Rev Mhango loses case, court orders break-away congregation to vacate Livingstonia CCAP church

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod on Thursday won the case against break-a-way faction of the Kanengo congregation, in which they were fighting over church premises and property.

urt urges dialogue between Rev Rev Chimwemwe Mhango, Livingstonia Synod

urt urges dialogue between Rev Rev Chimwemwe Mhango, Livingstonia Synod

The High Court in Lilongwe has since ordered the rebellious congregation to vacate the church premises and handover all properties to the Synod including bank accounts.

In April this year, scores of irate congregation at Kanengo CCAP church, Lilongwe broke away from the Synod following the controversial suspension of their reverend Chimwemwe Mhango who had refused to be transferred to Ekwendeni and Euthini congregation in Mzimba.

Rev. Mhango defied the transfer on 20th April 2015, the conduct the Synod leadership cited as “total” insubordination. He was also allegedly to be behind the protests his followers conducted against his transfer.

The Synod was forced to seek court intervention after the congregation refused to vacate the premises, arguing they built the church on their own and that ”owners of the premises are under the CCAP church ministering by Chimwemwe Mhango”.

However, on Thursday Justice Charles Mkandawire ruled in favour of the Synod and ordered the congregation to vacate the premises and handover all properties including church’s bank accounts, furniture and music equipments.

“As a man of God who has been sent to spread the word of God, does it really matter where evangelisation takes place? If the calling he took at Kanengo had conditions attached before he could be transferred, are those conditions set in stone?” said Mkandawire on Rev Mhango.

”This court therefore directs that the Orders sought by the plaintiff (Livingstonia Synod) in the Originating Summons are hereby granted and costs of this action are awarded to the plaintiff,” ruled Justice Mkandawire.

The judge noted in his ruling that the questions and arguments raised in court failed to prove that the property or the church premises belonged to the congregation.

He argued that evidence tendered in court showed that the property at Kanengo congregation was vested in the Trustees of CCAP Livingstonia Synod.

”This applies not only to real or immovable properties but to the other properties such as furniture, beds, music equipments, fridge, church vessels and bank accounts,” he said.

Justice Mkandawire added: ”The evidence on record is very clear and supported by several documents that the immovable properties such as the plots of land were acquired through the Trustees of Livingstonia Synod”.

Mhango was ordained on April 24, 1994 and has served as a minister for various congregations up to date. He is also a renowned gospel musician and Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) president.

The judge said the Livingstonia Synod constitution was founded on the cross-cutting issues of compassion, love, forgiveness and tolerance.

“Actually, any church that is not anchored on these cornerstones is not worth its salt,” Mkandawire said.

Mkandawire noted there was room for negotiations through the CCAP General Synod comprising synods from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and only then would the property issue come before the High Court for adjudication

Both lawyers for Kanengo CCAP Zeros Matumba and Livingstonia synod’s Victor Gondwe welcomed the ruling.

Speaking recently on Maziko radio, Mhango said its people who refuse to let him go because he initiates wonderful development projects wherever he is deployed which are appreciated by the people.

He accused some officials of the synod of envy wondering why he was being uprooted from Kanengo when he had not yet finished his five year term as prescribed in the synod’s rules and regulations.

Mhango also encourages people to speak in tongues and does what pentecostal churches do in healing the sick and casting out demons, a total departure from the CCAP doctrines.

The Kanengo CCAP reverend said on the radio interview said this is what the Bible prescribes. –Additional reporting by Owen Khamula, Nyasa Times

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adona kuseli
Sizilitu ku Kanengo kokha. Pangani research pa synod ya Nkhoma. Zili kumeneko, ana a wanthu 12 months without salary. Poor administration iyo. Pa Nkhoma Synod zoti kukhala christmas ai ndithu ana azunzika. Ngati pali akufuna kwabwino, chonde achiteni fund but not through synod sawapatsa anawa. Ena akungomwalira without getting their terminal benefits. Muwona achita refute koma ndi zankuti, akungodya okha. Transfering from this church to that within town. Safuna kukatumikira outside town. Azibusa ambiri akungomwalira m’midzi chifukwa ena ali nkati mwamacampaign kuti asachoke. The workers will not respond on page because they have no access to everything. God forbid. Chilungamo… Read more »

Chimwemwe is childish. don’t know if he is growing!!!

Joseph Moyo

opemphera ndi ambiri koma opemphera zoona ndwochepa chifukwa church sichikuyenera kuweluzidwa ndi dziko(makhot-mabwalo akunja akuposan asilikli ali ndi court yawo)mmalo mot ampingo aweluze dziko iwo akuweluzidwa ndye kwa Mulungu chathu chiliko ngat tayambiratu kuweruzidwa ndi dziko?

The Prophet
Let me firstly salute the judge for the wonderful judgement. Its very unfortunate for the pastor to say people didn’t want me to go out. Do u listen and follow peoples needs or Gods will? Whatever backing u can give here it can’t sink but float, Who can be jealousy of u coz the leaders of the synod just do what they are supposed to as far as administration is concerned. Are u the only one to be transfered? Don’t u forget that there was Rev Chilongo down there but was transfered to Ekwendeni and now at Embangweni,is that wrong?… Read more »

Comment the way you want but remember also that Jesus Christ is Comming so be prepared


lf all worshipers and Revs had all their wishes done regardless the set church rules they themselves accepted,would there be any church standing? Mpingo opanda malamulo si mpingo.This is why even Jesus destroyed all was in the temple which was turned into a business place.Azibusa ayamba kukonda mtauni,akumudzi atawadyese mawu amulungu ndani?.The synod has done what the Church set it would do in such situations,which surplisingly Chimwemwe himself knows.


livingstonia synod vs Mhango…. what are you doing in kanengo after all… area ya Nkhoma synod

Malawi ndiwabwino ?

Livingstonia synod has more cases at the General Synod and Courts. They like fighting too much. Soon they will fight Bt synod once they come to South. Shame why they claim to save God no body knows. Better tumbuka god.

The Most Concerned

Livingstonia Synod is a mere CSO, ths z not a church at all.

I feel so sad when I see fellow Africans fuss over Christian principles. Let us not be fooled..there is no such thing as one perfect religious belief or congregation in the world. Most of these congregations are a product of the truths and lies, political n religious interests, personal and organisation agendas. The clergy are not men of God..rather his tell me about a servant of God who was perfect..the CCAP reverends are human just like u and me..they work for the synods that pay them..they have conditions of service just like many of us..they are not prophets but… Read more »

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