Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango suspended: CCAP Livingstonia Synod says he is ‘rebellious’

The Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP has deposed Rev. Chimwemwe Chikukula Mhango from being minister in CCAP and at Kanengo Congregation in Lilongwe.

Rev Chimweme Mhango: Suspended

Rev Chimweme Mhango: Suspended

The decision was arrived at during an extra-ordinary Synod Executive meeting in Mzuzu on Monday attended also by a few retired and other church ministers.

General Secretary for the Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP Rev Levi Nyondo confirmed the development in an interview with Nyasa Times.

“Yes he has been suspended which means he is no longer a reverend and cannot administer the holy sacraments but he remains a Christian,. Rev Mhango has been suspended because he is rebellious. He was not following rules and regulations of the Synod,” he said”

Nyondo said the decision was effective on Monday 20th April 2015.”

The Synod cited insubordination and that he as minister was behind the protests to his transfer.

Kanengo Congregation in Lilongwe has been protesting the transfer of Rev. Mhango initially to Ekwendeni and upon protest, he was further transferred to a congregation in Euthini Mzimba.

Confirming the development, Rev Mhango said he has accepted the Synod’s decision and will abide by its regulations.

“I have accepted the Synod’s decision with sadness. I know there are a lot of constitutional mistakes. What I know is that I am still a minister of the Word of God,” he told Nyasa Times.

According to the Synod regulations, a church minister who has been designated to a congregation can be recalled by the Synod if he has been appointed to serve a special need, goes for further studies or has made a mistake.

Having served for 21 years as an ordained minister, Mhango lamented that things were not expected to reach this stage of being deposed.

When the issue broke out last year, he said he had asked for sabbatical leave to finish studies (even the wife) but the Synod refused but expected him to move to the new parish.

“I am waiting to see what the Spirit of God is speaking to my heart. Otherwise I know there is tension at the congregation in Lilongwe.” He said.

A member of the church a Mr. Kalua said they feel cheated by the Synod as it has failed to abide by its own rules as Mhango’s term at Kanengo was to end April 2016.

Last year in September, the Synod issued a transfer notice to Mhango to move to Ekwendeni Mission but his congregation protested by obtaining the court injunction.

Mhango said he will seek God’s guidance through prayers first before making any decision on the matter.

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143 thoughts on “Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango suspended: CCAP Livingstonia Synod says he is ‘rebellious’”

  1. MAN JERE says:

    Its unfortunate that an organisation like Livingstonia Church which is supposed to be exemplary is behaving like that. Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango is one of the dedicated ministers in the synod but all along it seems nobody apprciates his contributions. I still remember at one time Rev Mhango was at Chiwabvi congegation, just the same way he was posted away to embangweni for no good reasons. The politburo in the synod although they behave like educated savages, they need to know thta Chimwemwe Mhango needs to be given the opportunity to know the reasons why they wanted to transfer him and consequently suspension. The Constitution of the Republic of Malawi accords each one of us administrative justice. Issues of natural justice must always be observed. Ironically it is the same synod that criticised the late president Bingu Wa Munthalika, may his soul rest in peace for introducing quota system, but it is the same synod that is sending their sons and dughters outside the contry for further studies. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. alick angoni says:

    its said that this is happening when we need to stand firm in the Lord against all odds….the churches preache love and peace…..where’s the love now….satan has divided the church….God’s intervention is needed….

  3. Msoleen phiri says:

    There is life after dead,Let God be God.

  4. zaluma says:

    This is the crusade carried by Levi Satanist Njombole Nyondo against visionary and progressive young minister. Nyondo is the most corrupt minister who was embarrassed at Mzimba Synod when he wanted his 56 year wife to be a minister against the Synod maximum entry age of 38 years. No Synod office acted on this. Mhango is a victim of progress and initiative. Do not worry out this God will bring something great.

  5. Amos says:

    Ufumu ogawanika pa okha sukhala.

    Kulolerana kokha ndi komwe kukadathandiza pa nkhaniyi.
    Mhango akanalolera zofuna za likulu zinthu zikanatha bwino.
    Likulu likanalora kuti Mhango amalize nthawi yake yokhala ku Lilongwe sizikanafika poterepa.

    Vuto lokhala ndi headquarters pansi pompano ndilimenelo sinanga wamkulu wa headquarters ndi munthuso.

  6. It’s sad to note that. Rev. Mhango, believe in Christ and things will be. A lot of things will be revealed and God is on your side.

  7. GEZZA says:

    His transfer was supposed to be 2016 not now! Why now???? Makopala na jerous!! What a shame! The root of evil at work! Stop such nonses imwe watumbuka wakujitemwa imwe!

  8. Charter says:

    I think Chimwemwe has suffered and endured a lot the past 21 years in CCAP! He has obliged to a number of jelous-inspired transfers. The henchmen at Livingstonia Synod know nothing but politics. I strongly believe someone(s) is jelous and money and greed is at the center of this firing. I for one stand with you Rev. Mhango. Your life and service has been a shining light to all. God has a way for you. Take your time.

  9. phwakambwa says:

    dada mhango chonde pitani ku euthine osapanga makani munayambilanji.

  10. Blessings says:

    Dyera Mhango Wasiya ubusa wayamba ndalama,za fedralism iwalani atumbuka mwaonekera poyera muzilimbana mu territory ya eni zangoyamba musanati mbusa obwerayo adzalimbe.

  11. estery chibambo U.K says:

    mazuwa ghalero gha pambana na chiuta, that was one of the famous lyrics of your song and it has come to pass. Hold on to the iron rod which is God and he will direct the way, and in fact your way is already made .Behind you waliska Mhango. Keep cool and think of Joseph in the bible and meditate day and night God is in control and all is well !!!!!!!!!!!!! God be your guider. Chiuta muwemi mwe!!!!!!!

