Robbers hijack OPC vehicle, shoot one

Armed robbers on Tuesday high jacked  a vehicle belonging to the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) at gunpoint at Area 18A in the Capital Lilongwe and shot a person  who was shouting for help.



According to eye witness, the vehicle was being driven by Mike Kabango.

The robbers fired scaring shots in the air  twice before they systematically sped off with the driver  Kabango who was later slightly beaten up and dumped.

In  a telephone interview,  the wife of the driver, who happens to be the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary at the party’s headquarters, confirmed about the incident but said her husband is back home alive.

“He is back home, most important thing is he is alive,” she said.

Lilongwe Police Publicist, Kingsley Dandaula confirmed that he has received a report on the carjacking.

He said the driver of OPC,  Kabango and unidentified person who was shot were being attended but doctors at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Malawi has seen rise in criminal activities since  taking over of government by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in May this year.

Police have reported several armed robberies, murders and carjacking, creating fear and panic among Malawians.

Just recently armed robbers hit Katerele ADMARC Depot in the lakeshore District of  Salima and holed out a cash chest containing K504, 000.

The robbers were apprehended and one of them has since been given 12 years jail term.

Recently, `two women were seriously wounded after they were struck by stray bullets during gunfire between a robbery victim and the alleged robbers at Machinjiri Township in Blantyre.

A  government ambulance was also car-jacked in the eastern district of Balaka. And a medical worker was also killed in Lilongwe.

Malawi Police Inspector General Loti Dzonzi told local radio that although an effort is being made to curb crime, a challenge remains in urban areas.

“There are some areas in the country where we can confidently say things are at appropriate levels. But there are areas of the country where we have challenges, and we need to jack up, more particularly in the urban areas,” Dzonzi said.

He pointed out contributing factors to the rise in criminal activities in the urban areas.

“There is rapid rural-urban migration in this country. The number of the unemployed young people is also very high, with very few opportunities of employment or informal businesses. Our cities are one of the darkest in Africa at night,” Dzonzi said.

In the 2014-2015 national budget, the government has more than doubled its allocation to the country’s law enforcement agencies, including local police, to help curb criminal activities.

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28 thoughts on “Robbers hijack OPC vehicle, shoot one”

  1. jack mabaso says:

    what do you expect from this nkhalamba yoyanikidwa pa chingwe?????????????

  2. Zimapheka akamayendetsa ena

  3. Big Kahuna says:

    Vytu lolamulilidwa ndi nkhalamba ndi choncho,munthu wa dementia angakuthandizeni??He has no idea.

  4. COLBY MAJON says:

    Galimoto yaku OPC kupangangidwa Hijack kkkk ndie pali malamulo pamenepa kukanakhala kuti boma lathu liri ndimphamvu sibwezi muthu akutchinga galimoto ya atsogoleri athu kaya tiziona amalawi.

  5. nkhedu says:

    sata no more ndithu

  6. Gona n'kuphe sali patali says:

    Kodi mesa munkati DPP chitetezo? Boma lamayi citetezo kilibe mmm ai pano nde ndi worse

  7. Wazanako Kowawa says:

    Basi tele eniake mukuti dzilibwino…Mapeto ake adzajacka officeyo ndi anthu omwe.musamakonde kuphethira….

  8. Yobe boo says:

    DPP and Mlahklo team kuba !!!! Mutinyatsa nalo khalidwe lanuli.

  9. Mr.Bambo says:

    Chilungamo!!Chitukuko!!Chitetezo!! Kaya china chija ndi chiyani?DPP woyeeeeeeee!!

  10. Yankees says:

    Paja Boma ili chitetezo mchokhwima mpaka galimoto zikubedwabe? Ndiye Bola Mastenitu.

  11. Inu says:

    Should then wonder when these useless citizens of Malawi are slapped with a 12 year sentence? We should even extend it to 30 years

  12. Glacianobwetubisitokomthanda says:

    Malawi lets wake. We should unite to bring this syndrome to a halt. Akagwidwa akanganya amenewa azingonyongedwa; apo bii! These robberers, atikwana.

  13. Nkhawa says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,koma ndaseka,akuti a car was ‘hijacked’….kikikik…akati hijack ndi mmwambatu,mmalengalenga,you can only hijack ndege….this was a carjacking..kiki…Our journalists.

    1. pondamali says:

      Check your dictionary, the word hijack is correctly used here.

    2. James Mwetanlihapo Nginele Elho says:

      Please Nkhawa, dont show your stupidity and ignorance in public, not good for you. Hijack is forced illegal seisure of ndege, vehicles and even ships while carjack is specific for vehicles. Please stop the nonsense and verify first. Mbuli ngati inu mumapangisa anthu ena kunyoza ife amalawi especially commenting zinthu zosaziziwa and making offensive comments tha are parallel to the issue at hand. Dont make comments on nyasatimes again wamva kape iwe.

    3. Popo says:

      Nkhawa mwasekadi hahahahaha kkkkkk koma mwamva zimene akutanthauza .Chizungu nchaeni ichi. Listen in the bundle “zimvere mtolo” sank yu. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    4. Maso adyera says:

      Do your research properly or just google the word hijack. Nothing wrong with the statement hijacking a car. Kuseka kwa mbuli!

      hijack (ˈhaɪˌdʒæk) or highjackvb1. (tr) to seize, divert, or appropriate (a vehicle or the goods it carries) while in transit: to hijack an aircraft.2. to rob (a person or vehicle) by force: to hijack a traveller.3. (esp in the US during Prohibition) to rob (a bootlegger or smuggler) ofhis illicit goods or to steal (illicit goods) in transitn4. the act or an instance of hijacking[C20: of unknown origin]

  14. pierra says:

    Government should solve this security problem or stand to be made bankrupt by citizens lawsuits seeking compensation. The role of government is to protect its citizens; failure to do so is symptomatic of government failure!

  15. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Ndi a pp akabawa

  16. wokuba wanzeru osati kumabela amthu otsauka ai!!!!!!!! keep it up mumusuke mmaso mphevu imeneyi

    1. Inu says:

      Wait till you experience this robbery yourself, you will not utter such unwise words. For some of us who have experienced armed robbery first hand, it is in our interest that no law abiding citizen of Malawi whould experience it. I would understand your sentiment if you are among the armed robbers yourself

  17. If u say security has worsene dpp took over, we cn insinuate pp is funding the mulpractice coz there is no any lux in the police. Write carefully our pathetic our pp nyasaxs!

  18. Philosopher says:


  19. Wokwiya says:


  20. kagoma says:

    robbery was there even during PP”s erra..i dont understand why you have to give a point like..malawi has seen an increase of robbery since DPP was put in government in may…..
    you are just trying to blame specific people for a problem which is building roots in this poor state…
    should we say police functions weakened automatically the DPP crew took over the government?
    sometimes a well written story can be ruined by a single biased point…



  22. mboma says:

    DPP should wake, otherwise alll DPP supporters will die from this viruse called robbers, u said u are experts of dealing with crimes, 6 months donw the line mwakanika koma akuluakulu shammeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. Kadushu says:

    Boma ilooooo! ayamba kuba kwenikweniko ndiye ife atitani anthu osauka. mpaka kuba a OPCndiye kudeleratu

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