Robbery of K577bn cashgate documents ‘politically motivated’ –German

German Ambassador Peter Woeste has said the burglary into the house of a high-ranking German official handling the K557 billion forensic audit of government coffers could be politically motivated possibly to defeat justice.

The German Ambassador to Malawi Dr Peter Woeste:  Politically otivated burgalry

The German Ambassador to Malawi Dr Peter Woeste: Politically otivated burgalry

Published reports indicated that thugs broke into the house of the official who is working on financial management system reforms where they only stole Cashgate work-related papers—prompting fears that the attack was motivated by the investigations into the K557 billion audit.

Woeste said they have told Malawi government their anguish on the “criminal attacks that may appear to be politically motivated” happening in the country.

The German envoy warned that the politically inspisired gangs may put Malawi on a dangerous road if government may miss the opportunity to take decisive action.

“Any criminal attack on one of my colleagues is unacceptable. I have had further meetings with the highest ranking officials on the matter. Of course, we are still waiting for a police report on the matter,” said Woeste as quoted in the press.

“We consider this work-related. The expert is working on the financial management system reforms. He had contact with the people who did the audit; well, the thieves should be disappointed because we have no information apart from what is available on the Internet.”

But National Police public relations office said they had no information on the matter.

Germany, through its international cooperation wing, GIZ, is technically and financially supporting the audit, which is being carried out by auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)—focusing on financial mismanagement in government between 2009 and 2013.


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74 thoughts on “Robbery of K577bn cashgate documents ‘politically motivated’ –German”

  1. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    mulli and dausi rethink youe strategy otherwise mukuputa ndeu yosatha makape inu. ana amahule inu.

    APM must also be on lookout otherwise u will go sooner than later just as your brother did. mutchona opanda mani mukamwa while anzako akuguliramo mano mukamwa. hule iwe.

  2. Gues it wanna work if it wil normally fill the gaps of it had promised during their manifesto campaign.

  3. dzina langa says:

    what is happening in Malawi is similar to what is in a movie called “Wolves”. amene simunaionepo movie imeneyi google it so that you see what happens and the end result. Animal Farm also describes the same. watch out!!!

  4. ziphaliwali says:

    tiyenazoni tikukuwonanitu, munyera nazo pompano.

  5. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Dr Peter Woeste you are lucky not to be buried in some river banks like recently murdered ACB staff Njaunju.When cases are connected to politicians,they do not lead anywhere.They will frustrate the whole process.You don’t know that some policemen are promoted because of protecting this immoral backdoor cheap govt of Dpp.Probably it will go far if you get some Scotland Yard police mixed with your Germany police and a handful Malawian police with a little integrity left in them.This is modern immoral Malawi.Politicians are making easy billions in expense of the poor Malawians and a few connected to these cheap politicians of ours with no any integrity.You can even look at the cashgate cases.It is only small fish that are taken to task living the big sharks and they call that justice.The justice system is also so corrupt so corrupt.Justice is only meted out on poor people who also cannot be helped by the few understaffed legal aid people.It is a stinking corrupt country with no sense of direction.It is business as usual to the docile fearful unsuspecting Malawians.

