Reforms cut-off middlemen at Road Traffic Dept: Corruption syndicate busted

Intermediaries, commonly known as middlemen, have been completely cut out from corruption syndicates with officers at the road traffic because the new system is electronic and transaction only starts when the system recognizes a bank payment receipt.

No more middlemen at Road Traffic department

No more middlemen at Road Traffic department

The development has angered the middlemen, usually well dressed men who linger around the premises, who have been assisting clients through their inside connections.

“This is bad for us. I have been in this business for over 20 years. So what will I be doing? I know these reforms are good for the country but for me this has been my life,” lamented one middleman from Biwi.

However, the middlemen are not taking it lying down because due to their influence have resolved to do anything possible to portray the new system as failure so that the directorate reverts to the old system.

In a statement issued this week, spokesperson for the Road Traffic Department Chisomo Chibwana said “contrary to reports that the delays are a result of system failure it has come to our attention that a few internal stakeholders are conniving with middlemen after being completely cut out from corruption and kickbacks since the new system is computerized, are trying to throw spanners in the whole process.”

“For example, we have heard stories of service seekers still paying bribes to middlemen to facilitate the process yet the middlemen simply disappear with the money because there is nothing they can do as the process is now electronic and computerized,” read the statement adding;

“This situation in turn is leading to congestion in the queues as swindled clients continue to wait for the helpless middlemen thereby painting a picture as if the system itself is to blame.”

In the statement, Chibwana then assured the general public to appreciate that the upgrade of the Traffic Information System is part of the Public Service Reforms which, among others, will completely curb out corruption at the Directorate because only those who produce bank scanned receipts will be assisted.

In a related development, reforms in the Farm Input Subsidy Programme FISP have cut out suppliers and transporters – meaning that government will no longer invite tenders for supply of fertilizer and seed as beneficiaries will buy straight from agro-dealers.

This move is expected to help government save a whopping K19 billion.

President Mutharika established the Public Service Reforms Commission – chaired by vice President Chilima – and the commission is currently carrying out a number of reforms in ministries, departments, and parastatals in a last ditch attempt to improve service delivery and curb corruption.

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43 thoughts on “Reforms cut-off middlemen at Road Traffic Dept: Corruption syndicate busted”

  1. People will find a way to beat the system through the same staff at the RTD. The middle men worked for the RTD staff. Dave Kadzuwa will find a way out.

  2. johntembo Kuffor says:

    kkkkkkkkk. mmanja mwawo a President ndi Chilima. Zione wavutika zedi ku Road Traffic..kkkk pobera anthu patha…kkkkkkkkk

  3. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    The system is quite ok. However, do not point fingers at anybody. People engage in this intermediary businesses because of lacking employment opportunities. Don’t blame them. While reforms are underway to improve efficiency, the government need to seriously consider creating employment opportunities for the growing number of youths. We need to think deeply on economic investments that can help to close the ever growing unemployment. Regarding the system, I don’t think its the failure of it but government’s lack of foresight. As one has already pointed out, the number of vehicles and drivers have tremendously increased while being served from the colonial era road traffic office structures. This is what leading to congestion! We need at least more satellite offices in each region. In the South, we need one office in Mangochi, Mulanje, Chikwawa and additional 2 or 3 centres in Blantyre, centre like Kasungu, KK, Mchinji and 2 additional satellite offices in Lilongwe and North with an additional one in Karonga. In this way. all problems will definitely disappear!

  4. Salvador says:

    As long as processing time is not reducrd, agents will still have services to offer to those who cant stand the queues. Hollistic approach is required. In Lilongwe premises are too small. Information is not properly provided to clients e.g. no info counter..simple process flow charts displayed within premises would help a lot..reforms are not cheap..the half a loaf rule does not apply with reforms..awareness programmes on radio and tv are required.

  5. david says:

    So these middle men are in total Like 150 People? Or more? So how much did Government Spend Implementing this system? is it not cheaper to take these useless middle men out the picture in other ways rather then taking our Hard earned Tax money for Bull shit which will go back to the same Old Story..

  6. Fwix says:

    Just overhaul the whole RTD. Otherwise all officers are corrupt. Nanga madobadobawo amasayinitsa kuti ma docs a chinyengowo?

