Referendum on Malawi federalism gets PAC support

Malawi’s public affairs watchdog body, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has thrown its weight on the calls for a referendum to solve the impasse on whether the country should move to a federation.

PAC’s position comes immediately after the Malawi Government also said that if need be the country will go to a referendum to decide on the federal system or total secession of the northern region as being suggested by other quarters.

Malawi quasi-religious organisation PAC

Fr Mulomole: PAC supports calls for people to decide

In an interview PAC spokesperson Rev. Father Peter Mulomole said it was pertinent that people have to decide what they want.

“We are not taking sides but issues like this require the decision of the majority not a fraction of people. If people want federalism or not let them speak through a referendum, time has come for Malawians to decide for themselves,” said Mulomole.

He stressed that parliament cannot decide on such issues but the concerned people themselves.

“As we are calling for the review of the country’s laws parliament cannot go it alone this requires all the people to get involved,” he said.

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is among groups that engaged PAC and asked it for its facilitation.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has argued that the federal government calls were as a result of nepotistic tendencies by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration.

An opinion poll administered by one online media in the country sided with those calling for the formation of a federation, but most of the respondents were against the call for the total secession of the northern region.

Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa said recently that Malawi Government intends to embark on a national wide civic education tour on the question of federalism, and secession.

He said if need be the exercise will end into an open referendum on the two matters.

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I am in full support of federal government as justice need to be shared equally knowing that central region resident and southeners will not support this because they are already direct beneficialries for the past 50 years of independence. PAC need to exercise its powers on this issue. we are tired of you mwawagulugulu imwe

Munthu wa Mulungu

It’s not abcut size. Ngati president walephera kusamalira amalawi monga fuko, ndiye mumati enafe tizingokhala antchito anu? Muonanso, muzidya nandoloyu.


I am for the idea of referendum but am worried. Who is going to vote? The people of the north obviously will vote for but our mlamus will not agree why? They are afraid and they don’t know what it is that is why they are thinking in nkhondo. 1 president, 1 army, different provincial and local government.

Dennis D. Mhango

Kamuzu never developed one side bt multiparty leaders have failed. The wrongs of a one party state are the rights of the so called multiparty governance. Chakufwa Chihana wronged the Northeners wth the multiparty he brought!

THUMBS UP PAC.We need Secession not Federation.The South will always sabortage us, the North becoz them they don’t need Tumbukas.My fellow Noprtherners,let just opt for SECESSION and become a New Country.We have been denied Development for a long time and now its our time to form our own Tumbuka Country.When we choose Federation ,The people from the South will want also to vote in the Referendum and this will complicate everything.The Central Region is backing us ,thats good.If the Government calls for referendum let only the people from the North and Centre to vote .The south is against it already,so… Read more »

This very small country of our…

Dennis D. Mhango

After federalism, tribal wars! This is the sign of the end of ages according to the Bible. How can the president of a smallest Malawi be nepostic? How can a small country be divide and hw will it look? Its bcoz of the sturbboness of the leaders. There is no option bt to do it!

burton mlambia

icant make a budget for someone, even though we can be staying togather. so what is needed is to share the money so that i should buy things that can help me. federal gonna help every region to get equal shares from the state.

Weniweni Balakasa

The way the president is articurating his duties are clear signs of division of the beloved malawi. Lomwe in all high public positions. If u are from that tribe you cannot see him dividing the country. Period

Mbowe Mulambia

MCP once said multparty nkhondo( kanyama koipa) is that true? now federalism yoipa why are you fearing it? try and see what will happen. osamanamizidwa pano.And to those from central you have to be sorry for yourself now it will be 25years go mmidzi nothing has happened federal government does not mean dividing dziko not north only.

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