Regionalism, tribalism tearing Malawi apart

Calls for secession, specifically for the Northern Region and federalism (preserve of the Central Region) are refusing to be silenced into submission.

At the heart of the secession demand is the claim, without factual basis I must say, by its advocates that the North has been sidelined and, therefore, has not developed for the past 50 years when Malawi has been an independent State.

On the other hand, calls for a federal State from the Central Region merely want devolution of powers that will see the region getting a fair share of the national cake unlike now when the perception is that the Southern Region is claiming a lion’s one.

Vuwa Kaunda with Rumphi chiefs asking them to comment against federalism

Vuwa Kaunda with Rumphi chiefs asking them to comment against federalism

My views on secession are clear. In this democratic dispensation citizens are fully entitled to free speech, including agitating for self-determination. What I do not agree with is the unabated cheating making rounds that the North wants to become independent because it has not developed.

The million dollar question is: Which region has and on what basis because statistics say something different? The North is actually doing better than the other regions in human development.

The ruling DPP government has largely remained mute as far as calls for secession and federalism are concerned apart from Vuwa Symon Kaunda shunting around the North feeding chiefs and making them say things against secession.

But DPP supporters in various forums though are forthright and the thrust of their argument is that calls for both secession and federalism are being made in bad faith, essentially by losers in the May 20 election.

They argue that at the moment, Peter Mutharika must be allowed to govern in peace since he won the elections fair and square using the available mechanism and instruments as stipulated in the Constitution.

But all this is besides the point of today’s discussion. Today I want to contend that as calls for secession, federalism and referenda to check people’s views on the same are getting louder, this country is being torn apart by regionalism and tribalism.

And while we are at it, everything is being looked at through the prism of the regionalism and tribalism, causing a paralysis in some cases.

Parliament is currently meeting in Lilongwe to debate the national budget and other important bills. But make no mistake, the first consideration the MPs are considering before they make their contribution is the region and tribe they are coming from.

There is no sense of decency or national consideration. A case in point is the cancer hospital that government wants to construct either in Lilongwe or Blantyre using a loan from some loan shark outside this country (yes, they are all loan sharks although they have some fancy names such as World Bank, IMF and you name them).

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe told the Parliament that the hospital will be built in Blantyre and not in Lilongwe as earlier envisaged.

Professionals weighed in that this is a good decision because the hospital will take advantage of the specialist doctors available at the medical school to support the hospital’s cancer specialists.

To me this makes complete sense and it is to the benefit of the patient. Why some MPs from the Centre, where I come from by the way, and the North are opposing this, beats me completely. But I know it and it is because they are very bitter and they see things from the point of view of regionalism and tribalism.

My final view is this: We can squabble, quarrel and fight over this and that. As long as it is legal and within our rights, it is fine by me.

Yes, we can go to the hilltop and shout for secession and federalism. It is called free speech.

But as a country, we should just be careful on how we go about it, because we may discover that by the time we finish quarrelling and have settled our differences on secession and federalism, we, in fact, do not have a country to share in the first place.

Regionalism and tribalism are tearing this country apart.

  • The article appeared in My Diary column – Weekend Nation newspaper
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75 thoughts on “Regionalism, tribalism tearing Malawi apart”

  1. Bandasiime says:

    And yet tribalism is continuing at a very alarming rate under our noses! What are we doing about it other than making noise here? Let’s rise and rise and stop it. Malawi belongs to us all not a few individuals.

  2. MKWAPU says:


  3. mbwiye says:

    mwatitopetsa atumbuka inu.bullshit

  4. Central says:

    #43.1 Kanyimbi, College of Medicine as at now has two (2) campuses, one in Blantyre and the second one in Lilongwe close to Kamuzu College of Nursing/ Kamuzu Central Hospital. As we write it is operational!!

  5. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    Mr Kasakula, have you ever been to the north? Point out one magnificent structure in the region? Don’t provoke our anger Mr Kasakula. From the time you were born Count out principal secretaries who have come from the north, high commissioners from the north who have been sent to countries such as Britain, USA, Japan, France, Germany, China, South Africa? You are also too regionalistic.

  6. kavalo m k says:

    All this is because the democratic first citizens have been from the south and favour the region in gvnt positions and developments. They should consider the north.



  8. FCK says:


  9. Mjumacharo says:

    Iwe Kasakula wajipulikira wekha. Malawi uyu usange ngwa ise tose then we must share all equally. Chichewa as a language has been promoted thus far on the ill-Kamauzu idealogy of nationalism but masiku ano munthu akalankhula chiTumbuka for example is labelled tribalistic, or regionalisitic nobody chose to be born from a particular tribe but we can make political choices that can unite us as a Malawi nation or since we have failed this far let us look at other options, federalism or secession.