  12. phwakambwa says:

    chimwemwe ngwa nkhwesa na kujitemwa chomene, wamakani komanso wozikonda kwambiri

  13. Tman says:

    Otumbuka tsopano. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. A bunch of confused region. No wonder Aford idatha. Aliyense ndi wanzeru safuna kumvera mzake.

  14. mkandawire walter says:

    The best Chimwemwe Mhango should do to PASS the test is to demonstrate loving one onther by going to Euthini Congregation, no matter what it takes which is what true chhristian life is about
    Power electric supply, water and other essentials shall follow u there…

    1. Wafika says:

      Ana inu mvelani makolo kuti matsiku anu achuluke. What is it that makes him bigger than the institution that sent him and serving other congregation. Some ministers have stayed at each center for less than 2 years. Is it the presidency of mamu. The synod sent him and has grown wings. Prayerfully we all decide our next move after not listening to the still voice.

  15. vwalema says:

    mwayamba kulimbilana kumalawi kuno, kusiya dziko lanilo.?mwaona kwathu kuno nkokongola. Kodi federal government inathela patients? Tiyeni ukoooo

  16. koma kumeneko says:

    Not surprised as long as it is Livingstonia synod – I knew there is money issue behind the suspension as it is the same reason that made the synod to cross into nkhomas territory – following money of their sons and daughters now they don’t want Chimwemwe to enjoy those monies alone hence this suspension . But on this issue u better discuss and reverse your decision muchititsa manyazi CCAP yonse

    1. Zoona Zinachiika says:

      Like the Nkhoma Synod management who shared among themselves USAID monies and ended up selling themselves to DPP – mind you, not even to MCP

  17. masa masina says:

    For Livingstonia synod, Lilongwe is their promised land, their Canaan. They fought so hard to set up a congregation in Lilongwe. Lilongwe congregation is a gold mine and the abusas will kill each to get to Lilongwe. So, Chimwemwe Mhago is the first victim. Some more will come. mark my words.

  18. enyamleni says:

    U nkhomas keep quit on ths issue. Ths s living stonia issue

  19. ineyo says:

    munthu mumpanga transfer kangati? Mu mpititse ku ekwendeni, ku lilongwe, euthini, lilongwe, ekwendeni. It just shows tge leaders of ccap are full of jealousy and lacking leadership skills.

  20. mapwiya says:

    atsate malamulo ampingo kapena amulungu?shame on the earth kaya zanu izo angobwera yesu basi

  21. Tinkanena says:

    Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword’ The Synod’s decision to establish churches in Lilongwe was influenced by money and the very same money is now beginning to haunt the Synod. Its now a question of every Reverend wishing to have a taste of Lilongwe life koma kumeneko!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chisoso Mmaso says:

      Shall we say the dirty millions that Nkhoma Synod collected from Peter Muthalika will haunt them likewise?

  22. nyavizwazwa says:

    Which area now belongs to an indivivual congregation? Malawi constitition accepts every religious gathering, and there is freedom of worship in Malawi. That is why there are other people who says there is no God – as a stupid person speaks (its not me but scriptures say so).

  23. Aaron mwansambo says:

    Am very sorry Chimwemwe kani xenophobia kunonso iliko eti kkkkk,we r n last dayz indeed

  24. Black Market says:

    Akabwera watsopanoyo akonzekere kuona ziphaliwali kuno ndikwina osati kwanuko. shupiti Nyondo.

  25. wavisanga says:

    the synod is wrong by reacting emotionally and chimwemwe is wrong too by not abiding by the laws of the synod.

  26. Big Crook says:

    The same tricks he was using at Chibavi and Katawa to trick christians to be used fo his advantage to refuse transfer the same theorem has bn used to trick some members of Kanengo.

    Most Christians of Kanengo have now realised that this man is using them to his advantage. Drawing 2.5 million frm the church account to hire two marcopollo buses to Emzuzu to fight with the GSs offc seriously M’busa? Kukana transfer kumva dollar kukoma. DSTV full bouquet, internet 45,ooo, rent 85pin, food stuff 200pin/month, MASM, telephone allowance, fuel, maintenance allowance, ministers wife allowance, the list goes on anamuchulusila zomupasa service ya galimoto every 3months kuba basi

    He was the Presbytery Clerk fo LL akawona mpingo wake ukukana kulipira things like Full DSTV he could just write a letter addressed to all Churches within its presbytery and send the letter to his congregation only bcoz he wanted to benefit. He wz using his powers of Clerk bcoz a church can not reject to anything from Presbytery or Synod. Ma cheque ndiye osasimba ku Presbtry ma payments opanda ma supportng document kudya dollar ana aamuna.

  27. Maria says:

    l think Rev. Mhango has got a very special gift of which he only needs to wait upon the owner of the church (Jesus Christ) to show him.. They are times when one is just envied because he owns what other do not have..So it is all about Christ..lets leave it for him.Our God is the only faithful God

  28. bwande says:

    Let be sober and analyse the facts presented here. Mhango refused to be transfered, why? Kodi anthu aku Euthiniko safuna m’busa wabwino ngati Mhango? I think when Mhango was joining priesthood, he new that at times he will be called to serve the people in the rural areas. Bravo to Livingstonia Synod for keeping the rules tight. No man is bigger than the institution. Fame corrupted the reverend.

