Prophet T.B Joshua says no link with ‘wiseman’ Chi’s crusade in Malawi

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) of Nigeria and the Emmanuel Tv Partners Malawi have distanced themselves from ex-Prophet T.B. Joshua ‘wiseman’ John Chi’s crusade slated for Cctober.

John Chi to have Malawi crusade

John Chi to have Malawi crusade

Chi is scheduled to hold the Christian crusade at Kamuzu stadium in Malawi’s commercial capital from 7 to 8 October 2015.

After years of dedicated service to God and mentorship from Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua at the SCOAN, ‘wiseman’ Chi relocated to his home country, Cameroon, where he started his own ministry called the Ark of God’s Covenant, with acronym as AGCOM.

While at the SCOAN, his mentor T.B. Joshua was quoted on several instances as saying wiseman Chi was his favourite protégé.

He will hold the Blantyre crusade under his ministry and it is not part of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, according to Dr David Boston Kamchacha of Emmanuel Tv Partners Malawi.

Kamchacha emphasized that the said crusade has no connection with the SCOAN, Emmanuel Tv and Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua.

He also said any information from the SCOAN is communicated through their official channel, the Emmanuel Tv.

Kamchacha also reaffirmed that SCOAN and Emmanuel Tv items such as T-shirts, stickers and good morning water are not for sale–they are distributed freely.

“All activities of SCOAN and Emmanuel Tv are directed by the Holy Spirit and therefore communication on any activity to take place either in Malawi or anywhere else will be communicated through the official channels of Emmanuel TV. In the same way as the Holy Spirit directs, the Man of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua will visit Malawi.

“On all spiritual items, it is true that these are not for sale as indicated in the press release; they are obtained for free of charge and only at Emmanuel Tv Head quarters in Lagos. Emmanuel TV partners Malawi therefore would like to reaffirm that the selling of good morning water, printing and selling good morning stickers and Emmanuel tv T-shirts elsewhere and payment for prayerline registration fee is fraudulent;

“For those who would like to visit SCOAN can visit SCOAN home page on the website and apply on line or apply through SCOAN visitors coordinators in Malawi. Once you visit SCOAN you can have access to the materials.

“Just as any organization, SCOAN and Emmanuel Tv has guiding principles on how to conduct its activities and therefore it is clear that all partners follow the guideline,” said Kamchacha in response to Nyasa Times questionnaire, which was duly sent to SCOAN headquarters through their official email address [email protected] and SCOAN officials forwarded it to Kamchacha to respond.

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25 thoughts on “Prophet T.B Joshua says no link with ‘wiseman’ Chi’s crusade in Malawi”

  1. beveon says:

    Hi I was so blessed by or what I thought and I am interested in the Anointing Water you are a truly blessed in what you do may God continue to work in you and continue to do all his wonderful works

  2. MAMAMIA says:

    hmmm kani

  3. dan says:

    Kukatolikanso amagulitsa kolona osanama apa bukhunso la nyimbo ngakhale ku ccap ,kunama bwanji

  4. jj says:

    I think people are just too quick to comment. The article is saying, nyasatimes wanted to inquire and they are the ones who sent a questionnaire to scoan and scoan and partners are just responding according to the questions forwarded to them. Scoan doesn’t have issues against chi according to the article. The problem with most people is that you like to comment before you hear or read. Kungoona headline mwa commenta kale; shame!

  5. Prison Warden says:

    Bushiri amagulitsa zimenezo

  6. Ton says:

    Ahhh Koma izi ndiye za business,Antigua akufuna kulemela pa zina la Mulungu.ehhhh one katolika yanga ndimayinyadila..

  7. Ton says:

    Ahhh Koma izi ndiye za business,Antigua akufuna kulemela pa zina la Mulungu.ehhhh one katolika yanga ndimayinyadila.

  8. Ngwachi says:

    Let John preach the word of God – either party should not panic, we need the word of God from any angle – who steals judgement is from God himself . Welcome Chi – we are looking forward to receive your message!!!

