Rev Chitsonga reclaim presidency of Malawi Assemblies of God church

President elect of the Malawi Assemblies of God Dr. Edward Chitsonga has pledged to continue upholding the vision and mission of the church for the betterment of its members.

Rev Dr Chitsonga: Head of Assemblies of God Church in Malawi

Rev Dr Chitsonga: Head of Assemblies of God Church in Malawi

Chitsonga reclaimed the top most position of the Church in tightly contested race held on 12th August at the churches’ headquarters in Lilongwe.

Speaking in an interview, Reverend Chitsonga described his appointment as a new challenge which he said needs God’s guidance and grace.

“I feel very much humbled to be elected on this position, I take it as a challenge not a privilege because in our days there are many challenges on this position,” he said

Answering on his plans in the next four years, Chitsonga said he look forward to forge ahead in accomplishing the decade of Pentecost goals which are to be accomplished in 2020.

“We have our ten year plan, therefore I will make sure that we are in line with those plans and also I look forward to move across the country to encourage the church to keep praying” He said.

Also for the first time a female pastor has been elected in the top position of leadership in the Malawi Assemblies of God family.

Rev MaltidaMatabwa has been elected as the Church’s secretary General breaking a record of being a first woman in the executive of the church.

Speaking in an interview Matabwa expressed satisfaction and excitement and promised to continue moving the church in the right direction.

“It feels good and am very humbled. My dream is to keep the movement on track” She said.

Some other people elected in other positions include Rev Dr Andrew Dube who is now  vice president and  Rev  George chiwaya as the secretary general.

The Assemblies of God Church came to Malawi in the 1940’s and it was first introduced in the country by missionaries who first arrived in Ntcheu district.

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17 thoughts on “Rev Chitsonga reclaim presidency of Malawi Assemblies of God church”

  1. Elijah says:

    Akulu inu tamvanikoni za anzanu, Kodi mukati Marcy Williams ndi ya Kawale congregation what do you mean. Kodi tikani sukulu yakuti its proprietor is Cathoric or CCAP etc., doesn’t it mean kuti it belongs to Malawi government? Pali zinthu zina a certain grouping/department just lead in initiating it but belongs to the mother body. that’s how things go bwana.

    Palibe nkhani apa, the truth is MAoG might be slow to develop tikapanga compare the start it came to Malawi, (YES) but it has those so called social structures under review here, like The University, sec school, media house etc.. And for your information its one of the church that encourages, faith, self belief, patriotism and hard working, not waiting to be given something – I mean on the issue of not supporting church pastors financially. However to some extend I agree with you these pastors need more clear support – Even though pali ndondomeko which is already in the pipe line towards supporting these pastors.

    I felt to comment.
    Thanks all of you.

  2. MISUKU BOY says:

    In the first place congratulations. But do you know your pastors
    in the very remote areas are not well taken care of? No pay, komanso midzimu pelekani pelekani
    amakhala wochepa kwambiri. Consider them please please. They are hardworking but financial constrains
    is heavily affecting them physically as well as spiritually. AM A BORN AGAIN AND I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

  3. Lycar says:

    Bwana chimwala ndinu omvetsa chisoni. Congratulations to the elected ones.

  4. Nenowoma says:

    Congratulations Rev Chitsonga
    God bless you

  5. Opals Ngwenya says:

    Congratulations to all elected. May the Lord guide you to actualize His plans.

  6. be humane says:

    to reclaim is to retain what previously belonged to you. In this article it is not mentioned that Rev. Chotsanga was previously president of Assemblies of God. Poor Article headline

  7. MAPAZI says:

    Mwinake akubwera zavutako ku MCP…HEHEHEHE!

  8. Chimwala says:

    Assemblies of God is a church which doesn’t care about the real stake holders how can they elect leaders without involving members they vote in themselves without allowing members who bankroll the church.

    1. Mago Nest says:

      Dear Mr Chimwala, Whilst I agree to some extent that MAG does not have other structures like schools & hospitals, it should be noted that the central focus of the church when it was planted in Malawi, was to reach out and transform people lives directly through preaching and teaching of the word of God unlike other churches which focused much in provided social services as a way of reaching people. Please realize that God sends his servants to reach others through different ways and no single missionary or church can be perfect in every area. Every church has its strength and weakness but all of them work to perfect the saints. What one church is doing, the other is not doing but none is superior or inferior to the other because churches operate as body organs – they complement one another. So i do not think that the fact that MAG does not have many social services , then it is not good enough no but its just the way it choose to reach people. Meanwhile you will realize that there has been an extended focus in the church and now MAG is also engaged in those areas. There is a programme which is reaching out to those infected by HIV, there is also a ministry called AGREDS which also provides assistance to the needy. MAG also opened a University recently and all this is to respond to the call for the church to also focus in these areas. There are so many programmes being worked on under ground and hopefully in the near future you will be able to see some these booming up. In regard to voting of leaders, please note that this is a church and not a political organization or a football club where you involve everyone in the voting process. Even a football club does not involve every supporter to vote for leaders. I dont think it would be wise to involve every member in voting process then that would mean putting wrong people on the seat. There are qualifications which are outlined in the constitution in order for Pastors to be voted as leaders, so not every member of the church would be able to know whether this Pastor is or not qualified for the seat as the record of Pastors life styles and progress is only known by the Pastors themselves therefore thats why only pastors and other credentialed ministers are allowed to participate in the voting process. Please also note that even Pastors who are on discipline at the time of voting, they not allowed to vote – this is just in order. Even in other churches its the same . and MAG is even better because it goes to election whilst other church just appoint. I am proudly an Assemblies of God member and so far happy with the voting process. Congrants to Rev Chitsonga and the entire executive committe of MAG we love you and will support you to achieve the mission of preaching the word to every person with the power of the Holy Spirit.

  9. Opals says:

    Congratulations to all elected. May the Lord guide you to accomplish His plans.

  10. be humane says:

    Was he previously president of Assemblies of God in Malawi? Reclaim it to take back what was yours

  11. Chimwala says:

    The most painful thing is that this church which started in 40s has no tangible structures like schools, heath centre, TV or radio stations without American Missionaries like Daniel Schaeffer Assemblies of God would have had nothing. Small church are owning plots and building structures. The Pastors in assemblies use the church as personal estate and are the richest among pastors in the country.

    1. Chistone says:

      It has a university, it has a radio station. Where do you live?

      1. Chimwala says:

        Kkkk The TV station isn’t for Assemblies Of God as a church its for ICA congregation as it Mercy Williams is for Kawale Congregation.

      2. tamufunsenidi kapuku ameneyi, kumangobwebweta zinthu zoti sukudziwa bwanji?

    2. Dumi says:

      It has a TV station and Marcey William sec shl in additional

    3. Tino says:

      MAGU, CAN, etc …. No need for pain bwana Chimwala

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