  10. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Kasakula is not supporting DPP or APM, by inference, here. Do not be fooled: Kasakula will never “wear” blue. I have followed some of his diatribe on line; and it’s like he has a personal hatred for APM. I am, therefore , not a fan of Kasakula.
    Notwithstanding, on the one issue of the cancer (research and treatment) center, he is right. You want that center to be close to the main COM campus, near QEH. Otherwise you will not find any oncologist to work there: Blantyre is where the best amenities are. And least harsh climate/weather.

  11. Salimu says:

    The north should take up arms if its wishes are to be realized. It’s obvious that the DPP government is allergic to northerners. Just comb through government you will realize that there is no place for northerners when it comes to “real positions”. To northerners I say be bold take up arms instead of posting articles which are ignored. I should also advise yaos to do the same. DPP is the most Nepostic party in the world. We can’t all be Lomwe to get a share of the country’s cake. I repeat, only war will make Peter understand our demand for fair and equitable distribution of positions and development. Let’s mobilize, train and arm ourselves. I am also calling on retired and fired soldiers who are not Lomwe to help us organize ourselves. We can do this if lash abba and boko haram can do it.

  12. REX MSISKA says:

    Mr Kasakula, are you Malawian? I belong to the mass and may be not learned like you. Does the constitution allow cheating or rigging? Does the constitution allow denying children from the north the right to education? Does the constitution allow presidents to steal and bank stolen money outside the country? Are you aware that its the judges who decide the choice of the people and to you that is allowed by the constitution.

    Are you a proud malawian as things are now? How old are you? Are you proud of who you are, i mean northerner, centraner or southerner? I for one i am not a proud malawian because of uncouth politics encouraging tribalism and nepotism.

    Do you think its the northerners who are dividing the country? What do you think the system is planting in the children of Nkhata Bay against the children of central and southern region?

    Do you think the system is uniting the nation, later on the future unity?

    Leave the northerners, why wait until they die? Who knows they may rule themselves well and if they don’t THEN they will fail.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Do yo have evidence of vote rigging? Do you know that even JB wanted to rig only that the system failed? There were guys at the New state house who were hired to rig. Only that she met clever and smart guys who could not be cheated.

  13. XL says:

    yes, nkhatabay selection. since the Bible teaches that the same measure you give unto others, God will give back unto u. should we pray that God does unto u what u have done to nkhata bay? please answer me with continued hatred for your neighbor, and you shall receive the pain nkhata families goes through. amen!

  14. makito says:

    One of the most useless articles from George Kasakula. What is your way forward?

  15. Central says:

    Iwe Kasakula nawenso, uyu ndiye kanundu walemba apayu ndimayesa College of Medicine has a campus in Lilongwe?? Kodi bodzali mukulikhulupilira enanu?? And as somebody has put it, why cheat on students and why punishing the North by lengthening the distance!! It is this reasoning that is making people believe kuti apo biiiiiiii kuli bwino kugawana chifukwa a DPP sakusamala za anzao ntchito kudzikonda ndi kudzikundikira zonse zabwino kuti zikhale pamakomo pa amawo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Do we have college of medicine or college of nursing in Lilongwe? Please school me. You know nthawi zina ine ngati kanyimbi zina zimandidutsa.

    2. Central says:

      #43.1 Kanyimbi, College of Medicine has at now two (2) campuses; one in Blantyre and the other in Lilongwe. The Lilongwe campus is close to Kamuzu College of Nursing/Kamuzu Central Hospital on one side and Blood Transfusion Centre on the other side. Right now it is operational!!!

  16. Linga says:

    According to Mr Kasakula, proponents of federalism are tribalistic and regionalistic. I disagee. In fact, all Malawians are tribalistic and regionalistic. We are either from the South, the Centre and the North, or we are tumbukans, nyanjas, Lhomwes, Yaos, Senas, Tongas and Lambyas. These are tribes. Apart from Northerners, when voting, the South always votes for fellow Southerners, and the Centres vote for MCP, unconsciously that they are being regionalistic. In the South and the Centre, it is like a taboo for them to vote into position of power a man from the North. In response to this reality, northerners are calling to be an independent state. Some are callng for federalism. We are one people on paper. In reality, we are a collective of different social entities. The current form of government (UNITARY) does not reflect this reality. It is Federalism that will truly reflect this reality. Thus, Mr Sakula’s contention that proponents of federalism are tribalistic & regionalistic is baseless and delusional. Every Malawian is tribalistic and regionalistic. That’s why Federalism suits us. Presidential powers must be devolved to different regions to reflect this reality.

