Prophet TB Joshua urges Africa to unite: Claims he predicted xenophobic attacks

Well known Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), said Sunday that the assault of foreigners currently happening in South Africa will end soon and “I don’t see it happening again.”

Joshua: Africa on war with Satan

Joshua: Africa on war with Satan

In his weekly Sunday service monitored on the church’s Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua said the problem being faced by South Africa must be the problem of the whole continent of Africa.

“The wound of one is the wound of all,” he told the congregants and viewers. “What is happening there could happen in any country.”

He revealed that the continent is fighting one common enemy (Satan) only in different forms.

“We have a common enemy only in different camouflage, xenophobia in South Africa and Boko Haram here in Nigeria,” he revealed.

He urged Africa to unite: “Africa unite! Africa unite! Africa unite.”

T.B. Joshua has claimed that he had prophesied in 2013 the ongoing xenophobia in South Africa. He claimed that he had warned South Africa then of a possible “youth revolt” which will lead to the death of ‘’certain people.’’

The video evidence of the claim posted on the official youtube channel of the prophet claimed that the prophecy came down on Sunday, 28th July, 2013. Introducing the video, a caption reads ‘’On Sunday 28th July, 2013, Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophetic warning to the nation of South Africa concerning a serious revolt led by youth which would cost lives. ‘’

In what appears like a flashback of the exact prophecy, the prophet in the video said, “Thank you Jesus. In the nation, South Africa, we should help them in prayer because I am seeing youth revolt,”

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60 thoughts on “Prophet TB Joshua urges Africa to unite: Claims he predicted xenophobic attacks”

  1. sue says:

    @ speechless, don’t let God allow the devil strike you to death today. where there are no visions my people perish. Read you bible be4 you get on line to abuse people. The man of God sees it happen before it happens because he gets visions. I get visions too, and I can say repent today within 15days or you will hear from God.

  2. masoanga says:

    My people – my people – my peopleeeee! Africa unite – Africa unite – Africa unite! Any good thing an Africa does the world do not believe because we belittle & envy ourselves. why my Africa? I watch Emmanuel Tv 24/7 and I confirm each and every prophesy. Better is not good enough the best is yet to come. Good morning my prophet it a new dawn they need dew in their hearts Amen

  3. sibo says:

    Those speaking ill about a Man of God are speaking on behalf of their father the devil. The problem is they dont realise it.

  4. lost decade says:

    If he really profesied about xenophobia in RSA,then he should knows that this is not the last time bcoz that’s the typical way how Southafricans live,thev got the hatred of other people from other Countries,everyone knows this??so its not a story worth to prophesy???for those of u who follow him read first letter of Paul to Corithians 13.

  5. lost decade says:

    Where are the Chibok girls,its been a year since 200 girls were abducted in Nigeria Chibok???Can TB Joshua tell us where these girls are Kept??

  6. Allan Mwaipape says:

    It is very unfortunity that most of the people’s eyes are closed. What most of the people who saying against the annoited man of God is bad and since they do know what they are saying, God should forgive them all. For the scripture says,” if you know the truth you will be set free.

  7. RICKY says:


  8. Speechless says:

    This man is a pure fool. People are loosing and have lost their lives, homes means of lively hood all he can do is take a opportunity to make him self famous. What sort of a human being is him. This is really in bad tastes. He is not a man of God but a big joke!. Why is it each time something bad happens he has to claim that he saw this happening. How come her is never ever able to warn of misfortunes. Make God have mercy on his soul. Why is that people even listen of follows him. When I heard about this I was disgusted. We all know that South Africans have a hate for those different from those. Those who have visited or lived there know this too well.Fool!

  9. You dat know it all hear dis, can you remember dis scripture in d book of Acts 23:9, leave dis TB Joshua alone, remember God Create good and bad! Do your own work ok Amen, how do you want to remove something in somebody’s eyes, but you have not remove d one in your own eye, Matthew 7:1-4, remember dis word from Jesus matthew 13:24-30, can you help youself and mind your busissnes, remember dat is many Gifts from God, luke for your own Gift, God have d Final say Amen.

