Rains cause havoc in Malawi: Roofs blown off, vehicles damaged

Heavy rains accompanied by high speed wind have blown off house roofs in Blantyre and damaged some vehicles as the onset of first rains start on sad note.

Limbe  is flooded

Limbe is flooded

Falling trees damage minibus

Falling trees damage minibus

Cars stuck in  flooding water

Cars stuck in flooding water

The most affected areas are Limbe where a falling tree damaged two vehicles and blew of some roof in Bangwe where a Catholic Church building had its roof blown off along with a dozen houses and Makhetha where a public health centre had its roof blown off as well.

Hospital workers promptly secured all medicine and have since been kept at the referral hospital, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Limbe police spokesman Pedzisai Zembeneko said there were no casualties and the cost of damage is being worked out as some shops were flooded with rain water.

There are also reports of similar damages due to heavy rains in Mitundu, Lilongwe.

In Mzimba, over 500 people from chiefs Mpherembe, Maulao and Mtwaro are homeless followiing heavy rains in the areas.

Unicef has warned of heavy rains and flooding and drought in some parts of Africa including Malawi.-Additional reporting by Owen Khamula, Nyasa Times

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66 thoughts on “Rains cause havoc in Malawi: Roofs blown off, vehicles damaged”

  1. bamusi says:

    Asking for assistance? Shamel!!!

  2. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr Mkawihe, the place in Mzimba is spelt Mabulabo. Let’s not chewalise everything.

  3. God have mercy on our beloved country

  4. LOZI says:

    good vegetative cover is the solution as it reduces runoff.

  5. Mwiza says:

    Structural damage to the buildings is difficult to prevent.However, flooding in an area such as Blantyre is avoidable through construction or opening of drains. Having floods in Blantyre is a sign of ineffective city management. We seem to be contented with the status quo in Malawi and only get awakened when disaster strikes!

  6. Cardiac Arrest says:

    The Government said its ready for El Niño , bring it on.

  7. Tony boy says:

    End of the wolrd……..

  8. ndatopa says:

    Lord have mercy on Malawi Forgive us. Mvula ibwere koma ikhale yabata isawononge Miyo yathu, Zisakasa zathu komanso Mbeu Zisawonongeke. forgive forgive our Nation. men

  9. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Kunonso ku rsa yabwera dzulo koma ndiyowononga ndithu.

  10. Nasan says:

    Chimenechi ndichiyambi chazopya zowawa masiku osiliza yasala stete Hous kusasuka

  11. Mchewa Properties says:

    Thats the last days JESUS is around to jurge maulosi onse ndiamene akukwanitsidwawa so as christias tikuyenera kuchirimika mmapephero

  12. commenter says:

    hmm shame!!

  13. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    God is not happy with us. He is punishing us yet some people you are saying it is because of the faulty drainage system. What about the strong winds.God send rains to show us his favour but also to punish us Job 15v11.

  14. Rodgers Banda says:

    If a country doesn’t have a Disaster Management Plan and Funds, it means that country is dead. If donors are no more, how will we save the poor souls from drought or floods? Since Peter doesn’t believe in donors may be the stolen billions by Bingo is the solution.

  15. Mlakho says:

    Tavomereza ndalama za machimo za gay.Tilira mulungu walusa.

  16. Sir JohnRodz says:

    The site discharge capacity is lower comparing to the incoming. it would have been prudent to increase discharge capacity when the road were being renovated. A lot of issues could be said but that’s from civil perspective.

    We will continue to experience a lot of surface run-off almost on all first heavy rains (this is a normal pattern) because the drainage systems have been maintained or rehabilitated in some area of the city.

  17. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Let me get this straight, you want to blame someone specific for the floods that have hit us??? And then some of you want us to attribute this to God being angry with sin in Malawi??

    Let’s deal with that which we can actually deal with ourselves. We have witnessed our weak areas from this experience and now we must look at ways to improve our processes of dealing with such random forces of nature…..and let’s stop using God to advance our own agendas.

  18. shangingo says:

    Trees add beauty to a city but for sure , we have more trees in our cities which are a threat to life and I have been wondering why the City Assembly cant cut them down or else trim the branches of some of these. For instance the road going down to Limbe market from Police- those need to be cut. There is also a big tree at Chaks trading – close to Escom house. The road to CI from Mudi bridge has a ,lot of big blue gums which neet to be cut. Just to mention a few. We are just looking at them until they on somebody vehicle or block the road then we will start doing something. ooo gosh poor Malawi – always re active as opposed to proactive

  19. MAN HA says:


  20. Analystfool says:

    “Donors are fed up! mfwi mfwi mfwi,” uziona iwe gogo wadzino limodzi in the name of Peter Mutharika wamva? Ngati supitanso nd cardiac arrest chaka chubwerachi uli ndi mwayi. Mvula kungoyamba ndi floods, suwafunanso ma donors aja? You must be very stupid.

  21. Nabanda says:

    Nanga pofika January kuchitika zotani? Kaya sine Mulungu ndangofunsa.

  22. Mukharapwio says:

    barely a week has passed since someone castigated the opposition for asking gvt if it was prepared for natural disasters’ occurence when Peter was holding a rally in Mangochi,saying nobody shd prepare for a disaster even if there are signs that it will come.can that person be brought to these areas and see for himself,anthu mpaka anaombera mmanja mfundoyi pano tiwona muisova bwanji ikabwera ku Mangochiko

  23. vin mongu says:

    sue city assembly for failure to plan for drainage and implementing one. failed state indeed in 51 years of independence

  24. Gwape says:

    Yes very avoidable, munthu sungapange park car pansi pa mtengo wa m’bawa during rainy season

  25. Agness says:

    Does Malawi really have town planners and engineers? Some of the flooded areas wouldnt have flooded if our engineers and planners designed proper drainage systems. How can one have a construction project without considering water direction?