    1. Rasta says:

      Do not generalize this sh**t, men. It is the government system of registration that is villagelistic. It does not allow one to choose where you stay as your origin. The Surnames also tell where you are coming from. This is a thing that we must change. Look at what late Aleke’s son did, he stated that he is from his birth place. Everyone disagreed because the parents were not from Thyolo. Do you mean those tribesmen from the north who migrated to the south and center vote for northers or vice verse. I do not think so. What is wrong here and should be debated is the presidential powers to appoint cabinet and advisers, quota system and funding allocation. The politician should strategies in their parties to allow executive committee assist the president to chose representative cabinet members. As Malawians we just two or three political parties where people can choose the possible candidate. For the development sake we need the left wing, and right wing of parliament being filled by people who can contribute for the development of all districts of Malawi.

      For the rest we had decentralization. The reason was to devolve central power to district levels. It is the DC to be transformed into a Governor with the MPs as senators to speed up development of the districts not a Regional Governor.

  17. Think Tank says:

    I dont understand. Is this cancer hospital part of Medical College or a hospital on its own? Are doctors concetrated in Blantyre? Are we talking of medical student-doctors of the College or those at QEH? If student doctors,are they all going to train in cancer treatment? Please bear with me,does it mean the patients will be guinea pigs for students? Iam a simpleton and will still ask simple questions. As for federalism,Mr Kasakula,dont be a convert of not really understanding issues and reasons why certain people complain. Do you remember in 2004 there was a meet in Lilongwe on Ntwala Corridor when presidents from Zambia,Tanzania and(?) Mozambique came to discuss the project? Before you could blink an eye,it was history and Nsanje Corridor came into being. Can you shed light on Nkhata Bay Secondary School selection? What are the implications with that,sir?

  18. pido says:

    Kasakula wapenga basi! Don’t you see that it will be costly for a poor cencer petient from Chitipa to travel to Blantyre? I come from southern region ndipo ndineso mapwiya waku Thyolo. Lets consider our poor brothers & sisters from Misuku hills ma transport akwela. It can make sense unless gvt itamadzapanga refund ma travel costs ama petient ndi ma guidians. We all have this non derogable right to life. Boma silingakwanitse kupeleka transport kwa ma doctors akamapita ku Lilongwe? Tisapange chiganizo ngati tilibe aphawi ku Northern Region.

  19. ahaha says:

    There is no sense in this justification of cancer centre. Currently the doctors at College of Medicine are refusing to work at QECH after 5:00 pm and weekends how come then will they assist patients at the cancer centre in the out of hours period. Most of the doctors would like to do moonlighting at the various private clinics in Blantyre hence do not want the centre to go to lilongwe. Moonlighting is where one works at various workplaces apart from where you are employed. cancer centre is supposed to cover the whole country in terms of services. Will serious patients from Chitipa/Karonga survive the long journey to Blantyre. They will die on the way, the north will be at a disadvantage. Gov needs to employ more specialists who can also work in Lilongwe. Then this argument will fall apart.

  20. Obviously any one who claims Mzuzu, Karonga are not developing has not been there in the past 3 years and is not in touch.

  21. Hehede! says:

    Is the one writing the real George Kasakula I know? Why is he deliberately paying a blind eye to facts? Look George the problem with the proposed Cancer hospital is the treand set by DPP government. Are you not aware that Malawi University of Science and Technology was meant to be in central region? What was the justification for taking it to Ndata-Thyolo? Are you not aware that the stadium was shifted from Lilongwe to Blantyure by DPP government and thanks to President Joyce Banda for reversing the DPP decision? What was the justification for shifting the stadium to Blantyre? If you have been oil palmed please do not make a fool of yourself in public. Let Vuwa and others make fool of themselves because that is how they earn their living.

  22. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Iwe kasyakula/ kasyakulile kutali, ungatimijira nkhundukundu!

  23. bryan says:

    This foolish writer can not get things right, hw do u feel when you see the other part of malawi developing, then the other side people are still suffering. You are a kind of fathers who make their children hate each other. Let federalism take its course, we want to c the true malawi. Don’t be here and write these foolish things of yours.

  24. Chikopa says:

    Brothers and sisters be yourown it will notbe easy us you thought. Please be cool magnifisant univesity is coming and for the first time in mzuzu dualcarrige is coming. Don’t be cheated with jb she is chief sabotage . Can you remind me whichbig project jb enisite in the north or whole malawi two years she has been in powe? Last year november she she said shirewaterway is not posible because there is alot of sand in it,she said this in chiromoni by the way how could she leave for usa without imfoming the head of state mayi mwaojeza