  10. kidwell Banda says:

    TB Joshua is truly manservant of almighty God. I herd his prophecy about the revolt in South Africa in 2013. He further said give the youth employment.It is from here that Joyce Banda opted to choose a youthful running mate. TB Joshua also prophesied that in 2019 the beast Anti Christ will come in full swing with the 666 number and that laws are being enacted else where in European country how the 666 beast number will work. The only problem we have is that we perceive TB Joshua with our own different perceptions just because some of his prophecy take time to come to pass after people after forgotten. God is using this brother of ours for His intended good will. When God warns people must pray for a way of escape, what puts people in danger is when they do not take the warnings seriously and need for prayer for divine interventions. Prayer, earnest prayer can change God’s divine prerogatives,its possible, God is not a dictator, He listens, He is our Father and so loving.

  11. God is still speaking to us today , as HE did in the past , HE will do the same in the time to come . But because we are only glad to hear good news about us not criticism & warnings . We have time to pray , asking from GOD but we don’t have time to listen to God and giving thanks giving . Lets ask GOD to open our spiritual eyes, ears , that we should learn from HIM .

  12. Wina says:

    Because you Kenkkk have singled my comment, let me respond to you as well. If TB Joshua was white do accept Kenkkk that the perception would have been completely different, thats a fact. About looking for a black Pope, and you lie to say you are CCAP, no CCAP has anything to do with your Pope, he is one of the devil’s incarnate if you dont know. I know you are catholic, that is why you cant accept what TBJ is doing because he seems to be above your Pope but wait, time is coming when your eyes will see what your Pope will do. It is because your Pope cannot foretell events, cannot pray for the sick and get healed instantly, cannot deliver devil ladden people with evil spirits shaking before the presence of TB Joshua because of the power of God in him. So you can say anything about TB Joshua it will change nothing, he is a man God has annointed to shame those people like you trust such as your Pope. He can do what your respected Pope is not able because he is not annointed by God the way TBJ is. You worship mortal being (MARY) give her a special place which the Bible doesnt mention, sad. It is only God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, dont add anything which the Bible doesnt mention. She is in the grave rotten in Israel just like any other being. You tell those who watch TBJ to be telling you once he prophesizes something, there is no other forum except Emmanuel TV, watch it and get first hand information, Nyasatimes cannot be publishing every bit of information from TBJ. You will need him when time comes TO HELP YOU PRAY TO THE LORD GOD so that you get favour from God through his annointed. There were others who also had been despising him TBJ but time came and they found themselves in Nigeria and confessed bitterly. All of you who are urgueing, it is because you havent watched Emmanuel TV and seen what is happening there or you have watched but it is too much for you to believe because there has been no such wonders before except those fake ones and now to believe that this is real it is hard and impossible to others. May the LORD help those who are failing to understand that A GREAT PROPHET HAS RISEN AMONG US AFRICANS. AMEN.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      You really talk rubbish, my dear brother Wina. I feel sorry for you. I am a Christian and there is no need for me to lie. I am ccap through and through. I don’t worship Mary, I worship Jesus who is God. Mary is not. Now you know that I am not Catholic.

      You are failing to tell me a major event that TB had prophesied to you and other stupid brainwashed followers to happen in future or near future. You listen to him everyday, so pLease tell me.

      You also really show your ignorance by thinking that a church leader should be prophesying or healing to be a real Man of God. Some healing is true but we also know a lot of them which are fake and stage managed. That is why they take all your money you stupid blind followers and enrich themselves. Spiritual healing is more important than physical healing. Read your bible.

      All some of us want is preach and spread the word of God, if you heal people that is fine, if you prophesy the truth, that is fine also but without any self-praising yourselves of what you have done. Only God can praise you. Once you start praising yourself or claiming this and that, then you are a liar, not a true man of God !!

  13. Patani Mkandawire says:

    You will need him one day and confess all you are doing. we dont play with men of God.