  7. Julie says:

    I dont see any problem using brokers, because my vehicle papers were being done while am working, making money somewhere. In insurance we have brokers who do on your behalf. Even this system will be prone to corruption because the whole Southern Region has one office whch requires for someone to stand on the que for hours without being attended to, it would be better to have centers in each district and Blantyre should have 3 centres: Limbe, Blantyre and Ginery Corner, that way it will solve the congestions being experienced so far. Time is money, why should someone wait on the que to pay K50 00?

  8. xxxxxxxx says:

    APM and Chilima indeed you have punished the middlemen at Road Traffic. IMy neighbour here in Blantyre is or was a midleman. The guy was bringing a loaf of bread per ady. I mean that loaf of bread large at K300.00. Now after this development the guy is failing even to bring cassava. Please punish them. develop the system at all government business centers.

  9. Yonatan says:

    this so called system has a lot of shot fall apart from getting lead of dobadoba’s just imagine that if your relative send you a car you cant register it until he or she comes for himself even though you have all the document and they are too much processes that we are being changed for hope this this is one war of financing zero aid budget

  10. Corruption says:

    Wa Police corruption sinkhani, amakuyamba dala. Ine sinditha koma dzulo ndaphunzira, n’nangoti ya lunch bwanji nthawi yomweyo ndapulumutsa ten pin kikikiki!!!!

  11. Nambala28 says:

    Nambala 28, ine ndikuyankha motere kuti there is no way APM, SCC and DPP can lose in 2019 unless Chakwera goes back to the pulpit. 2019 DPP with UDF mavoti ndi migolomigolo come federalism or no federalism. Bambo APM ndi katundu mooti voti yanga sindinaitaye ayi as I knew I was doing. Malawi will not be the same under APM and we should expect more under the current reforms. DPP woyyee! to hell JB! To hell PP!

  12. Change says:

    It is nice to hear but what about big fishes on corruption? Change also the system the gavernment use when giving contact, it should be trasparent, the way end is used. And dont leave the trafic police offecers out, reduce the trafic pernaties and make it electronic in that way one can decide to pay in the nomaly way than paying a bribe to avoide the name unafordable pernaty.

  13. namalaka says:

    malawi ndi malawi basi no change palibe chabwino apa.

  14. Gugulethu Makombe says:

    The system is very welcome but it is cumbersome. Firstly, did you put any thoughts regards environmental footprint of having two cards i.e. the Traffic Register Card and the Driving Licence with the only difference being that the former has a Traffic Register Number. My I believe this information could have been incorporated on one card for efficient resource utilization. This is also related to the issue of a Driving Licence with an expiry date, this is not in keeping with other SADC members, why so? Again, this has environmental implications, in fact what is the disposal strategy by the Department? Finally, I would like to suggest that the new computerized system be improved by having and information site both on-line and at the Road Traffic Offices, also by reducing the duplication in the transactions, e.g. why go to the bank for every single transaction than having all the requirements captured and making one payment in the light of IT.

  15. mapwiya says:

    Portugal 1 Italy 0

  16. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    We knew that by electing APM and his DPP crew, they would introduce new blood and new thinking into government. APM and Chilima being the main drivers of the new “school” in Malawi, to root out corruption. For many years, there were too many vested corruptive interests involved in running this country. Most recent extreme example: Joisi Banda and her PP!!!!!!
    Contrary to popular belief, you can’t kill two birds with one stone: as those of us even very skilled at using legeni (catapult) know. So, one step at a time, please. And we want to see these kinds of initiatives at Escom, Road Traffic, Department of Lands, Water Board(s), etc. I am confident that this government will achieve results in this endeavor.
    Q: How can DPP not win the next elections, in 2019, with this kind of performance?
    That is, if this trend continues.
    A: No way.

  17. sorry for the middlemen and junior officers

  18. Tengupenya says:

    Business should not be at the expense of efficiency.

  19. opg says:

    so all this time you were just watching officers and middlemen doing corruption? U must be too unpatriotic! devils! did u ever arrest one?

  20. magwiridwe a ntchito asintike amapangira dala

  21. opportunist says:

    Madobadoba musovenge

  22. Bristol says:

    This is good for the country because corruption will be minimized.

  23. Green grass says:

    I understand that in future traffic police shall no longer collect on the spot fine but instead they shall swipe one’s driving license and you pay at the Bank. Can imagine that traffic police are also not keen to see the system succeed because they will lose out on bribes which they collect from motorists.

