Rev Ncozana protest against CCAP Blantyre Synod voting procedures

Right reverend Professor Silas Ncozana on Monday stunned delegates to CCAP Blantyre Synod’s 30th Bi-Ennial Assembly when he walked out of the Henry Henderson Institute (HHI) Multipurpose Hall in protest against voting procedures for the Synod’s top positions.

Elections went ahead where Maulana was re-elected Blantyre Synod of CCAP general secretary

Elections went ahead where Maulana was re-elected Blantyre Synod of CCAP general secretary

Ncozana walked out of the hall when his efforts to have his name and other ministers on the voters list proved futile.

Voting took ages to commence as some serving and retired ministers demanded explanation from the Synod’s legal advisor Mayor Chisanga regarding their position and status in the church after noting that they were not on the list of voters.

For instance, Blantyre City Presbytery has about 45 serving ministers, but only 24 were allowed to vote, the others were reduced to the benches of observers.

In previous polls, every minister with a congregation and all retired ministers were being allowed to exercise their voting rights, but it was different story on Monday.

Each Presbytery was asked to appoint at least one minister and one elder for every four congregations. It was also put to the delegates that the maximum number of ministers in each Presbytery should not exceed two third (2/3) of their number.

This apparently did not go down well with some ministers including Ncozana who tried to challenge the ‘new’ voting procedures and requested the legal advisor to allow all serving and retired ministers to exercise their voting rights, but his efforts proved futile as Chisanga declined to follow their wishes.

According to Ncozana and other disgruntled ministers, it was unconstitutional to bar other ministers from voting during the Synod’s Bi-Ennial Assembly, which started Monday morning and will end this Wednesday.

But unmoved Chisanga argued that he was following Synod’s Constitution and that his duty was only to moderate the voting process not to interpret the Constitution.

“Professor (Ncozana) be reminded that we are a Presbyterian church. CCAP is democratic church, as such we need to follow the Constitution to avoid chaos.

“We cannot ignore you, Professor. You are the pillar and stone of the church, so don’t feel sidelined, we are just following the Constitution here,” maintained Chisanga, even when it was put to him that the names of the delegates were not discussed and endorsed at Presbyteries level.

Chisanga further observed that  “it was very unconstitutional if every minister was being allowed to vote in the past”.

It was at this point that Professor Ncozana – the Chairperson of the Synod’s Advisory Council – just organized his belongings and walked out l in protest against the voting process.

This did not stop Chisanga and the Commissioners comprising Reverend Dr Chatha Msangambe and Reverend Kathoyla (all from Nkhoma Synod), Reverend Quin of Presbyterian Church of Ireland and Justice Mtambo from proceeding with the voting.

Said Chisanga “If people want to amend the constitution it is up to them, but I am glad that this time around the constitution was respected.”

Reverends Robson Chimkwezule and Alex Maulana were eventually re-elected as Moderator and General Secretary of the CCAP Blantyre Synod, respectively.

While Reverend Edna Navaya retained the position of Vice Synod Moderator unopposed.

Chimkwezule retained his position after amassing 225votes, beating reverend Mpate of South Lunzu CCAP and reverend Putani of Johannesburg CCAP in South Africa. Mpate got 83 votes while Putani received 23 votes.

Maulana was also given the second term after amassing 210 while his challengers reverend Paul Mawaya and reverend Lazarus Kadango got 100 and 34 votes, respectively.

“So much has been speculated but this has taught us that the truth is not what people have been saying but what God is saying,” said Maulana in an interview.

Maulana promised to continue serving the synod “diligently.”

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30 thoughts on “Rev Ncozana protest against CCAP Blantyre Synod voting procedures”

  1. Biliwiri Kkkkkk says:

    Accept the results you retired GS.if God chooses no one can oppose. The truth is tha Rev Maulana is God fearing man. Those who know him can agree with me.

  2. commenter says:

    You don’t see Catholics doing such!!

  3. wangonde says:

    kodi muchurch acipani mlibemo. mukunena zoona achurch sayankhula za ndale? mwe bamalawi chonchi nkumati lantendele.ziko lakulakani ndemwatimumpute mulungu.mugwanazo achisilunu.chilichonse achipani..amangileni church chawo chabwino.

  4. tchafinala says:

    Repent now al pastors ndinu anthu akuba, achigololo, zoipa zilizonse zimapezeka kwa inu. Mumangotinamiza za Ku mwamba Ife tizapulumuka mwa chisomo. Nanga zisankho kumachita kusambira mankhwala? Indeed God has left our church.

  5. Njolinjo says:

    God left Blantyre synod long time ago.

