Prophet Samuel says seek God’s kingdom first before materials 

Prophet FT Samuel of Light of Life International Church (Lolic)  has said  it is sad nowadays people need materials rather than God in their lives.

Airtel's Edith Tsilizani congratulates ladies' champ Evelyn BaileyThe Man of God this in an interview last Wednesday before a midweek service at his church in Chemusa, Blantyre.

“People have made themselves lovers of money than God and they are fearing a fellow human being instead of God. People are going to a pastor asking for money, and not God. Others could come and ask a pastor to pray for them to get another spouse, as they are not happy with the one they are married to. This is not on. Read the Bible and meditate to understand the word of God,” said the prophet.

Said he: “We can receive anything but we have to seek God’s kingdom first as everything will be added to us.

“Abraham chose blessings and he received everything, including a child. Christians should be devoted to God. Eli mentored Samuel to hear God, but a lot of men of God are missing a lot as they want to people to hear them and not God. This has resulted in wandering of Christians in search of the truth,” Samuel explained.

He urged Christians to be prayerful, in seeking God’s righteous than ever before and church leaders to reprimand their faithful when they do the wrong things.

Samuel added that people pretend to be holy on church premises but their character shows their real behaviour.

“It is about the theme of the heart, focus on God not money. Confession is easy but we have to walk the talk in God. People interpret the bible to suit their evil thoughts, they add and remove, things which John in the Book of Revelation condemned,” said Samuel.

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12 thoughts on “Prophet Samuel says seek God’s kingdom first before materials ”

  1. Dalitso says:

    You shall know them through their way of life and how they speak. Prophet Samuel appears to speak what is most important in the eyes of God. People, let us not be fooled with all these fake prophets who are around in every corner who choose to interpret one verse to suit their intentions. What Prophet Samuel is saying is truth and i wish he should have go further to send word of wisdom to those who tarnish a good office of a prophet. Friends, let us read the Bible and seek God with answers not from men who are after your money and materials. Book of James clearly indicates that if you seek wisdom from God, He is able to grant freely to anyone. Stop wasting your monies and if you are seek in the body, take medication plus a prayer. James argue that faith without action is empty. I like his example how of Abraham how he practiced his faith by offering his son as obedience to God and true to his faith.

  2. Tt says:

    Examining Religion with an objective eye, I have always wondered this: Does religion make people become idiots or its the idiots who are drawn to religion?

  3. Acquila says:

    U have never heard Prophet Bushiri teaching or preaching. All u heard was miracle money n dwelt in it. Listen to his teachings n preaching then u can talk. Salvation is been taught day in day out and after been saved we need a good life coz other sins are a result of bn poor. Try to be poor n then see if u can serve God better.

  4. forgive them says:


  5. God's Son says:

    bible teaches in Genesis, after Adam n Eve sinned that man shall eat his own sweat, meaning you have to work. God teaches spirit of hardwork in search of prosperity, other pastors teach spirit of “Giving money to churches”(donations to pastors) as means of achieving prosperty, only to come back years later with bitterness, sorrow n poverty, because of the ommitment of hardwork by pastors. God is great. read Matthew 6.

  6. nyalapa says:

    more inspirations like this is what most pastors tend to run way from. ‘coz they are the ones in forefront searching for materials than God

  7. Son of Major One says:

    Miracle money understand this: I am a prosperous member of ECG and Major One is my prophet. The first thing we do in ECG is to receive Christ as our LORD AND SAVIOUR. Then we preach the Word. Prosperity is our potion. We belong to the Kindgom of Heaven which is not poor. We cannot be poor because God is not poor. I see you have nothing, you are struggling and you have no future. Join us, you will meet God of Major One

  8. Akuti amene akufuna [Miracle Money] in 10 days type Amen-within seconds ma comments a Amen amakwana 1000
    showing how desperately Christians are looking for materials things than the pleasure of almighty (Allah)

    Bushir / Joshua only preaches about wealth and prophesying about the death prominent individuals,what a shame
    come back to Islam before its too late

  9. people says:

    This is a powerful sermon. Let him who has eyes see and ears here

  10. OGO says:

    Its been a long time since I heard a prophet say this.

    I always think twice or thrice when I hear prophets speak highly of earthly things…chuma..chuma..nyumba..Miracle Money? can translate the term miracle in several ways…and also how miracles are achieved…mmh!! many ways.

    Bravo Prophet Samuel…seek God first and praise him!! Zinazi nziwanda!!! Nazo zimatha matsenga..muchikunja!

  11. kukhala says:


  12. MIRACLE MONEY says:

    Uthengawu upite kwa Onesimus ndi Bushiri wake.May God’s mercy be upon us

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