  9. Phwado says:

    Zavuta!!Business yavuta iyi!Business yotentha iyi!…

  10. Feloi says:

    But why are Chi’s organisers demanding registration fees of K25,000 and K60,000 for one on one prayer? we know they are expenses covered to organise such a crusade but what about those of us who cant afford? Please prophet Lungu and your ministry reconsider

  11. Good samaritan says:

    Those who are not against us are for us, ”Whether one plants or waters, we are a team”
    ‘go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature….St.Mark 16;15’

  12. Pilirani says:

    Churches are failing apart because each founder want to build his own name, shame on whoever takes the gospel as a ladder to prosperity. once these were true servants of God in my eye but now I doubt both of them and question their sincerity. Kumwamba kutichitile chifundo!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. apundi says:

    anthu mumadziwa kutakasa nkhani, musiyeni TB Joshua, Musiyeninso Chi, TB Joshua amalemekeza Mulungu sikuti anayambana ayi, Komanso amafunirana zabwino. Inu mukutenga nkhani ziti owooooohh

  14. Uebert says:

    let god to be god

  15. Zaluma says:

    Hehehehe.. anthuwa kuyipitsilana mbiriku sikuti ndi za ambuye amakunamizanizo ayi koma ndi ndalama zomwe amapanga through these crusades. We know Chi left Scoan and he said he is coming under his ministry so why the disowning noise??? Where is it coming from? Money.. Money hungry poor souls!!!!!!!!

  16. ENOCH says:

    I totally agree with Otanjere and Mapiri this John Chi has never said he is coming from T.B Joshua to do something from SCOAN and reporters tried to put words into John Chi to explain about T.B Joshua and his answer was simple He is My spiritual Father and reporters went bank to SCOAN to know the relationship between the two and SCOAN is trying to act funny because they(SCOAN) put advert in papers disassociating themselves with JOHN chi so Iam surprised to see them having sleepless nights with the coming of John Chi please leave John alone your time will come when you will come to Malawi

  17. Dickson says:

    Why are Emmanuel TV partners jittery and nervy about Chi’s coming. He has never said he is coming as scoan. Is it because since he left scoan God has manifested His powers through him contrary to people’s expectations. Everyone knows that he ft scoan. No one knows the reasons. It appears some people are trying to discredit Chi and discourage people from attending this crusade. Is he not preaching the same Jesus? Even Jesus Himself scolded His disciples for trying to stop those who were casting out demons in Jesus’ name. My advice is, let Chi be, dont dissuade people from coming to this crusade lest you be fighting God. Publishing press releases which comment on what has not been said, will not help. Let Jesus increase and personal egos decrease.

  18. maria says:

    Where is this story coming from cause John Chi never said so..and even th Scoan never announced that on its Tv???

  19. mtumbuka1 says:

    Just like what patriot have said, these guys are on a mission to rip off people that is why their so called crusades are always in the cities. Why can’t they have their crusades in karonga or machinga? I’m a Christian but I feel let down because people have turned Christianity into business. There’s only one God but billions of churches! I love Muslim people and their ideologies.

  20. JB says:

    A fallen angel

  21. Tili Chenene says:

    As Long as Christ is preached ai am confortable

  22. Patriot says:

    Uyu nde winanso.
    J. chi special prayer: K25,000
    Kaya muli nazo ndalama zotayira pa window.
    Yesu anachilisa osapenya kwaulele atatikitiramo matope. And machiritso onse amene Yesu ankachita anali aulele. Uthenga wakenso waulele.
    Signs of ends of days, kuzabwera ma pulofeti a feki ndi chiphunzitso cha feki, monga kugulitsa uthenga wa Mulungu kuzera mu “special prayer”.

  23. Mapiri says:

    Pastor Chi is not saying he is part of Joshua’s church. Equally, Joshua’s church are not saying pastor Chi is part of them.. So where does disowning coming from?

  24. Otanjere says:

    Kodi munmthuyu mukutu John Chi uyu wanenapo zoti akuzapanga za T.B Joshua? I thot akuti akuzapanga crusade. Ooooh! Ndadziwa mukufuna adziyankhana mwano tipeze nkhani.

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