iyeyo anali pagalimoto kodi anthuwo anachita kuyiyimitsa galimotoyo kapena anayitchingira kutsogolo?. tikamayenda usiku galimoto tima panga rock kodi zinakhalabwanji kuti zigawenga zitsekule? kapena zinaphwanya ?. tikukufunirani kuchira kwa msanga mafunso achuluka tikudikira mayankho kuchoka kwa inu. tokha tiuzana bodza.

  66. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Get well soon. My God, is merciful God.
    Receive your healing in Jesus’ name.

  67. purespeaking says:

    nkhani si apolisi,zinthu zimachitika mwasekandi,poti simunakumane nawo muzadziona

  68. purespeaking says:

    if you dont know anything dont speak anything, God is watching u, and apolisi sangathe kupezeka pali pose,zimachitika mwamasekandi poti simunakumane nazo muzadziona mafools

  69. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    Musova! The story is clearly vague. There is fuzzy maths in this version because 1+1 cannot be 3. But here the maths are producing 3. Things are not adding up. No wonder he says I will comment more when I am out of the hospital Ma fake prophets these days akuphatikiza ndi womanising. Ndiye ukaponda mkazi wa m’soldier, mapeto ake amakahala chocnchi.

  70. LLOYTTUP says:

    Get well soon

  71. Nkhedu says:

    anzawo ma pulofete a pa town ozitsata amayenda nda ma bodyguard.kkkk

  72. tombolombo says:

    The names dominating this prophetic business in Malawi these days; hara, Kayira, nyangulu, ziba, ndovi , eeesh the names sounds connected to one thing. Your conclusion is as good as mine.

    1. Gogo says:

      so you do follow these “prophets”; otherwise how do you now all those names. Secondly, since the so called believe in “preaching” in English, ka school kamafunikako ndithu. Hope you get the point

  73. John banda says:

    All prophets in the country we are with you our dear brother.

  74. Charles Magwira says:

    Get well soon Senior Prophet Hara. May the good Lord heal you in Jesus’ name.

  75. Alinafe says:

    bwino musakhale mukuphunzitsa mwano kwa azikazi a eniake-muziwaphunzitsa kuti anzimvera amunaawo othewise mukumathetsa mabanja awanthu inu ma prophet

  76. mahara says:

    to say the truth,DPP government has no security.each and everyday we hear about bad thing has happened and killing is the order of the day.DPP WAKE -UP we are living infear.BOLA PP IMAYESESA OSATI .GET WELL SOON PROPHET WE LOVE ,MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD TOUCH YOU WITH HIS HEALING HAND.I KNOW THOSE THUGS WILL HANDOVER THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY TOUCHED THE ANOINTED MAN OF GOD.

  77. Yankees says:

    Dpp w0eee

  78. kwali says:

    tidikire achire atiuze zenizeni. akanakhala akuba akanatenga galimoto. there is something we need to know. church meeting city mall? police do you job . things are not adding up here

  79. MIRRIAM says:

    Get well soon our prophet!

  80. Peter Watsopano says:

    Sinkhani yopanga blame DPP apa. Infact, if there has been a party that honors prophets within Malawi its DPP.

    Zachitika. Tiyang’ane kumwamba basi osati zikamba mbweee.

  81. Simpleman Kawale says:

    Mine is a prayer that you get well soon but successfully Prophet Hara. It is my sincere hope that those thugs will be brought to book one day. Ambuye akuchilitseni. Remember me in your prayers. Amen.

  82. chinakanaka says:

    Actually when u say he was dumped near Mchinji Roundabout in my understanding it means he was thrown out of his vehicle! Now I don’t understand when u say he found strength and drove his car, who drove the car to Mchinji roundabout? I think let’s wait for Pastor Hara to recover so that he can clarify. There must be a reason why these people beat him up!

  83. Roots says:


    Koma anthu enanu mumadya chamba eti? Akumenyeni koma mutaye bolld and tizakufuseni kuti why dying instead of going to the hospital? shame on you

  84. Mnchindo Wa satana says:

    Anamenyedwa ku chibwenzi uyu. Chabwino can the prophet explain what he goes to do kunyumba ya spinister ku Mnchesi (opposite Chisale motel) every night after 10pm? If he’s praying for her why can’t she come to his church? Or why can’t he go to her house during the day? Or better yet in the company of another church member? Anthu awiriwiri two out mu nyumba ya msungwana wa njira zokhota usiku what is that? Mwalandira mphoto yanu abusa. God can’t be mocked.

  85. Mnchindo Wa satana says:

    Bullshit! Anamenyedwa ku chibwenzi uyu. Chabwino can the prophet explain what he goes to do kunyumba ya spinister ku Mnchesi (opposite Chisale motel) every night after 10pm? If he’s praying for her why can’t she come to his church? Or why can’t he go to her house during the day? Or better yet in the company of another church member? Anthu awiriwiri two out mu nyumba ya msungwana wa njira zokhota usiku what is that? Mwalandira mphoto yanu abusa. God can’t be mocked.

  86. Bhingu Mashaba says:

    Nkhaniyi ni ya vibwezi. Tamufuseni bwino Harayo akuuzani.

  87. yituwa mphande says:

    Wish you quick recovery Prophet Hara very kind and not arrogant

  88. Khwethemu says:

    Why did he drive to City Mall instead of rushing to hospital?

  89. ujeni says:

    Too much lawlessness in Malawi, DPP is not a good government. DPP is a government that supports thieves, crooks and armed robbers, they are within their fold. We need a serious Government that will go with full force and hunt these criminals, not cheap talk we hear daily from clueless Peter Mutharika. We need prevention not cure. Government should hunt criminals, not waiting for a robbery to happen then do the usual talk of we are investigating.

  90. ninkuuzeni says:

    ALAS PROPHET HARA!!!! TS JCT da beginning.Gods pple will be plea to you is let JESUS in all these

  91. Amadu says:

    I like this prophet. He is humble and maturee. Get well soon Sir.

  92. Emmanuel Potani says:

    Very sad indeed,these are the end days,JESUS the LORD already said that saint will face so many challenges for the sake of HIS name.
    Prophet Hara! remember GOD’s promise that “many are the afflictions of the righteous,but GOD delivers them from all.

    The devil has never,will never and shall never never win from any battle fighting with us!!
    get well soon our Prophet,we will be with you in prayers!! and remember they have attacked your body not the real Justice we know.

  93. Charombanthu says:

    Motive?? They never stole his car – since he drove himself – but just beat him up?? Something is not adding up here. Timva….

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