  6. R.K.Kalira. says:

    Buhari of Nigeria on the issue of corruption he is influencing law-makers,lawyers,courts including many other organisations to team up fight this matter and he describes corruption the great violation of human rights.Such are people born to be proud as natives of their state.In Malawi we are good at blame and honestly this must be a curse which needs only prayers. Politicians have gained weight now whereby they fear none becoz they have won the game in bringing in divisions between the tribes/regions.Remember Chinese slogan United We Stand Divided We Fall.These people uses stupid tricks as if they love you because you are of the same tribe or region yet they bite deep in your flesh.Malawians wake up forget about regions wakwathu mufa nazo zimenezo pakadali pano ndinu akapolo awo tangoganizani misonkho mmene yikuyendera.Ndipo chabwino ngati dziko liribe chuma nanga malipiro awo ndi ma benefits akuzikwezera okha bwanji?Shop yake yiti iwo amakagura ife sitilowa nawo kusiyanisa mitengo?Tonse ndi shop yimodzi mtengo umodzi koma wina ma million munthu wamba matambala.Wama Million zambiri tax free munthu wamba full time tax pamwamba paka salary kakeko.Yet the end result of tax cash-gate then kusowetsa umboni.Borani kuti dziko likutukuka koma ayi anthufe wamba chisaukire and yet ndife tomwe timavota ndipo moukirana mitundu ndi zigawo.Koma mpirawu mwauona mmene a ndale akutakatira?You white people America,Britain,Germany, or call yourself western countries you are to blame.Dont cheat us as if we are together.You have brought your stupid foolish democracy which is enabling lazy crooked people take advantage of we common people.Africa could have developed beyond expectations if one party system was respected for the best of people who are indeed hard worker.Look at your governments you have introduced all over the world?You must be happy now looking at us becoming slaves to our own brothers and sisters. But one thing you Politicians you will rise but prepare also for the fall, only what is good stays forever.Just observe all bad leaders in the past history Adolf Hitler,Idi Amin,Osama etc they became fame but look even their parties none can talk.Sorry Malawi my beloved country.

  7. Malawiano says:

    Apa ndiye muthalika wawoneselatu ubuli wake onse kodi iwe peter ukuwona ngati ugalamulile zikoli munjila yoipa ngati iyi eeeeeeeeh komani ndi mwawo njeza ubava wanji umanewo sumanama kuti ukufuna kuthesa cash gate ndiye taziwano kuti cash gate ndi iweyo muthu oipa iwe kwabasi. Please american london france german don’t give him again anything this guy is big ko hunna

  8. First they killed an ACB man and no investgation or someome is court and now attacking people who are working with evidence. I work organisation of Europe, I can warn u DDP dont play with them. Dont think they are Malawian you are playing with. If PETER want to go like his brother continue. I dont feel pity on Malawians you knew the out come of Muntharika regime. He is not different from his brother. After alla all foreign delegations in Malawi know him and neve like him. The man was adviser to his brother. What is wrong with Malaians? You keep making mistakes. Believing in christianity while stealing does that make any sense? Now you can believe what JB said. If you had accepted recounting of votes you could see APM did not win att. I talked to data expert he told me exact how Peter and Chilima did. APM used stolen money to buy
    Chilima and also use media like Zodiak. God when Malawians going to wake up. Cowards. Thats i why these old thieves are using u. What God do you pray which others nations dont?

  9. freeman says:

    boma loipaili,manyazi mulibe m’paka kutelo?

  10. Dango says:

    Just making noise here,why are you crying Peter Peter instead of being seriously angry?.Didn’t you know that DDP and everything surrounded by it is dangerous?kkkkk ife tonse kuno Ku Malawi ndife ogona ndipo palibe angakane apa.


    I wish these thugs had taken power during George W Bush’s time.He would have simply told the toothless Bwampini to step down like the way he did to Charles Taylour of Liberia.But I must warn you Bwampini and your Chola Boy Mulli if you think you can destroy evidence of your misdeeds by attacking Western Diplomats- Mwalemba Mmadzi Nsomba Zawalenga.If you think you can kill and get away with itlikethewayyoudealtwith Robert Chasowa and Njaunji- muphwisa.I must Warn you, the moment you dare kill any Western Diplomat you will open yourself Gates of Hell.Even the soft Obama or Cameroon and Angel Merkel will punish you like Muammar Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein.APM tell Mulli to put his thugs on leash you’re dealing with Super Powers this is not MSB Case Alhomwe Opusa Inu.

  12. the councillor says:

    voting dpp in power malawians voted thieves. Do we need another proof?

  13. Gameover says:

    Boma loyendetsedwa ndi ma satanic okha okha ndi choncho tchimo limayitana tchimo linzake muwwona mpaka 2019 tikhalila zomwezo

  14. kayuni kachoko says:

    Kodi kuba ma document for what? Those documents were printed from somewhere, which means they can be reprinted!