  29. nazimbiri says:

    kodi ndi kachipani kanji aka abale katosautsa munthu wa Mulungu,anthu ake samatogwirizana.mitala,uhule ,mabodza,nsanje,ufiti,kaduka,kuchotsa mimba tiana ta atumbuka,dyera,umphawi

    Ngati kali ka chipani,mutothetsa basi.misala kapena kuyaluka.koma ngati ndi tchalichi chonde
    mutokambiranapo apa.Atumbuka aCCAP,mutotionjeza m’manyumbamu

  30. Mmasomwambuyanu says:

    Those insulting northerners, ndilembe mchichewa kuti mumve chifukwa ambiri a inu ndinu mbuli simungamve English. Ngati muli otukuka, bwanji muli balala-balala ku mpoto kuwagwilira ntchito mu minda yawo ya anthu aku mpoto? Ntchito zanu ndi u tenant basi, kodi munamuona munthu waku mpoto akugwira ya utenanti ku minda yanu inu a Lomwe? Northern farms kuli alomwe tho!!!. Kodi munayamba mwaona wantchito wa mnyumba waku North?? (housemaids)? Yankho – ayi. Akumpotowo adzaza mu ma ofesi mu capital hill, inu eni ake mukugwira za ulonda ndi u mesinjala chifukwa? Muzifunse ngati muli ndi nzeru. Siyani nsanje ndi anthu a kumpoto anzathuwa Mulungu anawadalitsa pa nzeru, ife utelala omwewu tikhutitsidwe.

    1. Chisoso Mmaso says:

      Actually, mukapita ku ma low density areas a Mzuzu, mukapeza ma house workers ndi ma gardeners pafupi onse ndi aku mwela ndi pakati.

  31. nyavizwazwa says:


    Tsakho, had it been you were at RSA you would have been like the Zwelentini it is not good to talk of the tumbukas becoz of this , your nkhoma also has a mistake it does not want other churches near them. All those that are suspending man of God has no Word of God to preach and fears the unknown.

  32. Emmanuel Potani says:

    Enanu mukungolemba zimene simukudziwa,mukadakhala ndi maso a uzimu bwenzi mutazindikila chimene mtumwi mhango a kumuzondela.

    The truth remains “Light and dackness may never be together” its biblical,Jesus the LORD Himself said this.
    Rev. Mhango!! advice to you – “be still” remember the LORD was the same yesterday today and shall be forever.He is the one who called you,purified you,ordained you and gave you an asignment and sent you to serve HIM,not your fellow pastors.

    Wait apoun HIM alone,He will lead you and tell you what next.

    We cherish your calling and we will be with you in prayers until shame is back to those following the weaked one.

    “Those who trust in the LORD will never be dissapointed”

    In any case the devil has never won any battle,he has been loosing and shall keep loosing,despite his efforts and attempts on several times, until our LORD comes and takes us back home.
    AMEN,zikhale choncho mpaka kalekale!!!

  33. Tiyanjane says:

    Mama nyaKhonje, tingayoboya tingati wuli apa. Kwene imwe pakuba ndimwe mama ba munyumba, ndimwe tikugomezga kuti mubalongozyenge baliska kuti batole nthowa yakwenela. Nkhani iyi wanji wasanga munyango wakunjirira.

    Balarabalara bakutiphalira kuti banthu babiri ba nyumba yimoza wakambana. Sono munyake wakayoboya kuti ‘atwee, tiwone para uliwonenge zuba kunjira mhanya wuno’. Kasi mzyerezgani uyo wakawa na tinkho na nyumba yira wakapulikanga vyose ivyo vikayoboyekanga. Mbweno wakati mwabi wane uwo. Wakati khaa pa yura wakaphalirika kuti uliwone ng’oo umo linjilirenge mhawuno.

    Mama nyaKhonje, ine nasankha kubeya kwa imwe. Muzimu Mutuwa Uwe namwe

  34. mngulungulu says:

    Atumbuka tsopano kumenyana mziko mwa weni chifukwa cha ndalama. Inu ndiye anthu oipa kwambiri. Mwayamba kuchitirana nsanje nokhanokha. Kaya zanu izo a galu inu.

    1. Agalu Ndinuyo says:

      Ndimayesa agalu ndi a abusa a kwanu aja anadya ndalama za azungu ndikuthela kukanyambita mapazi a Peter Muthalika?

  35. Mivi yikukubwelerani nokhankha! Ma Synod kukanika kukambirana ndi kukhululukirana pa nkhani ya malire, but you xpect your followers to observe Godly counsel,shaaaa uzimu pa Synod ukuchepa. The body of Christ is gradually reducing itself from a Missionary front to mare fundraising institutions!

  36. Galang'anda says:

    “Wakukaka malango ndiwo bali munthazi kuswaso” bakutinyekezga nawo ise kuti ndise tifiske”

  37. zeze says:

    GS Levi Nyondo and your useless retired and church ministers! We know that Nyondo has a hidden strategy of placing his reverend ‘kinmen” from Chitipa in all urban congregations under Livingstonia. This is a fact. As for Rev. Mhango, he is a true man of God. History will tell you that this is not the first time he has been suspended, in fact at some point he was expelled from the church on the basis of “old church doctrines”. He stood firm and the “synod ” went and coaxed him back after realizing their mistake. In fact he had joined another church. What matters is not the church doctrines but where you serve God better! His calling to God was not initiated by the Synod. Leave him and kanengo congregation alone.