  25. Nobel says:

    Can the writer of the article answer me; ‘why is the cancer hospital is being transfered to BT when it was gazetted to be in LLW?’. U mean the whole executive and parliament could not envisage the need to consider doctors, etc being closer to the facility? If your answer is yes then just know that our govt is childish and short sighted. Secondly, it is short sightedness and improper again to move govt funded project from region to region amid feudalism claims. Thirdly, it’s also inconsiderate and unmaginable to unselect form one students from some districts in their own districts coz this will clearly show that the govt is promoting regionalism and tribalism. So before this author could condemn all this he could first the other side of the coin otherwise we’ll be quick to label him ‘another Vuwa Kaunda’. Shame

  26. mundali says:

    Mr Kasakula people advocating for Federalism want their country to develop. Once instituted it will promote transparency and accountability in the way government affairs are managed. It will deter politicians like Peter not to be careless statements on other tribes

  27. Professional journalist says:

    This is the worst article by Kasakula. It lacks deep analysis. Do u know that north has one tarmac road? Very poor transport system?

  28. MADALA says:



    1. kanchenga says:

      Correction George comes from Kasakula village TA Kawamba in Kasungu. This village is near Malepela trading centre along Kasungu /Kalanga (Zambia) road

  29. MADALA says:


  30. Unity says:

    Mr Kasakula says what a DPP party supporter can say. The article itself was full of nepotism as it attacked the north more than the issue at hand. My first take was that is going to uncover tribalism & regionalism then advance unity but his article dwelt on Tumbukas & sessesion. Kasakula is one of these uncivilised educated fools who align themselves with Barnabas Mutharika bcoz one of their collegue is In USA with Mutharika. For sure i thought he went through university where one argues issues from both angles as Prof. Kanyongolo did. U have lost my respect ur article was first to be read but now never! The north remains Malawi’s backyard & backward. The Mzomera are preventing a future genocide by deflating the resentment that is building becoz of quota system. Pliz get facts on ur article & not sentiments which reveal ur long held negativity towards the north. If i were as primitive as u i would have advocated people from the north shun ur paper but NO.

  31. KUKHALA says:


  32. Odala Tili Odala says:

    Why do you say is tearing us apart? Already malawi is run through regionalistic and tribalistic lens! Leave the people alone to expres their voices! Look at what causes what not what is being caused by what?

  33. Obama says:

    Thanks because you call it your daily. One thing I know you are entitled to your own opinion and you write according to your opinion or imaginations. Keep on imagining things man. In this country we will never fight. In the north, centre and south are one country and one nation. It doesn’t matter whether those who are speaking are losers or not but Kasakula please don’t pretend these things you are talking exist in our country. As a learned man you would be the person to champion for federalism not secession. In Kenya they did this amicably and never went to war. Why perpetrating fear or fearmongering people who said this is division. Did Kenya divide itself? Please Kasakula I have respected your writings all these years but on this one am sorry its a goof. This is time for federalism to materialise. No war! no war! no secession! no dividing one another.

  34. kanchenga says:

    I cant believe it is you GEORGE who has written this rubbish. Were you tired.

    1. Our national team usually has a higher percentage of northerners why don’t we build a stadium in the north to take advantage of the many budding players there.
    2. Malawi is an agriculture country and most of the applied scientific research would lean towards agriculture, and most mineral mining seems to be in the north why did we build a scientific college in thyolo and not Lilongwe or Mzuzu to be closer to the centres where more research results would be required.
    Mr Kasakula why do have a clinic at Malepela and Kawamba where their no Doctors. Shouldn’t we have built these at Chijenje where Prof. Wilima comes from to take advantage of his expertise.
    Your argument would have made sense if you had said their are more cancer patients registered in the south than the other two regions. Hospitals are built to treat people not to offer employment to Doctors. Between the patient and the doctor who is easier to transport. Its people who think like you who encourage government to send officials to South Africa instead of building our own hospital here to benefit all citizens. And George are you really comfortable working with these triballistic tumbukas and thieving lomwes. Well I will respect your opinion but to be honest they suck give them what they want and forget about them. By the way, I am a racist, I don’t like most of the tribes in this country especially when they try to overshadow my own. I have no regrets for being that way. I am not the hypocrit5ic time that says one thing in the public and another in my heart. I have always wished Chewas were helping each other like the tumbukas do and the lomwes have started doing. YOUR united Malawi can sink in the Lake for all I care.