  15. Senior Chief Ngongoliwa says:

    Donors you have seen yourself how rotten this political party called DPP and its leader APM are like.When we told you that they stole our vote you said we were lying.Look at you, they have thrownout diplomatic decorum by sending thugs to break into your diplomat residence.I tell you APM will fight tooth and nail to ensure that K577bn Audit Report should be kept under wraps.He is determined to take extreme miles to protect himself.He will make Malawi one of the outposts of terror.You are lucky that his life was spared.Solicit theassistanceofyour Intelligence Agencies to keep an eagle eye on these thugs.

  16. Kanyimbi says:

    Koma zinazi zikuchititsa manyanzi bwanji.

  17. Mlomwe original says:

    Pin your houseboy he knows something. Its an inside job

  18. Nasirina says:

    Hahahahahaha mwabanso zimenezi? Koma dPhiPhi siidzathekaa sure. List is expanding for zinthu zakuba; ma vote, ndalama, nkhata zamaliro, ma evidence a cashgate etc.ndifunsanso, is it a hobby?

  19. big brain says:

    ki ki sleeping Malawians.

    Why arrest led by white people

    Kill these white thugs


  20. Zanga Zaine says:

    Chitani manyazi a DPP.

  21. ZZ Junior says:

    The question should be. How and why did the Germany embassy allow this to happen? Them of all the people should know the dangers that are associated with such kind of investigations. security should not be compromised under the pretense that Malawians are not advanced criminally. We also need to investigate these Germans. There could be a conspiracy here.

  22. atonga says:

    What!! Stealing documents od an audit report!!!!! Shame to this government. You think by stealing these documents you won’t be exposed?? You are joking, the Germans like any other developed nation will back up their reports(documents) in many other systems,so even if you burn their offices now the reports or their documents will always be available. Shame to Muthalika,shame to DPP all you who lick their boots…shaaaaaaaameeeeee on you and I mean you

  23. Boyd Kilembey says:

    These are careless statements from trhe Germans. Do they have proof or have they have finally caught on the “politically motivated” bug? Why did they allow these documents to be taken home. Really.

  24. Vyanje says:

    Hail Hitler! 50years later…plot: buglery…place:Lilongwe-Malawi. ENJOY THE DRAMA.

  25. Stupid says:

    What morals does this party have ? U can’t feel a shamed . Bakili muluzi tell ur son to the sinking ship pls. When u fought for democracy i don’t think that ur expectations were like that

  26. mulopwana says:

    mulomwe inu mumati ngotani….mafia awa tinakamba kale izi….kusamva

  27. Kaziwiziwi says:

    DPP yaimba belo lofela.
    kaya, just watching!

  28. tsetsefly says:

    I am a happy man. I did not cast my ballot for these thugs called DPP. Even if the whole country decides to vote for them I Tsetsefly will never ever waste my ballot for a party that believes in thugry. Very soon we will see pangs knives being brandished on the road. And when that happens just know that cardiac arrest is beckoning.

  29. benjones says:


  30. Truck says:

    Kufuna kulemera mwansanga ndikuba kwa vuta pa Malawi .Pitani mudzikagwira ntchito olo pangani ma Gain olo pitani kunja mukafune Ntchito osati zochititsa manyazi zomalowera mmanyumba a Diplomat ndikumaba ma Documents kiki! Ziliko kiki!

  31. yangu Aino says:

    i see peter mutharika resigning soon.

  32. Ulunji says:

    Malawians what are we waiting for, this government has totally failed us, denying our rights in almost anything.A revolution is a must, we don’t need Stalin to raise from Russia to read us.Wake up my brothers and sisters, “muvi oyang’anila”.Yes Wellesky amatizunza koma ndi nzungu tinkamvetsa koma lero tokhatokha.