  14. I apostle chris, iam actually amazed, that, we actually, like, not to tell the truth, becouse, the truth is not in us. Therefore, we should, refrain from, saying lies. Amen

  15. I apostle chris, would like to tell malawians of Good will that, what The almighty God, has actually decided, will happen no matter what. Therefore, we should stop telling peole lies. Becouse, there is no truth in lies. What, should we say, when one puts on camouflage, to intimidate people in the name of worship. The most, important thing, is to worship The True God. Amen

  16. KUKHALA says:

    ka joshua ka boza waka. why go public after an incident worse it being a bad one. the religious crook or thief.

  17. Kenkkk says:

    Wina, please don’t twist things here. It is not because TB is black that some people are expressing their views against him. Some of us even want a black Pope despite the fact that am ccap not even Catholic.

    Here we are all talking about the bible, we have different understandings and indeed interpretation of it amongst us Christians as clearly seen in these discussions here.

    Those of you who are staunch supporters of Tb, why do you wait to tell us about his prophesies only after himself has said so? You follow his prophesies or predictions daily, so can you please tell us some of his prophecies of major future events he has already prophesied that we should know about and wait to happen? We don’t want the obvious events which any jack and Jill can predict to happen and will happen!!!

    The bible wArns Us about all sorts of prophets that will come left, right and centre. Jesus prophesied his own death, who will betray him or deny him, how he will be killed, how he will rise again, etc.

    TB should have prophesied the collapse of his church and that many people will be killed. We are not saying he could have saved the church or the people because god’s will is god’s will, it can’t be changed just as Jesus couldn’t change his fate but at least people could have known that one of these days the church could collapse and kill us!!! just as the disciples knew through Jesus’ prophesy that Jesus will soon be gone but they didn’t know the day.

    Please go back to the bible and learn again what the prophets said and how they said and how people responded to them.

    God is the only judge and Tb will be judged that way. God bless all Christians!!!

  18. Chayipa says:

    A TB wosamatinamiza ayi,chilichonse chili ndi mathero. Mulungu Yekha Ndiye Aziwa Zonse Osati Zomwe Mukunena Inuzi.

  19. Sipidy says:

    The thinking of God is not the thinking of Man. the bible says ‘ Uyambe wachotsa Chisoso chili mmaso mwako kenako udzachotsa chisoso chawina” Dont Judge TB Joshua because God will Judge you. If you say that Joshua is fake are trying to say that you are Genuine?

  20. masa masina says:

    The powerlessness of prophets who can predict bad events but do not have the power to stop bad things happening to innocent people. Therefore, what for is prophesy?

  21. Chipi says:

    spiritual things are descerned by the spirit if u dont have spiritual ears u cant understand. those of us who watched emmanuel are witnesses to his prophecies but some of you u’ve never watched the service thats y u talk the hearsays.

  22. I really pray the God of TB Joshua, to see myself at senagog one day so that i can be healed, saved, and protected by the God’s Powers and God has vested on TB Joshua. The man is like Shadrack, Meshack and Abednico. The three men who walked on fire because of their holyness. Even Jesus himself was mocked what about a human being. God bless him and bless us all.

  23. pika says:

    he has also prophesied about another sickness of a President. will be rushed to the hospital and will be a breaking news. kaya

  24. mmalikhaya says:

    Wachema mama kwali ni dada ndipo wakumva wamva. Oh God have Mercy on us!


    Why is this false prophet failing to predict what is happening in his own country eg Bokohalam, Kidnapped kids. Only fools follow such false prophets. They do things exactly the way Witch Doctoters are doing. Please follow in the Bible how Jesus and his followers were handling healing and other issues. These failse prophets are only torturing those who are spritually blind!!!!

  26. matako m'mwamba says:

    Kido, u must be a fool. If you don’t follow up TB Johua, just shut up your stink mouth. You followed Islamic TV not Emmanuel TV

  27. NK says:



    If Joshua knew in advance that his church hostel will collapse why did he allow his guests to be accommodated up to the time it collapsed? Shame on those who believe him. No wonder they are his accomplices. Why are people brainwashed to such magnitude? We that believe in scriptures do not hesitate to accept that the hour is nigh hence numerous false prophets who will be outright rejected by Jesus when he appears again. Take care!

