Rape, diarrhoea and malaria scare Malawi flooded hit areas:  MSF deploys 70 heath workers

The Medicines San Frontiers (MSF) has deployed about 70 health workers in Nsanje and Chikhwawa in readiness for waterborne and airborne diseases that are likely to follow the recent floods.

MSF health worker in flood hit areas

MSF health worker in flood hit areas

MSF registering people in health book

MSF registering people in health book

The health workers, who include clinicians and nurses, are already on the ground in the two districts, as health and sanitation situation continues to dwindle in the camps where the displaced flood victims are staying.

MSF rapid response follows fears of imminent danger of diarrhea and malaria breakout, as about 353 people are sharing one makeshift toilet and bathroom at Mphatso Camp located in Fatima, Nsanje, for instance.

At the camp, the 353 people are also sharing only 98 blankets and 11 mosquito nets and a 40 by30 metres room, the situation one of the health workers, Elisha Pambalipe, fears is a potential breeding ground for rape cases, which can also scale up HIV and Aids transmission.

“Sharing a single toilet and bathroom has increased open defecation, which may result in Cholera outbreak. We also fear for the outbreak of skin diseases and Tuberculosis,” said Pambalipe.

The situation is even far worse at M’bwazi Primary School where over 1000 people are camping and sharing only 150 blankets and there is a shortage of mosquito nets.

The Advocacy and Communications Officer for MSF, Wilfred Masebo disclosed that his organization has also deployed health workers in all the districts affected by the floods such as Mulanje, Phalombe, Blantyre and Mangochi.

“We plan to remain on the ground up to somewhere in April because we anticipate disease outbreaks as the waters turn themselves into swamps. We will continue monitoring the situation as we keep mounting
toilets, providing mosquito nets, ORS and water-guard,” said Masebo.

And according to MSF Deputy Director of Logistics Luke Ngwira, the organization is mainly focusing on non-food items such as water buckets, soap and cups.

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16 thoughts on “Rape, diarrhoea and malaria scare Malawi flooded hit areas:  MSF deploys 70 heath workers”

  1. piyason says:

    mbava aMalawi inu mudzatengapo matembelelo.

  2. phodogoma says:

    Ask the UNO anything concerning the distribution of relief items since the whiteman is donating thrrough the UNO or local agencies. Don’t dare the government on the distribution of relief from the white-man’s land. mabulaki simumayimbira manja kuti ndibwino mathandizo azipita kwa anthu through mabungwe amene sali aboma. Kuiwala kuti boma liri ndi kuthekera kogawa zinthuzo mwa chilungamo. Ndipo boma liri ndi mayendedwe abwino. Ndiye a UNO, BFID, WHO, local agencies ali kuti.Agawetu ma relief amene aperekedwa aja. Kapena mzungu amanama.

  3. sapitwa says:

    Where are the donations

  4. Kakha Erutu says:

    Use the military to manage this relief operation.

  5. Makiu says:

    Blame it on donors because they said they would not trust government with their donation. the blankets that are there are enough according to government because some of people have just joined the camps as economic refugees just to be part of the free donations.

  6. CAPE FLATS says:


  7. apao says:

    Ma indicators a umphawi ameneyo at national level nde uyu azibela aMalawi

  8. andrew Tchale says:

    This is a joke! where is the mony that the donors are donating?

  9. Nkhamanga says:

    Nkhayowoya kale ine kuti ndalama zila chibulumutila cha mwanakazi wa wupu wa BEAM wakatola wawezge wagule makondomu yalute ku Nsanje chifukwa wanyithu awa tikuti waSena awa sono uku ndikuti wakugundana nyama ku nyama mu ma Camp. Nkhuwamanya wanthu awa wakutemwa uzaghali mwee. Nkhwantha za MSF ni izi nazo zayowoyapo.

  10. A lot of money has been donated…why are we having few blankets..pls go & buy for the victims.. Do not steal you will be cursed!!

  11. Peter says:

    Inu othandiza pelekani nokha anthu ena akubapo apa.

  12. HEA says:

    Amalawi, pelekani mathandizo koyenela chithandizo. Moti anthu azichita kufunditsana bulangete pamene mathandizo akupelekedwa?? Shame!!!

  13. very sad thing is that those so called orgnisations’ directors will be demanding so much fat allowances once they visit flooded areas in the name of ‘helping the marooned people’.The money donated is much more but its only quater of it that reaches the targeted victims.Dont you know that people get rich at the expense of very stranded people?Make a research on this and I hope you will agree with me before dawn comes!

  14. Peter says:

    Where are the millions going?

  15. Please a malawi,ndalama zama ma floods gwilisani ntchito moyenera poteteza umoyo ya anthu,chifukwa ndalama zachithandizo ndizambili zomwe mayiko akunja akupeleka,motelo zofunda 100 sangagawane anthu 1000 ayi .taganizani bwino

  16. chims says:

    very bad situation indeed. we hope and look forward to our partners for help.

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