Rev Maulana fires another critic Mawaya after Chimesya:  CCAP Blantyre Synod wrangles

Controversial riddled Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbytery (CCAP) has summoned Reverend Paul Mawaya to face disciplinary committee on allegations that he is organising the Synod youths to create CCAP Blantyre Synod Youth against Homosexuality in what insiders say its part of witch-hunt by the general secretary the Reverend Alex Maulana on his critics.

Rev Mawaya: Another victim of Rev Maulana witchhunt

Rev Mawaya: Another victim of Rev Maulana witchhunt

Nyasa Times also understand that Mawaya, moderator of Michiru CCAP,  has since been removed from the Blantyre Synod Radio Board with immediate effect without proper reasons and he has since been replaced by Reverend Nasiyaya, a blue eyed boy for Maulana.

Another casualty is Blantyre Synod Youth Director Rev Mulere being accused of organizing the youth to be attacking Synod leadership and is on verge of being transferred as his fate is still undecided.

One of fierce critics of Maulana, Reverend Stanley Chimesya has been dismissed as synod’s prison chaplain with immediate effect and replaced with the Reverend Mathero Msatithe of Nchalo CCAP congregation in Chikwawa.

Chimesya dismissal comes after Nyasa Times reported that he wrote a letter to the general secretary last month detailing a number of the synod’s shortfalls on which he demanded clarifications from Maulana.

But Maulana said the removal is “solely on that basis of years.”

He said: “We are posting him to Nchalo CCAP because the one who has been appointed to take over from him is from there, so we thought of just posting him there.”

Chimesya, who is scheduled to travel to the United States of America (USA) and Canada for more than a month to talk about prison chaplaincy ministry accused his boss of victimising him for his stand against honesty and because of a vehicle, Nissan Serena, which former president Joyce Banda ‘donated’ to him when she was still in power.

He said Maulana decisions are being done “out of jealousy.”

Nyasa Times on Thursday posted a story quoting Chimesya’s letter dated 19th January 2016, in which he queried the synod’s bank overdraft worth millions of kwacha at National Bank of Malawi accumulated in 2015 when it collects millions of kwacha in form of offerings, rentals of its premises and other sources.

Meanwhile,   Rev Mawaya who competed against Maulana during the controversial  Synod’s general assembly last year that saw some Church Moderators led by Very Reverend Professor Silas Ncozana walk out is said to be in bad books with Maulana as he deemed one of the church leaders that are against Maulana poor administration.

In a move as a thank you to his trusted boys who have been campaigning for him and always on his side, Rev Maulana has appointed Rev. Innocent Chikopa as new board chair of Blantyre Synod Health and Development Commission replacing  Reverend Daniel Gunya while Rev Juma is the board chair of Blantyre  synod management representing all reverends replacing Reverend Makuleya James Sande.

Maulana is also sidelining  Blantyre Synod Advisory Council Chair Very reverend Dr Silas Nchoza as he never supported Maulana during  Synod elections and also for openly condemning Maulana’s leadership style in an open letter he wrote.

But Maulana said the shake up in the synod is normal and that: “People will always come up with their own stories.”

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26 thoughts on “Rev Maulana fires another critic Mawaya after Chimesya:  CCAP Blantyre Synod wrangles”

  1. bigie k says:

    end time.

  2. Steven says:

    All these stories are doctored by Chimesya but this will have consequences in somebody’s life one day. I love God and my church. This can’t change me anymore. To God be the Glory

  3. mmabeka says:

    maulana is a burden to our church i hate his leadership, soon he wil register blantyre synod as a party

  4. George says:

    Rev. Mawaya I pray to God that in this troubled time you triamph.

  5. Mwenecho says:

    alex salimah

  6. palaziman says:

    Rev. Mawaya, may we not tire for doing the right things. To God be the glory and honour.

  7. dishon mwale says:

    Those who are doing that should know that they are the leaders of church who are supposed to advise the government but if they cannot maintain discipline in their church how can advise other people we have to put our house in order tichotse chitsotso chathu poyamba

  8. Mwaba says:

    Kambiranani basi musampatse satana mpata

  9. Kanengo says:

    Exactly. Nowhere is Maulana’s tribe refered to. This shows how we folks from the north discuss issues and not ethnicity on this forum.

  10. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Paul! I never thought you would fight these battles when we were growing up as teenagers. What soothes me is the fact that you were a quintessential son! And you deservedly chose to serve Almighty. I vividly recall the day you told me “the African Bible College degree I have just gotten isn’t specialised enough for what I want. So, am going to Chanco to do rigorous theology”. Well as Shakespeare put it “I do profess to be no less than I seem; to serve him fully that put me in trust: to love him that is honest; to converse with him that is wise, and says little; to fear judgement; to fight when I cannot choose; and to eat no fish” – thanks Alfred Mlenga for inspiration to read Shakespeare beyond Mac Beth. Reverend Mawaya, you will triumph…just maintain the faith as I have known you. For your enemies, get this old Nigerian saying: “no matter how high an eagle flies, it still perches one day”

  11. FIELD MARSHAL says:

    Koma dzimenedzi dzita bwino ? I see kulodzanapo pamenepa

  12. The northern star says:

    At least here people can isolate maulana and condemn him the way they wish….kind of being sober…but if similar stories concern Levi Nyondo and Livingstonia synod? the condemnations become generic. .. we here atumbuka this, atumbuka that, akumpoto this, akumpoto that….instead of isolating Nyondo like we have done on this story!!! Do you see hypocrisy here?

  13. Tt says:

    These organization are just like any other. you see they might be selling condoms or an imaginary god! The principles are the same, the bottom line is these are “not men of gods” they are exactly the same underneath, with testicles, disks and greed, the only difference is they like to put on dresses and call the robes! Gods are for the little people, the idiots . Church resources are for these people

  14. jahd says:

    leave the synod alone! in good times and badtimes i love my church and cont. praying for it.