    1. Achikulire says:

      I like they way this guy Kanchenga comments. There are a lot of facts and substance in his arguements. Stop using vugar language and hate speeches if you have a point just argue constructively thats what we call civilisation

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    Mr George Kasakula I have some questions for you. Tell me for 50 years how many northern Malawians had been head of MBC? The answer is ZERO. For 50 years, how many northern Malawians had been Principal Secretary for Office of the President and Cabinet? The answer is Zero. For 50 years which manufacturing company is in the north? The answer is ZERO. For 50 years, how many Inspector General of Police came from north, the answer is ZERO. Mr Kasakula, how many political prisoners and political deaths,from the north? The answer is MILLIONS. Mr Kasakula, have you seen an international airport in the northern region for the past 50 years? The answer is No. Have you seen an international stadium in the north? The answer is No. So Mr Kasakula just shut up. Northerners know what they are doing. The answer to you Mr Kasakula, is secession. Finish and KRAAAR. Malawi was divided long time ago, now its time to make official. You said there is human development in the north, my answer is many people from the north are working abroad like UK, Europe, USA, also in South Africa, because they can’t find a job in their own country due to quota system. So what ever they earn the don’t forget their families back home. That is why in the north many houses have iron sheets.

  36. BLINDED says:

    POWER HUNGRY trigger the GUN am waiting to RUNAWAY……………………makani ngati chule kulephera kumukankhira panja. Wonder if anybody can change people from north. Its time to change ourselves forget about changing the minds of north more fire north……………….i dont think the tool box got one spanner of federal. there should be another tool to do the work better rather than forcing it with federal spanners

  37. BLINDED says:

    Dont negotiate it just get guns and take the whole country and develop it wise people am smoking…………..can see you are sticking like bubble gum with federal nobody will change you guys

  38. Bwazang'anga. says:

    This iz 21 centuary guyz, u were cheating our grandfatherz & dnt forget tht the lng u tortured us nw bcm strng.its time nw u pay back wht u owez us,low in population bt tough like jews.God bless the North.

  39. mboma says:

    It has been the song on many mouths of southerners and centrallers including kasakula complaining that northerners ndiwozikonda and selfish fro the past 50 years, what baffles me is the boldness of northerners telling southerners and centrallers in the face that we can start all over again in new a country, and the funny answers we get from stupid southerners including idiotic kasakula is Malawi is a small country and north cant secede, is that a reason from a person we call graduate to give?????? another one says Malawi is a united country, how when just last year people in a stadium insulted kinnah phiri of his tribe hence he chooses more northern region football players, yet 2 years later idiot young Chimozi and foolish jack chamangwana go on to choose more tumbuka players and no one so far has questioned this, is this not double standards??????????????????? the hate against north is very clear in BT and LL, why they have decent jobs, the problem with southerners and centralizers is they think we don’t know where they work in large numbers also, these people work in large numbers up north as tobacco tenants in tobacco estates there, north has at-least 500,000 tobacco tenants from south and center, bring quota system also on this, but we know hwy quota system cant come on this, these careers don’t attract much envy in life, society!!!!!!!!!!
    in fact when north region is full of pompous, selfish, arrogant, nepotistic, regionalistic, tribalistic people as we claim, the best we do if we are sincere is we allow those to secede and form their own country, but its shame the same people(southerners, centralizers) who gave northerners many bad names want north to remain part of Malawi, do they just want their land and hate the owners of the land??????? yes north has plenty of land full of natural resources, in fact their natural resources have just been caged because of politics, when they secede north can thrive they also have human power to do that just allow them to secede pliz!!!!!!!!!!
    when we say workforce we don’t mean only skilled workforce!!! tenants , labours, guards, houseboys, maids are also workforce, we import such people from south,tell me 3 reasons why southerners also dominate in tenancy, garden, security guards jobs??????????????????????????? my father has a tobacco estate of 100 tenants, all of them come from Lomwe belt in fact they arrived last week from Mulanje and thyolo, phalombwe to work as tenants here, northerners who are in south and center are those u can point and admire because they work in skilled jobs, with this, they look as if they 500,000 because their wages, houses, cars they drive attract attention in society, and we know quite well also that tenants, gardeners, house boys do not attract much attention in society!!!!

    1. Mwana wa mfumu M'vonye says:

      All countries on earth have unequal distribution of development; even in the federation countries oft quoted by our friends from the north. This unequal distribution is really an extension of unequal distribution of wealth at the individual level. The best resolution is to participate and improve the system; not to give up and commit suicide.
      Lord, HKB is really the one who started us off on the wrong foot, by being president of the central region, rather than of Malawi, in reality! That son of a gun! No wonder, citizens from the central region never complained then: they were always basking in the limelight!
      It may also be instructive for our northern friends to rectify some of their ways of doing things. To admit some of their faults, as hurled at them by so many, ad nauseum. There may be some truth to the allegations; and admitting to them may be cathartic indeed. That would be a good first step!

