Religious leaders’ outcry over gay moratorium in Malawi

Religious leaders are expected to speak out against government decision to bow down to donor pressure to allow same sex marriages.

Red Dr ZacKawalala: Malawi government should not support behaviour of homosexuality, money or no money

Red Dr ZacKawalala: Malawi government should not support behaviour of homosexuality, money or no money

Last week, the powerful and vocal religious leaders asked the government not to relent on its crack down on homosexuals despite serious condemnations from donors and international community.

Pastor Zacheas Kawalala set the tone last week along with a member of Malawi Council of Churches, a grouping of Presbyterian and Pentecostal churches, who asked the authorities to continue arresting those involved in homosexuality.

The Catholic Church and Muslims have in the past made their stand clear, Malawi should not have same sex marriages, and it is unGodly.

Traditional leaders have also condemned homosexuality in Malawi describing it as alien.

The debate follows the arrest of Cuthbert Kulemeka, 19 and Kelvin Gonani, 33 who were arrested, charged and detained on gay sex grounds.

They risked jail term of up to 14 years hard labour for having sex “against the order of nature.”

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has since ordered the drop of the charges of the two, saying Malawi is a signatory to international laws that allow homosexuality.

The US, the United Kingdom and Germany all raised their voices against the arrest of Kulemeka and Gonani, saying they were subjected to inhumane testing of their anus.

However Tembenu said the state would punish anyone who forces another person in homosexuality.

He said there were reports that Gonani forced himself into Kulemeka and when Kulemeka threatened to scream out for help in Gonani’s house, Gonani threatened to shout as well to tell people that Kulemeka was a thief.

Justice Minister further said Kulemeka was enticed with K30 000.

Tembenu added that the Malawi government acknowledges the viewpoint that no one should be arrested on the grounds of their sexuality or gender identity, and re-committed to reviewing the country’s anti-gay laws.

However, he added that any law review would be carried out “in consultation with the people of Malawi as prescribed by the Constitution”.

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I strongly agree with you all Malawi Loving People. We are God loving people, Malawians both Christians and Moslems together are not dirty people. It is an abomination for a man to marry another man or woman to marry another woman. Let these super powers keep their money we will live with our dire poverty till God rescues us.

These foreign super powers take us for granted. Let them keep their £ & $ and the rest. When will they learn from China or Russia?

madiru mhango

The so called western powers are back in Africa. They brought the Bible, we humbly accepted it and became true believers as opposed to their hypocricy. Then to parallel the Bible message of love, they brought and published basic human rights. From here Satan seized the opportunity: now everything sinful dresses in rights uniform with satans money dangling for poor nation not to resist him that brings death.Pride of the US and its poodle followers will destroy them before it destroys us, its subjects.Man shall not live by bread alone, let them keep their bread.

Binton wakale
Whiteman God blessed you with wisdom and you are indeed our Model in all aspect of life but why Satan want to shame you on such a dirty issue?Satan is mocking you becoz he knows how great God has used you to bring the world to a such standard of life all over the world.Is this the rising and falling of whiteman in this world?Surely I challenge you whiteman God will never be mocked something is about to happen upon you if you obey not the living God.What is wrong and bad it remains no matter what, and the best… Read more »

Let gays be allowed then chaos will follow and let every right be practiced even marrying goats shud be aright and then only Jesus will bring peace and order for man will fail I support the rubbish for it will make Jesus come to cleanse the world of its sins amen


The U N is becoming a rubbish body intending to decolonised MALAWI on the issue of gays.Money should not turnish our culture. Mtambo and Trepence have assimilated to western culture in search for wealth. MALAWI has its own rules.


mugabe calls them fools worse than dogs. Uhuru tells Obama in the face that dd kenya z not ready for that. Muthalika suspends laws against this immorality! hey Bwana bwanji? ndakwiya nanu. If u think donors will vote u bak in 2019, u will be shoked. This z malawi

Gome Gondwe

This is evil.why we Malawians. Lord have mercy on us.


God have mercy to our country.all this its because of being poor why God why?

Nsambo, Joseph Mickson
Nsambo, Joseph Mickson

I do not support the idea of same sex marriage. Marriage is a Holy Sacrament oidain by Christ. One man vs one woman! President Robbert Gabriel Mugabe gives an inspiring statement as he say “Barack Obama should marry Tony Blair and the day Tony gives birth, there he can go to Zimbabwe and tell people to follow suit.” Marriage is for procreation. Malawians, let us wake up from the slumber.


Where is Dr. Lazarus Chakwera our beloved Reverend Leader of Opposition? He must stand up to be counted. Here is his test of leadership. If he fails to tick here he has failed for all times, because it will be clear to everybody now that this man is an opportunist and not a true leader.

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