  6. zagwammbale says:

    Nsanje kaduka ndi ndeu. Rev Maulana bring unity not revenging wamva. Usatengere zinazi wamva.

  7. zagwazatha says:

    Mowa ufiti kusiya akazi ndi kumenya komwe chigololo, kuba ndalama za mpingo, kusakondana azibusa, za satanic azibusa zonsezi muzipeza Ku BT Synod. Zayambira Ku likuru Ambuye tichitireni chifundo Ku synod kwathu kuno. Palibe m’busa wabwino kuno Ku BT Synod.

  8. wangalusa says:

    Do you feel the effect of the leadership of GS of the Synod at your local church? In fact you don’t. For me, I don’t even bother that he is there. My faith in the Living God cannot be affected in any way by the GS’s poor leadership let alone the prist at a local church. A good C hristian should Always remember that these presumed Men of God are only human just like you and me with emotions.

  9. chefourpence says:

    Next time there is some political mess you Men of the Collar should shut up! You have no moral ground to speak as the ‘church’.

  10. Brazilian wax says:

    “Atchula dzina langa koma ntchito zawo adandikana kalekale.” If confusion starts in the church who will then teach the secular world?

  11. Vimavee says:

    If this was Livingstonia Synod; people be like ‘ATUMBUKA’ blah blah..Sad TWATS Malawians you are

  12. Dwambazi says:

    Isn’t this the same Presbetery that hurriedly married Mathanyula and Gertrude Maseko without following proper procedures and protocol???????

  13. Sailota says:

    God is in control. Ichi ndidziwa. May God be with the church if realy this is your church. Amen

  14. anadimba says:

    mzake ndi mkuluziza wakuBurundi. Maudindo adziko lapansi.

  15. Mwisho says:

    Ncozana is confused and mentally challenged. Always crying like a baby. Typical of doctors and professors. Didn’t he study contents of the constitution all this time?

  16. Nangondo says:

    Where is Jesus Christ in all this?

  17. Witcan says:

    Maudindo ndi onse koma na a Maulana okhawo, ayaya ayayayayaaaaaa! mabvuto tili nawo.

  18. MHO says:

    NDE CHANI!!!!!IFE amakachisi ndiye titsate ziti?

  19. chakhalira says:

    It is Good to have the Church in the World, but it will never be good to have the World in the Church. Chikunja chikalowa mu Church is a curse. The Church is supposed to be the Light and the Salt of the World! Koma izi zikuchitikazi zayamba kuopsa!

    Watch these words!

  20. Zanga Phee! says:

    To my surprise why this guy called Maulana,this is an Arabic name meaning any male leader in Islam now this is C.C.CP why not changing the name to be maybe Mathews or temoteo or Agalatiya he must change the name or he must convert to Islam because that is implicating things let us be straight we know for sure some other name they poetry our characteristics so please M,r think about leave Islamic properties to Muslims,Enjoy your style.See my name.

  21. peter says:

    By side lining some ministers you are creating chaos and divisions mr legal advisor. Are these Chanco products??? Unfortunately the legal advisor did not see it that way. What a shame we have become that even at a church level we are failing to show leadership. Malawi is indeed in deficiency of transformative leaders!!!!!

  22. Palikanthu says:

    God is watching

  23. anadimba says:

    congrats our doomed Rev DPP Bibida Maulana.tidzakumane loweluka likubwerali kwa mfiti chilodzeni cha m’mbandakucha.yathu ija tili bwamuswe.

  24. Wilson Dickson says:

    If a God fearing church election can be manipulated for earthly demands, what more a political election! Am afraid!

  25. Proud says:

    Whatever guys. Maudindo a dziko lapansi amenewa sakatilowetsa kumwamba. Ma politicians alowerelamo and this has devalued the position of the church. Our bellies are making most of the decisions than our brains. We are living in the very last days and what we need is salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ before its too late for without Him we are soooo doooomed. Let those who have ears to hear and eyes to see fathom the signs of his return which are everywhere.

  26. Anaphi says:

    #Vox Populi, Vox Dei

  27. mercy says:

    If Rev Maulana is serving the living God, indeed, He God will Vindicate the Truth about Him. Amen

  28. Chindele chakufikapo says:

    ………..i like the way the Catholics chose their leaders-you never hear zokanganakana…..its true, when a Pastor is a family man….he would always want to be on top of positions so that he can find food for the wife and the children. This is why kulimbilana ma udindo mu ma church enawa….sikuzatha

  29. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Ufiti wavuta ku BT synod. Zanu izo.

  30. Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo says:

    Mmmmmmmm a Maulana muyambeso kukamwa bibida with your DPP sycophants

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