    Your new reverend is not welcome at Kanengo. Akabwela a Nyondo mumupezele pogona, chakudya etc otherwise adzadya bonya kathithi! Ife spiritual leader wanthu ndi the rejected stone “Rev Chimwemwe Mhango”

  38. Fwangalubiro says:

    Kumvela nkofunika pena plai ponse kuti Mulungu akalemekeze.Ubusa si mtauni mokha.Blantyre Synod chifukwa chiani abusa ambiri mu Blantyre City ndi a Ku Mulanje

  39. wangalusa says:

    Clement, Martin Luther was not used by the devil but rather he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to correct the wrong in the church then. The emergence of many churches is by God,s design. Have you ever wondered why there are many human races and ethnicities in the world, yet God made two people Adam and Eve. God is of diversity. When many people in defferent churches worship God in different ways, only brings glory to his name. Everyone who believes in Christ not church will not die but have eternal life.

  40. apundi says says:

    nenani momwe munganenere, what i know is that ma pastors amalalikira za mu bible tsegulani malachi 3 vs 10. mumunyoze amene adalemba zimenezo. rev. mhango pitilizani kutumikira Mulungu mu zimu ndi mchoonadi

  41. Robert says:

    My dear reverend, keep your cool. This is the work of a rotten, clueless leadership at the Synod. They are hiding behind the said Synod “laws”. But God will reveal something to you and will lead the way. Vibenene vikulu-vikulu na tuchoka wuwo vikulonda apo pali nyali kwene umalilo wake they get burnt. Vikuwa na kumala vyose phuuuu! Remember Daniel refused to worship idols in the bible, so too Kanengo congregation has refused to bow down and you are the sacrificial lamb. Synod leadership is the first contravening its own “laws” and they need to be told that we are here not to serve the Synod but God. Tikupemphera synod yayi! Pala tafwa wamutiyika ku synod yayi, waliyose wana kwake kukaya. When one door is closed, many more open. I am with you in prayer

  42. Gaston Mhango says:

    Pray hard brother God is not a man, will fight for you

  43. Tsotso says:

    Among other reasons, Mhango suggested that prayers be held in Chichewa for all to understand but that did not go well with his seniors.

  44. EDSON JOWELO says:


  45. Observer says:

    You fought Nkhoma Synod but they allowed you to operate in their territory now you have nothing to fight for apart from fighting within your synod. That’s what will happen in South Africa. Today they are fighting against foreigners but after they are gone, they will fight themselves.

  46. Utawasala says:

    I feel sorry when a man of God brings confusion in the church. I remember the problem he left at Chibavi, Katawa, Embangweni now at Kanengo. I know the Rev. knows the trick he plays to the flocks of God. You may fool this world but not God. At Katawa old members were shouted like dogs because of the same.

  47. Obed Phiri says:

    Mhango, if Jesus were to come today would He find righteousness in you? I rest my case.

  48. pwt says:

    anyondo kulimbana ndi abusa anzanu tsopano. ng’oma yolira sikhala kung’ambika

  49. kalua ben says:

    Am catholic but I do love Rec Chimwemwe Mhango so much so that I always listen to his music. It seems the current SG of the synod is apolitician

  50. jovial says:

    Daniel Phiri (comment 41) does not know the outward works of Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango (only God knows the inward works) Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango has that gift that when he is at a place, he always turn things around such that the congregants hardly accepts his being transfered. I for one, I know Rev Mhango from his childhood; but had a close feeling of his works when I was working in Mzuzu. Then he was a minister at Chiwavi (Chibavi) C.C.A.P. He was then transfered to Katawa, and in no time transfered to Ekwenden, and then to a certain remote area in Mzimba. He willingly went in all these places even though he knew that they (The Synod) were trying to frustrate him chifukwa cha chikoka chimene amakhala nacho akafika pamalo.
    Then there was this wrangle between Livingstonia and Nkhoma Synods; and Livingstonia Synod heavyweights knew that if Rev. Chimwemwe is posted to Kanengo, with his gift as a crowed puller, he will certainly help kuti mpingo wao ukhanzikike deep inside Nkhoma Synod teritory. Now they have seen that he is becoming more popular, that is why they decided to take him out even before his term is expired. This is what prompted the congregants to obtain the said injunction.

    To Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango I say “GOD’S TIME IS THE BEST”

  51. Usizi Chirwa says:

    A Daniel Phiri….

  52. Davido says:

    Akatolika ndi amodzi samalekana..

  53. wakwithu says:

    xeno in church

  54. Angozo says:

    CCAP zam’mbale ndiye khaniyo this church belongs to Tumbukas as the result of equation is by virtue of it being a Tumbuka church it automatically belongs to a major group of stupid people of Tumbuka tribe its automatically a Livingstonia ownered church….Ndiye FeDeral govt with a capital D with the pidging english They call FeDeralism koma zikukanaso kukatumikira kwawo akuti kutchire ndiye kwenikweni mukuti chani Atumbuka ndinu VINDERE as you call your fellow stupid Tumbukas ndinu anthu openga you dont reason….

  55. Anzathu says:

    Pliz lekani ndale mu mpingo. Kodi pali nkhani apa? Don’t just comment for sake of commenting, do you know the constitution for Livingstonia Synod? READ first then tiwone olakwa ndani.

  56. ADE says:

    SHONAYI# 42: you are just an idiot. why waste your time. Malawi belongs to Malawians. Go up north and see people who work in estates and ask them where they come from? Why do people live their civilization and go north and work as tenants.

  57. Mukasinthe Khalidwe says:

    Let God reveal who this so called man of God is. If there is politics in church he is very very good at it. He sends pipo to do bad things and stand a far innocently as if he is not the initiator (source if you like). After hearing of his transfer last year he has tried all what he could to wind some elders and youths to fight with the synod. They have called the Synod heads with all sorts of names just to force synod to rescind its decision on this mans transfer. Whoever held or has decenting views on this transfer was being called Judas/rebel you mean the whole Rev can sink so low like this???? Let’s wait who God will punish we shouldn’t judge. This man is a confusionist amongst his fellow men of collar he is good at creating bad stories just to dent others he does this even to his flocks (mabodza eeeeee). Wherever you are going cc please learn to close your mouth and learn to say the truth only.

