Prostitution should be legalised – Malawi study

Laws criminalising women working as prostitutes should be scrapped, a study commissioned by the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and Aids (Cowla) to document, review and analyse the existing literature on key variables around violence against women, has concluded.

Sex workers

Sex workers

The sale and purchase of sex is currently  illegal in Malawi.

But the study—titled ‘Gender-Based Violence and HIV Documentation’ and released last month has challenged Malawians to lobby for sex work to be made legal.

“The moral and legal environments are thus hostile for sex workers and subject them to violence that is rarely reported,” reads the study.

Cowlha executive director Annie Banda said : “Even though female sex workers have experienced violence to a larger extent than their male counterparts, male sex workers are comparatively in minority and less known to the extent that they are unable to report gender based violence, access healthcare and other services when in need related to the trade; as well as making their voice heard by authorities.”

Most people interviewed by Nyasa Times to comment on the study shared mixed views.

Those in support of the idea arguedgethat legalized, well-regulated prostitution can be both safe and profitable.

They says Malawi should let people  “sell sex in a well-regulated capacity” and that legal prostitution can be a source of tax revenue.

Making sex work a crime can drive prostitutes underground and make them less likely to practice safe sex and get tested for sexually transmitted disease, one observer said/

Some oppose legalisation, arguing that more demand for sex would lead to more trafficking.

No politician asked about the issue was ready to champion the idea and MPs are unlikely to support the bill.

Those selling sex will continue to live in the shadows.

There will always be lonely or kinky men in Malawi who will pay for sex, and there will always be women willing to rent out their bodies.

Malawi, largely a Christian  and conservative nation, legalize and regulate a ton of commerce that’s morally controversial — like gambling, alcohol, tobacco and perhaps now the debate of  decriminalising consenting sex work  would gain momentum.

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68 thoughts on “Prostitution should be legalised – Malawi study”

  1. Umenewo ndi ubve wa dziko ndipo za manyi in addition, fokofo.

  2. Stanley says:

    Better legalise ganja not hule finish.

  3. pijo says:

    MRA please give these entrepreneurs your tax collection devices….haaaaa gross misconduct.

  4. Peter says:

    Zonyasa and sosososps stupid

  5. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Okweee!!! mahule ndiye adzadulitsa ma round. Beauty, complexion, mbina(malonda ndi kumbuyo), let alone overrall prformance in bed would have well clarified rates since ligalising sex would attract tax. Tiyeni nazoni. Kwa anzanga amene mumakonda kushauwa ulere adzakuvulani trousers ngati umboni wa hule ku court.

  6. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    My fellow Malawians, if one wants sex then s/he has to marry. Those who want this legalized are spoiling our country by bringing in these satanic acts. This way we are fighting a losing battle against HIV/AIDS as others are doing it on the purpose of spreading the virus. The world is coming to an end, no wonder these unending floods and robberies. One day God will judge everyone for his/her deeds. God can just say, Kuyere ndipo kudzayeradi. Ambiri adzapezeka ali buno bwa muswe kuchita chisembwere ndi akazi kapena amuna a weni. Fear God and give Him the glory as our bodies are His sacred temples. Money used for such a research could have been donated to hospitals and orphanages instead of promoting such dirty acts. It is not a right to sin. Everything that transgresses God’s law is sin and God hates sin. Why sell one’s body instead of selling mangoes?

  7. God is watching us!!! I mean He is watching both prostitutes and activist. is the evangelism you have opted for?

  8. chindi says:

    kupusa wati uhule mpaka panyuzi

  9. Mr kunselema says:

    be it legally right if it is not alicence to kill.

  10. chisale says:

    Why can’t you donate funds for the study to flood victims don’t spoil the country

  11. How many pple have been buying sex from u? kahule kakusambira iwe eeti? But trust me sukulu yindakovwire, u are just trash & stupid as the word stupid itself.

