Road Traffic Department opens new office in Lilongwe

Department of Road Traffic Directorate has now opened a new office at City Centre in Lilongwe that will help ease congestion at its Old Town offices in the Capital City.

Motorists will no longer have to queue at the Department of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) for vehicle inspection for issuance of certificate

Motorists will no longer have to queue at the Department of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) for vehicle inspection for issuance of certificate

In a statement the directorate says the City Centre office will handle issuance of licences and COF among key activities.

The directorate says it will soon open another office in Blantyre after Escom has installed electricity to ease congestion at its Ginnery Corner office in the commercial city.

Motorists have complained of slowness at the directorate and officials blamed this on new machines installed to curb corruption which is severe at the directorate.

A few months ago, ministry of Transport Francis Kasaila spent the whole day at the directorate on Blantyre when he went there to renew his driving licence and assured Malawians that the system would be improved.

Some surveys have put traffic police as the most corrupt government department followed by the Road Traffic Directorate whose employees become overnight millionaires after they join these government departments.

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23 thoughts on “Road Traffic Department opens new office in Lilongwe”


    Kkkkkkk Road thafiki ya pa Malawi.

  2. apm says:

    Most stupid department I have ever seen. Imagine a certain mr banda in zomba. He shouts at customers like he is speaking to his child at home. Please remove him from the department. I beg u who are in authority. He is not fit to work with people. First thing please make sure the available resources are efficient and then do a research to see how the available services can be improved. Otherwise I am afraid the new centre will not improve anything.

  3. Mapwevu-pwevu! says:

    Good development, I hop to see u openining more offices in other districts. I,ll now go to renew my licence, it expired 4 months ago!

  4. The Analyst says:

    People get it wrong! You do not open a supermarket when you can’t even manage a hawker! The biggest problem with you Road Traffic guys is efficiency. U are so pathetically inefficient that one wonders if at all you even know or understand ur job. You are so slow in your duty, one wonders whether you are being forced to do your work yet munafunsira nokha.

    Should having a car be a source of problem? Should one be tortured coming to your office for at least two weeks just to renew their COF or register a car? You think anthu alibe zochita mtauni muno? To be poor is a crime, should not-to-be-poor be a crime also? A a somewhere we are not getting things right!

    Also, if the argument for the new office is to increase access points, then why not open the same but in some other district and not just Lilongwe? Don”t you think that City Centre is not statistically significantly far from the current station? Kodi abwana anu ndi ndani?

  5. crazy stuff says:

    Traffic cops? They are a bunch of thieves whose eyes are always preying for the next prey so they can get the half down money in theor pockets. Bastards. No one can do anything to challange the cops when they want to fine you for nothing. I got fined fo speeding when the yraffic officer didnt even have a speed cam.
    The judicial syst is too time consuming to challange the whore wearing a whIte head.

  6. nyirendapacharo says:

    Perhabs you could have specified exactly where at city centre, or close to what building or road, city centre is just very wide. As much as Nyasa times does a great job in giving us the news I however find it important that when a journalists comes with a story they should present their name. Not just Nyasa times reporter, to me as a reader it doesn’t carry trust and authoritative source. We can use your stories and findings in other fields of research and so your authorship is always important.

  7. khumalo says:

    Solve network issues.Procure uniform for staff.Otherwise its a good initiative.

  8. mtochi says:

    People still get the drivers licence at k150000 in Lilongwe thru the back door.Shame on DPP GOVERNMENT.

  9. Titus scot says:

    Good move, we will now go to renew our licences at City Centre. Congratulations Road Traffic Directorate!

  10. chikwe says:

    Just opening another office without improvement on your network will not solve the problems at your office. A house full of corrupted minded staff.

  11. Stevenson makungwa says:

    People are suffering to get the documents. The conditions and requirements when changing ownership of vehicles are costly and unrealistic. The network problem is the order of the day. This system could have started in phases and improvements could be made along the way. And the system looks more South African than Malawian. I would have loved a quick review to ease the suffering.

  12. mpungwani says:

    PVHO can easily facilitate this in all districts

  13. Percy Sledge says:

    Did you consider parking space when coming up with decision on these premises never mind the fact that you were also operating from there mid 2000? Nonetheless thanks for the alternative.

  14. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    I am sure if these ministers experienced what ESCOM and Water Board are doing to innocent Malawians, things would improve!!

  15. Fartgate says:

    Komanso iwe Alex. Stupid mwamupeza bwanji pa nkhata yabwinobwino. Why so bitter!

  16. musisipala says:

    Traffic police are all corrupt. They target minbuses and foreigners. They are robbers

  17. Tman says:

    So it is because the hon. Minister spent the whole day at the queue? Use PVHOs for vehicle inspection.

  18. mbwenga says:


  19. Lydia Phiri says:

    open another one in Blantyre

  20. Njolinjo says:

    PVHO employees are simply playing bawo, please make them sweat for their pay. They can do a better job koma mukuwona kuluza za latangale wanuyo.

  21. Chingolopiyo says:

    Why do Mw gvt always start things when its not ready. I thot we proclaim that democracy is a gvt for the people, to the people and by the people: we know that people went to school but learn to do things that will not infringe the people who voted you. There are other systems which are for decampaign oneself, what is happening at Road Traffic is a self decampaining: how could you make some1 who is in German and he owns motor vehicles to come all the way just to register with RTD, for his vehicles to be issued with the necessary road documents?

  22. Alex Likoswe says:

    Stupid. Use PVHO to
    facilitate all.

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