    Every service eeee achina Yudas akufuna kundipachika. Eeee mufa imfa zowawa. Eeeee nyimbo kupeka a Yudas ndi omwewa tikudya nawo alipompa eeeee awa anafikapo akapume.

    Atawona ku Livingstonia zavuta anachita apply ku Bt Synod uko anamukana natumiza kalata yake ku Livingstonia Synod. Sanalekere pompo analemberanso ku Nkhoma ukoso anamukana ndikuwauza kuti ifeso timachita ma transfer akumidzi. Ndipo anatumiza application yake ija ku Synod kuti mwawona m’busa wanu? Pang’ono chabe uyu ndiye cc.

  58. clement says:

    God intended that there be one Flock, one Faith with one Shepherd. It is a grave sin when one person brings confusion to the whole body of Christ. Certainly, Mhango has other motives and pushed the Synod to fire him so that he “looks” a saint. Satan uses such “good” personalities to split the church. Martin Luther was a gifted Catholic priest but Satan spotted a weakness in him and used him to break the one body of Christ. A whole Synod executive can’t be wrong. Mhango, humble yourself. Don’t fight the church which has fathered till today. You are what you are now largely because of the church. To the Synod and all institutions, discipline your pastors accordingly. No Rev is bigger than the Church which made him Rev

  59. CCAP pa Phata says:

    One of the most essential elements of protestant churches is that decisions on posting of church ministers is done by the local congregation not the executive at synod level. One wonders where the Livingstonia got these rules or regulations from. No wonder their love for money sent them to Lilongwe (why didn’t they open at Nambuma or Kachindamoto). Fakes!!

  60. Masoanyenga says:

    This is typical ethnocentrism, why building a big church in Lilongwe while Mzuzu has a hat-like church Kkkkkk Kkkkkk at kondowe (livingstonia) is full of ruined
    buildings of Gordon. Ndiye mtumbuka ameneyo

  61. inayakeinayake says:

    Typical livingstonia synod. Promoting regionalism and nepotism. Tumbuka’s are everywhere as much are chewa’s. Should that give you a reason to open up Nkhoma synod in Blantyre or another Livingstonia synod in Bt’s. Only God will judge us but I pray for Livingstonia synod to desist from nepotism.

  62. Malawian says:

    This is unfortunate and would have been avoided.In the short term, the Synod may think they have won but I’m afraid in the medium to long term the Synod is a big loser! While I appreciate that just like any other person, Rev Mhango may not be a saint, the Synod has erred on this issue. What I know about Rev Mhango is that he is a celebrity especially because of singing and as a result of this, wherever he has been many people like him and react to his transfer just like what comment number 5 says although the years indicated are wrong because he was at Chibavi and Katawa for 7yrs and 3 years respectively. In summary I would like to say that I’m sorry to say that there is a lot of hatred and jealousy amongst our church ministers. May God help us otherwise this is not good for our church.

  63. muteweti says:

    ndyeli zamu chalichi shaaa ine ndikakangowona mbusa ku gahena ndika chita ku pempha ambuye kuti pilizi ndisonkhenawo moto chifukwa mukutisokosa pansi pano mukati sokoseso ku mwamba isaa

  64. Z Z Junior says:

    Atumbuka!!!! first they pick a quarrel with Achewa and go on to open a Church in their territory. The chewas say let them be. Now they are quarreling amongst themselves. these guys are confusionists.

  65. opportunist says:

    This Reverend has been persecuted all along .Am not surprised with what has happened. Otherwise he is one of vibrant pastor whom i have known in my life and how i wish one day would be my church minister .

  66. Akatswiri says:

    Let God be God dont judge Rev.Mhango

  67. Major says:

    Mmmmm zosakhala bwino, makamaka zomapita ku Court Eeee

  68. Charles Phiri says:

    It’s good to choose to be quiet when u don’t know the root of the whole story rather than commenting on something that u don’t know.

  69. Patrick kanthenga says:

    Atumbuka tikozereni dzina zokangana zabweka yayi anthu asamatione ndi utumbuka wathu pankangano wa zii kuti azitinyoza chonchi please please those are simple issues.

  70. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    nkhani ngati iyi kwa mhango siyachilendo. poyamba zidatelonso.

    Abusa msadankhawa. Charles Chinula Chidongo munthu woyamba kukhala mbusa wachikuda wa Ccap zidatelonso.

    Mpingo wadziko lapansi walowa nsanje, kaduka, utambwali.

    Baibulo limati musaweluze nanga achina nyondo akuweluzani bwanji?

    ku lilongweko nkolimbilana malire ndienso izinso? Yingochoka mpingowo ulowe wa New Apostolic omwe umayimba bwino ngati momwe umaimbira iweo.

  71. malawian says:

    mungoyambitsa mpingo wanu wa pentocoast osadanda abusa mu chalichi muli dollar

  72. Watereka says:

    Kuli ntchito ku synod kaya muthana ndi ziti,nokha mhango and nokha federalism

  73. Tit 4 Tat is a fair game. says:

    A Nyondo pali mphekesera yoti ku Kanengo Congregation a christu kumeneko amasupa kwambiri ndiye a Nyondo atumizako mkamwini wawo kuti.akapezeko bwino. Business in church that is its fruits.

  74. Kawonga says:

    Let there will be done, Mr mhango know you are still with us and the introduction of new church is at inception stage,

  75. mbani says:

    Welcome to Nkhoma Synod

  76. Njalanchiuno says:

    Koma Zina Ukamva, Ayi Ndithu Masiku Osiliza Awa.