  26. Danny says:

    So sad

  27. zabweka says:

    Kodi amanga mseu uja ndani osadziwa za drainage system? kodi iwowo sakudziwa zoti msewu utha kuonongeka coz iwow angodya ndalama osamanga bwino drainage system

  28. Chemjambe says:

    ESCOM imafuna madzi ndi amenewatu tisamvenso nkhani ina apa kuti nyani wakodwa mu machine ife sitimva zimenezo

  29. khamisa says:

    Makhetha clinic is gone. Pepani a a john bande foe this loss u worked had see what satan has done. Rest well hon bande

  30. leviekamanga says:

    Mulungu amatikonda.koma satana ndiyomweakubweretssa mabvuto padziko. Otsativmulungu.

  31. alick says:

    This building and office park was built on a catchment area. This is where Limbe river starts. Good drainage system was to be made for such an infastructure

  32. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Government claims to be well prepared to handle El Nino.
    Let us see how.

  33. zayakunkhongo says:

    Avoidable but these floods are due to land degradation and poor drainage systems in the city.

  34. janny says:

    Instruct people how to avoid on newspaper and repeat the same next time. Hahaha!

  35. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ooohoo! Avoidable incidences,

  36. Maseko says:


  37. Namalenga Wakwiya Ndizochita Zathu Bcoz Tasiya Kumutamanda Koma Kumangokangana

  38. Mandela says:

    Paja sunday yesu wanena kale kuti kwatsala a minute kuti dziko lithe anthu simukuva, mungochimwirachimwirabe, masiku otsiliza anthu adzakhala odzikonda, odzitukumula, akaduka, okonda chuma, okhala nawo maonekedwa achikhristu koma phavu yache adaikana, 2tim3v1-5

  39. Mbuya says:

    President organise national prayers to seek God’s intervention so dat we shld hv good rains please thats my plea Amen

  40. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    While flash floods are common very low lying areas are more prone. Generally, Limbe is not low lying. One thing we can do within our human capacity is to ensure good city planning where drainage systems are patent. If we can do a transect walk in our cities you will realize that our infrastructural lay out is faulty. Poor drainage systems, no vegetation! Akulu adati,”Ikakuona litsiro sikata mvula”

  41. Ralphael says:

    Zofunika mulungu akhululuke

  42. Malume says:

    Mulungu akutilanga apa ndi zomwe dziko ndi atsogoleli anthu akuchita! Tiyeni tilape

  43. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Why build structures without planning zimenezotu ,ngalande mulibe ,ndi chifukwa chake kuli sans polo ku Limbe

  44. Malawi should plant as many trees as possible

  45. wadela says:

    Malawi is a cursed country mulungu anakwiya nalo dziko li chifukwa cha kubela ma voti kwa dpp. .. mu zi wona si mu nati! !!! Kikikik

  46. Colby majon says:

    Izi ndizo zolakwazo vula isamakhale yowonanga zaka zonse tieni tipephere kwa mulungu atithoze ndikuwonjeza izo zachoka amen

  47. MLOMWE says:

    Yafika nthawi a DPP adyere anthu ndalama pamutu ngati mene adadyera za anthu aku Nsanje,chikwawa ndikwina konse.DPP ndi mbava

  48. Bigman de apstle says:

    God have mercy

  49. Amuthyapa. says:

    Too bad. God have mercy on us.

  50. njolomachipilingu says:

    Kodi Mulungu akukondwa nfi ulamuliro wangawu?????

  51. Bwande says:

    All over the place you let poorly constructed buildings, offices, shops, houses. You see very poorly constructed roads with poor drainage, you just throw rubbish in the drainage systems and block them. You have carelessly cut down all trees. And when disaster strikes, you say let’s go and pray. Let’s have a national day of prayers. Let’s appeal to well wishers. Koma ku Malawi! Ayayayaya

  52. Benson Chirwa says:

    Munati mwakonzeka but weeks have passed yet our friends in mzimba are still waiting for help. Shame. Rains are here to test and check your level of preparation.

  53. mogasa club member says:

    satana watikhalila pansana

  54. Bambo a mwana says:

    climate change effects. let us plant more trees more especially southern and central regions where trees are barely seen along the roads.

  55. Bob says:

    We are prepared for this, el Nino or not. Kkkkkkkk dont play with nature. Too much sin in this country Mulungu wakwiya this is just the beginning.

  56. some people will see the importance of owning a four wheeled car in this country because of our bad roads

  57. Nthawi yake!!!!!!! Tikungoyenera kukhala osamala,,,,,

  58. chapathako says:

    Tizale mitengo yambiri kuti idzigwera magalimoto?

  59. Tsogoleri woyipa akakhala pa mpando muziyembekezera nyengo zotero. Welengani bible abale.

  60. nyau says:

    A ndine wa dpp,sizikugwilizana comment yanuyo. Kspena mukupanga comment nkhani ina

  61. Wodzitsata says:

    Dziko likuthatu ili!

    1. Sibweni says:

      Lithe kumene!!!!!!!!

  62. Malawian Q says:


  63. kamfwiyo trig.point says:

    very bad, kofunika pemphero ndi kusala kudya,

  64. mtonga says:

    Mavuto Mavuto sauna nkhope awa

  65. Ndine Wa DPP says:

    El-nino beginis paja mudanena kale kuti mudakozeka ndalama zillpo.athandizeni basi anthu.okhudzidwawo

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