  33. steven says:

    Munya muona inu a DPP simunati moti mupenga. Munapha Late Njaunji waku Anti Corruption Bureau ndipo lero mwalowa yothyola ma Offices ama Auditors ofufuza za K577Bn zinasowa zija. Ma Votes aku Lilongwe Constituency munabela aja munaotcha kubisa Umboni,a month ago, Njaunji munamupha mwa mafia style , 2014 Elections munabela ma Elections ,mwagulitsa MSB Bank kwa Dpp sponsor Thomu mbiri zoipa zokha zokha za DPP.Things are going to be worse, as Kwacha is loosing value and commodities are becoming expensive, life will be unbearable for poor Malawians,then DPP days are numbered. 2019 DPP should forget winning the elections.

  34. Hansou says:

    Yalakwa, mwaputa olakwika. Jelemani siikusiyani, muwonanso. How can you attack a diplomatic attachede?

  35. Byron says:

    These DPP architects of Cashgate can try to sabotage evidence but one day Malawians will know the truth.All escape routes are getting narrower;they can run but they can’t hide. DPP is not Malawi.The party was created within the country through stolen money,almost every Malawian knows it.

    When you are not framers of a democratic system,you try to corrode its fabrics that bind it together.Democracy doesn’t mean stealing and concealing.It does not interpret itself into lawlessness or antagonizing with rule of law.Democracy has to be enjoyed by people who created it,that is people who practice it have not to suffer economically because the few are stealing from them.It also means any corrupt practices against government coffers which belong to all citizens,have to be investigated because every penny counts toward the country’s development.Thus democracy has almost an infinite interpretations to it but just a few have been outlined.

    There is too much barbarism in this DPP party.I think this party should now be called Democratic Impingement Party(DIP).Leaders in this party have stolen without remorse and want gangster application of justice to the Cashgate investigation.On one hand the leadership laments the plundering of resources and on the other,they kill or plot to kill those known to be at the helm of investigation and even sending bandits to burglarize offices keeping audit records.Do DPP leaders involved in Cashgate think they will elude justice? Does the leadership think it can continue fooling donors who commit their benevolent remittances to this impoverished country? Do they think their ungodly act of stealing from the poor Will make them live their lives for ever?APM should give answers to these questions on behalf of his fellows.

  36. Charter says:

    Petulo tulo! Ali m’madzi. Germany will not retreat until all the facts are out!

  37. Truck says:

    Ndiye ndi kumati Malawi dziko lanthu opemphera kupemphera kwake kuli pati apa .Taonani zimena akupanga anthu mmalo mo Manga anthu a Cashgate no Bello pano akukuchulukirani nzeru akukubelani ma Documents ziliko kiki!

  38. all who voted for Peter will soon regret including Mbendera & Kenyatta Nyirenda who sold elections in black and white

  39. josophat says:

    Good luck to those who voted these thugs in power. At least my conscious is clear. These DPP thugs WONT BRING ANY IN YOUR POCKETS. Trust me. Ng’ooooooooo!You will be running in vain, oh voters. Penniless, Hungary, destitute and sickly.Chasing the wind under the sun. Dream on, oh DPP voters. Muluweta nsato ndi ombanda m’nyumbamo.

  40. Chatty Man says:

    Shame on DPP! The world is watching and the truth shall come out.

  41. DPP Cadet says:

    The problem is that we have a sleeping opposition party. If we had the opposition of John Tembo and Bakili Muluzi type Mutharika’s machende could have been shaking daily in their underpants.

    What kind of opposition do we have in Malawi: a warehouse with vote cards is firebombed, cashgate investigators are disappearing one by one, government institutions are being sold in contempt of parliament orders stopping it, our sisters with albino conditions are being hunted and many more serious national crises. Our opposition leaders seem sulking and unconcerned.

    Who is supposed to organise mass peaceful protests? And what is the right time to hold one?

    1. Takananji says:

      Ansering DPP cadet @ 33.

      People who usually offer themselves to organize such peaceful demonstrations are Mtambos, Mwakasungulas, Shabas. These are names that are disliked by people who form the majority of economic sufferes; yet to them, they can live with this rampant violent destruction of their taxes because ‘a President ndi akwathu’. On the other hand, if Timothy Mtambo dares organize a protest, but peaceful match, the entire Northern Region will be called all sorts of unpalatable words. Timothy, I have asked you before and I repeat today: DO NOT BE THE ONE TO ORGANIZE. We get hurt when savages take advantage ya kutitukwa.