      1. Voice of Reason says:

        Some wise man said when you point a finger at someone know that four of them are pointing at you. I am from the North but was born and grew up in the South. At no point did I consider myself different from any other Malawian. It was later when my uncle was forced by an MCP decree to relocate to North as he was a teacher that I realised that I was very wrong to think that we are all the same. When I was growing up in the 80s people would refer to us as a kumpoto. It didn’t matter then, for my young mind didn’t look at it from a regionalistic perspective. I am a fluent Tumbuka speaker because of my parents and other people from the North who are proud of their language. People will call them akumpoto because they are converating in Tumbuka. I used to wonder then, why don’t people call names Yaos, Lhomwes, Senas or even Chewas for speaking their language? Is it a crime to speak Tumbuka? Is there any law that prohibits Tumbuka and allows only Chichewa?

        When one say a Tumbuka ndiodzikonda, I request each one of us to critically look at ourselves. Why are we saying that? Is this how we feel, or is it that Tumbukas have something that we desire but we don’t have? Because if the latter is true, then we are saying that out of envy, but at the same time everyone, be it Lhomwe, Yao or Sena can have it with determination. It follows therefore, that there is no reason to hate each other based on where we come from. Let us hate each other for some other reasons.

        It pains me to see a leader, who we all look to advocating regionalism or tribalism. Take for example, the Late Bingu. His reason for bringing quota is that the North has many people in higher positions. What it means is that he would have been happy if they were less people from the North in those positions. The question is, was the idea meant to reduce Northerners in those positions or help people in other areas achieve what Northerners have? If you want to defeat your enemy, you need to study his strategies, his strengths and weaknesses. People from other regions need to look at what Northerners are good at and emulate it or even do better. Do better than them in class, in sports or in any other discipline and you will free yourselves of the hatred you are harboring.

  40. mphenembe says:

    the author of this article just like most southeners is a very dangerous hypocrite,its this hypocrisy thus killing malawi,you have just acknowledged that tribalism and regionalism is killing malawi,and to you tribalism is only when some mps question the moving of the cancer hospital from lilongwe to blantyre, thus all? Fuck you man! its this type of selective rebuke thus heightened the calls for independence of other regions,this type of thinking is total bulshit,how about head counting of northeners in the civil service and comparing the number with other regions? how about going arround in colleges and secondary schools doing a head count of northeners as bingu and fellow sourthers did? is that not tribalism and regionalism? give some of us a break you dpp clowns,am personaly sick of the bullcrap you spit,you are the headquarters of segregation and tribalism,you cant deny that,and i realy think centrallers and northeners will be better on their own if the way you people are defending the moving of the cancer hospital is something to go by,this shows you idiots are determined to kill the other two regions,now when others want to do their thing as being independent,just shut the fucks up and just live life,dont stop groups of people trying to plan about the future of their regions and generations which are in danger,let these regions do whats deemed to be good for them,its not for you faggots,shut the fuck up please,now all you southerners need to be doing now is sensitise your societies about how you can live independently aswel,dont waste your time kukakamila anthu oti sakukufunani,learn to work hard and reproduce less because if the centre and north break away,the side effects of overpopulation will be yours alone,pther regions are tired of sharing this stupid burden of overpopulation anthu inu simumva kuti kubelekana kwachisawa sibwino.

  41. mcp says:

    This s what happens when a society starts thinking using their lower two batteries instead of their one brain !

  42. Wiseup says:

    Man Goeorge asakula mwalemba. How I wish there were a hundred George Kasakulas in Malawi. This land would be a better place to live. Indeed, this call and that call are compounded by a feeling of not accepting defeat and jealousy. Not in good faith. If everyone wants a piece from the main cloth, nothing will stop others wanting pieces of cloths to be torn further. This, proponents of kugawana don’t see. Why can’t you leave DPP and APM to continue ruling and wait for your time? The rules of the game are governed in our constitution. To MCP, the danger is, if tomorrow my reverend wins whether legitimately or illegitimately, then if the Southerners say they want to cessede from Malwi, will CHakwera be happy? Will he look that with a nobble mind? What about if we vote for our friends from the North? Will they be happy to learn that the rest of Malawi wants to beak away from them? Put it this way, if the Central or either South say they don’t want to be in a alawi where North is part of it. Will that sound well to the Northerners?

    A Malawi tatiyeni tisalolere kuti ma politician atigawanitse. We have lots and lots of advantages if we stay together. This debate is causing untold misery to families who have intermarried in the North. Nobody chooses where he is born. I feel sorry when I hear some youth from the North regretting that they were born there! Is this warranted ladies and gentlemen? Should we go to the extent of sowing seeds of discord to posterity? Surely God will judge us if we are not careful!

  43. Guest says:

    There is nothing wrong with citizens wanting self-rule, its our birthright. Wht then are some advocating that we should consign this birthright to the Mutharika family in perpetuity? Let us be fair, nobody is asking for every family to be a separate state, but we want to contribute on what we as a community want, and how to finance and construct those wants. If Nsanje want a Port, let them build a Port, but don’t let Mzimba finance this. If we mine uranium at Kayekera, let us have a say on where the benefits go and how they are spent, but not to build Ndata Farm. Each region or district has resources which can be developed to benefit the people in that area, in the first instance and the nation in the second instance. We are against cashgate, mulligate, muluzigate, mutharikagate etc. Let fairness reign.