  77. Nelson says:

    Za zii ine ndimayesa muziti akuphuzitsa molakwika bible.koma kumati sakutsatila malamulo a synod.kkkkkkkk asaah mwambi wa lero anthu oyipa akakhala patsogoleri azibusa amavutika.

  78. God's Favour Ministries. says:

    Mukuti amene amazenga mulanduwo ndi azibusa opuma(retired pastors) ooooh ndicho chifukwa apeza chigamulo choti Mhango apumenso kuti afanane ndiiwowo.Bible limati chani za Mbusa opuma(Numbers 8:23-26) Nanga munkawapumitsamo mmesa mudaona kuti akula,mphamvu,Mzeru zachepa(zatha) ndiye mukavutitse azigogo anuwo azenge milandu aaaaaaaa.
    Nanu month gogos angofunatu abisale kumbuyo kwanu aNyondo awa akakupserezerani limodzi oweluza Olungama.

  79. Wezzie mumba says:

    Musakondere malo pofalitsa uthenga wambuye. Dont be like jona who refused wen God assigned him to spread the gospel, see wat u hv leapd now all yo dignity is gone.

  80. Chimboche says:


    Kukana Msamuko. I thought a transfer can take place anytime whenever the Church deems it necessary.

    Another Kambalazaza in the offing.

    No mbusa wanji osankha kopita. Munamva kuti a ku mudzi safuna kumva nawo uthenga wanuwo? Akumudzi safuna chipulumutso?

    Vuto kudzimva kwambiri…. when you see and hear congregants shout a loud AMEN!!!!!! mumaona ngati basi mukhonza kumanga mpingo wanu wa ntauni.


  81. Shame on you the selfish and arrogant leadership of the Livingstonia synod.By the way how come your minister Mhango is located at Kanengo the heart of Nkhoma synod in the first place?

  82. Chakuchaku says:

    Rev,ur God z alive,nva worry.

  83. ChamahiaH says:

    Rev C Mhango watikhozga soni ,,, pitiriza kuimba osati kulalikila pala ni ndalama Chiuta watikupenge

  84. napayekha says:

    yaaa chifukwa chiyani amakana kukalarikila kwao?? Kukakamila ku lilongwe go to hell

  85. Chifukwa uli pala Chimwemwe wali pa transfer pakuba ma protests kufuma ku ba khristu? Panji ni sanje waka? Kasi pa station wakukhalapo vyaka vinandi uli_5 years?10 years ndiye akukakamila pompo? Something is wrong on your “conflict management” by the synod. Insubordination? Kalipo~kalipo

  86. Blessings says:

    Mmbusa wa dyera uyu,nyamuka chimwemwe uzipita ukatukule kwanu enaso adzadyeko.

  87. bratusha says:

    One thing for which I like music. It is not only entertaining but also educating. Mlaka sang one song which goes,”Mlandu wa Bishop apita nawo Ku khoti eeh! Akufuna khoti liphunzitse mpingo chikondi eeh!…….” You mean all the teachings of tolerance by Christ, the church should be taking issues to court for settlement? Shame!

  88. A synod chonde apa palije nkhani mwatikhozga soni mupaka kulimbana na Chimwemwe pa za zii

  89. CollegeStudent says:

    Well, did anyone notice how this so called man of God looks? He pretty looks like he smokes weed…like for real.

  90. kabotolokamo says:

    wow! Rev Mhango , don’t let this put you down, you are doing great work for God , remember that Jesus was objected , and they said his ways were wrong , but he is the one we are talk about as the leader of the church and not the leaders of that opposed him , you said right , follow what the Holy spirit says ! Let the zeal of the Lord consume you brother !

  91. Chalo ichi ? says:

    It feels good when all tribes congregate worshiping God.

  92. Dr. butros-butros gurlie says:

    Mr muhango,if GOD chose u no one can take it from wil stil be reverend if God chose u….

  93. Innocent says:

    Ambuye akuona zonsezi!!!

  94. Zachauta mpakana court injunction?Fakes!

  95. Chemtukanika says:

    Eetu Abusa.Mipingo yoyendera malamulo opangidwa ndi munthu yemwenso ndi wofooka komanso wochimwa.Ndifunseko.kodi abusa amapereka chigamulochi ndi oyera zenizeni?Chimwemwe ingoyambitsa mpingo wako ndipo anthu a ku Lilongwe akutsatira.

  96. Shonayi says:

    Simunati Mulungu akusiyani mudzilange nokha.Kunamizila malire pamene mukutsatira ndalama za abale anu.Mwaona kuti a Mhango amadya okha.Mukumanga kwa eni koma mukufuna boma likatukule kwanu pamene nokha mukuthawako.Mukulemeletsa anzanu ndi ndala ku bank komanso antchito.Ndi dziko mukufuna kugawali nokha mukuthawako ma invester apitako bwa?Ma invester sapita malo opanda phindu.Nzelu kuposedwa ndi nkhuku.

    1. Wotsatila Yesu Osati Mpingo says:

      Ndipodi. Anzathu amaziwa kulera abusa awo amene nawo amadziwa kuyendesa bwino chuma cha mpingo. Osati kumakapemphesa kwa mapresident, chonsecho akudziwa kuti presidentyo akatapa ku Account No.1. Abusa awo, akapasidwa ndalama za ma project ndi ma bungwe akunja ngati USAID, mipingo imawuzidwa mwatatane tsatane mmene ndalama zapindulira madela awo. Ndichifukwa chake Lilongwe City Council imalipilidwa on time.