  42. Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs says:

    Eeeee Chomwetu achina petulo munthalika, Kaphale, Msaka, mwikhitho, Mbendera, kaliati, chilima ankabera ma voti nkuti nkhani iyi yoti Adabaaaa 92 billion, pano tikumapita kuti ndi 577 billion ndipo mwinaso trillion isadzawululike chifukwa amadziwa a mfiti amenewa kuti ndithu atabwerapo a chakwera aulula nyasi zimenezo. A Malawi tikugona si anthu owasiyila dziko awa ndi okubaaaa kwambili I kutereku ali yense owafufuza azimupha what a shame DPP chipani chokuphaaaa pakali pano nzipatal a anthu angofa chifukwa ndalama anaba kale zokagulila salu za campaign nkumanyada a kaliati Ali MCP chipani chosauka chonsecho kulemera kwa DPP amakutamako kwamagazi mmanja shame shame shame

  43. kazeze says:

    Revolution indeed is needed. We cant have the very defenders of our resources actually plundering them and at the same time akumakhwimitsa misonkho from all and sundry.

  44. Mazaza says:

    Confused idiots in a stupid country run by heartless and hungry creatures cry my beloved nyasaland i smell something fish

  45. medrian kaunda says:

    You need 2oth July repeat, or just shut up.

  46. The real ujeni says:

    Satanic and demonic, too many Malawians are into that whether knowingly or unknowingly because some of the things we do are beyond normal or a civilised person will do.

  47. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Woe to you DPP

  48. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Malawi is led by a stupid, sensiless and evil DPP. Let us wake up Malawians and fight this satan with and without bloodshed. That is the only way we can stop these mafia practices. I have no doubt dpp through its NIB is the masterminder of this barbarism in its attempt to destroy evidence which connects these thugs to the 577 bn. Shame!!!

  49. Capital hill says:

    Were there no copies of the same elsewhere ? He also needed security, this one who was keeping the documents

  50. lusungu says:

    ,any criminal attack on the Germans is unacceptable.’ so the Germans are special people who thugs must not touch? you mean government must negotiate with the thugs that please spare the Germans? is that possible? you are being racist even in our own country you stupid Hitler descendants

  51. NANTHAMBWE says:

    DPP !! DPP !!






  52. mona says:

    Dpp mafias mufa imfa yowawa nthawi yanu yatha ntchito za dpp ndi kupha, kuba ndi kuononga

  53. CHAKANAKUMVA says:

    Thus Why Bigman Came Out And Backs Up His Bro Resently.Il Feu Que Je Dormain

  54. Ndikutelo says:

    Koma Malawi,aliyense yemwe atayambe kufuna chilungamo nd kuchichita nd m’dani DPP , abusa,ansembe,andale,amabungwe ndi a Malawi onse oima pa chilungamo ali pa moto moti ngozi nd infa zikuchitikazi nzochita kukonzedwa ndi DPP samalani a Malawi

  55. Who else will sink that low,just to clear his conscious and his cadres plus brother men! My guess is someone with lots and lots of power with lots and lots to lose. Malawi is sliding backwards both morally and economically which is very dangerous. You telling me there is not even a single decent human being in dpp to tell him that this auto pilot type of running this country is bad, we will crush head first. Damn where have all the good people gone in Malawi?

  56. No secret under the sun…simunati a DPP…mupengadi misala..MCP kulowa mb’oma nonse kundende….mukasayine bwino mmakoma….simuthawa…anthu adzibwana a DPP Mulira..

  57. god father Muthalika mathanyula says:

    Listed you little Germans, I am just starting with you. I am no Greece to be bullied right center and right. I want a 10 percent cut in the monies you have paid for this audit else…… As the ex ambasodor, he knows my account details. And I want the money in Euro not kwacha. Ok?