  12. ndadabwa says:

    annie now I agree with wat pple were saying kuti walowa satanism. utilowetsera matsoka mu dziko mwathu muno. kodi lero wakagonanso ku nguludi kwa brother HI. mpingo wathu wa katolika waonongeka ndi anthu ngati inu

  13. zude says:

    VAT muzidula Kkkkkkk to hell

  14. ujeni says:

    We should not be talking or discussing things which will not move this country from being the poorest. This is a waste of time, Malawi has cronic poverty which we need to tackle and all these vices will go down

  15. دج says:

    kuloleza prostitution, kuloleza abortion, kuletsa polygamy, MUNTHU OOPA MULUNGU ANGASANKHE MOTANI APA?

  16. Jigidijigidi Jaba says:

    Very ironical for Malawi. With a large a christian population, yet has alcohol, gambling, interest lending, …, and is now on the move towards legalizing prostitution and homosexuality, after which it will be fornication, adultery, incest and bestiality, marijuana. After all Jesus (or is it god) loves those who indulge in such practices. Since he is coming soon, perhaps all these legalizations are part of setting the stage for his coming. After all, won’t it be good to have those he loves welcome him on his second coming? It is not surprising that all those advocating for such legalizations or is it decriminalization are neither atheist nor satanists, but practicing Christians who profess Jesus as their lord (or it it their god?). Aluta continua!

  17. Bob says:

    Let it be so coz their so many misprocuity outside that resulting in extraordinary expenses.

  18. Legalising chisembwere? Ndiye bola masacheti. Osamanhokwatiwa ndi kukwatira bwanji?

  19. dadaboma says:

    Whether you continue making sex trade illegal or not you just need to know that this sex trade will live as long as humanity lives. It is in fact as old as humanity itself. It is pointless rejecting something that is part of human life. You need to sober up and wake up to face reality. All evolved societies and countries have acknowledged that sex trade is inalienable but can be regulated to safeguard its clients and widen the tax base for government. Forget about religious values, which even pastors, bishops, sheiks, clergy cannot even uphold. You can survive without religion, but sex in whatever form is a basic necessity to humans (according to Maslow’s basic human needs). Why do you distribute condoms? Is it in line with your religious dogmas? Face the facts. Now, more than ever before, is the time we most need to regulate (not ban) sex trade – otherwise AIDS will finish you. Learn from the cleverer countries where AIDS is almost non-existent because they regulate, not ban sex trade.

  20. Tmc says:

    Stupid cowlha

  21. Kamba_regular says:

    When you write a report please do not exaggerate: public health care services are free in Malawi, and anyone can walk in for STI testing or any care they want. Same is the case at BLM clinics. If prostitutes do not want to be tested its because they chose to, not that they are prohibited by any law. Having said that, I am pro legalizing sex and hemp. Maybe the price can go down due to competition! Like today adulira pakamba ndi valentine. Mxxxiii

  22. Gundumulani says:

    Let all men and women get married and there shall be no sex manuvouring.

  23. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    This is one of the oldest trade in the world dating back to Jesus Christ and surely it needs to be legalized. Benefits: Tax collection by the state easy, free mind of those involved in the trade.

  24. Angozo says:

    I for one do not support the idea of legalising prostitution. If it is worse now how will it be if prostitution is legalised?

  25. Bonzo says:

    I will be first person to buy legalized sex

  26. chims says:

    you are stupid.travelling all the way to Holland to study zopusazo.anakulipilila ndani chitsilu iwe?there is no morality and legality in prostitution.let what is morally normal be normal and illegal be illegal.why should you campaign for stupid things?mwasowa are the devils workshop.idiots

  27. chefourpence says:

    mwayambatu a Satanic! Mwayamba!

  28. mtichimwitsa says:

    Lasvegas is good business

  29. Eliam k says:

    No need,should we say to be a woman is an advantage???let the legislatures discuss, but its a crime according our laws

  30. Try Mwale says:

    Are these real people or what are they? GOD forbid.

  31. Che mkwepele says:

    Opusa iwe . You want to tell us that you went to Netherlands just to study prostitution? Are you one of those internationally scavenging animals? Kikikikikiki. AI. Mwanena nokha kuti Malawi is a Christian nation. Amalawi. Tisagulse ziko lathu kwa satana . Ambuye akazangotifilatila tizaone zoopsa kuposa zomwe tikuona lelozi. Believe me abale anga.