  29. Teacher says:

    When TB Joshua says something today about what he sees happening in future, nobody takes record nor take it seriously. In many cases he mentions specific countries or incidents. But none do take heed. Now when these things happen, and he says I told you this on such such a day you come out barking… ‘why did he not say this before?’ Really? How do you expect to know he said it when you don’t have to follow or take record of his prophesies that he gives out every Sundays? Let alone you don’t believe in what he says. Instead of going back and dig to verify if indeed he said something as a warning, you go about criticizing him. You want him to keep reminding you of something until it happens? When he says something all he asks from you is to pray. How many of you go about to pray for it and are willing to do so? He said something on the death of an African leader in southern Africa. He even mentioned the week, and month and the year. And it was Bingu. How many of us prayed for him? Instead we were all thinking he was talking about Mugabe. Wake up guys. Don’t just criticize for the sake of it. Seek the truth and verify. Last month TB Joshua said of a plane crushing. He said pray. Weeks later, the co-pilot of Germanwings crushes his plane in the Alps. When he comes out to say I told you, you say blame him. Really? Blame yourselves for missing his prophey. Blame yourself for staying not in the know of his prophesy. I am not a follower of TB Joshua but I respect him because most of the things that he says do come to pass. I repeat, blame yourself for not knowing the prophesy and don’t blame him for telling you that I said this. Do want want him to be sending his prophesies to your mailboxes or phone sms inboxes for you to believe him?

  30. mlomwe2 says:

    TB JOSHUA TRUE PROPHET. PROPHET OF OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Thenjiwe says:

    A true man of God will never be shaken or discouraged, no matter how you bad-mouth him. Truly, T.B Joshua gave this prophesy live on his Emmanuel TV, and to some of us who pray along with him during the Sunday Live services, I remember very well how he said it. For those who did not hear him prophesy about this, well, do not conclude that he didn’t simply because you did not watch and pray along with him. It’s better to keep quiet than to comment with baseless accusations against the man of God. Simple advise, tune in to Emmanuel TV every Sunday from around 11:00am Malawi time, which is 9:00am Nigeria time, and pray along with him. Just try it one Sunday and you will know who TB Joshua really is. He usually comes into the service after 12:00noon Malawi time. Don’t rush to comment when you have no idea about issues concerning men of God like TB. Joshua, or else you will simply beckon the wrath of God. Remember the Holy Bible says :Touch not my anointed one” yet you are busy touching many of these men of God with your canal mindedness. You just heard the confirmation of the prophesy because it is all over, yet no noise was made when the prophesy itself was given. May God help you and indeed help us. May He protect our fellow non-South Africans which include our friends and relatives.

  32. Namarokoro says:

    It does not need a prophet to tell that South Africa youth would revolt. Academics and political analysts have written in South African papers and even on TV that Azania stands at a brink of youth revolve mainly because of ever growing unemployment numbers. So our good fake prophet from Baifra did not need to prophesy anything. He read in papers. All people who follow this fake prophet are nincompoops. In this article by nyasatimes, Joshua is falling short of blaming South Africa, do you know why? It is because he owes people of South Africa an explanation how people died in his makeshift hotel in Lagos. He has tried to frastrate the investigations by officials in Nigeria. All his theories blaming Boko Haram on the incident are so baseless that even standard 2 kid would refute them. He talks of a flying plane near the hotel. The place is near the airport and plane land and leave the airports for goodness sake. Fake prophet

  33. He is the Joshua of Africa

  34. Sure says:

    @Wina, thats cool and educative though. But dont bother to fight the battle you were not sent for.. i know it hurts. To others, whether tb joshua is wrong or not. fight your own battle, if ur faith tells u that this guy is evil, dont bother to say it cos u are not sure.. keep on worshiping the God U know.. wht if u are wrong, wont God punish you. If he is a sinner, why cant you pray for him, your God will help and answer you. If Jesus had come and point at sinner, calls him not worth to come close to him.. where would you and me be?