  15. Leroh says:

    Its normal everywhere to move pple around. Mpingoso umafuna abusa ophunzira to run its afairs. Congrats Rev. Juma sukulu yapindula

  16. The Bones of Elijah says:

    The reign of King Ahaz-labelled as the worst King of Israel, characterised by;

    1. Ahaz Wickedness/ allowed idol worshipping against God authority-2 Chron 28: 5 ,17-19
    2. Ahaz followed ways of the world not of God-seeking help from Assyrians and not God-2 Kings 16
    3. Ahaz shut the doors of the temple, break church utensils and set up evil alters of idols in corners of Israel. 2 Chronicles 28:25

    These actions of Ahaz brough slavery, poverty, pain, sorrow and God withdrawal among Israelites because of wickedness of the King.

    In element 3. of reign of Ahaz; He closed/shut the doors of the Church.

    The CCAP church is exactly being affected by the resurrection of spirit of Ahaz in Malawi. Because the rulers, authorities and principles of Malawi have ignored power of God, the spirit of Ahaz will continue to torment Malawi. The church is being shut down by the spirit of Ahaz on our leaders (Rev 3 vs 20). The fights in CCAP church are occuring because we have a weak and porous reign that satan will use to break Malawi apart. This Ahaz spirit, has already silenced a lot of men of God to open corridors of evil.

    2 and 3-obviously, in Malawi strange doctrines have come (1 Timothy 1 vs 3). These doctrines have rooted on thi Land, because the spirit of Ahaz has taken control of the leadership. We in hands of friends of our enemies and sad for this once Land of God-now evil’s play ground.

    However, Malawians ( all faith and religion) so quiet and unauthoritative, that we letting the nation to continue rotting, our friends the Israelites they brought the Kingdom of Ahaz down to set themselves free.

    Only if we know how powerful we are in oneness and demading what is right for us then, and only thence we shall enjoy the fruits of this nation.

    Malawian have come to a stage where even the devine powers will not intervene and intercede for us until it begins with us.

    It Begins with You.

  17. Harvey Gondwe says:

    Why all these? Bringing all these forsaken stories here will take you nowhere.Are you crying? Decisions in the CCAP church are not done by the General Secretary. People will read these and fotget.They will forget you too.If you have problems tell God not the media.The media does not control the synod.Mwamva? Nosense! Tikuonerani.

  18. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    Koma abale where are you leading us to? Za ma gay ndi inu nomwe? Baibulo lanu limati chani? really its time owelengawe khala maso

  19. Aise says:

    Unbelievable, ndiye kutsala ndani ku BT Synod. Poti azibusa olozeka ndiye akupondelezedwa chonchi

  20. Wakutsinakhutu says:

    Simatchilitchi awa. Zausatana ndiponso zanyansi zokha zokha every church you go to is the same. Tchalitchi lenileni padziko lonse lapansi lomwe limatanda yehova ndi mwana wake christu ndi la mboni.

    1. Bingiza says:

      Hahaha. Mboni?? Do not make me laugh!!

  21. Aubrey says:

    That’s the DPP style of leadership in church. This is the typical of church politics based on regionalism, tribalism and political affiliation. Rev. Maulana, know that no matter how high the bird might fly, one day it will land. It is these very same pipo that you are looking down upon when u are up that will take care of you when accidentally you’ll fall down. The same yard stick that you are using today, will be used on you some day. I thot u men of collar preach about love, u owez say that love is the greatest commandment, where is it gone amongst you? Tsoka kwa nyanja ndi mtunda, poti oyipayo watsikira konkoooo! Mukapsa ndithu chifukwa cha dyera.

  22. Yonas says:

    Ichi ndiye chamba a CCAP BT Synod. Zalowa dyera, you greedy people will answer to HIM only !!!! la forty likakwana. Za zii, better pray at home in your bedroom and leave these hypocrites fight to the death and inferno !!!!!

  23. Christianity says:


  24. Maulana Maulana !kunjaku kuli njala tipanganotu za iweyo sopano.Watikwana ndi tsankho lako .Mlomwe wachabechabe iwe.Ukuzunzulanji nkhosa za Ambuye iwe.Ukufuna anthu azikuwopa ngati big Kahuna.?Maudindowo ndi osiyirana kunali anzako anachokapo,naweso uzazisiya.Ndichifukwa mapangano tikusiya kupereka ukuba too much tidzaperekaso ukachokapo.

  25. Dr Kamoto, says:

    Maulana , Maulana Maulana. How many times have i called you? Dismiss yourself too based on the following true scandals committed by you.
    1. Dishonesty leading into your deep rooted thievery and thuggery of church property.
    2. Womanizing. You have a chain of girlfriend whom you are f…..king’ and bankrolling using Synods hard earned money. You have no moral grounds to discipline other clerics with lighter some than what the load of sins you are carrying. In one of the accidents you were involved, you were together with your concubine. What kind of revland are you?
    3. Gay and Lesbianism subscriber. Because of your love on money propelled by your greedy & selfishness; you are silently promoting gayism and Lesbianism using bloody money from UK. Other Synods have condemned this evil first class sins when you are at sametime promoting it. What a f…….Ken Rev.
    4. Misuse and abuse of Synods property for your personal self aggrandizement. Case at hand is claiming allowances from synods coffers to fund non synodical functions
    5. Your Deep Rooted Corruption. You have been buying certain low level thinking revlands to support your greedy and mediocrity. You do this by giving them congregation deemed to be financially stable and also giving them other inducements like other posts. Case at hand is Innocent Chikopas appointment

    Kowuluka kamatera. Mulungu akudalitsr

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