Queen’s Hospital registers another bogus doctor, arrested

A week after the Mchinji First Grade Magistrate sentenced Blessings Chisale who posed as a Medical Doctor at the district hospital to seven years imprisonment with hard labour, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre has registered yet another quack doctor, Zamil Michael, 31.

Another fake doctor arrested: Zamil Michael

Another fake doctor arrested: Zamil Michael

Hospital Administrator Themba Mhango confirmed of the development saying the suspect was apprehended Monday by the hospital’s security details after they were tipped by some guardians who were suspicious of Michael.

“He was arrested while walking in the corridors of the hospital after guardians and patients were surprised with the dressing of the person in one of the wards. He had a Stethoscope on his neck the time he was apprehended,” said the QECH Administrator.

And on their part, the police said that the suspect confessed that he was not a trained medical doctor, claiming the Stethoscope he had with him belonged to his sister, whom the police say are yet to get hold of for further investigations.

“We thank the patients and the guardians for alerting the security guards otherwise such kind of personalities need to be checked and reported forthwith as they are dangerous.

“Police are still investigating the case, “said Blantyre Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Divala.

Michael turns out to be a third bogus doctor at QECH alone. In Lilongwe central Hospital just like Mchinji District Hospital registered one.

The nation is yet to know the motive behind this impersonation of Medical Doctors.

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27 thoughts on “Queen’s Hospital registers another bogus doctor, arrested”

  1. foyifoyi says:

    koma munthuyutu ndi chamba chimamupangisa zimenezi ,mwamuona momwe akuonekera kumasoko ngakhale momwe wametera tsitsi lakelo zikungosoyenyezeratu kuti munthuyudi ndi wa chammba .choka tiye uko usandiyang`ane ngati mfiti

  2. vapasi pa mbuzi says:



    Body parts,water that was used to wash deceased people and stealing medicines. Those are the main reasons for all those bogus Medical practitioners

  4. Alex Likoswe says:

    Up to know the motivation has not been established? Dausi, what are you doing?

  5. Akulisinga says:

    Anawa atibaya spirit kenako esh! kapenatu kuli katangale yemwe sitikumudziwa? nanga amapindula chani? kumaigwira yosalipidwa abale?

    1. Ngati anakubaya injection bwinotu tasuzumira pathupipo ngati zonse zilipo man?Otere ndiwoopsya ndithu.Kuchipatala funani njira yothetsera muchitidwewu msangamsanga.

  6. short wamtali says:

    7years IHL to someone who had not even administered any drug to a patient while someone who robbed, denied and killed millions of people by stealing millions of kwachas meant for their treatment is given 5years? My Malawi and its Laws.

  7. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Only in Malawi, the government is failing to hire trained Doctors but fake DOctors can freely walk the halls of a major referral hospital. Something is not right!,,,

  8. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    The most foolish thing in life is failure to draw lessons when something transpires. After September 11 the civil aviation industry learnt something. And that is why all passengers and pilots are rigorously searched before boarding aircraft. Now, what has hospital authorities and indeed health regulatory authorities done in the wake of this? You see, there are some professionals in the healthcare delivery system who delight in street attires. And with that, how can we check these criminals. Akuti poti ndi a dokotala/ clinical officer sangavale uniform let alone IDs. Ndi Ku Malawi kokha kuno kuli mediocrity ngati imeneyi. Elsewhere even a specialist has to put on an ID. Koma Ku Malawi they are demigods.

  9. H,Chitumvi says:

    U Concerned, why this happening in our hospitals do you mean that the person monitors the shift never know his/her squared?

  10. redeemed says:

    This story reminds me of another bogus doctor who was only targeting his fellow Malawians . He also had stethoscope in his possession. He pretended to be a medical doctor at Johannesburg Central Hospital who had been high jacked and needed help when some people directed him to his fellow Malawians. There he would promise them jobs at the Jhb hospital and took some money from his victims and vanished.

    1. i miss kamuzu banda and john tembo says:

      sizikumveka ata izi walembazi. tayesanso

  11. mbwiye wapata says:

    Ndi wa DPP uyu ..i know him….kodi abale palibe amene angandikongose K2000?

  12. Mirella K says:

    Kodi anthu inu, do you want to tell me kuti amdotolo athuwa samwera tea limodzi…Nanga seriously don’t they notice mabogus-wa abale? Zizidikira patient kudabwa dressing? Nanga akanatchena monga titchenera enafemu….akanagwidwa uyu???

  13. Dr love says:

    is not bogus doctor looks like satanc doctor someone somewhere he knows wat there dowing please tell me where jack bandawe nickname Nachipanti don t say u don t know

  14. njanji says:

    Makamaka what’s their aim for doing this. Amangeni 20yrs IHL

  15. guguh says:

    Inu mesa you wrote that they ask for money from patients to be treated quickly? Did that change for this article to state that the motive is unknown?

  16. Kavuluvulu says:

    I understand they are a conduit of drugs that are being stolen from Govt. Hospitals.

  17. mtumbuka1 says:

    You can see the way most Malawians think and yet we expect to develop as a country. You leave your house and go to pretend to be a doctor and in the evenings you get a taxi to go home…but come month end nobody pays you and in fact you are prepared to do that for a good two years or more. This shows there’s something that probably went horribly wrong when the almighty was creating Malawi and since that time Malawi will remain a cursed country full of idiots. It’s actually funny that even all the presidents we have been having and we keep having are equally idiots and that is a shame.

  18. Gas Machine Head says:

    Louis Phiri. This headline is very misleading. I have read the article twice and nowhere do I find that he was impersonating a doctor. According to your story, this guy was arrested for having a stethoscope over his neck, which is typical of nurses, doctors and other clinicians in hospitals. So what I get from this story is that he has been arrested for further questioning due to the stethoscope he had on and also because some gurdians were curious with his dressing. If you go back to the other stories, including the previous QECH incident, the person who is now in jail was actiually impersonating a medical doctor by even examning and discharging patients. Your story should read: Man arrested for dressing up like a medic or something close to that. Unless otherwise, your story is about one being arrested for wearing a stethoscope right?

  19. A Malawian living in Azerbaijan says:

    for unknown reasons I always skip news concerning bogus doctors but today am seriously curious knowing the motive behind all this,how do these bogus doctors benefit from this? may be we can learn something.
    In these days of economic hardships we as a country have to take any trick and do anything we can whether evil or not to put food on the table,just like the way Nigerians do and our country will develop faster

  20. kaya says:

    Koma mbuzi zinazi kaya……

  21. i miss kamuzu banda and john tembo says:

    you don’t know the motive? how about asking the police or the numerous people that have been apprehended the simple question ‘what was your motive?’ or better yet, how about sending somebody to the court to hear the testimony of the impersonator? it’s not rocket science….

  22. benjnes says:


  23. Patriot says:

    Koma a Public Relation Officer aku Ministry Headquarters akuyidziwa nkhaniniyi?
    Kodi mayesa akutumizirani chi kalata a PS aja?
    Kodi simukumverabe ngwi ngwi ngwi
    This nonsense gotta stop.

  24. bertha says:


  25. afalakhada says:

    Koma yeah udokotala ndiopweka chonchi? come on I have to understand something here,cant government stand up to this by providing ID or swap cards for doctors? Malawi long time of freedom achieved nothing at all, shameless

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