  97. Daniel Phiri says:

    The Bible says Go ye and spread the gospel to corners of the earth. So why is this Reverend clinging to Lilongwe and refuse to go to remote areas? Nkhani ndimakobidi! In Lilongwe congregants pay a lot of chopereka and Offer gifts such as DSTv subscription, ndiwo etc. plus kuli atsikana akwaya osamba bwino. Reverend nkuona wakana kupita kukaya. This is typical Pentecostal type pastors who only preach to people with money. This shouldn’t be accepted in a principled church like CCAP.

  98. vision says:

    This is the true man of God like a lod in Moses’ hand! Its not everyone one who will like him but I know anyone who knows him better can testify what type of a minister he is. He stands for the truth and let the truth set him free.

  99. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Tchalitchi loyika chifukwa cha chilankhulo zotsatira zayamba kuoneka

  100. clement says:

    Am not CCAP member but I want to urge you all Xtiansn to desist from implying as if Mhango has not erred. Kumvera kuposa nsembe yopsereza. We are told the Synod executive met and made this hurting decision in Mhango’s presence. We were not there and therefore we cannot conclude that the Synod is wrong. It is the Synod which sent him to LL and the same Synod wanted him transferred. I feel the good reverend started to feel the good life of LL and used church elders to fight his battles. Remember the Elders obtained an injunction against Mhango’s transfer last december. Do not forget that satan uses good people to sow confusion in the church. Satan did it with Martin Luther. He did it with King Henry viii and several others. Mhango must bow down to Church authority and apologize. He is not bigger than the synod

  101. Liyaya says:

    Rev Mhango u hv changed many people with ur songs preachings and also ur Godly behaviour. I knew that with politics the Church has endurged in one day God will reveal the bad things about this Church.Livingstonia Church is no longer a Godly church as history used to remind us.The has become a political party.Rev Mhango leave these people. Mulungu alindicholinga pamoyo wanu rev. Izi zidayamnbikira Yesu and that’s why died for us. Akavuta go to Blantyre or Nkhoma Synod we need pastors like urself pastors who worship God only not mixing up spiritual things with politics. I new where ever there is righteousness darkness fail to appear. Ur r righteousness Rev that’s why darkness has failed to stay with u may God bless u true Man of God. The Bible says don’t be with someone who kills the fresh bt fear the one who can kill both the fresh and ur spirit

  102. Kenkkk says:

    The Lord will provide. That is the motto!!! You should be able to go anywhere to spread the word of God, so rev mhango should have followed the synod’s instructions. Full stop.

    The congregation cannot decide or choose who their pastor should be otherwise there would be no transfers of the clergy at all or indeed any other transfer at normal work place as seen by some civil servants resisting transfers to another place.

    So rev mhango just go wherever they are sending you, that is the work of God that you are doing not the work of people.

  103. george says:

    Chimwemwe is a good rev but inside sources have it that before the verdict was passed five respected retired ministers tried to persuade him adhear to the synod guiidiance for two good hours hhe only said aam not moved and i stand by what i earlier indicated
    so you can see that stiill thee was room for him to be spared.u need to know also that wwhen he was moved from chibavi his first congregation he protested and .sent a delegation to synod

    that was after he stayed for five years.then from katawa again after being there for four and half years to embangweni he protested again.he did the same from embangweni to synod youth department after four its the present.i wish my dear would have used reason

  104. malawiana says:

    These are the sins of encroaching into other synod territory. You have seen the money and now You are fighting One another.

  105. Bongololo says:

    Why would anyone need the church – with all it’s flaws and ills – to have a relationship with God? That’s why I don’t go to church.

  106. Molly says:

    Ndipo Sunday Ndinadalitsika Zedi Ndi Mapemphero Omwe Ndinawaonera Sunday A Rev Mhango May God Keep Your Faith Strong,mwasiye Azibusa Osadziwa Mulungu Opanga Zachipembezo Adzakawaweluza Yekha Mulungu.

  107. kabambo says:

    I’m afraid this pastor you call reverend was working underground to get Nkhoma and Livingstonia synod rehab. But this didn’t go well with the big heads top. The Nyondos and friend, they think he can do this that they don’t wish to see it happening. You’ll believe me, i can see the living enemity between livingstonia and nkhoma synod. God help us

  108. Livingstonia synod’s executive is too political. Its good that u have expelled the true man of God from yo church, bcoz darknes & light can never go together. Rev. Lev Nyondo & yo collegues u need heavy deliverance & repentance otherwise God wil punish u heavily within 3yrs.

  109. Otsalangwa says:


  110. Bullshit says:

    Please ask the Synod and you will know the truth. Mr Mhango started well but he got corrupted by the well taken care of he was get from Kanengo congregation. Money corrupts and he indeed got corrupted mentally. Kanengo looked after him just like a government minister. Housed, fed (Food-K150,000.00 a month), Masim, Fuel allowance, Internet, Dstv, Phone Units, car repair service is all what has brought all this mess. When he was asked to get transferred to Ekwendeni, he refused knowing that all the benefits he was get at Kanengo was not gonna be the same. He wrote a letter to Synod tarnishing an image of his fellow Reverend Mr Kalopa. There is more than what you people seem to know.

  111. Rev Mhango pray hard to God.That is the problem with Synod of Livingstonia you will always oppress those who are better of interms of education than you.Be comforted with Romans 12v9-18.Those who are angry with my comment can just call 0 888 185 448.

  112. Alleluya says:

    This is a worldly decision and does not inspire the followers. This decision will prove detrimental to the growth if the church especially as Livingston synod is consolidating its penetration of the central region. Exactly what’s behind this unfortunate decision? We are not told the truth but God willing, it will soon be revealed.

