Ramadhan handed deal as Bullets coach: Burundian to guide Malawi champions in CAF games

Burundian consultant coach Nsazuwrimo Ramadhan has been hired as Big Bullets head coach as the club prepares for the 2015 Caf Champions League preliminary round matches.

Ramadhan:  Named head coach of Bullets

Ramadhan: Named head coach of Bullets

Bullets general secretary Harold Fote confirmed to Nyasa Times that a deal has been agreed with Ramadhan to be their tactician.

After Coach Elia Kananji guided the Bullets to 2014 TNM Super League championship, the Bullets chairperson Kondie Msungama said the contracts of the coaching panel had ended with the season on December 6 2014.

The Kananji panel comprised team manager Fundi Akidu, assistant coaches Lloyd Nkhwazi and Mabvuto Lungu.

Ramadhan was drafted in towards the end as consultant coach.

Fote said Ramadan has been “confirmed in the position as head coach.”

Bullets secretary general said their Burundian coach is “focused, very driven and very determined,”

Ramadhan will be receiving less than K500 000 a month.

“Ramadhan demanded more than K500 000 salary, excluding game bonuses at the start of the 2014 season, but now he has accepted to adjust and go low,” said Fote about Ramadhan, who won Bullets three league titles between 1997 and 2001.

Fote, however, was not clear on what role will Kananji play in the new technical panel.

He disclosed that Bullets have so far roped in the services of Karonga United striker Peter Mwangosi.

The Bullets travel to Comoros on the weekend of February 13 2015 for a preliminary round first leg against Fomboni Club de Moheil before hosting the Comoros giant in the reverse fixture after a fortnight.

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43 thoughts on “Ramadhan handed deal as Bullets coach: Burundian to guide Malawi champions in CAF games”

  1. thengeremwathengitso says:

    Kananji does not have right papers to coach a team playing in CAF, do your homework, vuto la amalawi kuthawa sukulu, mudzipanga education osamangopanga za bweyazonkie, seems the whole of Malawi does not have coaches with CAF papers, mwina Kinnah Phiri yekha ali nawo such papers, abale sukulu njofunikira kwabasi, all the best BB

  2. ijahman Duwa says:

    Bullets zabwino zonse basi?

  3. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Okay but dont left Kananji alone plz

  4. My advice 2 R.adhan,never u 4sake KANANJI.u wl b in hot soup.Havng gud papers doesn’t gurantee yourself de best coach.Cooperation is needed 4 effective results.

  5. Angoni satha onse. says:

    Bullets all de way 2 CAF.

  6. JOSEPH MHONE says:

    It’s so sad the direction that Nsungama has chosen, in my opinion suggest that the crew that has brought cup to this family should be carried forward to this CAF because they have common style of selecting players in the field ,while RAMADANH has theory play .therefore this Burundian should be hired as technical director .not headcoach

    Why am say this is ,most of foreign coaches don’t know how individual player plays well when combine with the certain friend , for instant ,traditionally , Jjimmy Zakazaka plays well when he has been combined with Mussa Manyenje on the front and Dalitso Silence supplying balls from midfield . All these styles need someone who has been with them for sometimes in order to analyse the culture of the team.

    Furthermore ,let’s give Ramadan time to analyse the squad through director’s role then after its when we can give him headcoach ,but don’t underrate local coaches take an example of the SSteven Cashe from Nigeria he managed to take the team world cup and even win the cups .

  7. Josaam says:

    All the best, The Peoples Team.

  8. Lawrence says:

    FAM and Bullets should assist Mr.Kananji to get necessary credentials. He is a good coach but he is only disadvantaged on papers. He should be included in Bullets technical panel if the team is to do well in the assignments coming forth.

  9. Tikakatuluka kosacha nawenso pomwepo kumapita kwanu. says:

    Kungotuluka kosacha nawenso will be fired.

  10. chimangenI says:

    If Ramadahn is not hired who will coach the team as Kananji has no CAF coaching licence?Positive mind guys we All love Kananji bt in this situation no short cut!!

  11. wodabwa says:

    Inu caf imafuna ophunziratu bwino amasamba awo. Achina Kananjiwa apite kaye kusukulu . Bullets for real and once a palestinian always m’palesitina

  12. Francis Anonabhani Mwale says:

    I support the idea but both local and international coaches should work hand in hand.

  13. Israel Difense Force says:

    Kananji will be on standby, akangotuluka mu CAF competition, this Burundian coach will be fired. Koma are these costly decisions being made by the whole executive or just Msungama alone?