  44. Akungolonje says:

    For sure one thing known to all Malawians including the northerners themselves is that our fellow northeners are pompus, greedy, jealous, boostiful, the i know everything, and do not want to listen to others, want always be leaders the list can go on. I work with then but sorry, they pretend to be doing right and yet very oppositely. They are really nausance at work, dont want to be advised and corrected. No wonder all this noise. I m not surprised its their behaviour. Mind you they are thieves and crooks at office and like backbitting, and rumour moungering. I deslike them heavily.

    1. mboma says:

      hence the justified call to secede, tell peter that i have enough reasons for north to secede, not just barking here, its easy and simple!!!!!! i find ur comment very funny if u still malawi to remain one when u openly say ur hate, the best u can do is lobby for us to have a north malawi as a country simple!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  45. Quota system says:

    It is the DPP government which is hell bent on dividing Malawians through its nepotistic actions. First, look at its cabinet profile. Find out on how selection of pupils to Nkhata Bay secondary school went. The filthy comments which were being uttered by late Bingu against northerners. Remember of the Mzuzu corner myths. And George Chaponda,s considered view that DPP did not want even a single vote from the north to win. All these fuel the debate and people are free to express themselves. Unless the DPP takes stock of its behavior, these calls will never die away. In actual fact, it is a natural reaction.

  46. Ngodya says:

    Zoona ndipo a Malawi kusamalitsa kwambiri m’mne maonedwe athu a zinthu,sindikudziwa vuto ndi chani

  47. ujeni says:

    Vuto lotenga private reporters to New York ndilimeneli, they lose credibility and objective thinking. The big question we should ask ourselves is why Malawi is considered poorest and least developed among its peers after 50 years of Independence. It has been business as usual politically and some progressive people calling for federation have decided its time to change course and give meaningful development a chance. USA should be our model or United Kingdom even South Africa

  48. tembo says:

    kodi olo tipange referendum ndiye angawine?

    1. mboma says:

      u have shown clear that u are product of quota system why because on secession, only north will vote, so stop being idiot my friend, dont show us how u went to school via tribal quota syetem

    2. Natembo says:

      Referendum for secession of North can only be done in the North by Northerners themselves. South and Central cannot and should not decide for North. So your argument that sangawine holds no water tembo

  49. John says:

    Which statistics did you use that told you North is the most developed? This is not just a shallow article, but laughable as well as you have not even quoted your sources to support your argument!! Boooo.
    Have you ever travelled from far North, via Mzuzu to Nkhata-bay? Have you seen the roads there? Do not answer that, its rhetorical! Oh and since you have been paid by the powers to be ( like Vuwa), to summarize all the silly arguments that the anti-secession proponents are spewing, here is the real fact. Secession also about how the North is being treated in terms of school selections, positions in gvt, how its natural resources are being misused without bloody care or developing the area… Should i go on? Or may be you need examples coz you do not seem to have a clue of your own what you are on about!!
    Stop smoking socks please!

  50. Collins says:

    Firstly,both comments above r nepotic in nature; who r learned and where do they come from if u can’t call them malawians?who doesn’t know the north has one stadium smaller than lilongwe community ground,two/3 tarmac roads,qoata and who doen’t know the mockerly of a fellow citizen celebrating{chibuka chizimwa} by the roadside.Thanks Livingstonia for building more schools than goverment.Let me dwell much on qoata,many have spoken much including the state president ,who said this will end after construting more universties which in my opinion it’s not true but goverment should look critically into some of our cultures that compromises the standard of our education,more like chinamwali which is the waste as it teaches our youth parenthood at a tender age.

  51. Hu Jintao says:

    I think the writer has no idea of what he is talking about. He thinks people from the north can remain idle one more time! No, not now. The wave of change is coming at a faster rate than can be quenched. Look at north Spain, now its calling for independence in a referendum to held in November 2014.

    I will start making campaign in all the five regions towards secession. If the GDP from the north is any better is because of these people from the north are hard workers. The government has equally done nothing.

    Imagine since 1994, the government has not built any secondary school in the north.

  52. Truthy says:

    chilungamo ndichofunika ku malawi kuno kuli vuto lalikulu nde the only solution ndi recession basi dziko la mtendere koma kupondelezana nde to hell with this living hell called malawi

  53. abiti shyb says:

    people from the north are so pathetic and so selfish, all along they have been denying this but look now they are manifesting how selfish they are, how do you expect your region to develop when you have made your settlement in the south or central, mukubalana kuno wana ku kaya wakumanyako haa! kulima kukutondani mwasiya thengero muti walime ndi njani? development starts with your self and government just come to assist in those areas you can’t afford, koma chipatala, miseu, xools limalingira thengo, zinazitu kumaona, tisiireni malo anthu mukamange kwana wana wathu angazasowe komanga kamangeni ku kaya.