  35. Sabiti says:

    Lets not be brainwashed with prohesis even magicians are able to pridict events precisely, prophesy cant be measure of piety but ur true belief in GOD who created us,this is not time for revelations becoz God already spoke to us thru His scriptures and its up to us to take what is there or listern to the prophets of doom. His building killed many people where was he???

  36. mtumbuka mwenecho says:

    siyeni mulungu akhale mulungu!!!!!!!

  37. samy jones says:

    a prophet of doom. He never prophesised good things. Even if you were able to predict otherwise it coudnt gurantee you to be a prophet. You are nothing Joshua but a son of Satan the outcast. May you go to hell alive. Amen

  38. Wailing Soul says:

    Wabweranso nkulu uja! Koma asatikwane, eeish. Always, always waits until after an event and says ” I prophesied”! Crazy dude wants attention to continue milking people’s money.
    Ans then he says, “it will end soon” That’s no prophesy dude: Its a well know fact that the government of South Africa as well as King Zwelithini are having a series of meetings aimed at ending this violence. The Police are involved etc Everyone knows it will end soon. That’s not a prophesy!
    Just wait for Buhari, he has no time for such nonsense like Jonathan.

  39. Katundu says:

    You know this forum is a composition of the IS / ISIS and the Christians, so if ISIS /ISIL are busy abducting and killing Christians, do you expect such people to say anything good about Senior Pastor TB Joshua? Never…..

  40. NYAUHANGO says:


  41. ZACHIBWANA says:

    Out of my heart you give the signs of times but like Nicodimus we we seek more information to avoid being blasfemous. It happened before. but go an meet Jacob Zuma. South Africa is an economic magnet for Africa.

  42. kirko says:

    wina ukunamatu

  43. Julie says:

    I watched and listened to this prophecy, and the tittle was, Carry along your youth in all leadership, be it political or admistrative to avoid youth revolt. Let those who believe be get wise and the fools continue fooling themselves. May God bless and keep it in peace

  44. kido says:

    That’s bullshit, why he joshua, say something after the incident? he didn’t predict anything, we see the news of him after something has happed we never heard him predicts something b4 it happen. I noted this.he is a false prophet. this Is true fake wolf’s child.

    1. Che Shaibu says:

      Always watch Emmanuel TV live services on Sunday and you will hear him speak prophecies. Record each and every prophecy and at the end of the day you will start believing like I am doing. I am one of those people who used to say he is a lier. But since I started watching his Sunday live services, I now believe in his prophecies because i can personally refer back to his previous services I watched.
      So take it or leave!

  45. Bolero says:

    How do we know a Prophet is true or false? It is measured by what God said in Deuteronomy 18 vs 18-20. In my view Senior Prophet TB Joshua passes with flying colors, by far. Please check your Bible and read the verses. He is indeed God sent. After reading the verses and you believe then read also 2 Chronicles 20 v 20 “……. Believe in you God and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper”. I rest my case.

  46. ndaziona says:

    so what did you do as a man of God? Why come out now when people have lost their lives? What are you trying to score? I would rather the prophesy was kept under wraps other than going on bragging about it. This is like smacking people into their face when they have already lost their live s and whatever hope they were holding on to.. Their source of livelihood! I’m tired of hearing this sort of prophesies that surface when a tragedy strikes. Let’s focus on the issue that has befallen us and try to find ways how we can help those those that have been caught up in these so called xenophobic attacks!

  47. Kenkkk says:

    Just condemn the xenophobia, we don’t want to hear about your boring selfish predictions or prophesies. A prophet does not praise himself for making prophesies.

    You are just one of the many false prophets the bible has already warned us. Every event of major significance happening in the world, you predicted or prophesied about it or trying to make your name known out of it. What Kind of a man of God are you? Only the ignorant and brainwashed people believe in you!! The real God will one day decide how to deal with you!!