  32. MBACHI says:

    Icho ndi chikunja. Malawi is a christian country. MPs do not entertain this.

  33. First of all… Let you guys create something that would reward these sex workers. Some are doing this business not because they hell from poor backgrounds but because Men are play chakuda methodologies. Most men have successfully Chakudized many girls who at the end lose hope and though follow Chakudalized ways of doing it. Sex is not business for these ladies but lack of proper trust from Skeffalized men who can marry them. so for all of you making noise about this sex workers please organise desperate individuals who want to get married to a loved one and you will see a drama. You will never come back on Nyasa and talk the same case aliyense azakhala kuti alipakhomo ndi okondedwa awo Madam Former Sex worker. Mahulewa pena ndimafana abho zimangochitika chabe zinazi. Tisawasale chonde Apatseni Mwayi naonso ndi ntchito yomwe amaziwa pa dziko pano.

  34. Dammie says:

    Where is our world heading to? Do these pipo know anything about God?

  35. khakhakha says:

    Before we legalise this business govt. should put in place measures that will ensure there is no tax evasion otherwise it will be pointless.

  36. M'doko says:


  37. Paul Vida says:

    Thats why apolisi ambiri ali ndi HIV komanso akutha ndi AIDS khalidwe lanu ndilimeneli eti?

  38. vendor says:

    Rubbish! Dont legalise this so called business

  39. My friend< Do you have your mother or sister as aprostitute. If yes then legalise it. if no why do you want to fuck other peoples sisters legally.

  40. special advisor says:

    When I think of Thoko Banda, Dr Ntaba and Father Tengatenga, I to make my honest comment, fearing for tomorrow. However, I dare say that I find this recommendation to be based on a shallow analysis of the root cause, a narrow exploration of the possible solutions and a myopic mind set that blatantly ignores what our current geration owes to posterity. We should not sell ourselves cheap. Whatever legal direction we end up taking, remember that posterity will judge us harshly for any mistakes we make now. Who is financing this debate? What is their interest? We should be careful not to be used by the invisible hand from the pit of hell. Ndamuphalirani one. Mungazakaopandiranga cha!

  41. aunt so says:

    Zili bwino azimai amasuke

  42. Chinyani says:

    Yes mahule azikhala ndi ma identity card azibambo ena amavinitsa atsikanawa usiku onse kenako mkuwathawa osaponyera mka 2grand komwe kulakwa kumeneku.

  43. losco says:

    What God has declared unclean, no man shall justify.Let those who wan to do it do minus a government hand.

  44. A Konyani says:

    Masiku omaliza.2 Timoteo 3

  45. Mary Khozomba says:

    Did the study also assess why women, men, girls and boys engage in prostitution? Studies from other African countries have indicated prostitution as a form of livelihood that individuals engage in not because they like it or are proud of it but because it is the only available option. Legalizing it is not the solution but the state, support organizations and development agencies need to provide better livelihoods options to people. Prostitution is considered a negative food security coping mechanism especially for the developing countries as it is related to a number of other social problems for the society. I interviewed a group of commercial sex workers in some Southern African country and they told me that they would leave prostitution if given another option. Projects supporting women can go a long way in giving them better choices.

    1. Tengupenya says:

      Prostitution though not the first option for many, is a viable and sustainable option. It has survived for centuries. All you need is a body, and the will to sell it to willing customers. Viola, you get the money and you pay for your needs.

  46. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    almost 99% of all Malawian working class men have ever slept with a prostitute atleast once-so study has shown. This include so called men of God.

  47. marvelick says:

    & legalize marijuana also, for commercial & medicinal purpose

  48. mbwaxe says:

    Ya ya ya!!!! Legalising uhule ulewe!!!!! Ziliko ndalama ya vuta pa nyasaland!!!!!!!!! Ok but it should be in selected districts like balaka mulanje thyolo and phalombe!!!!!! These districts top the list when it comes to uhule!!!!!!!!