  58. APM Sangathe says:

    Zanu ino amalawi munavotera mbava

  59. Benford says:

    All the Malawian we have to stand up, this country is going to hero, everybody can see, but we are not take any action why Malawian,
    Be the country of God fear is going to help us but not every thing because even Jesus, was speaking parables in order politicians not to understood what he met, because he knew that if they understand can be killed before the word of God preached all over the world,Therefore we Malawian be careful this is my first worn to my brothers and sisters, Mum and Father

  60. Daniel Phiri says:

    Why do they keep such sensitive documents at a private home? This is carelessness and unprofessional. In any case only copies of such sensitive documents should be taken home.

  61. steven says:

    Munya muona inu a DPP simunati moti mupenga. Munapha Late Njaunji waku Anti Corruption Bureau ndipo lero mwalowa yothyola ma Offices ama Auditors ofufuza za K577Bn zinasowa zija. Ma Votes aku Lilongwe Constituency obela ma Elections munaotcha kubisa Umboni,Njaunji mwapha, 2014 Elections munabela mbiri zoipa zokha zokha za DPP.

  62. Nkuruzinza says:

    Let me warn Peter Mutharikha that he continue taking this country on this disastrous path he has engaged at full throttle, we Malawians will mercilessly dismantle his regime into rags before he wakes up from his snoring slumber. We are tired of this fake professor. We are not going to tolerate this nonsense. Mutharikha must win donor confidence now or never. We have to grow first before we can proclaim genuine sovereignty not just parroting Mugabe anti western rhetoric without anything on the ground, except deadly taxes, to support our economy. It might be too late for Mutharikha to right things now…the noose has tightened.

  63. Dzuka Malawi says:

    To be honest Dpp must go they have failed Malawians. 2 They never voted into power anabela ma vote. Dzuka Malawi dzuka

  64. Nkuruzinza says:

    Let me warn Peter Mutharikha that he continue taking this country on this disastrous path he has engaged at full throttle, we Malawians will mercilessly dismantle his regime into rags before he wakes up from his snoring slumber. We are tired of this fake professor. We are not going to tolerate this nonsense. Mutharikha must win donor confidence now or never. We have to grow first before we can proclaim genuine sovereignty not just parroting Mugabe anti western rhetoric without anything on the ground, except deadly taxes, to support our economy. It might be too late for Mutharikha to right things now…the noose had tightened.

  65. Patriot says:

    Mnzake ozindikira amene anaona kuti walephera wachita Resign dzana ku Greece.
    Koma Bwapini akuti ayi, akakamira.
    Mulungu sanamusankhe mkukuyu,

  66. baba says:

    The only way is to revoke the bail conditions of all cashgate suspects still in the streets. They might be behind all this nonsense.

  67. Trevor Manyi says:

    Mathanyula and his thugs, Malawi still sleeping

  68. Jelbin mk says:

    No comment am totally disheartened with this development where a state employs mafias to deal with individuals who are trying to help our country for a better tomorrow. But what I know its is that darkness can not comprehend light but light can chase away darkness therefore Malawians should not worry because God is on our side and if God is on our side so who can be against us? And God the righteous judge will judge n lay all Secrets on the bare ground very soon.

  69. Che Nkope says:

    THE ONLY ANSWER THIS TIME IS REVOLUTION FOLLOWED BY IMPEACHMENT. We don’t have a leader in this country!!!

  70. Malawi says:

    Satanism, mafia state koma la 40 likwana.

  71. daro says:

    Akugwilani muona zikuvutani chakachake ndichino, konzekanithuni ndi maloya anuwo,,ndalamazathu tikuzifuna

  72. Bratusha says:

    What is more disheartening is that Malawi is fast becoming a mafia like state. The danger is that this is too early because we, as a country, have nothing tangible to show . This country needs a revolution otherwise it will slip out of control. God have mercy. A Malawi chibwana dziko tidapereka m’manja mwa satan.

  73. wakwithu says:

    What is happening here? They killed Deputy Director of ACB and now entered the funders of the audit. DPP is disturbed

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