  113. chimusi/chintondo says:

    the leadership is not really in its good sharpe…..i think jealous has cripped the system ….the lilongwe congregation love the guy……wat rules en regulation did the guy break to deserve…such kind of punishment…this is my first time to hear a minister of God haS been deposed in such nasty way…shame on u the executive ….chimzy will still continue to minister as per Gods demand

  114. Manyasa says:

    What do you expect from leadership of Rev Nyondo?????

  115. njolomachipilingu says:

    Livingstonia synod just go back to the north.Central region belongs to Nkhoma synod.This is God himself acting against your Idea of envading the central region.Look at the person you are suspending; Chimwemwe of all the people really? An almost a saint.Watch your steps otherwise you might find yourself acting against God himself

  116. Matrobwino says:

    No One Is Above The Law. Each And Every Society/ Organization Has Got Rules. Whoever Disobey Them Faces WHAT MHANGO HAS FACED.

  117. This is really the work of the devil at its pick, but one thing I know all these will go and truth shall prevail. Waliska mulikwimba kale mu Mhango salvation “wimilire nganga ulimwana wa Yesu” my heart goes with u the reveland.

  118. Daniel domudomu says:

    Dont worry Chimwemwe! listen to what the Hollyspirit is speaking. May God help you to make good decision. I Am with you in prayer!

  119. omawe says:

    Reminded of Pharisees.

  120. Mazulu says:

    Paliponse ndikagwira ntchito yanu kaya mu town kaya ku mudzi. Aku 25 mwamlakwitsa mu busa chifukwa mukungomuumira pamene simunamlembe ntchito si inuyo koma a Synod so u have to abide to rules & regulations at work not by the environment.

  121. zoshola says:

    Mhango ngodzikonda

  122. Precious says:

    To my Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango, dont be surprised. If they did it to Jesus who is God himself, what about to aperson like you and me? God is with you. Don’t be afraid.”The battle is mine” says the Lord. To the congregation- Let’s unite and fight for the truth. We know all those behind this and my God will not leave them unpanished.Let’s cling to Him who gives Life. We will remain victorius.Amen

  123. haward says:

    Zowona munganene kuti ndi member basi ntchimolo lakhudza ubusawo basi, eeeee ndakhumudwa nanu ulemu ndachotsa ndi synod yanu dziwani anthu amakhumudwa nanu atsogoleri

  124. haward says:

    Livingstonia synod ndakhumudwa nanu, mukusiya zidakwa, achiwerewere koma kumuchotsa man of God like that, kodi kupempherera odwala ndi ntchimo pamaso pa Mulungu? Tidakudziwani kusowa uzimu kwanu pamene mudadzamanga ma church anu kuno ku Lilongwe koma izi mwachitazi mwayalukatu apa. Zokonda zanu zisakhale za mumdima chonde kuwala kudana nako atsogoleri omvetsa chisoni dzimvereni chisoni

  125. mphwanye says:

    Livingstonia synod in Lilongwe? chimenecho ndiye chibwanacho!

  126. you too says:

    Obviously some other Reverend is yearning for a posting to a Lilongwe church because that’s where the money is

  127. ujeni says:

    Livingstonia Synod stands for discipline. If you are a Rev then behave us such not a gospel musician daily at Robins Park. Remember JESUS chased all the traders in the synagogue. If he wants to chance money let him resign and join the private sector.

  128. Chikopa says:

    Hehehehe! Kumenyana kudziko kwayeni ake. Nyika Republic recalling its ambassador! Ndiye tsano jiko la Manyasa nkulamula? Yambitsa chalichi chako Chimwemwe together with Mgawi – “Abambo bwererani! Amayi bwererani!” “Ndimvera mabeluwo – ayitana wochimwawe” Hehehe!

  129. Mwihavani says:

    Kodi atumbuka ndi anthu?

  130. Mwihavani says:

    Atumbuka ndi anthu?

  131. makarios makarios says:

    Musadandaule Abusa Tiri Nanu Mapephero,mulungu Akusogolerani Kupanga Chiganizo Choyenera

  132. Kamsale says:

    This is really sad news. Something is certainly wrong with the leadership of Libingstonia Synod much as Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango may not be a saint. I’ve known him for many years so much so that I believe that he’s a true born again & true man of God. We need divine intervention in such circumstances. I’ll make an effort to personally speak talk to the Reverand & establish the truth behind his suspension. My thoughts & prayers are with you Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango. Stay blessed.

  133. Dear Men of God in Livingstonia Synod. I sincerely beg you to appeal to reason and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Rev Chimwemwe Mhango is a gem in Malawi. The young man has faithfully served God under you for 21 years without the normal glaring sins of sexual immorality or money embezzlement. He is very influence to many youths and adults in Malawi both believers and non believers. How do you lose him just like that? If there are other ulterior motives behind this God will seriously the perpetrators. As for Reverend Mhango, I would urge you my brother to remain calm. Comply to whatever they say without saying anything bad i.e. retaliating evil for evil. Leave everything to God. The very brothers who have thrown you in this dry well like Joseph will one day bow before you. FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I am honestly very saddened with Livingstonia synod. There are a few people who lead by their emotions and not by the Holy Spirit. Many Malawians are praying for you Rev Mhango. Have faith and courage.

  134. Chimbirazowa says:

    From town to village these days, some they prefer even to stop ministering.

  135. Alarm says:

    I love this Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango, its unfortunate situation,,,

  136. George says:

    When we have politics in the church this is the end result which is not spiritual hope God will be with Rev Chimwemwe Mhango to forgo his wayforward.
    When you are blessed no one can take away your blessings

  137. Tsiripas says:

    #Ned mapila- mtima suvala sanza.# stornad lungu- zapadziko

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