Robbery of K577bn cashgate documents ‘politically motivated’ –German

German Ambassador Peter Woeste has said the burglary into the house of a high-ranking German official handling the K557 billion forensic audit of government coffers could be politically motivated possibly to defeat justice.

The German Ambassador to Malawi Dr Peter Woeste:  Politically otivated burgalry

The German Ambassador to Malawi Dr Peter Woeste: Politically otivated burgalry

Published reports indicated that thugs broke into the house of the official who is working on financial management system reforms where they only stole Cashgate work-related papers—prompting fears that the attack was motivated by the investigations into the K557 billion audit.

Woeste said they have told Malawi government their anguish on the “criminal attacks that may appear to be politically motivated” happening in the country.

The German envoy warned that the politically inspisired gangs may put Malawi on a dangerous road if government may miss the opportunity to take decisive action.

“Any criminal attack on one of my colleagues is unacceptable. I have had further meetings with the highest ranking officials on the matter. Of course, we are still waiting for a police report on the matter,” said Woeste as quoted in the press.

“We consider this work-related. The expert is working on the financial management system reforms. He had contact with the people who did the audit; well, the thieves should be disappointed because we have no information apart from what is available on the Internet.”

But National Police public relations office said they had no information on the matter.

Germany, through its international cooperation wing, GIZ, is technically and financially supporting the audit, which is being carried out by auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)—focusing on financial mismanagement in government between 2009 and 2013.


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Zanga Phe Basi

mulli and dausi rethink youe strategy otherwise mukuputa ndeu yosatha makape inu. ana amahule inu.

APM must also be on lookout otherwise u will go sooner than later just as your brother did. mutchona opanda mani mukamwa while anzako akuguliramo mano mukamwa. hule iwe.

Anzanga banda

Gues it wanna work if it wil normally fill the gaps of it had promised during their manifesto campaign.

dzina langa

what is happening in Malawi is similar to what is in a movie called “Wolves”. amene simunaionepo movie imeneyi google it so that you see what happens and the end result. Animal Farm also describes the same. watch out!!!


tiyenazoni tikukuwonanitu, munyera nazo pompano.

Sayimoni bayisikolo
Dr Peter Woeste you are lucky not to be buried in some river banks like recently murdered ACB staff Njaunju.When cases are connected to politicians,they do not lead anywhere.They will frustrate the whole process.You don’t know that some policemen are promoted because of protecting this immoral backdoor cheap govt of Dpp.Probably it will go far if you get some Scotland Yard police mixed with your Germany police and a handful Malawian police with a little integrity left in them.This is modern immoral Malawi.Politicians are making easy billions in expense of the poor Malawians and a few connected to these cheap… Read more »
Buhari of Nigeria on the issue of corruption he is influencing law-makers,lawyers,courts including many other organisations to team up fight this matter and he describes corruption the great violation of human rights.Such are people born to be proud as natives of their state.In Malawi we are good at blame and honestly this must be a curse which needs only prayers. Politicians have gained weight now whereby they fear none becoz they have won the game in bringing in divisions between the tribes/regions.Remember Chinese slogan United We Stand Divided We Fall.These people uses stupid tricks as if they love you because… Read more »

Apa ndiye muthalika wawoneselatu ubuli wake onse kodi iwe peter ukuwona ngati ugalamulile zikoli munjila yoipa ngati iyi eeeeeeeeh komani ndi mwawo njeza ubava wanji umanewo sumanama kuti ukufuna kuthesa cash gate ndiye taziwano kuti cash gate ndi iweyo muthu oipa iwe kwabasi. Please american london france german don’t give him again anything this guy is big ko hunna

First they killed an ACB man and no investgation or someome is court and now attacking people who are working with evidence. I work organisation of Europe, I can warn u DDP dont play with them. Dont think they are Malawian you are playing with. If PETER want to go like his brother continue. I dont feel pity on Malawians you knew the out come of Muntharika regime. He is not different from his brother. After alla all foreign delegations in Malawi know him and neve like him. The man was adviser to his brother. What is wrong with Malaians?… Read more »

boma loipaili,manyazi mulibe m’paka kutelo?


Just making noise here,why are you crying Peter Peter instead of being seriously angry?.Didn’t you know that DDP and everything surrounded by it is dangerous?kkkkk ife tonse kuno Ku Malawi ndife ogona ndipo palibe angakane apa.

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