    1. alukosyo says:

      All decisions being made by Msungama and Fote. Pano palowa mbewa pakalowa njoka mumva akubangula kikikiki ingotini pheeeee

  14. francis kalima says:

    Sindikuvana nazo musiyeni wathu coach watithandiza kutenga super league not uyo.ayi atipweteketsa zimenezo zopusa heavy

  15. Bwanubo says:

    Tinkanena adathera mu ziizi. What if Ramadan loses all the games including local games? I for one not happy.

  16. A Malawi tisamazidelere tokha

  17. yale says:

    Iwe gentle,neba ukumuuza kut Chani,ukuona ngati Kananji tathana Kaye ,tilinayenaye

  18. BECHI says:

    All the best coach but my plea is the Kananji crew should not be left out.

    1. Francis Anonabhani Mwale says:

      Thats very true . Just add Ramadhan to beef up the coaching panel we already have.

  19. yale says:

    Mr Kananji deserves pure respect no matter what,give him a role to play please ,don’t just let him go,unkundimva Kondesi Nsungama

  20. The idea is welcome but the request to Fote and Nsungama is not to ignore Kananjis technical panel since the club was already at agood postion when Ramadan was coming in to inject his skills.The fact is that we love Bullets make it do better at CAF .All the best Maule.

  21. Mack Banda says:

    Include kananji in the coaching panel. He has proved his mantle.

  22. Mchewa okwiya says:

    Mr kananji ife abullets sitikukufunani chonde mukhoza kukafuna ntchito kwina kaya mupita ku noma tilibe nazo ntchito bola mwatitoletsa chikwama kkkkkkkkkkkk koma bulletssssssss

  23. Fwetseki says:

    Zochitika ku estate ya 40 ndi msungama

  24. Nyamakumutu says:

    Wonderers Beforward to sign Kananji as Coach you will see how this so called Burundian will face music when they will meet. After all it’s only toe games to go how can you ignore a coach who made you be where you are.

  25. Yankees says:

    A Elia Kananji ndizimenezotu kuyamba ntchito ndima Paper osakwanila, akuchotsani chosecho kuti timuyi imenye mu Caf ndiinuyo mwaitukula, pano mwawatola mwawasambitsa a Mayi Bulets, ayela, adziwa Kuphoda ambi Shubaba, awona amuna ena, Hede Ulu!!!!.

  26. Thubu Mgoloso says:

    Thanks for the development but do not sideline and ignore the Kananji coaching panel, it will be a curse! They have toiled much to reach this far hence need to be recognised and given a role!

  27. Marouane says:

    Nde musampase role iliyonse Kananji, tiona, koma I hope executive yathu ipanga zotheka kumuganizira ndakhale alibe Caf licence

  28. Jentle says:

    Hahahaha neba wamutaya Kananji ndi gulu lake? Consider them neba.

  29. mpumulo wa mumtima massa says:

    Lets honuor mr kananji..he is very good. Ramadhani came in when things were good at bullets..
    Ngati mr kananji alibe CAF qualification it does not serve to say that he can not do it…bullets should still use mr kananji as an assistance
    Mr kananji ia s genius

  30. alukosyo says:

    Two man band. I understand u don’t consult your fellow executive members even informing the trustees. Shame to Fote and Msungama.

  31. mphechepeche says:

    What about the sponsorship you have been bragging about . When are you making the announcement or yamwa madzi please tell us the truth

  32. Achalume says:

    Ramadhan kutenga mavuto apa!Atatukwanidwepo za ziiiii!Koma dyera linali!

  33. ganimunthu says:

    A malawi amaona ngati kuti zakinja ndiye zakupysa

  34. A COMMONER says:

    Another circus, another recycled coach, another fuse, another early exit from CAF games, another infighting(who is the boss), another final blow by this tym next year this coach wil b jobless. My question is: What is in the contract regarding the club? What r the short and long term goals 4 him? What is expected of him? I feel sorry 4 him cos he wil work under pressure.

  35. tiwonge says:

    So where is Kananji?Osamutayatu paja a Bullets timayambanso matama tikamachita bwino.

  36. Thats commendable to hire a tactician with necessary credentials,however,doing away altogether with Kananji will spell more doom than good to the Bullets family.

  37. Well back mr coach in a CAF champion fombon will flown on 02

  38. Some times its gud to use local coaches,Wishing u all the best,I believe u can.But still I love Silver Strikers,The Bankers.Who can love football and hate money?

  39. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Welcome Ramadhani to Palestine Family. Qualification matters. Kananji shd assist head coach. Akidu, Mabvuto and the rest previous technical panel be included in management of BB. Approach former sponsor Dr Bakili Muluzi retired HE for any support he could provide between now and February. Dzanja lake ndilopereka chifukwa chake amalandira zochuluka kupotsa enafe. Mulungu wabwino amuonjedzere umoyo wake kuti ambiri ife tiphunzireko.Happy new year BB & BM

  40. Munyepa Vetekhu says:


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