  49. koma says:

    God punish satan!!!

  50. Chineke woo says:

    Heeee! My Malawi, where r u hearding to? Abomination wooo!

  51. pierra says:

    What are ppo smoking and drinking over there? Women have for a long time been fighting to be taken seriously and accorded due human rights; and yet here we are discussing the role mothers to a nation’s children want to engage in lawful sex trade. How are we ever going to promote such rights equality especially girl children to whom these woman are Role Models.

    How is government going to recover tax revenues from such illicit trade…provide them with taxi style meters and what about the shame of having that trade on formal government profession papers and forms.

    Hopeful all religious bodies are coy about this idea. But I am sure the gate keepers of heaven wont be too pleased about this.

  52. Kadakwiza says:

    In Holand, yah, but in Malawi mabanja ambiri asokonekera. I disagree. Boma liyenera kuchepesa uhule pokhapokha kukhale. zintchito. Anthu agwire ntchito.

  53. nyayo says:

    Masewera amenewo. Ngati munakaphunzira school ya uhule musabweretse kuno.

  54. medson says:

    Those in support of legalisation of sexwork are agents of Satan. This issue is satanic in nature. It cannot benefit our nation in any way. I tell all prostitutes to learn from Rahab of Jericho.To hell with prostitution.

  55. Steve Ng'omba says:

    O-deficit budget

  56. sodom ndi gomola wa lero.

  57. Lekani says:

    This is totally selling the Nation to the devgl. Malawi is in Africa,try to copy better things from westerners. You rely on Donors to fulfil your national budget,why bring in things which wont help the majority? Go to school first and spend some goodtime there then come back with this topic. This is really pathetic!!

  58. papa says:

    Good idea. Tizidya mosacheuka coz zizakhala zololezedwa ndi boma. Wakwatiwa waluza.

  59. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Enterpreneurship and job creation at its best. No need of loan capital. Self advertising. Natural wares and readily available, no forex applications.

    Since we are strangling with financing our budget I think this trade should be legalized.

    Koma chonde, ma invoice asadzawonetse mayina anthu awongula katundu.

  60. praise says:

    Thats garbage

  61. If Malawi can suport the point She’ll won’t escape the punshiment of god.This ‘ll show that malawi being the wormheart of africa ‘ll turn to be asodom country

  62. bikoko says:

    Izi ndiye zachambatu izi! Muswedwapotu apa!!!

  63. Masoapatali adaongola Mtengo. says:

    I am supporting the idea. I am ready to asssist. I personally studied the ligalised sex in Netherlands and how it works.

    1. special advisor says:

      I suggest you conduct a populations based cross-sectional study, to unveil key drivers of gender-based violence and the epidemiology of HIV in Malawi. Or do some randomised study, longitudinal study. Literature review is a backdoor method for a topic with far reaching implications such as legalizing sex work. To me, it appears like, first you an agenda was already set and financed by an invisible hand. The feeble study is only providing some props. Let us get busy, Malawians rather thanks expending energy on lazy stuff.

    2. Zosautsa says:

      Munthu wakuda ndi nyani amangokopela zinthu zili zonse. Next time u will be told that you can marry your mother as long as she consents to your proposal. Inu ndikupanda nzeru kwanuko mudzasapotaso mwati ndinaphunzira there is no problem. Stupid.

      Have your own morals and be proud of them. Do not demean yourself. The fact that prostitution is legalized elsewhere does not justify the same here in Malawi.

    3. This is Malawi and not indonesia. Our Tradition here is quite different from that of indonesia. Shud we accept a thing because other countries have accepted it? Or shud we accept an idea because the Majority are appealing to it? In the name of humanism, african culture has been sidelined and demolished. What is it that will make us unique on the world map as Malawians if we destroy our culture? Do u kno anything about neo-colonialism and Globalisation? It seems u studied sex life in indonesia without a critical mind as any scholar should have. Don’t just receive any idea as true. Try to be critical. Western Carricurum has got a lot of propagandas my dear..

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