    1. mboma says:

      idiot, u expect them to build public roads, public hospitals, public schools?????????? personal level development north is quite better idiot, what they lack is govt to build roads idiot, !!!!!!!!

      1. abiti shyb says:

        amanga kuthengero kulije nawathu uwo, its better to build here since alot of u are here you didn’t even bother to go back home shame

  54. Imwe bantu Malawi is too small to be fragmented into small ,small bantustans.If Malawi was as big as DR Congo or original Sudan;may be such ideas were going to be entertained. For now you guys keep on lobbying for development in your areas and equal jobs representation in govt and other institutions.

  55. Dick says:

    This is good staff. Federalism and secession will create more divisions among Malawians

  56. Rasta says:

    Good article Nyasa. People are just emotional with the misguided calls by POLITICIANS from MZIMBA who still believe it a kingdom and does not BELONG to Nyasaland. They fabricate the stories to make all the Northers believe that the region is under developed. This is a wrong act and wrong perception. Indeed psychologically everything except Big Brother Rep is looked upon with Regionalistic lens. We need to stop that, since it is disturbing the minds of the young generation. For sure, misinforming the nation without evidence that north is under developed its an offense. Not all but some quarters of the northerners have been practicing nepotism ever since in work places, marriages, education, politics and churches. That is evident enough because of their perceptions towards people from other region. I should say that what you are doing now is just manifesting your prejudice and generalizing your fallacies in a loud noise. Please let us stop wasting time and resources on thing that are just proving some peoples beliefs. We should learn that we are all equal angakhale mtundu wina umazitenga kuti ndi ophunzira kwambiri.

    1. Gomegza says:

      the tone of you write up just proves which side of malawi you belong. Southerners we are not interest you, why should we pretend to be one when in our hearts we are not. Leave the north alone, we are sick and tired of you.

    2. Kupepela says:

      I beg to differ, we are not all equal, some regions produce house slaves, some regions produce intellectuals,

    3. Master says:

      idiot have u read the document???? the guy is saying north has far much better human development index than south and center, what does this tell u??????????? “amazitenga kuti iwo ndiwophunzila kwambiri,” read the story again, it is not them who call themselves that they r educated idiot,it is southerners, centralizers coz of inferiority complex, ok if northerners are that selfish as u say and nepotistic as u say, i thought that would be enough reason to allow them to secede?????????? there is no way u call northerners selfish, nepotistic and yet u still want them to b part of malawi how???????????? i hope u read data which kasakula has quoted, he is saying north is far much better in terms of personal level development than south and center combined, fact is north lack in public infrastructure development because of politics, but this idiot kasakula fin it normal for north not to have public infrastructure development, just because they (northerners) are ok at personal level that’s nonsense, now get this idiot, when bingu noted that most southerners and centralizers are very poor at personal level he brought quota system to match that of north human development index, quota system is still functional with that aim of equating that graduate gap between north, south and center, why does it sound a puzzle when the same north wants to catch up on public infrastructure development??????????????kasakula is also a biased and nepotistic writer, he has not attacked center suggestions of federalism more than north suggestions on secesssion, he is just a nepotistic journalist masquerading as a writer why?/?? coz he is a quota system product and beneficiary of quota for his central region!!!!!

    4. Jumbo says:

      For starters just imagine a whole a Region of a country of only three Administrative Regions has no functional Airport let alone an International Airport and yet the other 2 Regions have an international Airport, one of which is even being modernized. No plans to even build a Stadium while in one Region a stadium is even being demolished to build a new one.

      The Senior Government low density area Kanig’na in Mzuzu has no Tarmac road! Where have you seen that in Lilongwe or Blantyre? Shall we go on, and you call this equal development? The other 2 Regions have at least 2 municipal councils and yet in the North people have been crying about Karonga, nothing happens, shall we go on? Admit it the North is second class Region in development.

      When the Government is considering new developments such as Hotels (tourism), stadiums, Specialised services such as children hospitals, cancer hospital, etc. the North is not even considered as if it some backwater region. Equal development considerations?

  57. chekambewa says:

    Thats talking brother but this so called leaned guys they are a waste than fieces. they are failing to hear and reason with their sences may be they should used the down stairs.

    1. kholophethe says:

      It is Lomwes that are worse than feaces and are failing to hear reason that their tribalism is destorying the country may be they should use their down stairs. Foolish Lomwes.

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