  24. chimbata says:


  25. Amir says:

    Why do we have to pay another K5000 for a new identity card….road traffic has all our details already in the system through our drivers licence…….it’s just a way to make money by charging us K5000 do your maths by mininum 5,000,000 people…..its not fair that we have to stay on long cues for these reforms to happen make efficient first..time is money

  26. Lillongwe says:

    Ifetu timadabwa JCE mpaka kumanga nyumba zingapo.. Ma galimoto thii ati zikuyenda Ku Road Traffic.

  27. kanyimbi says:

    Working for 20 years and you did not have investments? You middle men are goats.

  28. ruth warren says:

    kuyaka moto kumeneko soon u will hear ma computer onse aphya with no single piece of data we will revert to old system, just wait and see. The system seems to hv poor back up and can be easily hackd and exploited loopholes are too many, trust me

  29. JohnPaul says:

    This is total lies by Road Traffic Management. This system is not function as a result of MOVESA-FISCHER CONSULTAIUM trying to up grade a system belonging to Face Technologies. MOVESA has been palm oiling senior officials from Road Traffic and Ministry of Transport. The whole process of acquiring this system has been a flop from the start, how can Road Traffic choose the most expensive bidder with less experience to be awarded the contract? This was because of Moshin of MOVESA with James Chirwa and Manong’a decided to corruptly award this tender. kukonda dollar ma guy, even after being advised otherwise they choose to proceed with the system which is failing to marry with data which is already within the IFIMIS system. The reason of this delay is as a result they have decided to recapture the details of all drivers licence holders and vehicles registered in Malawi. As I am talking now Road Traffic has no access to anyones information thus including driving licence details or motor vehicles details its all in the previous system. Malawi this is only the start!!!

  30. ABM says:

    This change should also include the payment of traffic fines in order to reduce corruption amongst officers on the roads

  31. Vyapasi says:

    Immigration Department?????

  32. Ambuje kukaya says:

    The system is good as it cuts out corruption and red-tape from the process. However, I would suggest decentralization of the directorate. It is not fair to let people from the whole central or southern region to travel to Lilongwe and Blantyre respectively. Let us establish offices in say Kasungu, Nkhota-kota/Salima, Karonga, Balaka, Mulanje and Chikwawa so that clients travel short distances.

  33. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    Its good to have that system at road traffic.

    The middle men may just start farming or get court injuctions to stop government from using the system. I am sure the middlemen’s rights to engage in economic activtiy is violated. With my bush law they can win this case.

  34. nyauyu says:

    Mukunamatu inu anthutu pano aluza interest mwa APM. Mungovutika. Don’t take people for granted this is not a family, its a country handle it with care. Sizophweka ayi kulamulila

  35. Point Blank says:

    This system will reduce corruptio for small guys whilst the ig guys make moey through Movesa the supplier of the system. Ask me I will tell you how.

  36. Road Traffic Middleman says:

    If the current staff is incompatible with the new system then employ diploma holders or degree holders in ICT, business system. You cant introduce a computerised system and expect a JCE holder to run that system. Most of the employees at the Road Traffic are JCE holders. Or let the NBS bank cashier to run all electronic related duties while your civil servants should do old paper work on other duties. Dont give up. Thats the impact of change.

  37. Concerned Citizen says:

    But the problem is also some of the officers.

    How will the computers change their attitude?

  38. Mmalawi says:

    In principle the new system should help reduce corruption though any system is as good as its implementors. I just hope that proper checks and balances will be put in place to ensure the smooth flow of work and that those who deliberately frustrate it are duly punished. I always cry for my rotten society where corruption seems to be a norm. Can the anti-corruption Bureau update us on what corruptly accumulated wealth the officers of the directorate have accumulated since they are supposed to file their wealth with the bureau?

  39. ben says:

    reforms are goods but we cannot affors to wait in queues, so if you say things have improved then why is it taking so long, if road traffic cannot get rid of teh queues then lets go back to teh old system as nobody can afford to spend a day sitting and waiting in line

  40. Kes says:

    This is what we Malawians want and why we voted for Bwana Proffesor Peter munthalika and Saulos Chilima.
    Chakwera and his Malawi crocodile party will never win the only in the Nyau regions may be.

  41. Nyotsola says:

    Thats a gud move akuba anayamba kale mpaka over 20 yrz

  42. chikhwa says:

    Good move. However, pezani njira zotiziwitsira kuti tikafika tiziyambira ndi pati and so on…

  43. Fibre says:

    Akhawula amenewa

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