  48. Wina says:

    It is wrong to coment on issues you havent understood well. TB Joshua cannot be loved by people who are supporters of Satan including some churches that have told their members not to watch TB Joshua TV because they dont understand him. Like it or not TB Joshua is sent by God and that is why whatever he says come to pass but some of you cant accept this because you are for Satan, unfortunately most of you are Satan’s supporters unknowingly. TB Joshua made the prophesy, usually he sends a letter to concerned Govt in this case RSA but even if he doesnt, govts have intelligence groups who knew what he said and could as well have warned their govt but who listens to TB Joshua except those who believe in God. You people are busy drinking, fornicating, stealing etc you have no time to listen to men of God and now when he tells you that I said it, you get surprised, foolish people, indeed you will be paying for you sins. And those claiming TH Joshua didnt foretell the fall of his building, they dont know what they are saying. TB Joshua said it but he knew it was God’s plan that it should happen. There are decrees God has in place that cannot be changed whatever, and he knew that, and there is always a purpose God does that.
    Be careful when commenting on God’s issues you dont understand mungotengerapo tsoka. TB Joshua have been predicting events and they have come to pass, people are coming from all over the world to Nigeria, from USA, UK, all over to hear the word of an African TB Joshua, if you dont want to benefit from your fellow African well and good. And we know you underrate him because he is black, if he were white, American, British or ant other white man you would have accepted him already but because he is black, you fail to believe that God has favoured him. African problem, we dont believe in ourselves – THINK TWICE.

  49. Bertha says:

    This is not true. It is obvious that south Africans are likely to assault
    and kill foreigners. It happened before and it was likely that it would happen one needs to prophesize this obvious fact. It is just working on probability on when this would happen depending on causative factors

  50. bayoz says:

    In the bible when something happens i don’t think prophets used to remind people that they prophecied that such thing will happen, instead people reminded themselves that the prophet really prophecied the matter at hand. But now its surprising that this guy has to remind people that he prophecied that xenophobia will happen, and i guess we can say its because his prophecy did not really hit at xenophobia, its clear that no member of his congregation was able to relate youth revold to xenophobia, in other words even joshua himselfs was not sure of his prophecy thus he used a vague word ‘youth revolt’ and was not even sure whether it will be against the government, companies or foreighners or…. Or amangobwebwetapo

  51. nkunthamasese says:

    Joshua is a true man of God. you people that critisize hím I know you belong tó the devil who think mass killing of innocent people will take you to heaven. Anyway we have different heavens for we have different GODS. GOD of David and that of goliath. GOD of peace and of violence. GOD of Isaac and that of Ishmael.

  52. Wafa uli Moyo says:

    Jesus was the last true prophet and sanaloselepo za uchitsilu eg chisankho& masewera ampira.sht!

  53. Donyisto says:

    Koma ziliko, mudzitiuza in advance kuti tidzikonzekeratu osati after titaluza moyo. Ndiye mutiuziretu next event tisana onongeke. Profits are to warn anthu to prepare for Christ osati kuwauza kuti ndinaziona atavulala kale.

  54. Iwe TB JOSHUA ngati wasowa chochita bwanji osamangokanda macende kumeneko. Shupiti. Youth revolt ndekuti chani. You didn’t prophesy ish

  55. What a shitty vague ass prophesy. Get the fuck outta here! Bullshit! What the fuck is a youth revolt???? How the fuck is the xenophobia a youth revolt? Fake ass prophet! More like a profiteer!

  56. sk says:

    He he musolva.whether you like it or not he is a true prophet sent by God.muli busy kumangoyankhula za ziiii kulimbana ndi anthu a Mulungu m’malo mokonza miyoyo yanu.shameless people

  57. Pata phiri says:

    If indeed u predicted then u r a murderer bcause if u could have informed the relevant authorities they could have saved lives.
    U r a indeed true not prophet but a serial n a murderer

  58. This man so called a man of GOD ndatopa naye,
    yoswa kan prophesize goodluck jonathan loosing election while people already voted him out of power, yoswa kan prophesize 2015 xenophobic attacks in derbun while my brothers’ already gone and taken but SHAMEFULLY

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